Master Of The Stars Fantasy Novel online download ebook free

Associated Names: The Lord of the Stars 星辰之主

Author:Weight Loss Expert,减肥专家


Status: Ongoing

Genre(s): Action , Fantasy , Martial Arts , Mystery , Sci-Fi , Seinen , Xuanhuan

Tag(s): Absent Parents , Army , Artifacts , Artificial Intelligence , Bodyguards , Calm Protagonist , Cautious Protagonist , Character Growth , College/University , Conspiracies , Cultivation , Delinquents , Delusions , Drugs , Evolution ,Futuristic Setting , Gate To Another World , Hypnotism , Lawyers , Loner Protagonist , Male Protagonist , Manipulative Characters , Modern Day , Mutated Creatures , Organized Crime


It is the turn of the century and humanity has ignorantly stepped into the starry space to lay themselves bare under the eyes of gods. The young man Luo Nan bears the sins of his forefathers. He walks out of a laboratory and is seen holding burning notes up high, his feet treading on the bones of gods. A myriad of living beings are formatted in writing. Universes are added and deleted in the star records. Know now… All living beings be ready for me. Believe with certainty… For my mind is a universe.

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ps:updated to Chapter 380

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The Ultimate Evolution Fantasy Novel ebook download online


Author:Juantu,Volume Of Soil,卷土


Status: Ongoing

Genre(s): Action , Fantasy , Horror , Martial Arts , Psychological , Romance , Supernatural

Tag(s): Cunning Male Lead , Evolution , Human Evolution , Male Protagonist , Movies , Ruthless Male Lead , Survival , Transported To Another World , Weak To Strong


I traverse along the pathway of darkness and imagination… Entering the realm born by human imaginations… Challenging Harry Potter’s magic, commanding the great Pirates of the Caribbean Terminating the Terminator’s strength, tearing apart the Matrix’s Hallucination Virus is my slave Endurance my inheritance Growing and hunting in the boundless universe Breaking through boundaries in a mysterious space Desiring evil, conspiracy and betrayer. Who can redeem what was already lost In a battle of demons who can leave an immortal legacy A declining Trump card, Final evolution! I’m… on a journey! We are one!

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ps:updated to Chapter 824

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