Bashan Sword Field(Wu Zui) Novel Chapter 7: I’ll teach you

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Chapter 7:I’ll teach you


“How do you feel when you kill someone for the first time or kill an animal alone that you may not be able to kill with one blow?”

Gu LiRen like this kind of dialogue very much.

Because Wang Jingmeng is very calm.

Be calm, and the conversation will seem relaxed.

“You are sophisticated, almost everyone gets nervous in danger, and there are very few people who can be as calm as you are.”

“Scared and nervous, but I thought everyone would be like me, the more scared and nervous, the more meticulous, the more unable to make mistakes.”Wang looked at him and said, “it will be natural after a few more times.”

“Try it.”

Gu LiRen picked up a pair of clean chopsticks, and then he gave one to Wang Jingmeng.

Wang Jingmeng guessed what he wanted to do, thinking that he would come into contact with a world that he had previously thought did not exist at all, and he became really nervous.

And then, as he said, he was naturally focused.

Gu LiRen’s chopsticks moved.

Without hesitation, almost intuitively, he handed out his chopsticks.

Gu LiRen’s chopsticks suddenly turned into a graceful arc. Wang’s pupils contracted violently. He was shocked. Indeed, this was the world he had never touched. The chopsticks were straight, but when they were thrust toward his body,but this chopstick is somehow curved, like a full moon.

However, he clearly knew that the chopsticks could not bend.

When a crescent moon falls, where can it be hit to stop it from moving forward, and to change its trajectory?

He found it difficult.

But following his heart, the chopsticks in his hand slightly changed direction, toward this arc of the widest place to stab.

Gu away from the fingers of the micro-movement, the moon disappeared, into a canopy of spring rain.

What filled his eyes with amazement again was that Wang Jingmeng’s chopsticks had changed. The chopsticks pointed through the spring rain and stabbed at his wrist.

There was a light crack.

Wang Jingmeng broke his chopsticks in his hand.

Chopsticks broken, split into dozens of silk strands.


The sound of Wang Jingmeng rose.

Instead of looking at the strangely flowered chopsticks in his hand, he looked into Gu’s eyes as bright as stars.

Gu LiRen smiled.

He has seen a lot of incredible things in his spiritual practice so far, but nothing has surprised and surprised him more than the way he is coping with the young man he has seen today.

Wang Jingmeng took his two swords.

In fact, this third sword he felt Wang Jingmeng also can catch, but the teenager is eager to find the answer, do not want to seriously try again just.

“What one sees and touches in what one thinks is the real world comes from one’s eyes, ears, nose, tongue, body, and fixed edification from the outside world.”Gu LiRen seriously looked at his eyes, slowly reached for a point is falling dead leaf,” for example, you see this leaf, it is yellow and fragile, lifeless.It’s just that its color is just a reflection of some light in your eyes that eventually forms a picture, and in some animal eyes it may be black and white.As for its weight, it is also relative to your cognition, your strength, all sorts of things, and if it were in the upward wind, it would be lighter, and if it would crush the invisible mountains, it would be extremely heavy, just to change what it has.
Avoid your senses, and you will not feel that it has changed.
But in fact, no matter what the outside world to you caused by any sensory fallacy influence, the outside world all these things have their own origin and true, not subject to your judgment change.
Any sword will, any move, must arrive at this most real invariable place.”

Wang Jingmeng frowned deeply. He understood it a little, but it was a little vague.

“It’s hard.”He couldn’t help saying.

“It’s just the beginning,” he said. “slowly you’ll see.”

Gu LiRen smiled and said, “I’ll teach you.”

A green mountain in the northwest.

Bashan’s night rain is beautiful, but the mountain path is steep, over the past hundred years, have the mood to stay thousands of miles to Bashan inns in the mountains, watching the night rain hit banana tourists, but very few.

Popularity, some people have Qi.

It can be singer or anger.

Lin ZiSan is angry right now.

In such a town hidden in the mountains, the tavern is full, and even the hostels are covered, but even the wine shop is full, and even the hot food can’t be eaten, so it is hard to avoid dryness.

The descendant of the White Ape Sword, at the age of 13, realized the genius of practicing the spiritual ape sword sutra. Like a hunter on the hill, would he have gone to build a canopy, chase a rabbit, and then make a fire to roast a rabbit to eat?

There is no wine can only look at the mountains to see the rain, but no seat without wine can only be soaked in the rain is no good.

The mirror lake sword meeting,Bashan sword field was winner already known all over the world, only the Bashan sword field opens the mountain gate to receive disciples, that rumour is stronger than Yu Zuochi Gu LiRen to receive the disciple, that is also his such young talented person thing, and some crooked melon split jujube also has anything to do with?

Watching the man alone occupy the best table by the window, the fat woman who drank by himself, he could not get angry at all.

The fat woman wore not only a very fancy dress, but also a dark yellow dress and a bright red dress. Even a sword leaning against her desk was very fancy. The scabbard was made of loose stone and silver, and the hilt was made of white jade inlaid with various kinds of shellfish flakes, and the scabbard was made of loose stone and silver, and the hilt was made of white jade inlaid with various kinds of shellfish.Colorful, not like the sword used in combat, but rather like hanging from the wall only to watch the appreciation of the vessel.

In addition to these do not look like swordsman’s costume, the most displeasing to him is the woman’s eating manner.

Whether drinking or eating, the woman was dripping with soup and spilled all over the table and on her clothes.

It was hard for him to imagine what it would be like to pinch the hilt of a sword with the glowing greasy of her hands after she tore a broiler directly with her hand in her hand, and it was very difficult for him to imagine what it would look like if she held the hilt in her hand.

He could not get used to it, and could not help it, but someone could not help it before he did.

A teenager in a black brocade arrived a moment later and had just asked the shopkeeper about the obese woman who had occupied the spot alone for half an hour and was not allowed to sit at her desk.

“You came to Bashan to join the Sword Club and wanted to be a disciple of the Bashan Sword Field?”the young man in black brocade went straight to the fat woman and sneered.

The fat woman raised her head and grinned, with a shredded chicken hanging between her teeth.

Black brocade clothing youth face is cold as water, way: “eat phase too ugly.”

“the Wei people?”

The fat woman smiled more brightly, and some hot oil slid down the corners of her mouth, causing the black-clothed teenager to frown and look away from her face.

“Instead of trying to become disciples of Yunshui Palace, the Wei people came here to Bashan?”

Fat woman is staring at his face is full of disgust, provocation: “is not ashamed of?”

This sentence did not annoy the young man in black. Within five hundred miles of this time, there were many talented young men who had come from all over the country to repair their swords in Bashan.


The young man in black slowly lifted the sword. From the moment he carried it, the sneer on his face quickly disappeared and turned into a solemn one.

His sword is not long, it is always covered by his sleeve.

It was not until then that the people around him could see his sword.

“Hydra Sword.”

Looking at the fine scales on the short black scabbard, half of the people in the shop recognized it.

“I wonder who it is.”

The fat woman, disdainful, did not touch the sword and stood up with the bone of the chicken leg that had not been gnawed clean in her hand. “it turns out that the disciple of Ying Guan, having learned the fur of the Hydra Sword Sutra, deserves to come here, too?”

Her remark was even more arrogant.

The young man in black had intended to wait for the woman and himself to go outside, but hearing such a remark, he could no longer bear it any longer. With a faint clanging sound, his sword was out of its sheath.

A sword light like a snake out of the hole, but only just lit up.

Before most people could see what was going on, the teenager in black had flown out, smashed a shop door and landed in the muddy rain outside.

The fat woman held out her hand, still disdainful. Half of the chicken in her hand was broken, and the other half was inserted in the chest of the black-clothed teenager.

Bashan Sword Field(Wu Zui) Novel Chapter 6: Your Name

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Chapter 6: Your Name

It’s smooth.


It’s like a cloud floating through the sky, a thorn in a cloud.

In the past many years, of course, he has seen many swordsmen using swords, but even the kind of swordsman who pursues the invisible sword trick, after many years of painstaking practice, still has the taste of deliberate carving, and is simply unable to compare with this kind of nature of this young man.

His eyes flashed, his heart sighed, his hand reached out, and his fingers popped out.

It’s also perfectly natural.

There was a light crack.

His finger bounced on the front of the bamboo.

The bamboo tip deflected and thrust it into a hollow spot on one side of his neck.

The young man’s eyebrows frowned a little like ripples in a calm pond.

The purple bamboo in his hand hung down slowly, and then took it back.


He look at Gu LiRen, at this time he seems to start to really want look away from Gu LiRen.

Gu LiRen actually know what he is asking, but deliberately smile and said: “why why?”

“You haven’t put much effort into it, you shouldn’t be able to bounce off my bamboo.” The boy thought carefully and said, “and I don’t think you should be able to hit it in time.”

“You probably haven’t practiced any swordsmanship, but you should know that swordsmanship and swordsmanship exist.”Gu LiRen also seriously up, he stretched out his hand, bend his fingers, in front of the boy’s eyes played several times.

“Everyone has a different understanding of sword strokes. In my opinion, looking at sword strokes as a way to confuse the other side is a way to bring about more perfect power and speed, which is the basic of the matter.”

He was afraid that the teenager could not understand, the movement of the finger slowed down a little bit, said: “in the cramped time and space, the different sword is to let your strength according to your mind to go to different places.” in the cramped time and space, different sword moves can let your strength go to different places according to your mind. ”

“No, that’s not it.” The boy shook his head and frowned a little deeper. He looked at Gu LiRen’s fingers and solemnly said, “I understand that if I had held a sword in the past, if I had not learned a lot of sword tricks, he would have tried to hit me with this sword.There are no suitable moves to use, can not think of any way to play, but for people like you, there should be a lot of ways to play, you just chose one of which you think the most perfect power,The quickest move in the place you want to hit.But what I’m talking about, it’s not a trick.”

“The trick is the method, the means to get what you want.”The glee in Gu’s eyes grew stronger. He looked quietly into the teenager’s inquisitive eyes and said slowly,”because all my senses are faster than yours, and your movements seem to me to be very slow.And I can feel the flow of your power, I can feel where the bullet is, it will make your strength out of balance.So even if I’m less powerful than you, I can crack a trick like yours.”

“so this is what you call spiritual practice?”the boy took a deep breath, looked at him and asked.

“both inside and outside, nothing is unimportant.”

Gu LiRen’s fingers stopped moving, but a powerful force flowed from his fingertips. It was a sword light if there was no one. However, the sharp breath suddenly made the boy look pale.

This breath pierced into the sky, as if to thrust the whole sky out of a hole.

“to master anything that can give you more power is to practice.”

“I came to you because everyone has a different gift. You are very different from ordinary people. There are ways that ordinary people can’t learn all their lives, but you’re born with it.”

Gu LiRen looked at the young man and said, “I think you may overtake me in the future.” I’m Gu LiRen, the swordsman of Bashan Sword Field. What’s your name?”

“Wang Jingmeng.”

The boy took his eyes back from the sky. He looked at Gu LiRen’s calm and joyful eyes, got up quietly, and then bowed down seriously and saluted, saying, “Sir, I will follow you in spiritual practice.”

“Wang Jingmeng? ”

Gu LiRen silently repeated the name in his heart, he was a little surprised, the name is impressive, unlike the people here in the city will take the name.

“Your family?”so he couldn’t help asking.

“My parents came from Changling and came with Zhen Bao, and they both fell ill and died of illness for the next three years.”replied Wang.

Because it was too long ago and too young to remember even his parents’ faces, he did not have much sadness in his heart when he answered that he had left.

“from Changling?”

He was not very worldly either, and the Bashan Sword Field was far from Changling, so he thought hard for a long time before he remembered that there seemed to be a famous general who had been banished, implicating thousands of people in exile.

“Are your parents his subordinates, or are they spiritual practitioners?”he could not help asking.

Wang Jing Meng shook his head. “my father is a painter, and my mother is just a ordinary woman.”

“how old were you when they died?”

“more than four years old. . Under five?”

“then who take care of you?”

“one of my father’s friends, was an old soldier who had been set up in the mountains to see the woodland, and it was in fact self-destructing.”Wang Jingmeng said:” after a few years, there was a horse thief nearby, but he was summoned again, and then died in battle, and then I was alone.”

“and when he died, you hunted for a living in the mountains and woods?”Gu LiRen look at this extraordinarily quiet young man, the heart gives birth to great pity.

His parents were just ordinary people. They were implicated in exile. They fell ill and died one after another. The friend who took care of his died in battle, and even at a young age, he went into exile in the mountains. All this sounds like misfortune.

“you should be quite right. I’m a little different from most people.

Wang didn’t feel any pity for himself. This kind of thing was so common in this town that even the vast majority of people there seemed to have suffered worse than he did.

Looking at Gu LiRen, Wang said, “those beasts which are difficult to kill in the eyes of ordinary hunters do not seem to me at all difficult to kill.They all come on their own initiative, and I can just stab them where they can be killed.And the more difficult it is to kill an animal, the more valuable it is.”

“have you ever thought of getting out of here and going out to have a look? “there was a black spot in the sky a little farther away, and it was a falcon flying high up in the sky.

“the higher you fly, the farther you see, and the more you practice. The more you see, the wider your vision and the more likely you are to become powerful.”

“Yes, it’s just a matter of doing things one thing at a time.”

“didn’t you think about looking for a teacher who might have made you a better teacher?”Gu LiRen seriously look at the boy’s calm eyes, very direct way:” or those horse thieves to help your father’s friend revenge?In fact, courage is also important for things like being strong and having power.”

“there are no practitioners here.Just before I saw your power, I used to think that there were no practitioners in the world. All the things about spiritual practitioners were just like ghosts and monsters, made up in story books.I don’t think there are any spiritual practitioners in the world, “he said.” before I saw your power, I thought there were no practitioners.”Wang Jingmeng shook his head very simply,”there is no teacher here who makes me more powerful, because I have not met anyone better than me … In killing wild animals and killing people.”

“Murder?”Gu Li was somewhat surprised.

Wang Jingmeng nodded. “I’ve already killed the horse thieves.”

Gu was even more surprised.

“How does it feel to kill?”he could not help asking.

“Nothing special. Maybe those people are even more disgusting than wild animals.”Wang Jingmeng seriously said,” I kill very few beasts these years, because they are just pure need of food.So I was a little surprised that you could find me through a hide.”

Bashan Sword Field(Wu Zui) Novel Chapter 5: In the Prime of Life

Chapter 5: In the Prime of Life

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No one even knows he’s not in Bashan.

What does spiritual practice look like?

Or what is spiritual practice?

Everyone who is considered a spiritual practitioner in the world has a different definition in his mind.

From the point of view of Gu LiRen, spiritual practice is questioning and transcending constantly.

When he got his first book of practice in Bashan, the first Sword Sutra, he constantly questioned the correctness of these ancient books, which had been circulating for many years, and questioned the reasonableness of the sword moves.

Then he really found out that there were a lot of things wrong, and then he kept correcting them.

Each day is new, and each leaf ripples a little differently when it falls into the river. How can it be the same, always correct, and correct in practice and swordsmanship?

He’s getting stronger.

Up to Yu Zuochi, such a casual person is sure that he is no match for him.

But he knew very well that there was something wrong with his method of practice.

Because of talent.

Only a person with a gift like him, or someone with a higher gift than him, can practice like him.

So he did not have the blind confidence of many famous teachers that even a few gifted disciples could achieve amazing results under his tutoring and training. He did not have the same blind confidence as many famous teachers, and believed that even some gifted disciples could achieve amazing results under his tutoring.


A green shirt of Gu LiRen slowly walked to the end of the alley an unremarkable inn.

His hair was simply tied up with a piece of cloth, and his coarse cloth and green clothes were as simple as the pole, without any ornaments or accessories.

At this time, of course, he could not have foreseen that such attire would become the most popular attire for Qin for a long time to come, and even many years later, most practitioners in Qin still liked it best.

This is a border town.

In the past decade or so, the border town has changed hands several times, sometimes belonging to Zhao, sometimes to Qin, and now to Qin.

It is a long way from Bashan, and the scenery is of course far from it.

His favorite canisters and sausages were everywhere in the restaurants and taverns of some counties and towns in Bashan, but Fish in Sour Soup was the one who did the most in the taverns here.

When he entered the courtyard of the inn, there was a teenager in rags drinking Fish in Sour Soup.

The boy’s figure was not burly, his hair was a little untidy, and he was even covered in some blood and animal fur on his worn cloth.
However, Gu LiRen looked at the young man, his eyes were gradually lit up.

He smiled.

The more he looked at it, the more he liked it, even if the taste of sour soup kept his nose slightly wrinkled, and even the way the teenager was too lazy to throw up spines while eating fish made him more and more fond of it.

“I’ve been looking for you for a long time, and I finally found out you’re here.”

He went straight forward, sat down across from the boy, and said with a smile.”you don’t know what a hard and lucky thing it is to start with a skin and find you.”

“what? ”

The boy pushed the bowl aside with a slight frown. He looked carefully at the man in the green shirt sitting opposite. He looked at each other’s bright eyes and serious expression, and felt that the other side seemed a bit handsome and not like a city man here, and that when he looked at the other person’s bright eyes and serious expression, he felt that the other person seemed a little handsome and not like a native of this city.

He finally determined that the other party was not sick and not joking, then puzzled added, “Animal skin?”

“A tiger skin.”

Gu LiRen looked at the teenager, scratched around his neck, pointed a position, and said, “there’s a hole here.”

The teenager thought, thinking, “then what do you want from me?”

“that’s the kind of bamboo you should have stabbed to death?”

Gu LiRen looked at the purple bamboo placed on the stool beside the teenager and seriously said, “I have seen a lot of people stab animals or people with bamboo like this, but I have never seen a hole so pierced. I think it is a lack of strength.It’s not a hole pierced by a man of practice.”

“then I put a lot of effort into asking who sold the hide, and eventually I found out that it was a teenager here, and then I came here,” he said, adding: “I did not know who was selling the skin, but at last I found out that it was a boy here. And then I came.”

Looking at the youth, Gu LiRen began to be filled with joy, and even felt that it was a miracle given by heaven.

“Are you sick?”

He was filled with joy, but the boy frowned deeply.

Gu LiRen was stunned.

“even if I, even if I had stabbed a beast with this bamboo, what does it matter to you?” what does it have to do with you? Took so much effort to find out where the skins were sold and what?”the teenager looked at him with a watchful look in his eyes.

“Because I want to find a descendant.”

Gu LiRen smiled awkwardly, knowing that he was overjoyed. “if you really have the talent I think you have, I want to teach you how to practice.”

The boy looked at him strangely and said, “What’s in it for me?”

Gu LiRen was stunned again.

Only then did he realize that for ordinary teenagers in Changling, they would be ecstatic if they knew that there were practitioners who wanted to teach them how to practice. But here, in this kind of place, I’m afraid the young people here don’t even know what spiritual practice is.

“do you know what a spiritual practitioner is?”

So he looked at the boy and asked seriously.

“I’ve heard of it, but I haven’t seen it.”said the boy, frowning.

“spiritual practice is a very interesting thing.”

Gu LiRen looked at him with a smile and said, “if you know how to practice and how to use the energy of heaven and earth, you will have great power to do many things that you can’t even imagine right now.”

The boy thought for a moment and said, “for example?”

Gu LiRen also thought about it, he looked at the juvenile chopsticks, and then a pair of chopsticks in the juvenile’s hands suddenly broke.

“in many storybooks, spiritual practitioners are no different from immortals. Spiritual practitioners live longer and have many magical powers unimaginable by ordinary people, such as powerful practitioners who want to kill you. Just look at you and you die.
Unless you’re a practitioner.”

Gu LiRen looked at the astonished teenager and said seriously.

The teenager looked at the chopsticks that had been cut off without warning, looked at the smooth cut to the extreme, and wrinkled his brow deeply. “if I don’t promise, will you kill me?” he said.

Gu LiRen wry smile, said: “no, but I thought, you will not listen to these so many questions, should not gladly agree?”

“then I won’t say yes.”

The teenager flatly refused.

Gu LiRen was stunned again, this time for a long time before he could open his mouth again. “Why?” he asked.

“because I know there are a lot of practitioners, and you are too reckless.”the boy looked at him carefully and said,” because a hide thinks I’m different, and I’m so excited to find me, I think you’re not only reckless, but also impulsive. In the world of spiritual practitioners,I’m afraid you’re easy to be killed. You don’t seem to be doing me any good by teaching me to practice.”

Gu LiRen people listen to his truth, dumb laugh, but the heart is not angry, watching the juvenile more and more happy.

“I’m not as foolhardy as you might think, because I’m different from the average person, so I can see the difference in that hole, and I asked someone to help me find you. And I found a couple of skins that were supposed to come from you.So it’s not a coincidence, you’re supposed to be talented, you have instincts that no one else has, and the point is, if you kill these beasts alone, I don’t know how you managed to be so calm, so easy to kill them. After all, you’re not a practitioner.”Gu LiRen seriously thought about it, and then laughed,” and, the world may indeed be able to beat me, but the people who can kill me, should not. So your concerns don’t exist.”

The boy frowned, and he felt that the population was too angry.

“you stab me with this bamboo.”

Gu LiRen looked at him, eyes exudes a thick look of hope, “do not show mercy, really do not.”

The teenager thought about it, but he didn’t say much either.

His hands moved, and before he even stood up, the purple bamboo in his hand had been pricked out.

Gu LiRen’s eyes were suddenly wide open, and his eyes were all full of amazing light.

Bashan Sword Field(Wu Zui) Novel Chapter 4: Perfect

Chapter 4: Perfect

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Two sword light as a mirage ethereal, eventually do not meet, but the presence is the world’s great master, they will understand that this does not meet between all kinds of temptations and come and go is innumerable kinds of see move.

Even in the light of their swords, many masters felt the shadow of some of the powerful sword moves that had been lost.

This is the shadow, but for many people, it is night.

A master in a red shirt turned away, his breath shaking a little. As he left, many strands of breath, like a sword, cut through a small forest he had passed.

Not far from here, a master wondered why his state of mind had fluctuated so violently. While his mind was puzzled, he looked at the cracks in the trees and felt sad. He wondered how many years it would take for him to grow well in such a place, but he did not know how many years it would take for him to grow well in a place like this, but he did not know how many years it would take to grow well.

Bai LiSu is not willing to concede defeat, but the sword and the sword the most direct confrontation, when the red shirt master turned to leave, he already knew that he could not surpass this talkative Bashan sword yard swordsman.

Since you can’t win, don’t waste your energy.

So he took the sword very decisively.

The light of his sword faded and the chill disappeared.

The unusually dignified expression on Yu Zuochi’s face slowly disappeared, and then he breathed a sigh of relief.


Bai LiSu took a look at him, turned and walked away.

“you didn’t lose!”Yu Zuochi shouted at him.

Bai LiSu’s lips slightly warped, thought this person too much talk.

“my brother is a lot better off than I am.”the voice of Yu Zuochi rang again.

The clouds over Lake Mirror suddenly fell into disarray.

A lot of people are upset.

Even the former master, who had watched the small forest cut to bits and pieces, was in a state of dismay.

“Don’t get me wrong.”

Yu Zuochi smiled awkwardly, turned slowly to the hundred li tassels, and said, “it’s just that my Bashan sword yard is opening the gate to collect students, and I want to take in some good students.” And my brother is short of a good student.”

Bai LiSu slightly frowned, nodded, indicated oneself understood, then said: “that I will go to Bashan to have a look at your younger brother.”

Yu Zuochi immediately some disappointed, said: “go back not with me?”


Bai LiSu extremely simply utters a word, does not say any reason.

Looking at his crisp back down the hill, Yu Zuochi is helpless.

Guo Qiujue and many people looked at him helplessly, even more helpless.

“did you come here only to let people know that Bashan Sword Field is short of good disciples? “Guo QiuJue looked at him very speechless, whispering:” just like the attention of 10,000 people, countless people looked at you with unparalleled admiration, but you shouted, my home really delicious scones, we eat quickly, this is appropriate?”

Yu Zuochi saw what he said was funny, could not help smiling, said: “is it the same thing?”

Kuo Chiu-jue said, “it’s pretty much.”

“but it should be effective.”Yu Zuochi pulled back a smile, a little complacent,” regardless of the process, but the end result was effective.”

He speaks casually.

The light of the sword is very casual.

Guo QiuJue looks at him at this time, think of his those sword road and sword meaning, the heart then implicitly has some feeling.

“I really shouldn’t have been too rigid with the sword,” he said.

“you shouldn’t be too formal.”

Yu Zuochi seriously, leisurely looking at the horizon of the cloud, said: “the most important thing is nothing more than two points, talent and diligence.”

“Your words sound a little sad to those who are not gifted enough.
“Kuo Chiu-jue said with a wry smile.

Yu Zuochi smiled and said, “but this is a fact. Everyone is different. There are differences in talent. Just as sword tires are different from the time of refining, so there are high and low grades.That is why my brother needs to find the most suitable disciple from the very beginning.”

“I’m going to Bashan to see your brother, too.”

Kuo Chiu-jue listened to him, one at a time, and then he made up his mind, “I’ll go with you.”


Everyone is born different, of course.

It’s just that a lot of people don’t want to feel like they’re worse than others.

When calm returned to the sword hill, and the red master walked through the wilderness below, and his state of mind slowly recovered, he reached a hillside full of wild flowers.

There was a large chariot on the hillside.

White clouds continued to fall from the sky and swirled around the chariot.


The red master bowed to the chariot and spoke slowly of what he had seen on the sword hill.

There was a sigh in the chariot.

“is it true, as the prophecy says, that the world’s gas flows to Changling? ”

“It’s going to change.”


“do you really believe Yu Zuochi that there is also a swordsman at Bashan Sword Field who is much better than him? ”

Yun Tong in the dark shrouded in the wasteland, behind her, there are several black smoke of the Ravens up and down, the sound is sounded from the mouth of these crows.

Just like nightmares in the scene.

Yun Tong said faintly: “Of course,I believe.”

“It’s just not likely.”Crow’s voice some sharp rise,the sound vibration,some crow bang,into a ball of black smoke, and then in the next breath, and then coalesced,into a new crow.

Yun Tong did not look at the crows at all.”Why impossible?” he quipped.”if you compare the sword with Yu Zuochi, you’ll know that people like him still need to tell lies.”

“that’s not what I mean. It’s that there’s no room for two tigers in one mountain.”the Crow shrieked.

“How could he be such a contemptible man when even swordsmen were so free?” he asked.Yun Tong thought of Yu Zuochi’s serious admiration, and couldn’t help but raise the corners of his mouth and wave a smile,” he knew how to appreciate.”

“I appreciate your Blue Water Sword, too. Do you want to think about it and accept my offer? “the Crow laughed loudly and sharply.

“After all these years in the State of Qi, have you forgotten the truth that you are greedy and not rotten? ”

Yun Tong backhand five fingers pierced like a sword, in the air a huge roar, accompanied by a piercing scream, like a big wave into the distance behind the night, the crows completely disappeared into black smoke, in the distance of the night,There was a figure tall and thin, standing like a black bamboo pole.

Also only a few breathing time, this shadow to the back of the night light, eventually disappeared.

“all that remains unchanged is the passage of time, and only this long night, which will always appear, will change even the sun, moon, and stars in the sky, not to mention the fate of the world.
If only a few powerful swordsmen in Qin Dynasty can make your hearts worry, then what swords can you practice?”

Yun Tong raised his head slowly, looking at the stars in the sky, the corners of his mouth again showing a proud smile.

Although she was defeated by Yu Zuochi in the Mirror Lake, she felt that she had reached the peak of her life. Her spirit and spirit became perfect and she lost to Yu Zuochi only because of her talent.

So at this time she suddenly understood why such a casual person as Yu Zuochi must come to Jinghu to seriously say such things as collecting disciples.

She felt it was time for her to look for a disciple, too.

In the perfect moment of a swordsman, the perfect student can be found again, and that is really perfect.


Since 23 years ago, the Mirror Lake Sword Club has always been the most concerned event for practitioners and other countries in the world.

Although the world’s tallest masters tend to behave differently than ordinary people, the world’s most visible event is often too cold, but often just a few swords, the difference between the changes, can shake the whole world.

In all the sword clubs in the past, few practitioners from the Qin dynasty won over the rest of the masters, but this year, the biggest change has finally emerged in this year’s sword club.

Not only Yu Zuochi and hundred li of tassels, everyone knows that Bashan sword field there is a man of practice called Gu Li people are more powerful.

The first three swordsmen of that day all came from the Qin Dynasty.
The ranking of swords on the list can only be used as a reference at most, not necessarily accurate, but the results of the sword club, for a long time, is no one will doubt.

The message of the Sword Club travels rapidly through the night.

The master of Bashan sword Field, the brother of Yu Zuochi, will soon become the most famous swordsman in the world.

Although he had never been seen before,even some of people at the Bashan Sword Field.

Bashan Sword Field(Wu Zui) Novel Chapter 3: Whatever

Translated by

Chapter 3:Whatever

YunTong’s complexion pale, she looked at the splash on the umbrella, eyes flashing, the rain line falling in the whole sky are tilted, are shaking.

“where is the Bashan Sword Field? “she asked inexplicably.

Yu Zuochi raised the umbrella higher, revealing his face, “in Bashan.”

It seems to be a boring and boring question and answer, but the masters standing by the mirror lake are well aware of the meaning of this question and answer to the whole world.

Before this sword beheaded the dragon, the Bashan Sword Field was unknown, but after such an understatement of the Yunshui Palace sword, the Bashan Sword Field was destined to be famous in the world.

“Only defend can not to win.”when Yun Tong calms down, all the rain lines disappear and Mirror Lake quiets down.

Yu Zuochi collected the umbrella again and seriously said, “of course, it’s not just about defending.”

Yun Tong said: “then let me see your attack.”

Yu Zuo Chi nodded.

He didn’t move the sword first, he just walked.

He stepped out into the water.

In this world, the true yuan Xiu is not enough for the lower level swordsman fighting, that is, holding the sword to kill, Xiu for higher, that is, with the real yuan imperial sword, flying sword to and fro, higher, is the sword for the life, heart then sword will move, inspire the power of heaven and earth.
However, his fighting style, but seems to be just like those of the lowest level of sword division, carrying the sword.

Mirror Lake’water is still motionless, but in the cloud where the end of the Tang is rising.

The whole surface of the water tilted, and Yu Zuo Chi went toward Yun Tong, as if he were climbing a mountain.

However, he did not seem to be affected at all, and he did not slow down as a result.

On the contrary, his foot stepped deep into the water, and his whole person, like a nail, went straight to the front of Yun Tong and wielded his sword.

He wields his sword casually.

There doesn’t even seem to be any movement at all.

However, in the perception of Yun Tong, this sword is like an axe chopped into wood, and she is the immovable wood, unable to hide.

She took a deep breath.

Then she waved the blue water sword in her hand, also like brandishing a stick of firewood, and threw it at the other side of the sword.

This is the battle of spiritual practitioners.

When you can’t decipher your opponent’s sword, all you can do is pure power.

There was a loud bang.

She and Yu Zuo Chi both went down, their feet directly on the wet lake floor, strong vitality, and even the water in the mud were instantly squeezed out into dry land.

The water level on the shore is rising.

The whole of Lake Mirror, turned into a bowl.

She and Yu Zuochi are in the middle of the bowl.

Yu Zuochi took a look at the water curtain around him.

He saw that the people beside the lake were all covered by the water curtain.Then he looked at Yun Tong front of him and whispered,”I gave you a little bit.”

“lose is just lose.”

Yun Tong stare at him, that wild dark green sword light disappear hidden, she carries both hands, look is calm down, suddenly a faint smile, said: “I’ll go to Bashan if i have time,be careful.”

As soon as his eyes lit up, Yu Zuochi said, “I’ll pick you up.”

Yun Tong waved his hand, stopped talking, and turned away.

“that’s it? “Yu Zuo Chi said.

“or what? “Yun Tong said,” the list of swords is after all a vanity. If you can fight hands here, then there should be only the hundred li tassels of the Minshan Jian sect.”

“actually, I’m not here to fight for the title.” Yu Zuochi looked into her eyes carefully and said, “actually. I am not the strongest sword master in Bashan sword field. My brother Gu Li is better than me.I came here, but I opened the Bashan Sword Yard to collect disciples, he is also short of a disciple, I came here, know Bashan Sword Field will be many, choose disciples, there will be room.”

“are there any swordsmen who are so much better than you?” Yun Tong frowned deeply, but after all she was really a great master, and in a flash she smiled proudly. “then I really want to go to Bashan to have a look.”


Yun Tong looked at him with a smile. “you specifically called me and said these things to me before I left, because you thought that if I left like this, I would hear that Bashan had stronger swordsmen in other people’s mouths, and you were afraid that I would be uncomfortable in my heart?”

Yu Zuochi smiled, felt embarrassed again, and coughed dryly twice.


Cloud Tong is free and easy, turn around to go, only a light drifting, “miss me.”

Yu Zuochi looked at her back, inexplicably happy, ha a smile, once again a sincere praise: “really good-looking.”

“just like that? “Guo QiuJue looks at the Yu Zuochi that walks,although know very well what happened, but still do not believe.

“that’s annoying.” Bai liSu said suddenly.

Guo QiuJue turned his head in surprise and looked at him. He did not know what he meant by these two words at this time.

His voice was high and cold, and the masters who were still at the lake looked at him, and did not know what he meant at the moment.

Yet Yu Zuochi knows exactly what he is doing.

Yun Tong beat Yu Qingqi, who ranked second on the list of swords, and he beat Yun Tong.

The owner of the cloud sword, which had previously topped the list of swords, was in the future, and he had beaten the master of the poison belly sword on the road. . None of these masters on the shores of the lake had previously been able to beat Yu Qingqi.

Then he was already the first man here.

Just as Yu had previously questioned that Yunshui Palace was merely profiting from the topography, these masters would also question the battle between him and the master of the poisoned Sword that they had not seen with their own eyes.

They will also question whether Yun Tong was defeated by him because of his inability to catch him in the first World War with Yu Qingqi.

This kind of doubt seems annoying to the hundred li fringes that he already knows.

But he understood that what annoyed him most about the fringes was that the swordsmen on the swords list, though powerful indeed, did not seem to like most of them.

“then you come.”
It is because of understanding, so Yu Zuochi smiled, stopped at the lake, looked at him and said.

A hundred li tassels nodded, did not say a word, draw a sword.
The void draws the sword.

A powerful breath of life emanated from his hand.

An inch of a white snow sword grew out of his hand.

The cold suddenly came, and the grass on the lake quickly frosted, and then spread further away into the mountains and forests.

Kuo Chiu-jue was already speechless.

His eyes were full of astonishment.

The sword mountain was too high for birds to cross, but when the sword of fate appeared, it was like a snowy mountain so many times higher than the mountain that cold thoughts were drawn and fell into the sword.

He suddenly understood why the hundred li tassels were so few words and why they were so difficult to get close to.

This life sword can have such sword meaning person, must be in incomparably isolated height to refine the sword for a long time.

He faced only the wind and frost, and the ubiquitous cold, and the sunrise and sunset as companions, such a person, how can you say more.

When the white snow sword is formed, it is already in front of the chest.

It is because of understanding, so Yu Zuochi did not have any politeness, he responded, just umbrella.

Innumerable white streamlines fluttered in the air in an instant, silent when they appeared, but in the next moment they screamed in terror.

Bang. .

There was a great crash on the yellow paper umbrella.

The masters by the lake all turned pale.

Thousands of swords walk in the air, just as countless swordsmen are wielding swords to kill.

A hundred miles of tassels walk in peace.

The mighty true yuan in his body spilled from the runes of his sword, and as he usually practiced at the top end of Minshan Mountain, he gathered great strength into the snow and poured it into every snowflake that fluttered.

Then turn that snowflake into a sword between heaven and earth, and then use different sword moves.

He does not pursue the perfection of every sword, he only wants to complete.

But countless swords, countless different sword strokes like a dense shower of arrows swept towards the same person, such a way of playing, but all these masters, have never seen.

Look at the clothes are covered with frost, feel the tens of millions of sword walking and different sword moves crazy kill, these stay in the hearts of masters at the lake are born cool Qin meaning.

None of them felt able to block the sword with a hundred leagues of tassels.

Guo Qiujue was standing right behind the hundred li tassels, so he looked at the back of the hundred li tassels and the terrible white streamlines in front of the hundred li tassels, when the broken snow and snow flowed out of the air on both sides of his body with the remnants of the sword.

He had a clearer sense of the horrors of these swords than any of the other masters.

However, what shocked him even more was that the waves on Lake Mirror were blooming, and Yu Zuochi was retreating constantly. However, the yellow paper umbrella in his hand was still unbroken, and even the frost was not there.
A hundred miles of tassels, sword eyebrows raised.

Then he disappeared into his own blizzard.

In the next moment, he was already in the sky above the rest of the left pool.
It was as if he had jumped from a very high mountain and stabbed Yu Zuochi with a sword, but he did not want to stab Yu Zuochi’s umbrella.

A falling sword is like a meteor, but the tip of the sword knows nothing.

Many masters by the lake sighed.

Power, speed, and quirks are often contradictory, and when these are perfectly fused together, such a sword is truly powerful to the extreme.

Only in the face of such a sword, Yu Zuochi is laughing.

Because that’s what he’s good at.

His sword’s name is SuiYuan[1].

His sword’smeaning, then really very much follows the fate.

[1]SuiYuan (随缘)meaning Whatever

Bashan Sword Field(Wu Zui) Novel Chapter 2: You are beautiful

Chapter 2: You are beautiful


High above, the mountain wind froze.

The woman smiled and beamed.

“You just Look at the sky from the well. ” She raised her head, her neck white and slender, she said.

As she uttered these words, the undulating waters of Lake Mirror were suddenly calm and motionless, even the waves beneath her were still, and the Lake was really like a well.

Yu Qingqi stand on the black stone,he know that she retorted to compare themselves to the well vision is not broad toad, but the heart is not the slightest wave.

First of all, the heart must be quiet.

The black stone cracked under his feet.

The lake silence, but the meaning of Yun Tong’s sword has moved.

Black stone split straight in two halves, smooth and mirrorlike.


A sword touch the Yu Qingqi’s feet, such as dream bubble shattered without a trace.

However, in the next moment, the whole Jinghu Lake will be surprised by these breath, there’s no smile on Yun Tang’s face.

No one felt enchanting or moving any more. There was no emotion on her face, and there was an icy porcelain sheen on her face.

A huge whirlpool appeared at Yu’s feet.

Whirlpool stirred the whole Jinghu lake, split into two pieces of black stone fell into the whirlpool, in the twirling of the moment by countless streams of water cut into pieces.

A dark green sword light pierced through the center of the whirlpool.

“Come! ”

Yu Qingqi a fierce drink, the sky that sword light suddenly came to the palm of his hand.

“Crush! ”

The light of the sword was like electricity in his hand, but it did not cut toward the dark green light. In the whirlpool beneath him, countless fragments of black gravel were erected in pieces of water, like a black sword, tilted slightly, as if worshiping toward the sword in his hand.

The sound of the water was loud, but the black swords stood still.

The whirlpool did not move, diverging into innumerable currents that spread over the lake.


Looking at the sword light in Yu’s hands, Guo Qiuce’s face changed slightly and he only felt strong. However, looking at the scattered whirlpool and the dark green sword light, he implicitly felt that there was something wrong with it.

Yu Qingqi brandished his sword.

The light on his sword became brighter and brighter, and there was a more and more divine flavor in the light.

Compared with the light of his sword, the whole sky seemed to dim, like the light between heaven and earth, drawn by his sword.

The dark green sword light could not go on and sank slowly down the water.

“Yunshui Gong’s Jianyi just like water, a move to break cold pool skill startled four, today I’ll break your sword, the whole world will know, the Yunshui Palace’s sword, only occupy this geographical advantage.”

Yu Qingqi proudly and mercilessly looked at the dark green sword, out of voice said.

“Let’s just sit there and see what’s going on in the sky.”

However, in the face of his words, Yun Tong just laughed at it.

“when I was in Yunshui Palace, there was only one way to break the cold pool?”

“but I don’t know if I still have a dragon chopped at Yunshui Palace?”

The cold on Yun Tong’s face turned into fanaticism, and her whole person blazed brightly. If Yu Qingqi’s sword was full of holy taste at this time, her light at this time would be the gloss leaping in the warm flames.

An unimaginable arrogance broke through the water, and the water of Lake Mirror formed two sides.

The wet soil and grass at the bottom of the lake provide a panoramic view.

Strong sword gas even water vapor can not be close, chopped to Yu Qingqi himself.

There was a thunderous roar.

Numerous waves sprang from the surface of Lake Mirror on both sides of the lake, forming a rainstorm that fell on Yu Qingqi, who had been shaken by a sword.

Yu Qingqi’s face was pale and incomparable, and his sword in his hand was like a candle that had been drenched out, and the light was dim in an instant.

High in the sky there is a cloud response, roar unceasingly, the dark cloud forms in an instant, starts to rain.

Cloud Tang proudly raised his head, the sky drops of rain line, have been afraid to avoid, her body around the water rage, but not a splash on her body, like a miracle.

Many people around Jinghu saw the power of the sword, and their faces darkened in the twinkling of an eye.

A swish.

Yu Zuochi stretched out a yellow paper umbrella.

Rain Water empty, mountain Lin Ru painting, good-looking.

The palace attire on the blue wave is as beautiful as a fairy.

So he smiled and said sincerely, “You are beautiful.”


Kuo Chiu-jue just woke up like a dreamer. Why did he always feel that something was wrong just now?

At this time, splashes such as colorful, rain line wanton, sword meaning is really dripping profusely.

Before that sword cold pool broken although soul-stirring, clear water sword from cold pool health, but sword meaning contains anger, but partial health is not sound.

The hundred li tassels looked at Yu Hsiang-qi, who had been floundered. In his heart, he sneered that this list of swords was really nothing more than this. It was only when he saw Kuo Chiu-jue ‘s expression in a twinkling of an eye that he was moved in his heart, knowing that this practitioner of the Yunmeng Sword sect was no more than that.

I’m afraid it’s a real gift.

Yu Zuochi smiled and said, the voice is not loud, but the palace on the blue wave installed beauty is to turn around, across the fog, smiling: “I am really beautiful?”

Yu Zuochi bowed slightly for the ceremony, said: “Pretty sure.”

Cloud Tong astringent smiling, also respectfully salute, said: “Did not consult?”

When these three words exit, the sky rain line suddenly breaks, some crystal rain bamboo simultaneously sprinkles on the lake surface, nearly simultaneously disappears, the entire lake surface suddenly a stillness, the microwave ripples.

Light sky falling, she will appear more out of the dust.
“Bashan Sword Field, Yu Zuo Chi.”in the eyes of Yu Zuochi, there is even more admiration.

Yun Tong:”Outside on the mountain road, that poison abdomen sword master should be defeated by your hand?”

As soon as this remark was made, there was an uproar all over Lake Mirror.

All those who can board here are the strongest swordsmen in the world. I am afraid that all those things in the world will not pass even the meaning of a sword left behind occasionally by some people on the mountain path. But even so, the master of the poisonous abdomen sword has become famous for more than 20 years, ranking seventh on the list of swords.

It is incredible to say that you were defeated by such an obscure swordsman.

By the time many of these people arrived, they had already seen the two swords and Yun Tong on the road, so many people subconsciously thought that the two men were most likely to be defeated by Yun Tong, and that the obscure corner of Yu Zuo Chi could not be connected at all.

The most surprised is in the Yu Zuochi side Guo Qiujing, he can not believe looking at Yu Zuochi, “this …” . Are you really losing?

When the rain stops, you don’t need an umbrella.

Yu Zuochi took in his umbrella and shrugged his shoulders, which was regarded as acquiescence.

“what about the green glass?”

Yun Tong said: “Is also defeated in your hands?”

“it had nothing to do with me, but the master of the sword and he did not like each other, so they had a fight.”Yu Zuo Chi inclined umbrella point a hundred li tassels.

Kuo Chiu-jue’s eyes were even bigger. When he saw the two swords, he was still hesitating to go into Mirror Lake, fearing that his entry would be affected by mood swings. How could he have imagined that he would defeat the two swordsmen?

I can’t believe it’s these two people around me.

Cloud Tong took a serious look at a hundred li of tassels, nodded for the ceremony.

A dark green flame rose quietly from under her body and fell silently into her hands. She slowly crossed the sword and looked at Yu Zuo Chi.

Although did not say a word, but Yu Zuochi understands her heart, serious way: “you just fight with him, will I take advantage of?”

Yun Tong smiled and said, “what do you say?”

Yu Zuochi smiled and said, “it doesn’t look like it will, but the sword is even more incandescent.”

Yun Tong said:”Please.”


Yu Zuochi raised his hand, a blue sword light in his hands, a moment of silence.

“Aoyama sword?”

Guo Qiujing was stunned.

“No.”Yu Zuochi actually carried the sword to let him see clearly,” this is my Bashan sword field casting sword, the name is Sui Yuan.

“that….” Kuo Chiu-jue only felt that the sword was green, soft, and unobtrusive. On closer inspection, the sword did not even have any runes on it, except for the subtle traces that had been forged innumerable times. The style of the sword was extremely ordinary, but there were no flaws at all.

Every detail is perfect, the more I look at it, the more I can’t move my sight away.

“Good sword!”he exclaimed subconsciously.

Yu Zuochi smiled, crossed the sword in his chest, looked at the good-looking woman in front of him, and said, “Please.”

Yun Tong nodded and wielded his sword.

The sword shines like long sleeves.

The calm lake parted again.

One move to kill a dragon.

There’s no match for bullies.

She lifted her head lightly.

In the past, the master of Yunshui Palace broke the cold pool in a move that was inexplicable. Today, she is going to use this trick to chop down dragons, who will be strong all over the world.

Yu Zuo Chi is on the other side of the separated lake.

He also took a leisurely glance at a shrimp that had fallen from the green grass on the wet bottom of the lake.

He didn’t even change his position.

However, when such a powerful sword, it is impossible to invade his body three feet.

He is like a green leaf floating on the great waves. He follows the waves and goes with the waves.

Yun Tong’s body trembled slightly.

There was a great roar again in the sky.

Countless rain lines covered the sky.

Yu Zuochi pressed the sword and held his umbrella, covering the sky and earth above his head.

Sparkling Rain Water splashes on the umbrella, splashing in droves.

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Bashan Sword Field(Wu Zui) Novel Chapter 1:Sword hill

Translated by

Chapter 1: Sword hill

Whether it be a misty morning, a sunset, or a windy night, the mountain is still, from any angle, a sword whose tenderness and majesty cannot cover its edge.

Straight and steep mountain straight piercing cloud, thousands of years unchanged, daunting at the same time, can not help but be inexplicable heart health respect.

There are not many trees on this mountain, but there is a quiet lake on the top of the mountain. When the sky shines on the surface of lake Spiegel, it can also reflect the hearts of the people.

Some people came out of the open wilderness below the hill.
These people come from different places, even the clothes and ornaments are very different.

They came to the bottom of the mountain and then went up the mountain path where goats could easily fall to death.

More and more people climbed the mountain, but more and more people came back down the mountain. Before the last few feet of Mountain near the lake, only two people stayed.

The weather was still cold, but the clothes they were wearing were very light and did not seem to be afraid of the cold.

They stopped and looked intently at the dead wood sticking out of the cliff in front of them.

There were two swords in the scorched dead wood that had been struck by lightning.

A blue sword body and hilt are like glass, a gray, but the sword body is full of faintly black spots, it is easy to think of some kind of venomous snake abdomen.

“Green glass? ”

A man frowned and uttered his voice first.

This is a tall, middle-aged man, wearing a light black shirt, with a broad sword hanging from his waist.

The weight of this broadsword was so heavy that it seemed to pull him down the mountain path at any moment, but to him it was as insignificant as hanging a spike of wheat.

“Yes. ”

The second speaker laughed bitterly.

This was a young man in a shabby linen suit, his hair was obviously self-trimmed, a little untidy, and the traces he had seen on the mountain road did not allow his resolute face to waver at all, but looking at the blue sword, His thin shoulders shrank and he felt a sense of fear.

“poisonous abdomen, seventh on the list of swords. ”

The tall middle-aged man’s eyes fell on the sword, which was covered with dark spots, and the expression in his eyes gradually calmed down. “before we reached the lake, the third and seventh swords in the sword list had already fallen here. This year’s sword fair is really unprecedented.”

” With that, he said nothing more, and did not look at the young man in his old linen, striding forward.

Although the sword is amazing, the mountain road ahead is steeper, but no one deliberately dropped the ban, no effort to crack, that for him, is a smooth road.

It was only for a few moments that his figure disappeared from the sight of the young man.

The young man frowned, knowing that his intended adversary was far more powerful than he was, and that he feared it would have no small effect on his aggressive heart, but since he had come here, there was no reason why he should leave without a glance.

He also strode to follow, but after all reluctant to give up those two swords better than their swords, and turned back to draw a sword from that scorched dead wood and put it back together again. The two swords were more powerful than his own swords, so he turned back and drew a sword out of the scorched dead wood.

I just do not know why, he did not choose the more ranked green glass, but took the poison belly.
Dozens of people have reached the shore of Mirror Lake.

When the young man arrived, a sword light was rising from the middle of the lake, rising higher and higher, going straight up to the sky.
The sword light flew so high that he could not see it clearly for a moment, but even when it reached high altitude, the sword light was still perpendicular to the ground and was not scattered at all.

To make such a sword fly to such a high altitude, and sword road so straight, like burning a burning incense, to make the smoke has been lifted to the sky, but not blown askew by the wind as difficult.

The young man marveled and thought it would be hard for him to do it, but he couldn’t figure out what the sword was doing.

He thought in his heart, someone is actually slightly sarcastic voice: “fly again high still must fall after all, fly again what use?”

The man who made the noise was dressed in white and was standing under an apricot tree.

There are few apricot trees on such a high mountain, but the apricot tree is not only sturdy but also has a lot of dried fruit hanging from its branches.

The young man who had picked up a sword felt ashamed at first sight.
White people are picturesque, even men, can be described with extreme beauty, partial health is impeccable stature, but looks cold and difficult to approach, such as the snow on mountain.

A laugh rang out at this moment.

The young man looked at the white swordsman as well as at him.
It was a man with short hair and a green shirt. His clothes were ordinary, his face was ordinary, and even his figure was very ordinary. Smiling, he looked at the sword picked up by the young man slanted behind him. He said, “it seems that you should be Guo Qiujue, the recently famous swordsman in Chu County.”

The young man paused and said, “how do you know? ”

“you’ve been really famous lately, and you’re really poor, Yunmeng Jian sect. “the short-haired man wanted to hold it back, but after all he couldn’t hold it back, but he couldn’t help laughing.

Guo Qiu awakened to what the other side had said was that he had picked up the sword on his own way. His face was slightly hot, but he felt that the young man in the shirt would like to be close. “who is this brother?” he asked.

“Qin, Bashan Sword Field, Yu Zuo Chi. “the short-haired man nodded his head in salutation.

All those who can board here are the strongest swordsmen in the world. It is only in the name of Bashan Sword Field and Yu Zuochi that they have never really heard of it. Kuo Chiu-jue wants to say that he has heard of his name for a long time, but it is because of his temperament that he cannot help saying it for a moment, and it is somewhat embarrassing for him to say so.

Yu Zuochi sees his awkwardness, but is haha a smile, “before very few move about outside, you want to say to have heard, but hypocrisy.”

Guo Qiujing’s eyes sparkled slightly, and he immediately felt the man’s heroic stride.

White people are picturesque, even men, can be described with extreme beauty, partial health is impeccable stature, but looks cold and difficult to approach, such as the snow on mountain.

A laugh rang out at this moment.

The young man looked at the white swordsman as well as at him.
It was a man with short hair and a green shirt. His clothes were ordinary, his face was ordinary, and even his figure was very ordinary. Smiling, he looked at the sword picked up by the young man slanted behind him. He said, “it seems that you should be Guo Qiujue, the recently famous swordsman in Chu County.”

The young man paused and said, “how do you know? ”

“you’ve been really famous lately, and you’re really poor, Yunmeng Jian sect. “the short-haired man wanted to hold it back, but after all he couldn’t hold it back, but he couldn’t help laughing.

Guo Qiu awakened to what the other side had said was that he had picked up the sword on his own way. His face was slightly hot, but he felt that the young man in the shirt would like to be close. “who is this brother?” he asked.

“Qin, Bashan Sword Field, Yu Zuo Chi. “the short-haired man nodded his head in salutation.

All those who can board here are the strongest swordsmen in the world. It is only in the name of Bashan Sword Field and Yu Zuochi that they have never really heard of it. Kuo Chiu-jue wants to say that he has heard of his name for a long time, but it is because of his temperament that he cannot help saying it for a moment, and it is somewhat embarrassing for him to say so.

Yu Zuochi sees his awkwardness, but is haha a smile, “before very few move about outside, you want to say to have heard, but hypocrisy.”

Guo Qiujing’s eyes sparkled slightly, and he immediately felt the man’s heroic stride.

The white swordsman turned his head and glanced at Guo Qiujue and the sword he carried diagonally, but he snorted coldly.

“he is a hundred li tassel, also from Qin, Minshan sword sect. “Yu Zuochi smiled,” but don’t get me wrong. He thought I was talking too much all the way, not because you picked up the sword.

” That white dress sword division sword eyebrow micro frown, looked coldly at Yu Zuochi one eye, “wants you many words?”

Yu Zuochi said seriously, “in fact, I don’t talk much, but you talk too little.”

Guo QiuJue suddenly thought that these two people are good, smiled at two people to salute.

“Twenty-three years ago, a large quantity of cold iron was found in this lake. It was of such high quality that it could surpass most famous swords without smelting by a famous master. At this point, monks gathered here and decided where the Han iron belonged, in order of order and order of battle and rank. “Yu Zuochi looked at the dagger light, which stood still in the sky, but couldn’t help kicking a stone toward the calm, undulating lake in front of him. He watched the blue sky reflected in the water being stirred up by this stone of his.

He immediately felt some inexplicable joy. “Cold Iron was long gone that year, but the Mirror Lake Sword was thus formed. Twenty-three years ago, the winner here was Yueh-kung Wu of Yunshui Palace. Yueh-kung Wu’s move to break through the cold pool was inexplicable. At last, he flew his sword into the sky.

It is to let a person see his immovable sword heart, let a person understand that he is not only true yuan is powerful, the technique is exquisite just, this person flies sword heaven now, want a person to know however, his immobile sword heart, already surmounted 23 years ago month Kun Goo.

“the hundred li tassels thought the man was too boring, but after saying it, and thinking that he might have said too little about himself, he added coldly,” who doesn’t know?

Kuo Chiu-jue suddenly felt embarrassed. “I really don’t know,” he said.

Yu Zuochi could not help but smile again, but immediately was positive, said: “I have not finished, this person shows his immovable sword heart has exceeded the then master of Yunshui Palace, you are bored with hundreds of miles of tassels, that now Yunshui Palace people how to think?” I can not help but smile, but I am not finished with words, this person has more than the master of Yunshui Palace, you feel bored? ”

A hundred li tassels and Guo Qiujing immediately moved in their hearts.

“this man is Yu Qingqi, Daming Jian, second on the list of swords.
“Yu Zuo-chi said,” but.
“what’s the use? “the hundred li tassels interrupted him directly.
Lake Mirror.

The calm surface of the water felt someone’s sword, undulating, a spray surging, a person standing on the waves, holding the sword chest, directly said: “Yu Qingqi, you when the Yunshui Palace are dead?”

The voice of the man was very strong, but he was born with great beauty.

It’s true. It’s beautiful.

Because she is a woman, eyebrows picturesque, hair pulled into a hanging cloud bun, during which an oblique insert such as snow jade hairpin, skin if coagulate fat, eyebrow like ink.
No powder, but breathtaking beauty.

She was dressed in jade white plume water sleeve palace dress, standing on the waves, like the legendary god Luo.

Guo QiuJue looked a little dazed, muttering to himself, “Yun-Shang, the master of the Yunshui Palace, turns out to be.”

“can a woman speak of a sword? ”

On the other end of the stone, over the black stone, the man gave her a faint look, and the light of the sword stood still in the cold wind.