Bashan Sword Field(Wu Zui) Novel Chapter 17: Can I have a drink?

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Chapter 17: Can I have a drink?

Lin Zhujiu’s eyes lit up,full of amazing, I do not know whether it is because of Shi Changluo and Ye Xinhe’s swords, or because of Yan XinLan’s sword.

There was also a strange look in the eyes of Shi Changluo, and his face became a little dignified, pointing to the sword moving again.

A fierce sword is intended to form in front of him, the fire which Yan XinLan just pressed down in the bonfire is strangely drawn out to form a small fire sword, which pricks Ye Xinhe’s chest.

Ye Xinhe’s eyes squinted slightly, his fingertips trembled slightly, and his sword breath fell like a cloud of rain and fog. Both of them made a light noise, but this time there was no venting of any strength.

Shi Changluo takes the finger as a sword, the swordsmanship will change again.

Obviously only a finger, but there are three indefinite sword from different directions stabbed to Ye Xinhe, and the sword is also like the water line was blown by the wind, fluttering and fluttering.

Lin Zhujiu looked full of admiration, can not help reaching for a glass of wine.

Shi Changluo’s sword is like a sword move in an unintended sword, but it also seems to blend the sword moves of the Xishan Sword Sutra. In addition to the ethereal meaning of the sword, there is also a feeling of being gentle and dense, and the force of succession is constant.

Such a sword alone was the best he had seen in years.

Ye Xinhe’s face gradually became more and more solemn, and his finger sword still moved very slowly, like many invisible things hanging over it, but the air in front of him suddenly stormed away, like a frantic waterfall generated, and swept at a very fast speed.
He chopped the three swords to pieces with a swift, wild, and quick sword.

Division officers point to the sword also suddenly become faster, fast as a storm.

Slurp, dozens of swords pure to shoot fast, random arrows shot at Ye Xinhe.

Ye Xinhe only produced a sword, a sword will be like an umbrella, and also like lotus leaves up.

At almost the same time, Ye Xinhe’s tail finger popped out, and a sword gas pierced the master’s brow and heart.

The two men drew their swords more and more quickly, and in a twinkling of an eye they exchanged more than a dozen swords.

Ordinary practitioners can not even see clearly where the sword is, but Lin Zhujiu and Yan Xin Lan have seen every sword move.

Although Ye Xinhe’s sword moves are equally subtle and unspeakable, they are only derived from the two Jian sutras he has learned, but most of these swords come from different Jian sutras, some of which are even a combination of several swordsmanship, and have the intention of gathering their talents.

Ye Xinhe’s complexion grew colder and colder, but his eyes became more and more calm, as calm as a pond without a trace of wind, with no ripples at all.

There was a sudden gust of wind.

Ye Xinhe’s fingers have been only slightly moved, but at this time is a sudden lightning forward, some exaggerated in the air delimited a.

The division commander’s complexion changed slightly, and his fingers were connected three times in the air.

Three thunders.

Ye Xinhe’s fingers went down and up, and the thunder seemed to be at the tip of his fingers.

Shi Changluo took a deep breath and drew a sword in front of him.

Ye Xinhe’s expression suddenly loosened, and his fingers went straight to the teacher’s chest to prick him in the collaterals.

Yan Xinlan come again, sword pressure flame.

With a “bang”, Shi Changluo shook and took a step back.

Shi Changluo’s complexion was a little pale.

Lin Zhujiu just wants to say a word of relief, but Shi Changluo says: “Brother Ye, this compares sword, actually,I won.Because I started later than you, the time to build the sword is also short, the ZhenYuan is also inferior, if gives me more than half a year time, the result of the compares possibly to be I surpasses you one sword.”

In fact, in his opinion, getting started is not a problem. Every day, every month, there may be new opportunities. Strength cannot be fully measured by the time of practice. But what he can now be sure of is that Shi Changluo is indeed an unworldly prodigy.In many talents should be far beyond him, even more than Lin Zhujiu and Yan Xin Lan.

He was originally extremely conceited and proud of himself, but in front of Lin Zhujiu he can not be proud, and just Yan Xin Lan’s hand, but also let him know that Yan Xin Lan will not lose to Lin Zhujiu.

He did not respond, the atmosphere was somewhat dignified.

However, at this time, not far from the woods, but there are footsteps.

A person hastens but, suddenly smell wine incense, then immediately spirit quakes like big joy, “good wine!”

The man had a heavy voice, but he was not a young man.

“who are your predecessors?”

Although only the voice was heard, no one was seen, but Lin Zhujiu had decided that he was a spiritual practitioner who had reached the seven realms of spiritual practice.

A realm of Tongxuan, Erjing refining gas, Sanjing ZhenYuan, four melts yuan, five kingdoms god read, six kingdoms this life, seven kingdoms move mountains, eight kingdoms Kai Tian, nine kingdoms longevity.

Eight kingdoms and nine kingdoms have been legendary realms since ancient times. In the world of spiritual practitioners, those who can truly cultivate to seven realms, and who can move a huge mountain like a huge mountain to draw the energy of heaven and earth into their own use, are already truly masters of practice.

The vast majority of practitioners in the world often find themselves stuck between three and five realms in their lives. Even though Lin Chiu-chiu and his teacher are extremely gifted, they are not unexpectedly destined to reach the seven realms, but at this time they are still only in harmony with each other.
Touch the threshold of the five realms and can’t really cross it.

It takes time for everything to accumulate, a great gift, but it can be done faster than the average person, and it will not stay in a certain stage of practice for long because of some obstacle to seeing, but it can’t be crossed directly.

The breath of the man who uttered the sound was as strong and sacred as that of Uncle Qi, whom he was familiar with, as if light were falling on this man in a distant unknown place in the sky.And then connected to the air machine in the human body.

So this man should be the master of seven kingdoms.

“Huang Daochen.”

The visitor smiled, a purple swordsman had appeared by the campfire.

He appeared as fast as he could out of thin air, there was little wind, not even a bonfire.

Huang Daochen, seemingly kind and amiable, but Yan Xin Lan at this time is thinking of the previous in the town Yu Yijin said those words.

Of course, she felt that such a person could not have come to observe the ceremony.

“can I have a drink?”

Huang Daochen sniffed at his nose, and soon looked grave. “it was a good wine.Chu’s brewing methods, only the top brewery master and excellent materials, to produce such a good wine.”


Huang Daochen sank a glass of water from his drink, only to take a sip, and his eyes were full of intoxication. “even in Changling, it is rare to see such a fine wine.”

Wine is for people to drink, he does not care, not to mention those who understand wine will be better.

Huang Daochen took a deep look at the other three. He knew that the owner of the wine was Lin Zhujiu. He drank another glass, but looked at Lin Zhujiu and said, “I owe my little friend a debt of gratitude for this fine wine today. If you go to Changling in the future,
Feel free to call me if you have something to worry about.”

“the point is, what are you doing in Bashan?”

Ye Xinhe, on the other hand, was very direct, saying, “an elder like you will not come here without incident.”

“I would like to take a look at Gu Liren’s sword, if there is a chance.”

Huang Daochen took a look at Ye Xinhe. “but don’t get me wrong. I’m from Qin. I just want to see it.”

Bashan Sword Field(Wu Zui) Novel Chapter 16: I want to try your sword first

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Chapter 16: I want to try your sword first


Some people go into the mountains, others out.

In the misty rain, the purple rosewood of the small town opened for the first time, and the sound of the wheels of the carriage rolling over the uneven stones rang out in the mountains.

In the mountain, there is a teenager out of the gate of Bashan sword field.

The teenager was dressed in a yellow shirt, had a white complexion, seemed to bask very little in the sun, and his face was not as sharp and bookish as many young people.

He was also carrying a thick book with a black cover in his arms, and it seemed that he would not let it go all the time, as if there were still some questions in the book that he still did not understand.

The mountain road was slippery, but the tall pine trees were relatively dry, with their crowns stacked off most of the Rain Water, and the rain drops that fell on the trees sucked by dried bark and a thick layer of pine needles on the ground.

There are three people deep in the pine forest.

Lin Zhujiu, Yan Xinlan and Ye Xinhe.

There were two or three sheds of different shapes made of bark, which were not clean, but miraculously there was no trace of any insects. There was water in the tank inside, and rice in the bowl.

Lin Zhujiu is cooking wine.

It was good wine, the wine he had snatched from the horseshoe’s nest of thieves in Yunmeng Mountain.Those horse thieves know that the scenery is not as beautiful as the sunset today, they are very clear that today may not have tomorrow, so these horse thieves can be kept drunk, and even reluctant to drink wine, must be excellent.

The wine is emerald green, with some strange floral fragrance, but not strong and not faint.

Wine is good wine, but not everyone is good at wine.

Yan XinLan prefers sweet soup.

Ye Xinhe at most one cup of wine.

Suddenly saw such a young man holding the book appeared in the sight, Lin Zhujiu first stunned, and then a sentence is, “can drink?”

The bookish teenager bowed politely, smiled and said, “Just a cup.”

Lin Zhujiu then immediately some disappointment, he immediately some miss Mao Qi.

“you know us?”

Ye Xinhe’s concern was not whether he could drink or not. He looked at the young man who came forward, and just looked at the manner of the boy. He felt that this young man was no stranger to this place, so his eyebrows involuntarily stirred up, “are you from the Bashan Sword Field?”

“Lin Zhujiu, Ye Xinhe, Yan XinLan.”

The boy nodded gracefully, picked a stone with his arms and kicked it to the campfire, sat down, and then said, “I am your brother according to the entry time.”

“what is your name?”Yan Xin Lan is a little strange, she has never seen this young person before, but Lin Zhujiu and Ye Xinhe stayed in Bashan sword yard for a long time, especially Lin Zhujiu.

It’s strange that they haven’t even seen him.

“my name is Shi Changluo.”

The young man smiled a little, he looked up at Yan XinLan, but there was some indescribable arrogance in the beauty, “I usually read book in the sword tower, so I have never seen you.”

“you’re the nerd in the turret who be shut down?”Lin Zhujiu immediately reacted, surprised to look at the young man named Shi Changluo.

Ye Xinhe and Yan XinLan also looked at each other, eyes are a little complicated up.

It has long been said that this man was brought back from Guanzhong by Yu Zuochi, but when he arrived at the Bashan Sword Field, it was said that he did not want to practice with Yu Zuochi, but instead asked to observe the Sutra on his own in the sword tower.

And. . And then it took a long time.

At first everyone thought he was an alien, but then for too long the idea faded, even forgetting that such a person existed.

Too unique a person often does not belong to the group, but fortunately the Bashan sword field these people are very unique.

“have you really never followed Uncle Yu in spiritual practice?”
Lin Zhujiu looked at the younger brother and asked.

Shi Changluo nodded, “really no.”

Lin Zhujiu slightly frowned and kindly said: “then did you hear that uncle Yu went to the mirror lake sword meeting?”

“I know.”

Shi Changluo smiled,he smiled like a cunning fox. “of course I knew he was fierce,” he said. “that’s why I followed him to Bashan.”

Yan Xinlan could not help but ask: “then why you only self-study?”

“because it’s faster by reading.”

Shi Changluo said: “and sword tower accumulated a lot of books, I can choose at will, with him to practice sword, I can not pick at will.”

There are also many swords in the sword tower of the Bashan sword Field, and indeed there are many sword sutras.

However, this is the same as any other sect that has been in existence for a long time. Generations of practitioners store their understanding of sword tactics, as well as some of the books of practice they have acquired in the course of their own practice, in the gate, waiting for the view of those who come after them.

These are the precious property.

However, many of the practitioners who got the Sword Sutra at that time did not study it, because the spiritual practices of the world of practitioners are as vast as the sea of stars. In the past centuries or even millennia, how many practitioners have emerged and how many methods of practice have been spread out?

That’s an unusually large number.

Some practitioners believe that the method of practice is a fallacy for some people. It is a real problem to pick one of the stars that is useful among all the stars.

Moreover, many spiritual classics are not transmitted to the outside, and there are already many obstacles in the interior. Some of the secrets are not explained by the teacher’s words and deeds. In fact, there are already mistakes in the written and catalogued records.

Bashan sword field of the classic, there are many very strong, but the residual classics, not at all.

What kind of confidence do you have, or are you crazy enough, to say that learning from a practitioner like Yu Zuochi is not as good as watching a mountain of Sword sutras?

Like Yu Zuo-chi, who is already at the highest point in the world of practitioners, he already has an eye that no one else has. If he were to teach his disciples, it would naturally be possible for anyone to avoid many detours.

Even if he went to the Sword Sutra and randomly selected a few copies to be thrown to his teacher Luo, he simply said that among them, those true yuan techniques were desirable, and which sword moves were very useful, which might save a person more than ten years of hard work.

Ye Xinhe originally felt that he was arrogant among this group of people at the Bashan Sword Field. Among the entire generation of young practitioners at the Bashan Sword Field, he did not see much in his eyes.

However, he also felt that if he followed Yu Zuo Chi, even if Yu Zuo Chi only used the simplest way, he would have saved many years of hard work.

He looked at this very bookish younger brother, he felt that the other side is serious about the arrogant ignorance of the joke.

“even if I had read many Sword sutras only once, I would not have said the same thing as you.”Ye Xinhe’s heart is not cool, he looked at Shi Changluo, sneer:” why you so much confidence?”

“before, it was very quiet here, but the last ten days or so were so busy, I was curious about what had happened. When I got out of the sword tower, I asked a division officer, only then did I know that Uncle Gu wanted to take in the disciples.”

Shi Changluo saw the taunts in Ye Xinhe’s eyes, but he was not angry, and he did not immediately answer Ye Xinhe’s words. He just slowly said to himself, “I happen to have read about some of the books, too.I simply came out of the sword tower, but I did not want to become a disciple of uncle gu, but I wanted to see what kind of disciple uncle gu would eventually choose, and I wanted to see if he was really good at it, and I wanted to see what kind of disciple he would eventually choose, and I wanted to see if he was really good at it, and I wanted to see what kind of disciple he would choose in the end.”

Lin Zhujiu smiled, and he understood the meaning of the younger brother. He felt that he was the most confident and arrogant person he had ever seen in all these years, even though he seemed the nicest and most amiable of all these people at the Bashan Sword Field.

Ye Xinhe bluntly sneered, “so what you mean is that no matter what disciple Gu Liren receives in the end, maybe that person is not as strong as you, at least you have to compare yourself to that person and try it.”

Shi Changluo nodded seriously. “Ofcouse.”

“when a weight wants to weigh something else, it must first weigh itself.”Ye Xinhe’s eyes narrowed slightly, his face became indifferent,” I want to try your sword first.”

No one was surprised.


Shi Changluo nodded to Ye Xinhe as a courtesy.

He did not get up, not even holding the old book in his left hand, but a sense of sword had formed over the campfire.

His fingers just like the sword, pointing to Ye Xinhe’s chest.

We Are All Bad Guys Novel Chapter 2: Fight

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Chapter 2: Fight

As I looked at the flood of people,the woman was a hair, and without her, I have these brothers.

I’m a man who never gets into trouble and doesn’t like to fight, but I have a very good relationship with my brothers in a dorm room. They spend a lot of money, and in their 20s or so every month, they basically don’t see a dime in their pockets. So their cigarettes, as well as their daily food and clothing, all asked for me. I spent less money. So, basically, after the 20th or so, I was their “second parent.”

“Fei, what’s the matter? who’s going to hit you?”A white-looking, extremely handsome young man appeared beside me, with a baseball bat in his hand and a squint of yellow hair.

His name was Yang Lei. He had no father or mother. He was brought up by his own brother. Although he was handsome and handsome, he fought like a madman and was extremely ruthless.

“did you draw it up? You stinking piece of sh*t, come to our school to play your mother ah!”A stout young man of 1.89 meters tall pointed at the yellow hair with a stick and shouted curses at him.

His name was Meng Chen, and his family was relatively wealthy. His parents were businessmen, so he developed a character of being fearless and fearless from an early age. With the exception of a few good brothers, he basically did not give face to others.

“Oh, f**k you kids, it’s going to turn the sky. Come and see, who dares touch me!”Yellow hair is also hard, in the face of 40 or 50 people without fear, will head out, arrogance incomparably said.

“beat him!”as soon as I saw him, I get angry at all. I sprinted up and punched him in the head.

I punched so hard, my fingers hurt, and my yellow hair reeled, and my ex-girlfriend, scared, stepped back a few steps, as if he were looking at a stranger, looking at me, probably because I used to be a little low-key.That’s why she’s so different.

“how dare you hit me,” he said.

“what the hell do you think you are, Altman? I hit you!”Meng Chen kicked him in the stomach, and the heavy weight of his foot made the yellow hair curl up on the ground like a dog.

“hit him!”Lei Lei greeted the students behind, one of the first to take, baseball bat like a yellow wool wheel to go.

Forty or fifty people cheered and kicked. Everyone was a student. It was impossible for them to be as ruthless and hot as the gangsters in society. They were basically very measured. They were not too hard to beat. Obviously he was extremely experienced. Hands clasping his head, lying on the ground shouting abuse.

Just when everyone was kicking hard, more than 20 guys, carrying machetes and sticks, rushed in like flies. The leader looked at him, and Huang Mao was about to be kicked to death. ” who dares to beat my brother?” yelled Huang Mao, who was about to be kicked to death.

With that he raised his machete without hesitating to chop his head off, which he was kicking up, and the noise was too loud to notice.

This kind of pure steel machete, if the machete is above the head of the machete, then he will have to spend the rest of his life in a wheelchair. With my teeth clenched and courage from nowhere, I quickly stand behind him and block the machete with my arm.

The machete did not make a sound. I didn’t even feel any pain. I felt a chill on my arm. Then it dripped down the down jacket, dripping in the white snow.

Around the students noticed this scene, have retreated a few steps, the eyes are a little flustered, after all, everyone is a student, can fight with sticks, once saw the knife, will have instinctive fear.

Yellow hair staggered to his feet, slapped the snow, wiped the blood on his nose, held out his finger, pointed to me and said slowly, ” come on, you come out!”

“I see what you can do to us!”Lei Lei looked at the blade of my body,said.

“you’re a man. What’s the matter with you and hiding in school.”Huang Mao didn’t talk to Lei Lei, and he went on to say it to me.

I know what he’s afraid of. If he gets into a fight at school, if he doesn’t get it right, he’ll have to be taken in by the school authorities. It’s not a big deal. He’ll also be forcibly convicted of a crime of injury. If he leaves the school and gets caught by the police, he will at most be sentenced to making inquiries and causing trouble. Ten days or half a month he could get out.

“well! I’m going out with you!”I don’t know what’s wrong with me today. My mind has always been filled with anger. It’s like being possessed by evil spirits. Originally, if I didn’t go out, he wouldn’t be able to do anything about me, but he still made a haunted promise. This could be my whole life is destined to follow this path.

“Fei, I’ll go with you!”

“I’ll go too!”

Lei lei and Chen Chen did not hesitate to follow closely behind me and most of the other students stood in the same place awkwardly without making a sound.

At this time, there are 20 or 30 students, wearing school uniforms, with sticks, ran over, I looked sideways, helpless smile, lead two people, but also my dormitory good brothers, are Wang Mu, and Zhang Wei.

“Why don’t you call us in a fight? “Zhang Wei said.

“what are you doing here? go back!”I don’t want them to get involved.

“what are you talking about? A dormitory stayed for several years, let a person chop twice, I do not believe that he can chop to death me!”Wang Mu said to me in a cynical manner.

“stop talking!out or not!”said the yellow hair impatiently.

“you remember, if you can’t kill me today, I’ll kill you!”Lei Lei’s eyes braved anger, shouted curses and scold said.

In the Northeast, if a person wants to make a name for himself in society, people like Lei Lei are indispensable, they have no father or mother, they are single, they are not afraid of heaven and earth, and they have a fierce will to kill people, and such people are the most terrible.And most people don’t want to mess with it.

And yellow hair is obviously a little two, brazenly waved to us, beckoning us to follow him, I did not hesitate, followed by the big step meteor walked past.

After me followed, Lei Lei, Chen Chen, Zhang Wei, Wang Mu Mu, this incident has affected our lives, but also doomed to our future bumpy road.

Someone said, you write too untrue, so many people fight, no one in school to stop, too incredible.

Well, I tell you, this kind of thing is very common in Northeast China. I’ve seen with my own eyes a gangster who graduated from our school and was a social gangster. Because his brother was beaten, he summoned more than 100 people, these people with machetes.Standing in front of the school.

When the teaching director saw this, he went up and patted the punk on the shoulder and whispered, “don’t use a machete,just kick.”

Bashan Sword Field(Wu Zui) Novel Chapter 15: Account

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Chapter 15: Account

Not far from the foot of a hanging building, the eaves dripping water, there is a very old plantain tree, there are a few stone mortar used to pound medicine.

Rain Water dripped onto the leaves of the plantain tree and then into the stone mortar.

The water in the stone mortar was already full and very clear.
Each drop of Rain Water falls like a crystal pearl from the plantain leaves and ripples on the surface of the water in the stone mortar.

“are you sure you’re not going to see him?”

There was a square table on the second floor of the building, and the top of the square table was blackened by smoke, and one side of the square table lay directly against the window, and half the table was stained wet by the foggy splash of Rain Water.

A pair of men and women sat face to face against the window.

The woman wearing lavender skirt dress, looks very gentle, let a person think of the first time, it is a purple rose in the deep lane.

The man opposite her was very sharp, and his black shirt was as dry and hard as an iron shirt.

There were also a few faint scars on his face, not like the marks of a sword, but rather the marks of being stabbed by trees and thorns as he skimmed by them.

It’s just that this scar has been around for a long time. It’s not shocking. The real edge comes from the man’s hands on the table.

His fingers were slender, slender and long, and looked strong, but the most important thing was that they were extremely straight when they were straight, like a small sword.

He is Qi Zhun, uncle Qi.He is not the strongest swordsman in the Bashan Sword Field, but he is definitely the one who kills the most people.

But sits opposite him this seemingly gentle woman, actually is Yu Zuochi sees the building in the Bashan sword field to sigh that the owner.

“never mind. I’ll see him when it’s over.”

Qi Zhun scratched his head, looked at the woman opposite, and said, “I can’t help but want to learn from each other when we say something about sword meaning. If it were in peacetime, it would be just that. But Gu Liren may have some trouble with this matter. He started to stir up the crowd and said that he wanted to take in the disciples.As a result, some people came everywhere, but they said they had already received it. If they were to receive someone from another dynasty, they would have given up, but what they had received was still a Qin person. How could the people of this other dynasty ever feel comfortable and always feel that he was deliberately making fun of them? Not to mention people in their own homes have all sorts of ideas.I can’t go over there now and kill off my strength and swords first.”

“the trouble would not be now, but in the future.”

The woman was gentle in appearance and soft in tone, but the words revealed a strong confidence. “now that we are all back, even if some people have ideas, what can we do?”

“so you still feel like there’s trouble in your house.”Qi zhun flicked his fingers on the table and frowned and mused, “in fact, rules are rules, but there were really no rules before Bashan Sword Yard. The most troublesome thing is, who has been the tallest in our Bashan Sword Field? Whoever uses the sword best is the Suzerain and the head of the sword. A few years ago, Yu Zuochi came first. No one thought anything was wrong, but now Gu Li is more powerful than him. That is to say, Gu Liren is in charge of what he says, but Yu Zuochi is also in his direction. And he does things casually. Some of these people naturally have ideas. Well, if those people object. It’s a real headache to think about who broke the rules.”

“Out of sight, out of mind.”

The woman shook her head and said lightly, “there is no such thing in the world as what anyone thinks is good, good or bad, no one can tell. It is foolish to stand up and try to change the wind and rain.” she said.

Qizhun heard this woman tone in the faint tired, he surprised, said: “what do you mean?”

“I had always wanted to take a trip overseas. Two of my friends had also found two islands,”the woman said, “this time,I came to Bashan to meet many people. After leaving Bashan, I may go overseas have a look at them for a few years.”

Qi Zhun then stared wide eyes, “this…..”

After a while, he could not help but say: “do you not care Yan XinLan, or take her with you to overseas?”

The woman took a quiet look at Yan XinLan on the street and said, “she is better than me. What I can teach has already been taught. There is no need to teach any more.”

Bashan sword field, a cave that can see the rising sun in the east, has all the furniture needed for life.

There are some wild flowers in the black clay pots.

This is where Yu Zuochi used to practice at Bashan Sword Field on weekdays.

Morning clouds can be seen, in the evening, mountain fog such as streamers in the forest around if the weather is fine after the rain often across the valley there are rainbows.

There was an old man with a green shirt sitting opposite him.

The old man’s blue shirt was in the form of a Taoist robe. His hair was silvery white, but his skin was as red and tender as a baby’s.

“from the time you begin to practice, we all know that you like to live high. Of course, it is good to live high. If you live high and look far away, you will have an open mind, and a great atmosphere when you act with a sword.But blind to see far but also often can not see hidden worries, high things bright and clear, only those dark places, only breeding rot and mildew.”the old man cooked a pot of yellow rice wine, which was amber in color and fragrant, but it no longer tasted much alcohol and tasted light. There was a kind of cleanness and sweetness peculiar to the hole that had been hidden for many years. More and more like the original brewing of the mountain spring water mixed with the taste of the years.

“it’s not that we’re afraid of change, it’s that we’ve changed.”

Looking at Yu Zuochi, the old man said earnestly and gently, “of all the practitioners from all dynasties, only a small half are young people who want to be disciples of Bashan Sword Field, and most of them are strong ones on the list of Swordsmen.Some should be better than many people on the swords list, but those who disdain those who are more arrogant on the list, what they want to try most should be your sword and Gu Liren’s sword. There were so many spiritual practitioners that the army was afraid of causing chaos. Even the Hengshan army moved in. In case of friction between the army and some of the people who lived in the gate, if the army died and the people who lived in the gate died, these would be counted on the head of our Bashan sword field.Moreover, the Bashan sword field so loud and open collection of disciples, and not only to the Qin people, many other dynasties of young talent into Bashan sword field practice? We are the place of practice in Qin Dynasty. In the future, if the practitioners who go out here become the strongmen of the enemy dynasty. You see, even Wen Wan has decided to go overseas and probably won’t go back to Bashan for many years.”


Yu Zuochi drank a glass of wine, and he suddenly interrupted the old man’s statement in the same soft tone as the wine in the glass.

“what are you afraid of?”

The old man was stunned.

“if you say that you are not afraid of change, but that you have changed, then what are you still afraid of? “Yu Zuochi looked at him and calmly said, “in fact, you should understand that whether I go to Jinghu or not, no matter whether I am away from the public or not, this change has already taken place.Just like the Yunshui Palace, even if the people of the Yunshui Palace were simply studying sword in the cold pool, the world was on guard. Even several elite troops of the Wei Dynasty were stationed around the Yunshui Palace all the time. It was not that those people in the Yunshui Palace had any superfluous thoughts.It’s because Yunshui Palace is too strong. Now some of us are too strong, and the next generation of disciples are exceptionally good. No matter what we do or think, the Bashan Sword Field will eventually become the windy tree of Mountain. The emergence of many powerful practitioners at a given time is a coincidence, and it is also a matter of destiny, and no one can stop or change it. But as a child I heard an old saying, even if the sky falls, there are tall people against it, so it is pointless to be afraid of the sky falling.”

The old man silent.

He understood, and felt that there was some truth in it, but it did not stop the uneasiness in his heart.

He knew he was upset only because he was not the same person as Yu Zuochi and others.

But Gu Liren and Yu Zuochi and others are the tallest people in the Bashan Sword Field at this time. The meaning of Yu Zuochi’s last sentence is very clear. Even if something happens, it is also their responsibility.

“Gu was not as casual as everyone thought, regardless of what everyone thought. He came back very hard because he knew he had to come back, and he told me before the break that he would give everyone an account of the matter.”

Yu Zuochi smiled and said, “since he has already said so, I believe he going to account for this to all the people who have come here, so I am not in a hurry, just wait and see.”

We Are All Bad Guys Novel Chapter 1: My name is “Meng Fei”

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Chapter 1:My name is “Meng Fei”


My name is “Meng Fei”, male,18 years old!Born under the red flag, grew up in New China, someone once said that we are the beat generation, and this sentence I am in agreement with the attitude, because every time I get the exam report card, I can proudly say to my parents: “We are the beat generation!The exam result is very bad, that is absolutely reasonable!Of course, I will try my best to improve my performance to double digits before the next exam!”

Although I have poor grades in learning, but i lives very happily, also loves the life very much.

Every day I go to school on time to sleep, never miss class, never leave school early. My head teacher once said in class: “those students who read e-books, can you learn from Meng Fei and see how regular he lives are? Never disturb other students, hmm….Meng Fei,please do not snore!”

Of course, I have other hobbies, my biggest characteristic is willing to study beautiful women, I have been masturbating in this field for many years, unfathomable, I once made a poem for myself to describe the beautiful expectations in my heart.

The temperament is noble, the modelling is in place!

Long live Flying Brother, cried the woman!

In my unremitting efforts, I finally ended the single era, ushered in the first love, the world said that the first love is beautiful, sour and astringent, like blooming flowers, full of good memories.

But my first love, but also can be described as flowers, but it is chrysanthemum.

Chrysanthemum stump, body full of injuries!

This incident also starts with the school sports meeting. Our school is particularly exotic, saying that it is because the school not only teaches students the knowledge in the textbooks, but also sharpens their physique and indestructible will, so every winter,
There’s going to be a winter sports meeting.

The place where I live is in a city in northeast China. Once winter arrives, the weather is freezing and snowflakes are overflowing. Amid the curses of countless students, the sports meet was held smoothly. Each person spent 30 Yuan on the space fee and the sanitation fee. I once suspected that the purpose of the school sports meet might be these inexplicable expenses.

After the headmaster’s endless opening remarks, the sports meet finally began, a group of silly children, with their mouths wide open, in the north wind of the cold wind, desperately running.

I sit in the audience, bored to the extreme, suddenly some of the cigarette addiction some criminals, watching the head teacher is a face excited, for the class of students cheering, I slipped away from behind, running to the direction of the toilet, the meteor walk.

Stadium toilet is open, very cold, I took out a cigarette,put it in my mouth, after a long time of effort will finally light the cigarette, a very comfortable breath.

“I’ll send you red roses,” suddenly the phone rang, and Zhang Xueyou’s high-pitched voice echoed in every puddle.

I pulled out my cell phone from the down jacket, looked at the caller ID, I smile on my face, cheap said: “Hi!Darling, you miss me, aren’t you?”

“Meng Fei, where are you?”there was a clear voice coming from the phone.

“I’m in the men’s room? “I replied.

“you come out, I have something to tell you!”

I have some doubts, is not scheduled to meet in this time, how so anxious, will not want to have some romantic in the toilet, wind and snow, but also, “Huhoo, it is easy to froze off the big white ass.”

I took a cigarette out of the toilet, but was suddenly shocked by the scene.

I saw a stylish, tall, sweet-looking girl, arm in arm with a young man dyed with yellow hair, a happy face touch.

I rubbed my eyes and looked incredulously at them again. Yes, indeed, he was my girlfriend, the girl I gave her my weekly allowance for.

“Feifei?”the smoke from my mouth fell to the ground,” I asked in a trembling voice.

“Meng Fei, let’s break up!”said Feifei with a firm face.


There was a roar in my brain, a twitch in my heart, a surge of anger in my brain, and I trembled all over and said, “Why?”

“why not? You’re just one student, and you don’t have any money!
It’s not exciting to be with you, we’re a mixed society!Take people to my nightclub every day, tip is two hundred at a time, these things with you, eight hundred years can not be achieved, so we simply do not fit, break up!”Feifei small mouth gush, did not give me a trace of affection.

Feifei’s words hurt me. She and I were classmates of the same class. Because her family was poor, she dropped out of school and went out to work.worked as k-shirts in a nightclub.And the pay is good.

Feifei, some strange, as if never knew the same, that naive and romantic, and I eat noodles with the girl, may never come back.

I knew the young man she was holding. He was a gangster on a few nearby streets. He lived by blackmailing students from several high schools nearby. He was very business-savvy. Everyone else was asking for money directly, but he was not the same.He set up a recycling station opposite the school. After school, each student had to hand over a bottle of mineral water to him. In our school, there were thousands of people. Besides the girls who could not pay, the men had to hand it over. This bastard relied on this method. They also earn thousands of dollars a day.

“I have nothing to say if you want to follow a man who grabs a bottle of mineral water. Good-bye, then!No, never again. Good luck!”I held back my anger, and turned and went away.

“son of a b*t*h, who the f**k are you talking about?”yellow-haired youth,shouted behind me.

I was in a bad mood. You f**king grab my girlfriend, and you f**king scold me. I yelled back, “You didn’t catch it, I said, you’re a tethered mineral water bottle. What?”

“No, you haven’t been beaten!”the young man cursed, took out his telephone, and quickly dialed a few numbers.

“Tiger, bring someone in!”said the yellow-haired young man, roaring into the telephone.

I glanced at him and knew that there must be his brother outside the stadium. If I were outside school, I might not be able to beat him, but on campus, I could definitely let him know how he didn’t have it.

“Lei Lei!I took a fucking beating!”I yelled at the center of the stadium.

The stadium was quiet, and then the crowd in the audience panicked. At least forty or fifty boys took out their backpacks, stool legs, baseball bats, and a large crowd of cheering, and ran towards me.

Bashan Sword Field(Wu Zui) Novel Chapter 14: Opinion

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Chapter 14:Opinion

“it’s the same whether he comes back or not.”Yu Yijin said.

Lin Zhujiu was taken aback, saying subconsciously, “how could it all be the same?”

Although he did not know Yu Yijin well, he only heard from his teacher that he had practiced for a few years, but he and Mao Qi were very familiar with each other. Mao Qi and he were almost at the same time getting started, and they spent several years practicing together in the Bashan Sword Field.

Mao Qi is said to have been an orphan picked up by Yu Yijin from a town that was hit by the plague. The town has only a few people alive, and Mao Qi is one of them.

In any case, the understanding of Mao Qi may not be as good as his. Some swordsmanship may be a little slower than his, but there are also many things he can’t reach on Mao Qi.

For example, the strength and endurance of Mao Qi are quite different from ordinary people, which allows him to use some very unique sword moves, and Mao Qi can fight for a long time.

The most important thing is that perhaps it is the kind of relationship that eventually comes down from a city full of death. Mao Qi are not the kind of indifference to death that many people imagine, and they can ignore death with an unusually indifferent sword.Instead, he cherishes life so much that he explodes into unpredictable potential in the face of a real crisis.

Lin Zhujiu feels that if he only competes with each other inside the door, he may be able to win Mao Qi, but if he is really like those horse-thieves in Yunmeng Mountain, he may not be the one who eventually survives by all means of life and death.

“I have been teaching him all the time. Even if he comes back, he will not be Gu Liren’s disciple. He will only be my disciple.”at this moment when he was somewhat confused, Yu Yijin glanced at him and said.

This is not just him, even Ye Xinhe and Yan XinLan are Stunned.

The long street, shrouded in the night, had been completely calmed down.

They stood together, while the rest looked at them from a distance.

These people are like standing in a small, independent world.

A gust of night breeze hit, Lin Zhujiu to return to one’s senses, do not know why, his body some inexplicably chills.

He knew that he had misunderstood Yu Yijin from the beginning.

“there will be trouble.”

Yu Yijin did not shy away from talking to them before, but when he raised his head, he looked at the Bashan Sword Field, which was already very close to him, but he lowered his voice.With a touch of gloom, “Gu Liren is probably the most free and unruly spiritual practitioner I have ever seen in my life. His world has no rules and obeys the mind, just rules and traditions, which are very important to many people.”

Lin Zhujiu deep frown, he also whispered: “Uncle Yu,you mean this trouble is not in the big wind, not outside the sword field, but in the sword field?”

“I wish I had been paranoid.”

Yu Yijin’s face was also very gloomy, and he had some foreboding feelings in his heart. This was similar to the time when he happened to be passing through that town and there was an outbreak of the epidemic.

“before the Bashan Sword Field, although the disciples were gathered year after year, they did not say whose disciples were dead. For example, Qi Jun did not say that you were his disciple and that no one else could teach him.For example, although I have been teaching Mao Qi, I have not said that Mao is my disciple, not someone else’s disciple.”

“in the eyes of the vast majority of people at least, today’s Bashan Sword Field can be somewhat unknown, but in fact a very strong swordsman is because the disciples who entered the Bashan Sword Field saw much more and saw more swords.Many people teach one person at the same time, but also be able to learn from that person’s use, different understanding.”

“the Bashan Sword Field is different from other places of practice and Zongmen. This is the biggest difference from the other places of practice.”

Yu went on slowly, “but from now on, Gu Liren is going to change it.”

Yan XinLan’s words have not been much.

Listening to these words, she couldn’t help saying, “what Uncle Gu wants to do is his business, and the rest of us will do it for ourselves, or just as we have done before, and he will not interfere with the rest of the people.”

“it’s just what you think. Who knows what other people think, and who knows what others think?”Yu Yi-jin said with a slight mockery.

His face and attire already gave people the feeling of not very good close, at this time of cold laugh, he appears even colder.

Lin Zhujiu thought for a moment, then looked at Yu Yi-jin and asked earnestly, “at least I know Uncle Qi doesn’t have any special ideas. Instead, he really hopes that I can learn sword from Uncle Gu. I wonder if Uncle Qi is for or against it.”

“naturally, I don’t think it’s a problem for someone to be my only relative disciple. For example, I’ve been teaching on the seventh floor of Mao. Lin Tzu-san, for example, will be my only close disciple in the future.”Yu said lightly,” but as for the others, I don’t know whether I’m for or against it.”

Yan XinLan frowned deeply.

As far as she was concerned, she was a housekeeper. How could there be so many opinions? it was just a collection of disciples. Whoever wanted to collect them could do what they wanted, and there was no need to think of such a complicated matter.

If it hadn’t been for Yu Yijin, she wouldn’t have thought of these things at all.

However, she could understand Yu Yijin’s argument and his worries.

Everyone’s thinking is very different, perhaps some people living in Bashan sword field is a picture of quiet, or even Yu Zuochi to participate in the Mirror Lake sword club they may not agree.

Many people may not want the Bashan Sword Field to be so dazzling in the world of spiritual practitioners.

“if even such a little difference of opinion can not be accommodated, can not be easily resolved, then such a door also does not have any significance.”she looked at Yu Yijin, slowly said:” if there will be a lot of fierce arguments, then it is necessary for someone to come forward, many different views will be pressed down.
At least in my opinion, Bashan sword field few people do not like Bashan sword field strong, if uncle Gu Shi and Yu Shi bo can make Bashan sword field stronger than ever before, can let us become stronger, then we must think that this is the right opinion.”

Yu Yijin didn’t care what Yan XinLan said at all. He just thought Yan Xin Lan had a very big tone. Originally he couldn’t help but want to reprimand Yan Xin Lan for two sentences. But when he looked at Xiang Yan Xin Lan, he looked at the look of steadfastness and serenity that was revealed in her eyes.

He thought of this little girl who should have been one of the most outstanding disciples of the Bashan Sword Field in the past 20 or 30 years. He changed his mind and shook his head faintly. “this is just your idea,” he said.

“it’s only a small matter after all.”

Lin Zhujiu deep frown, at this time also can not help but whisper a word.

But his words did not arouse anyone’s response, whether Ye Xinhe or Yan XinLan, did not answer.

In fact, he himself was silent for the next moment.

He knew it was no small matter.

Because it was because the atmosphere became very serious unnaturally, and even some tension, he could not help but say such a sentence.

At this time the Bashan sword Field these several people form a small circle, the atmosphere is tense and serious, the voice is very low, outside those who watch the lively people do not know what happened, but in this circle but very much like outsiders, Lin Zi San has heard clearly.

He was a little short and uneasy, not knowing what he should do or say at this time.

“are you afraid?”

Yu Yijin suddenly turned his head to look at him and asked.

Lin Zisan thought for a moment and nodded.

The closer he came to the Bashan Sword Field, the more he felt that it was secret and powerful, but not as simple as he had imagined.

Who would want to get into trouble at the very beginning?.

Not to mention the disputes between the fierce teachers?

In fact, Yu Yi-jin alone made him a little afraid, Yu’s appearance was not easy to get close to people, and most of the time he also appeared to be extremely strict.

“would you like to learn sword with me?”

Yu Yijin looked at him and asked, “I know you came here naturally to be a disciple of Gu Liren.”

“I was so conceited that when I got here I knew I was nothing.”

Lin Zisan hung his head in shame and said, “naturally, I don’t expect to be a disciple of Gu Liren anymore.”

Yu Yijin felt that he was a bit verbose and slightly displeased with raising eyebrows. “does that mean you would like to?”

“Yes, but should I not be allowed to do something injurious?”Lin Zisan didn’t dare to look Yu Yi-jin in the eye. He hesitated a little nervously.

Yu Yijin sneered, “Bashan Sword Field is not evil.”

Lin Zhujiu looked at them, although before the atmosphere is still very serious, but do not know why, he could not help but some unkind smile.

Whole World In My Hand(Er Gen)Novel Chapter 10: the martial department

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Chapter 10:the martial department

Tai Xu Shi Qi Jue is similar to the formula of nourishing qi, but the principle is very different from that of nourishing qi.

The formula of nourishing Qi is to guide the Reiki from heaven and earth into the body, but because the body has an invisible emptiness, it cannot retain the Reiki, but it can also use the body as a medium to introduce the Reiki into the blank stone in the hand, thus forming a Lingshi.And oneself in this process, imperceptibly enhance physique.

However, the Tai Xu Shi Qi Jue seems to form a black hole in the body, making the whole body full of strong and extreme suction, just like swallowing up the general, sucking up the Reiki crazily from heaven and earth, even if there are numerous empty orifices in ordinary people’s bodies.Can not keep the Reiki, but in this suction, beyond the speed of dispersion.

In the end, Reiki accumulates constantly in the body, and it is precisely because of this high degree of cohesion that you do not need a blank Lingshi to condense it in your hands…..Lingshi!

In this way, the purity of nature is far superior to other people, after all, in front of the Forensic Division for the purity of the largest difficulty, is how to remove the impurities contained in the blank stone itself.

This kind of feat, someone in today’s federation has put forward a similar concept, but no one can do it, only exist in the imagination, but now…..In front of Wang Baole, this article is too empty to swallow qi formula, perfect solution to everything.

“it seems that practicing this Tai Xu Shi Qi Jue, the power of suction will grow from small to large, and become stronger and stronger……”

Wang Baole left the dream in excitement and sat knee-crossed in the cave house, his eyes shining, feeling that the first learning was already waving to himself. He became more excited and completely forgot everything. He closed his eyes.Immerse himself in the study and practice of the Tai Xu Shi Qi Jue.

He has several years of nourishing the ground in, for the guidance of the Reiki is no stranger, at this moment with meditation, immediately felt the world around, almost unlimited majestic Reiki.
However, this formula seems simple, but in practice, there are still many difficulties. Wang Baole stumbled at the beginning, and often his aura was sucked in, but he could not dissipate it faster.

However, his character was once he had a goal.

It can form obsession, just as in that dream assessment, he can go all out to add points regardless of the sharp pain.

“according to the Tai Xu Shi Qi Jue, it is necessary to form seeds in the body so that they become part of the body before the rate of dissipation can be suppressed….”

At this moment, Wang Baole once again broke out of his persistence in his personality. In the following half month, he did not go to class again, even though he ate in a hurry. After returning at full speed, he fell back into research and spiritual practice.

At the same time, amid the peaks of the House of Commons, there was a pond at the top of the hill, by which the old physician was sitting fishing outside a hut.

Soft wind blowing, the weeping willows around shake, reflected in the pond, do not have a mood.

But next to the old doctor, standing Deputy palms, the middle-aged man in black, his forehead sweating, was very embarrassed until a long time later, he took a deep breath and clasped his fist toward the palm-yard with a deep bow.

“I was wrong,” he said.

The old doctor did not seem to hear, still fishing, until after a long time, the deputy palm of the hospital wiped the sweat from the forehead, more respectful attitude, once again whisper.

“his subordinates were wrong because they knew that the Wang Baole incident could serve as a positive example and example, which made the students more centripetal to the Taoist Academy, but they chose another path, and even directed the teacher of Dan to point out the cheating incident.”

As he finished speaking, he noticed that there was still no change in the look of the old doctor, and that the sweat of his deputy had increased, and he spoke in a low voice again.

“what’s more, his subordinates should not have coveted the special recruitment quota of the French military department, thus moving their selfishness and trying to expel Wang Baole from the Taoist Academy.Even led to the mentality of other teachers.”the vice Deputy palms wiped his sweat again, and his heart was bitter. It was really his judgment that was wrong. Before that, he thought it was who was dissatisfied with Wang Baole. Only then did he take advantage of this opportunity, on the one hand, to punish him, on the other hand, to seek benefits for himself.

However, he did not expect that Wang Baole should be able to turn the tables in the end. The key point of all this, he understood, was on the one hand Wang Bao-le ‘s words and, more importantly, the attitude of running the court.

Until now, the old doctor only raised his head, a faint look at the vice Deputy.

“now that you know it’s wrong, go.”

The vice Deputy was relieved. He had followed the master for many years, knowing that the other party could speak like this, which meant that the matter had been resolved in half. At this moment, with a respectful bow, he left until he had gone away. He remembered Wang Baole, and a shade of coldness appeared in his eyes.

But he also knew that he could not do it for a short time, and that this little man, even if he had some means.

What he did not know, however, was that after he had left, an old man, stooping like a servant, stood behind the old doctor, with no sound at all by his side.

“brilliant. He tapped Gao Quan on his deputy’s palm, hoping that he could converge a lot this time, but he made a lot of mistakes, but he didn’t admit the most wrong thing after all, that is, he stretched his hand too long.” he said, “he’s got a lot of things wrong with him. He didn’t admit it, but he didn’t admit that he had reached out too long.”

“in addition, i have also made clear that this incident was a case of the head of the Ling Pei School who secretly manipulated public opinion. At the same time, there was deeper contact with this son. The special recruitment quota of the Military Department was also the request of the first student of the Ling Pei School.There seems to be guidance from his father.”the old man chuckled.

“is it the father of the head of Ling Pei?….Let’s call it a day when the great man of one of the seventeen members of the United States would not have resorted to such crude means.”the old doctor smiled, and there was a touch of sarcasm in his eyes.

“if he had climbed up to the Senate, I would have looked up at him, but I could have climbed up to his son. After all, Kao Quan has no brains.”

“in charge of the court, such a half-hearted villain, why not….”the old man next to the old doctor hesitated for a moment.

“not yet.”there was a depth in the eyes of the old physician, and the value of the hate figure he had so painstakingly established would not have been understood by outsiders.

“there will always be people who can’t help but touch Gao Quan, and in any case, they will have to come to me for some exchange.”the old doctor smiled and whispered in his heart.

Time passed and three months passed in Wang Baole’s cultivation.
In the past three months, because of Wang Baole’s in-depth summary, the French military department’s comments on him here have all faded too much, and because of the heavy workload of his studies, gradually everyone is no longer paying attention to him.

In a sense, Wang Baole did what he wanted to be low-key from the beginning.

Finally, three months later, Wang Baole’s body reluctantly formed a black hole that he could feel.

Feeling the suction coming out of his body, Wang Baole brushed his sweat excitedly, feeling only that he was one step closer to success, and hurriedly practiced again.

After having eaten seed, the Reiki inside the cave mansion immediately resembles flowing water general, be changed direction slowly, go straight to Wang Bao Le, gradually, not only inside the cave house, even the Reiki outside the cave mansion is also like this.

In the end, in his area, the aura seemed to be shaken, forming an invisible whirlpool, and at the center of the whirlpool was the very essence of Wang Baole’s body.

Black hole devouring.

A great deal of Reiki was sucked up, finally surpassing the natural dispersal of his body, and the Reiki began to gather and accumulate, thus bringing an indescribable sense of comfort, as if countless small hands were massaging all over his body.

Fortunately, although Wang Baole was immersed in it, he still knew what he was going to do, and gradually raised his right hand and made use of the feat of too empty a formula for eating qi to condense the Lingshi.

Just arrived here, too empty devour another difficult point of the formula, although the rich Reiki can be gathered together, but this a little neglect, will fail.

And once the failure, a large number of cohesion together of the aura, will spread, and was quickly inhaled into the body of Wang Baole, again accumulated.

“I don’t believe it!”Wang Baole was a little crazy. The expectation that he could succeed in the first sight made him even more persistent. He bought a lot of food directly at once, most of which were snacks. He didn’t leave the cave house like a closed house. He ate, drank, and took care of it at home.

Completely immersed in practice.

Gradually, he did not find himself, his already round body, more round.

The meat is getting thicker and thicker.

What is particularly striking is that his flesh is full of luster, though not glittering and translucent, but it is also extremely fine and moist.

Now his flesh is by no means ordinary, but the accumulation of Reiki, resulting in the formation of psionic lipids. After all, fat is the transformation of excess energy in the body, and now Wang Bao-le has already transcended ordinary people’s internal aura.
Again in this constantly suck up and refine the failure of heart-stone, can not help but more and more.

Fortunately, the special recruitment robe he wore was of such a special material that it was so elastic that even at this moment, it was still not broken. As for Wang Pao-lok, his face has now changed shape, his shiny face is shiny, and his eyes are looking smaller and smaller.

In this way, unwittingly, another month passed by, on the way, although Wang Baole also found his own weight, he could concentrate on the heart-stone, and directly ignored it, finally.

On this day, Wang Baole excited to see a diamond in the palm of the Lingshi, in the test of its purity, laugh up to the sky.

“it worked, haha, I finally made it!”

“not 50% purity, but 75%!!”

Wang Baole was very excited and incomparably excited. In fact, in his many years in Phoenix, he had been able to refine only a little more than 50% of the Lingshi stone, but now he has refined 75%. You have to know the entry criteria for the White Deer College, the first federal college.

It’s just more than 70% of the stone.

Satisfied, Wang Baole only felt that he was already very strong. He was about to get up and walk a few times to vent his excitement. But he was just about to get up, but he almost didn’t get up, so he was stunned.

When I looked down, I looked at myself almost twice as fat as I had been half a year ago, especially the red Daozhao robe, which had been propped up to reveal the spirit and flesh.

His breath quickened slowly, and his eyes flung wide.

“this….This…”Wang Baole wailed, without the dedication to immerse himself in the smelting stone, he immediately realized that he was in great trouble at the moment.

“Oh, my God, I’m just didn’t pay attention. Why…That’s it!!”Wang Bao-le shivered. In a flash, he thought of the genealogy he had seen. Suddenly, he was nervous and frightened. He quickly stretched out his thick fingers and calculated to cry without tears.

But for a long time, he found that no matter how he calculated, according to the genealogy of those fat grandfather died at the age of his own here.

It seemed that he could not live for too long, which made him cry.
“I’m not in school yet. I’m not president of the United States. I don’t want to be reunited with fat grandfathers.”under his fear, Wang Baole was filled with the thought of trying to lose weight, but he had done a lot of things to lose weight, and the effect was almost non-existent, which drove him crazy.

“exercise, I want to run, while this meat has just appeared, perhaps it can be saved!!”Wang Baole gritted his teeth hard. The first thing he could think of at the moment was running, so he hurried to the gate of Cave House.

Fortunately, though he was fat for a while, it was not impossible to save him. He was able to go out through the gate. As soon as he walked out, the sun fell on his exaggerated red road robe. Looking at his huge shadow, Wang Baole immediately burst out into grief and indignation and roared loudly.

With the same strength as a breast,In this sad mad run, Wang Baole also found his own some differences, as if he would not be tired, there is a rich body of Reiki support all consumption.

Make him speed quickly, as if the French soldiers are too small, know their own too much, soon Wang Baole straight to the peak, began running around the lower house island and away.

On this day, many students in the French military department saw a red ball passing by them. One by one, they were stunned and exclaimed. But the red ball was so fast, especially when they covered their faces, that they could not see the exact appearance.
So in the spirit of the Internet, there are a lot of rumors and discussions.

“I saw a ball today.”

“I saw it, too!”

“A little familiar, like.The robe of a specially recruited student?”

In the discussion of the French War Department, at this moment on the lake of the House of Commons Island, there was a group of students from the War and War Department. They were also running. Among the crowd, there were special recruits from the War Department who were outstanding. There were even such people as Chen Ziheng. They were surrounded by a middle-aged man.

This person is the teacher of the Department of War, is a look of awe with all the students running.

Compared with the students of other departments, the Zhan Wu Department is more like a soldier. This is because the Zhan Wu Department pays close attention to studying all ancient weapons. If it comes to actual combat, it is even more important to be the head of the department. Any one of its students must be physically strong.

So there’s a basic exercise program called running around the island.

Its purpose is to let freshmen improve their physical fitness as soon as possible, so that they can smoothly enter the realm of qi and blood. At this moment, although the school year begins half a year, the round-the-island running of the martial arts department is still going on from time to time.

“run fast, you haven’t eaten yet!”the teacher of the Zhan Wu Department stared at the students around him and applauded.

Having said that, he was very satisfied with the energetic and lively appearance of each of these children. In particular, Zhuo Yifan and Chen Ziheng had already crossed the boundary of running around the island, but they were all obedient to follow.

That makes him feel like a kid to teach.

“you have to remember that I am fighting weapons, disdainful of refiners, disdainful of alchemy, what we want is our own bodies, what we want is the best of our bodies, no matter whether they are magic weapons or poison dans, they are all weak chickens, and we fight the martial department with one punch to suppress them!

“We’ve just got the best punches!”

“We run the fastest!”

“We are physically invincible!!”with the roar of the middle-aged teachers, the students were all excited one by one. They roared one after another, and for a while they were furious. It seemed that they could really suppress all the weak chickens of alchemy.

Seeing this group of boys so powerful and middle-aged men proud, I was about to say a few more words, but at this moment.

Behind them, there is a red ball of meat, directly from the side of the roll past.

Bashan Sword Field(Wu Zui) Novel Chapter 13: Alien

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Chapter 13:Alien

“Thank you.”

When all eyes are still in Ling’s eyebrows, Lin Zhujiu is exhaled, and then seriously salute to Ling once agin.

When the crowd looked at him again, everyone felt that the smell of Lin Zhujiu had changed completely.

The dark savage of murder, even the smell of cruelty and decay, had vanished altogether.

Lin Zhujiu is very peaceful at this time, and even give people the feeling and ordinary, ordinary and a homecoming traveler is not much different.

Ling paused slightly.

“here you go.”

He threw his sword directly to Lin Zhujiu.

With a sniff, the broad tip of the sword thrust like rotten wood into the slate in front of Lin Zhujiu.

“you’re welcome.”

He put out a finger and rubbed the wound on his brow, and the line of blood faded a lot.

Do not know why, looking at the wound did not go deep, many people are inexplicably relieved.

Lin Zisan couldn’t help but clap his hands.

The clapping sounded, and no one was surprised at the moment.

But a voice that sounded as if it were a golden iron, or even a piercing voice, sounded low on his side, “Why are you clapping?”

Lin Zisan was stunned, followed the sound, and saw a middle-aged man in ordinary linen clothes, with his hair scattered.

The middle-aged man’s face was supposed to be square in outline, but his hair hung down on both sides, making his face so sharp that it seemed to pierce the ground below him.

His eyes were also exceptionally sharp. Lin ZiSan just looked into this man’s eyes and felt as if he had been stabbed several swords.

“because it’s wonderful.”

Lin Zisan’s three intuition that this person should be a strong practitioner, he slightly bowed a salute, said: “and both of them have a gentleman’s style, worthy of respect.”

The middle-aged man’s mouth was slightly stirred up, a look of disdain appeared, as if his words were not fully agreed with, and even felt a bit ridiculous.

But then he still looked at Lin Zisan’s eyes, and asked: “you can see wonderful? where do you feel wonderful?”

“both of them are more powerful than I am, and every sword is brilliant. If I fight them, I’m afraid I won’t be able to catch either of them.”Lin Zi’s voice naturally appeared in his heart.

However, he felt that this was not the right answer. He frowned a little, thought about it carefully, and said,” Lin Zhujiu splashed out the murder he had accumulated and the shadow he had left in his heart.But also to meet the opponent, but also to Ling strong opponent, in order to let him this sword incisively and vividly.
Before Lin Zhujiu out of the sword, his state of mind was still a little unstable, like waking up from a nightmare every now and then. He could not get rid of the cruelty of fighting, but he was able to use it to melt the will to kill, and the sword was so stable and powerful.I’m afraid there aren’t many people in the world who can do that. But it was the strength of Ling who could force him to do so, so that the stunning duel between the two could not be seen anywhere else.”

The middle-aged man’s face had been a bit serious, but as Lin described it, his face eased slowly, and even his face, sandwiched between his hair, seemed to soften up.

“what’s your name?”he asked.

Lin Zisan shyly accosted: “Lin Zisan.”

The middle-aged man mused a little and said, “I think I’ve heard of you.”

Unsure of what the middle-aged man meant, Lin said hesitantly, “who are you, the elder?”

“Yu Yijin.” The middle-aged man looked at Lin Zisan and said, “I am from the Bashan Sword Field. Do you want to go into the Bashan Sword Field and be my disciple?”.


Lin Zisan and Ye Xinhe, Yan Xin Lan stand very close, this middle-aged man’s this sentence is exited, Ye Xinhe and Yan XinLan are taken aback suddenly, turn round, look at middle-aged man unbelievably: “Uncel Yu?”

Yu Yijin took a glance at Ye Xinhe and Yan XinLan, but did not speak, but felt that Ye Xinhe and Yan XinLan were making a fuss.

Lin Zisan surprised staring eyes, Ye Xinhe and Yan XinLan have never seen this?

“is it really Uncle Yu?”

Ye Xinhe looked at the middle-aged man, but his eyebrows were slightly raised.

Yu’s eyebrows are slightly wrinkled.

“although I have never met him, I know at least that he has received a disciple named Mao Qi.”Ye Xinhe said,” and I have heard from the elders of the division gate that Uncle Yu is extremely satisfied with the disciple he has received.”

“who says i can only take one disciple?”Yu Yi-jin ‘s eyebrow tip is also slightly provoked, even if it is covered by his hair hanging loose, there is a faint sharp breath along the corners of his eyebrows continue to diverge into the air.

Ye Xinhe’s complexion remained the same. He looked at Lin Zisan,then said, “I just don’t understand why uncle Yu chosen him as a disciple.”

Yu’s brow rose quietly.

He took a look at Ye Xinhe, just looked at it, did not speak, a sword light from his sleeve then protruded out.

The sword was black and scaly, like a python.

Sword’s road is very clear, seemingly unhappy, straight to the chest of Ye Xinhe.

Ye Xinhe frowned deeply, his figure moved several times in succession, but he found that no matter how evasive he was, he could not avoid the sharp point of the sword.

He drew his sword.

A clear sword light slanted out and stabbed Yu’s wrist in a catty.
However, as soon as Yu’s wrist sank, it was a direct pressure on his sword body. Ye Xinhe felt cold in his heart. In his hand, the sword body only felt like a mountain. Before he could turn the sword body, Yu Yijin’s sword had already landed on his chest.

The tip of the sword fell on his chest, but it was a boom.

Ye Xinhe turned pale, retreating three steps in a row, spitting out a mouthful of blood.

Yu Yijin collected the sword, and his sword light quickly disappeared in his hands. But Ye Xinhe’s chest coat had a dent in it. Although the garment had not even cracked, the dent was only slowly popped up after he had collected the sword.

It’s like there’s always a steady stream of pressure on it.

“it is enough to know propriety, shame, and understanding.”

Yu Yijin took a look at Ye Xinhe again and said, “you’re not bad, either.”

The first half of his sentence clearly answered Ye Xinhe’s question, but the next sentence was a real compliment.

At this time, the rest of the street has not yet reacted, they are still looking at Linjiu and Ling four son, at this time turned around are stunned eyes, do not understand why there is suddenly someone to hand.

Lin Zhujiu see the trick of the past, he immediately flew over to Yu on a catty on a salute.

“you’re better.”

Yu Yijin slightly nodded, said to Lin Zhujiu, slightly paused, and then said, “Brother Qi better than me.”

There were two meanings in his statement,Ye Xinhe understood them all.

On the one hand, it is said that Lin Zhujiu is stronger than Ye Xinhe; on the other hand, it is said that Lin Zhujiu should be better than the Mao Qi he has coached.

Yu Yijin in the Bashan sword field is also an alien.

According to the teacher in the gate, Yu Yijin was a butcher at the earliest, killing pigs and sheep, but one day he suddenly became enlightened, that is, he learned to absorb the spirit of heaven and earth without a teacher. Later, when he practiced in Bashan, he rarely read the Sword Sutra.

It’s all self-inflicted sword moves.

He stayed in the Bashan sword field very little, so like their generation of young disciples, are only heard of the name and deeds, but have not seen the real person.

Although this man is an alien, and he is not very well known outside the country, many teachers, including Uncle Qi, who recently taught him to practice, have told him that if they fight to death and kill, they will argue with him.

Yu Yijin can rank in the top five at least in Bashan Sword Field.

The praise of such a division commander naturally carries more weight.

“Mao Qi come back or not?”

Lin Zhujiu, with a self-deprecating smile, asked in a whisper.

Whole World In My Hand(Er Gen)Novel Chapter 9: Tai Xu Shi Qi Jue

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Chapter 9:Tai Xu Shi Qi Jue

The voice of vicissitudes of life reverberated with dignity, reverberating through the whole department and all the students outside the main hall. All the students who had heard of the vicissitudes, especially those who had been schadenfreude before, could not keep their eyes and mouths closed, and some could not believe it.

For a moment, a silence outside the main hall, all eyes fell on the body of Wang Baole, watching him head up to the chest, that red special recruit robe, this moment seems to be particularly conspicuous.

Everyone subconsciously stepped back, made way, looking at the far away Wang Baole, a long time later bursts of inspiration as well as clatter, suddenly broke out.

“I can’t believe it!”

“how is it possible that he was not cheat and break the rules?”

In this uproar, Liu Daobin also stood in the crowd, at the moment was also shocked, can not help but think of Wang Baole in the examination and the school he unexpectedly took out the loudspeaker scene.

“inscrutable!”after a long time, Liu Daobin took a deep breath and immediately felt that Wang Baole could be a special move here. It was no fluke. It was really because he felt a distinctive quality in Wang Baole’s body.

It was not only Liu Daobin who was shocked here, but also the seniors who had brought Wang Baole here before that, and looked at each other, and also saw the incredible things in each other’s eyes.

In this public uproar, when Wang Baole returned to the cave house, he was cleared by the Taoist Academy that there was no violation of the rules. It was already spread across the entire island of the House of Commons through the Ling net. All those who were concerned about the matter were all surprised and confused.

Wang Baole’s name was once again on the Ling online hegemonic screen, and now Wang Baole is sitting on the terrace of the cave mansion, proudly looking at Lingwang. Different from the previous self-blackening mentality, now he is watching his popularity climb steadily.It’s comforting.

“to be a senior federal official, public opinion is of the utmost importance, and it seems that I now have a certain foundation on which to base myself.”Wang Baole was so happy that he only felt that he was one step closer to his dream.

“but I can’t afford to take it lightly.”Wang Baole’s mind is reminded of the middle-aged black men in the main hall before, and the cruel words of the other side, which caused him to die, gave Wang Baole an innermost impression.

“this person must be a senior official on the island of the lower house. If I don’t know his exact identity, I’ll be very passive.
“Wang Baole thought of this, and hurriedly went to the Ling net to look for clues. When dusk fell, he finally found the identity of this person, but he could breathe in a hurry.

“this…..Deputy palms!Oh, my God.”Wang Baole rattled his heart and rubbed his eyes to make sure he wasn’t mistaken. He immediately became nervous. It was the identity of the other party that was too high. The deputy head of the House of Commons island was already quite high in Wang Baole’s eyes.

“I didn’t offend him. Is there a secret in my family that I don’t know about?Did you ever offend him? “Wang Baole had a headache because of his wild thinking. But after a while, he thought of the autobiographies of the senior officials he had studied, and his eyes showed a firm determination.

“almost all the senior officials will encounter one political opponent after another in their lifetimes. We can say that their path is to go higher and higher in one struggle after another with their political opponents!”

“this pair of hands seems to be the first political opponent of my life.”after positioning the other party as his own political enemy, Wang Baole immediately relaxed, on the contrary, full of fighting spirit, began to ponder the advantages of their own special recruitment students.

Although he had not been out much in those days, he had long known through Lingwang some of the privileges of recruiting students. One of them was that he could go to the treasure court of his department and borrow a magic weapon for five years for free.

Thinking of this, Wang Baole quickly got up, left cave house, and found the Treasure Pavilion. With his identity as a specially recruited student, he walked into the treasure pavilion after a series of certifications. At the moment, there were also some students here. When they saw Wang Baole, they immediately recognized him.

There are those who ignore the choice of their own, but more often whisper to each other.

This treasure pavilion is full of ancient meaning. It looks like a five-storey tower on the outside. Inside, it is surrounded by rows of shelves, on which are placed all kinds of legal instruments for the record keeping of the French and the armed forces.

Some are unremarkable, others are bright, looking out, there are thousands of legal instruments here, which can also see the details of the French and military departments, after all, can be placed here by students rental, all is boutique.

According to the magic weapon, the rental costs are not the same, but these do not have to consider for Wang Baole.

“it’s free anyway, and of course i’ll have to borrow an expensive one.”after he glanced over the first floor, under the envy of many students on the first floor, he went straight up to the fifth floor. Standing on the empty fifth floor, Wang Pao-le felt more and more that he had a good identity as a special recruit and began to choose.

“that’s a good sword!”

“this bell is very nice too.”

“this glove is good, all silver, and it is very good at first sight!
“looking left and right, Wang Baole was somewhat entangled. He liked every artifact here, but for a moment he had no choice until his eyes fell on a white jade pillow and his heart moved.

This pillow is called a dream pillow, and its function is the same as that of the examination of dream fans. It creates illusory scenes, but because of insufficient levels, it is difficult to do complicated things in it, so few people rent it, and the price is not cheap.

Had it not been for the black mask, Wang would not have noticed the pillow, but now he pondered over it and immediately decided to borrow it.

After registering, Wang Baole, who left with a Fa pillow, looked forward to it all the way, and went straight to Dongfu. He planned to go back and try to find out if he could find the secret of the black mask.

Though it was dusk now, there was still a sunset glow on the horizon, sprinkling on the French army peak, like a layer of red tulle, with indescribable beauty in its softness, especially when the evening breeze blew away the heat and replaced it with coolness.
Let a lot of students go out of the attic, in this law on the top of the war, laughing and talking.

I do not know if the red meaning of the sunset clouds covered Wang Baole’s special study robe. When he came down the mountain path, not many people paid attention, but with bursts of exclamations, passers-by looked at the distance one after another.

As far as his eyes were concerned, he was a young man who was dressed differently from a special recruit. A pure white Taoist robe appeared very elegant on this person, but his appearance was ordinary, and he had a slightly numb face.

Nevertheless, there were still some young girls around him, with a strong look in their eyes.

He is not alone, behind him around, suddenly more than a dozen students, will be surrounded, some to help him with his schoolbag, and some to help him with ice water, is coming from a distance.

“it’s the first learning!”

“the head of Lingshi School, Jiang Lin!!”

Different from seeing the special recruit, the students around now, both men and women, when they saw the young man in white, immediately went up to see him, respectfully and courteously, as if they had seen the teacher, which made the young man in white all the more so. Seems to be full of a sense of nobility, nodded, this in the crowd to go far.

It is not that he did not see Wang Baole, but it seems that in his eyes, no matter the special recruit or the ordinary students, there is no difference between them. If they do not learn first, they are later students, not the same students.

Wang Baole’s eyes were wide open and he looked at the pale linen face far away. His heart was sour and he felt that he had been robbed of the limelight by the other side.

“what is learning?”Wang Baole hummed, lowered his head to open the Ling net, went to the cave house and looked at it. But with the inspection, his breathing slowly became abnormal. When he got back to the cave house, he was shocked.

“this….This is learning?”

The head of learning is the number one on the list of schools in each department. If there are several schools, there will be several heads of learning. For example, if there are three schools in the department of French soldiers, there will be three students in the first place of study.

In addition to proving its absolute excellence in the school, learning first has a name, called…..Chaperone!

All of them are students in charge of the college. They call each other brothers, which is completely different from brother-in-study sister-in-study. Besides, being a head has some rights that even special students don’t have! they are called brothers in each other’s schools, and they don’t even have the right to do so. They don’t even have the right to do so! they don’t even have the right!
Special move is just a few more convenient advantages than the average student, and learn the first.

They can monitor the discipline of all the students in their department. This is enough to make countless students nervous and in awe!

This power is already enormous in the Taoist academies, and the most important thing is that the head of department is not qualified to dismiss the head of a student because he is not appointed or removed, but is promoted on his own by his own achievements.

This is the rule of the whole Taoist monastery, and only the ruling court has the power to remove it. However, unless it is a very bad thing to shake up the rules, even the ruling court is unwilling to use it.

Similarly, such identity, such power of the first, dare not have the slightest laziness, once surpassed by the people behind, is no longer the first, immediately lost everything.

Looking at the material on Ling’s website, Wang Baole is very hot. He just wants to be the first student. It’s too difficult. He remembers the list of Lingshi School, which ranked first in the list.

The number after its name is 90, which means that it has produced a stone of 90% purity.

“it is impossible until I have refined a stone of higher purity than his.”Wang Baole sighed and put away the bitterness of his heart. He was not a person who was willing to envy others. For him, learning how to learn first was indeed beyond the reach of ordinary people.

With regret and desire, Wang Baole put aside his mind, took out the dream pillow from his bag, and took out the black mask. After pondering, he opened the pillow. With the flowers in front of him, everything around him changed, and a glacier came out.

The cold wind blows to the bone, making Wang Baole a rousing spirit.

“it’s true to life.”Wang Baole hurriedly looked around. The sky was filled with snowflakes, the ground was covered with ice, and even some small animals in the cold region could be seen in the distance. Everything was real and incomparable.

Taking back his eyes, Wang Baole hurriedly looked at his right hand. He learned the lesson before he entered the dream and held the black mask in his hand. When he looked down at it, he immediately saw the black mask in his hand. It was a blur.Its appearance some place is clear, some place blur, interlaces together, as if the dream cannot analyze it.

“it really helps!”Wang Baole was heartened and quickly observed carefully. It took a long time for the mask to stabilize, but it was still incomplete, but the words that had appeared on the mask appeared again.

Perhaps because this time it can be raised to the eyes, or for some reason, the text more clearly, under the careful recognition of Wang Baole, he gradually saw these words.

“Tai Xu Shi Qi Jue?”

Wang Baole blinked and continued to look, until after reading all the words above, his body froze and began to tremble, his eyes showing a strong to the extreme excitement.

The so-called “Tai Xu” means making out of nothing, while the so-called “Shi Qi” is more powerful than nourishing qi, which is innumerable. To be exact, this is the same way to refine and make Lingshi, but it does not need blank stone as a container, but it is made out of nothing.

Reiki will be sucked by the body, the formation of the means of Lingshi!

It is precisely because there is no need for blank hearths, and because of the difference in means, so its purity.

Far beyond the formula of nourishing qi!

Not to mention 90%, to achieve the legend of the only master can be refined out of the perfect stone, is no longer a distant dream!

“this…This….”at this moment, Wang Baole immediately threw the skills of the ethereal Taoist Academy into the back of his mind. What filled his excited mind was the identity of learning the first learning. The longing for be the first learning was his driving force. At the moment, he went crazy.

Bashan Sword Field(Wu Zui) Novel Chapter 12: A line of blood

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Chapter 12:A line of blood

Thousands of crystal drops of water along with the mountain wind, before landing was blown thin and long, such as a crystal sword.

The sword hit not far away in the plantain forest, crackling, this is the sound of wind and rain.

There was a small bamboo building in the plantain forest, which was empty at the moment.

There was originally a female swordsman living there, but she had not returned since leaving Bashan three years ago. But this time Gu Liren said she wanted to accept the disciples, and her female disciple Yan Xin Lan had been ordered to come back.

I do not know how she would feel if she heard that Gu Liren had already found a disciple, and that her female disciple had come back in vain.

Thinking that he could have such a monster brother, he could not help sighing, and then some pride.

Outside the Bashan Sword Field, the sound of wind and rain in the small town is also strong.

Countless sword shadows accompanied by wild wind from all directions continue to rush to the body of Lin Zhujiu in the forest.

More and more people are coming.

Some people alone, some people did not like to move in many places, some people do not like to disclose their belongings, but after Ling pull out of the sword, these people all converged into this town.

Most people’s eyes are full of shock, some arrogant young people did not think that they will be worse than those famous people, but now their eyes are full of depression.

Ling’s sword is very calm, he seems to be walking, but his sword, is composed of eight wind and rain.

The sword shadow of the stormy wind and rain completely enveloped the figure of the Lin Zhujiu in the forest.

From the beginning until now, he seems to have only used the same stroke sword.

But this sword move in his hands, the power is constantly improving, originally in many people’s view is already very perfect sword, but is constantly becoming more perfect.

Ye Xinhe frowned.

He had also looked down upon the pretentious young men, but Ling it should be his main enemy.

On the contrary, the Yan Xin Lan beside him is the face is always calm.

The Lin Zhujiu in the wind and rain seems to have had a hard time dealing with it.

He has changed at least six or seven Sword Sutra in dozens of subtle sword moves, but still can not break such a wind and rain.

However, suddenly, the wind and rain stopped suddenly, Ling stopped.

It was not until then that many saw the sword in his hand.

It was a strange broadsword, twice as wide as the usual sword, but one foot shorter than the usual long sword.

The cyan sword had many irregular grooves that glowed faintly with water.

Lin Zhujiu looked at him puzzled, and then couldn’t help but look at his sword.

“Xiaoxiao Wind and Rain Sword.”

Ling lifted the sword and let Lin Zhujiu see it clearly. “but I have a lot of swords, and this is just one of them.If you can beat me,i will give it to you.”


Lin Zhujiu marvel, but then could not help but ask: “and why stop?”

“just make sure of something.”

Ling calm looking at Lin Zhujiu, his chest not even a trace of ups and downs, just like that out of the sword, it seems to him is not fierce, “you were seriously injured?”

Lin Zhujiu nodded. “it should be heavy.” he said.

“that is to see us as a means of sharpening your way to kendo.
“Ling raised his head slightly, and his face was slightly colder.” any swordsmanship is a precious experience handed down by spiritual practitioners of all ages. Any swordplay should be solemn and solemn. Since you are injured, you dare to challenge everyone here.
I will defeat you.”

“that’s what you’re talking about. It’s a little hard to understand.”

Lin Zhujiu was taken aback and laughed. “it should be a good attitude to treat the sword like this. It’s just that you really can’t beat me today.”


Ling is a little surprised, but not angry, “Why?”

“because I have used some messy swords, you should not see my sword path and use sword habits, but I already know you very well.”

Lin Zhujiu said with a smile, “next,you should use this sword trick, or change the trick, it is not very useful.”

So many subtle sword moves, in his mouth should be just a mess of sword moves?

“you’re not kidding?”Ling speechless.

Lin Zhujiu shook his head and seriously said: “of course not.”

Ling was silent for a moment and said, “Let me see your real sword.”

Lin Zhujiu took a serious look at him, and said: “you have to be careful.”

Ling looked him in the eye and understood what he meant.

The other side did not know what kind of brutal killing, even back to this quiet town, the heart is restless, need to rely on two bowls of hot soup noodles in exchange for a moment of peace of mind.

His truly powerful sword must be too strong to be imagined, and it would be difficult to control even himself after the sword has been drawn.

“if he carelessly injures me, or kills me carelessly, tell my family not to avenge.”

Ling turned slowly and said to the woman with long legs.

The long-legged woman followed for a long time and did not say much, but made a solemn salute and signalled to herself to understand.

“A sword is a weapon, and if it moves, it may kill. Therefore, I have always regarded the sword as the most solemn and solemn thing. Since you want to see your real sword, you must not leave your hand.
“Ling does not go to see her, but look at Lin Zhujiu, seriously say,” I will also as far as I can play out the strongest sword.”

In the face of such demure opponents, Lin Zhujiu is somewhat unaccustomed.

None of the enemies he had encountered before was not ferocious, and any means by which he could kill them would be used.

Although not quite used to, but naturally such an opponent can make him respect.

So he also carefully and slightly bowed a salute.

“I did.” He went on.

This is a reminder to Ling.

When his voice rang, all the people suddenly felt inexplicably cold.
The smell of Lin Zhujiu suddenly changed in everyone’s perception.

He seemed to blend in with the real darkness, and his murderous exuberance was like the scent of a ghost coming out of hell.

In the air between him and Ling Si’s son, there were some strange and piercing sounds, like a dozen crows sniffing death.

Ling’s face pale, this murderous and sword so that he had a very uncomfortable, unable to breathe feeling, but his eyes are more and more bright.

Throughout Chu, he had never seen such a strong contemporaries, not even in the hands of the famous teachers who had taught him before, had he seen such a powerful sword.

He was very dignified toward the front of the ball so that he was uncomfortable with the air chopped out of a sword.

In front of the sword there was a straight wave of air, and the wind was blowing furiously from the sword.

The sound of the wind reached its extreme, and when there was no louder wind on earth, it turned into thunder.

The straight air wave was invisible, but when the thunder sounded, the edge of the air wave is a golden light, as if plated with a layer of Phnom Penh.

Many of the earthen pots on either side of the street, which were used as pickles, cracked at the sound of thunder, the plantain trees that rose above the eaves were shattered, some terrible cries rang out, and there was no time for those who were nearer to practice to dodge.

The clothes suddenly appeared a lot of cracks, blood from the infiltration out.

Lin Zhujiu also appeared on the body of some new wounds, but the smell of his body and released the meaning of the sword is like countless fine lines wrapped in this golden sword light.

This golden sword light, through the violent will to kill, was gradually dissolved and become thin and elongated. The sword light of the golden color passed through the violent intent of killing, and gradually became thin and long.

But in the end, it did not seem to have been completely eliminated, into a slender sword light, piercing the chest of boiled wine in the forest.

Lin Zhujiu did not care about this sword light, his sword in the hands of the dark before the spread of the idea of killing, has been toward Ling handed out.

That fine sword light fell on the Lin Zhujiu’s body, what is puzzling is did not leave any wound, however, at the same time, Ling’s body actually backward violently retreats several tens of feet.

A line of blood appeared between his eyebrows and his heart, and a glistening drop of blood dripped down the top of the line and down the tip of his nose.

There was a roar of exclamations.

The line of blood was opening slowly, as if an eye were opening.

Everyone is worried that this line of blood will spread further.