Whole World In My Hand(Er Gen)Novel Chapter 10: the martial department

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Chapter 10:the martial department

Tai Xu Shi Qi Jue is similar to the formula of nourishing qi, but the principle is very different from that of nourishing qi.

The formula of nourishing Qi is to guide the Reiki from heaven and earth into the body, but because the body has an invisible emptiness, it cannot retain the Reiki, but it can also use the body as a medium to introduce the Reiki into the blank stone in the hand, thus forming a Lingshi.And oneself in this process, imperceptibly enhance physique.

However, the Tai Xu Shi Qi Jue seems to form a black hole in the body, making the whole body full of strong and extreme suction, just like swallowing up the general, sucking up the Reiki crazily from heaven and earth, even if there are numerous empty orifices in ordinary people’s bodies.Can not keep the Reiki, but in this suction, beyond the speed of dispersion.

In the end, Reiki accumulates constantly in the body, and it is precisely because of this high degree of cohesion that you do not need a blank Lingshi to condense it in your hands…..Lingshi!

In this way, the purity of nature is far superior to other people, after all, in front of the Forensic Division for the purity of the largest difficulty, is how to remove the impurities contained in the blank stone itself.

This kind of feat, someone in today’s federation has put forward a similar concept, but no one can do it, only exist in the imagination, but now…..In front of Wang Baole, this article is too empty to swallow qi formula, perfect solution to everything.

“it seems that practicing this Tai Xu Shi Qi Jue, the power of suction will grow from small to large, and become stronger and stronger……”

Wang Baole left the dream in excitement and sat knee-crossed in the cave house, his eyes shining, feeling that the first learning was already waving to himself. He became more excited and completely forgot everything. He closed his eyes.Immerse himself in the study and practice of the Tai Xu Shi Qi Jue.

He has several years of nourishing the ground in, for the guidance of the Reiki is no stranger, at this moment with meditation, immediately felt the world around, almost unlimited majestic Reiki.
However, this formula seems simple, but in practice, there are still many difficulties. Wang Baole stumbled at the beginning, and often his aura was sucked in, but he could not dissipate it faster.

However, his character was once he had a goal.

It can form obsession, just as in that dream assessment, he can go all out to add points regardless of the sharp pain.

“according to the Tai Xu Shi Qi Jue, it is necessary to form seeds in the body so that they become part of the body before the rate of dissipation can be suppressed….”

At this moment, Wang Baole once again broke out of his persistence in his personality. In the following half month, he did not go to class again, even though he ate in a hurry. After returning at full speed, he fell back into research and spiritual practice.

At the same time, amid the peaks of the House of Commons, there was a pond at the top of the hill, by which the old physician was sitting fishing outside a hut.

Soft wind blowing, the weeping willows around shake, reflected in the pond, do not have a mood.

But next to the old doctor, standing Deputy palms, the middle-aged man in black, his forehead sweating, was very embarrassed until a long time later, he took a deep breath and clasped his fist toward the palm-yard with a deep bow.

“I was wrong,” he said.

The old doctor did not seem to hear, still fishing, until after a long time, the deputy palm of the hospital wiped the sweat from the forehead, more respectful attitude, once again whisper.

“his subordinates were wrong because they knew that the Wang Baole incident could serve as a positive example and example, which made the students more centripetal to the Taoist Academy, but they chose another path, and even directed the teacher of Dan to point out the cheating incident.”

As he finished speaking, he noticed that there was still no change in the look of the old doctor, and that the sweat of his deputy had increased, and he spoke in a low voice again.

“what’s more, his subordinates should not have coveted the special recruitment quota of the French military department, thus moving their selfishness and trying to expel Wang Baole from the Taoist Academy.Even led to the mentality of other teachers.”the vice Deputy palms wiped his sweat again, and his heart was bitter. It was really his judgment that was wrong. Before that, he thought it was who was dissatisfied with Wang Baole. Only then did he take advantage of this opportunity, on the one hand, to punish him, on the other hand, to seek benefits for himself.

However, he did not expect that Wang Baole should be able to turn the tables in the end. The key point of all this, he understood, was on the one hand Wang Bao-le ‘s words and, more importantly, the attitude of running the court.

Until now, the old doctor only raised his head, a faint look at the vice Deputy.

“now that you know it’s wrong, go.”

The vice Deputy was relieved. He had followed the master for many years, knowing that the other party could speak like this, which meant that the matter had been resolved in half. At this moment, with a respectful bow, he left until he had gone away. He remembered Wang Baole, and a shade of coldness appeared in his eyes.

But he also knew that he could not do it for a short time, and that this little man, even if he had some means.

What he did not know, however, was that after he had left, an old man, stooping like a servant, stood behind the old doctor, with no sound at all by his side.

“brilliant. He tapped Gao Quan on his deputy’s palm, hoping that he could converge a lot this time, but he made a lot of mistakes, but he didn’t admit the most wrong thing after all, that is, he stretched his hand too long.” he said, “he’s got a lot of things wrong with him. He didn’t admit it, but he didn’t admit that he had reached out too long.”

“in addition, i have also made clear that this incident was a case of the head of the Ling Pei School who secretly manipulated public opinion. At the same time, there was deeper contact with this son. The special recruitment quota of the Military Department was also the request of the first student of the Ling Pei School.There seems to be guidance from his father.”the old man chuckled.

“is it the father of the head of Ling Pei?….Let’s call it a day when the great man of one of the seventeen members of the United States would not have resorted to such crude means.”the old doctor smiled, and there was a touch of sarcasm in his eyes.

“if he had climbed up to the Senate, I would have looked up at him, but I could have climbed up to his son. After all, Kao Quan has no brains.”

“in charge of the court, such a half-hearted villain, why not….”the old man next to the old doctor hesitated for a moment.

“not yet.”there was a depth in the eyes of the old physician, and the value of the hate figure he had so painstakingly established would not have been understood by outsiders.

“there will always be people who can’t help but touch Gao Quan, and in any case, they will have to come to me for some exchange.”the old doctor smiled and whispered in his heart.

Time passed and three months passed in Wang Baole’s cultivation.
In the past three months, because of Wang Baole’s in-depth summary, the French military department’s comments on him here have all faded too much, and because of the heavy workload of his studies, gradually everyone is no longer paying attention to him.

In a sense, Wang Baole did what he wanted to be low-key from the beginning.

Finally, three months later, Wang Baole’s body reluctantly formed a black hole that he could feel.

Feeling the suction coming out of his body, Wang Baole brushed his sweat excitedly, feeling only that he was one step closer to success, and hurriedly practiced again.

After having eaten seed, the Reiki inside the cave mansion immediately resembles flowing water general, be changed direction slowly, go straight to Wang Bao Le, gradually, not only inside the cave house, even the Reiki outside the cave mansion is also like this.

In the end, in his area, the aura seemed to be shaken, forming an invisible whirlpool, and at the center of the whirlpool was the very essence of Wang Baole’s body.

Black hole devouring.

A great deal of Reiki was sucked up, finally surpassing the natural dispersal of his body, and the Reiki began to gather and accumulate, thus bringing an indescribable sense of comfort, as if countless small hands were massaging all over his body.

Fortunately, although Wang Baole was immersed in it, he still knew what he was going to do, and gradually raised his right hand and made use of the feat of too empty a formula for eating qi to condense the Lingshi.

Just arrived here, too empty devour another difficult point of the formula, although the rich Reiki can be gathered together, but this a little neglect, will fail.

And once the failure, a large number of cohesion together of the aura, will spread, and was quickly inhaled into the body of Wang Baole, again accumulated.

“I don’t believe it!”Wang Baole was a little crazy. The expectation that he could succeed in the first sight made him even more persistent. He bought a lot of food directly at once, most of which were snacks. He didn’t leave the cave house like a closed house. He ate, drank, and took care of it at home.

Completely immersed in practice.

Gradually, he did not find himself, his already round body, more round.

The meat is getting thicker and thicker.

What is particularly striking is that his flesh is full of luster, though not glittering and translucent, but it is also extremely fine and moist.

Now his flesh is by no means ordinary, but the accumulation of Reiki, resulting in the formation of psionic lipids. After all, fat is the transformation of excess energy in the body, and now Wang Bao-le has already transcended ordinary people’s internal aura.
Again in this constantly suck up and refine the failure of heart-stone, can not help but more and more.

Fortunately, the special recruitment robe he wore was of such a special material that it was so elastic that even at this moment, it was still not broken. As for Wang Pao-lok, his face has now changed shape, his shiny face is shiny, and his eyes are looking smaller and smaller.

In this way, unwittingly, another month passed by, on the way, although Wang Baole also found his own weight, he could concentrate on the heart-stone, and directly ignored it, finally.

On this day, Wang Baole excited to see a diamond in the palm of the Lingshi, in the test of its purity, laugh up to the sky.

“it worked, haha, I finally made it!”

“not 50% purity, but 75%!!”

Wang Baole was very excited and incomparably excited. In fact, in his many years in Phoenix, he had been able to refine only a little more than 50% of the Lingshi stone, but now he has refined 75%. You have to know the entry criteria for the White Deer College, the first federal college.

It’s just more than 70% of the stone.

Satisfied, Wang Baole only felt that he was already very strong. He was about to get up and walk a few times to vent his excitement. But he was just about to get up, but he almost didn’t get up, so he was stunned.

When I looked down, I looked at myself almost twice as fat as I had been half a year ago, especially the red Daozhao robe, which had been propped up to reveal the spirit and flesh.

His breath quickened slowly, and his eyes flung wide.

“this….This…”Wang Baole wailed, without the dedication to immerse himself in the smelting stone, he immediately realized that he was in great trouble at the moment.

“Oh, my God, I’m just didn’t pay attention. Why…That’s it!!”Wang Bao-le shivered. In a flash, he thought of the genealogy he had seen. Suddenly, he was nervous and frightened. He quickly stretched out his thick fingers and calculated to cry without tears.

But for a long time, he found that no matter how he calculated, according to the genealogy of those fat grandfather died at the age of his own here.

It seemed that he could not live for too long, which made him cry.
“I’m not in school yet. I’m not president of the United States. I don’t want to be reunited with fat grandfathers.”under his fear, Wang Baole was filled with the thought of trying to lose weight, but he had done a lot of things to lose weight, and the effect was almost non-existent, which drove him crazy.

“exercise, I want to run, while this meat has just appeared, perhaps it can be saved!!”Wang Baole gritted his teeth hard. The first thing he could think of at the moment was running, so he hurried to the gate of Cave House.

Fortunately, though he was fat for a while, it was not impossible to save him. He was able to go out through the gate. As soon as he walked out, the sun fell on his exaggerated red road robe. Looking at his huge shadow, Wang Baole immediately burst out into grief and indignation and roared loudly.

With the same strength as a breast,In this sad mad run, Wang Baole also found his own some differences, as if he would not be tired, there is a rich body of Reiki support all consumption.

Make him speed quickly, as if the French soldiers are too small, know their own too much, soon Wang Baole straight to the peak, began running around the lower house island and away.

On this day, many students in the French military department saw a red ball passing by them. One by one, they were stunned and exclaimed. But the red ball was so fast, especially when they covered their faces, that they could not see the exact appearance.
So in the spirit of the Internet, there are a lot of rumors and discussions.

“I saw a ball today.”

“I saw it, too!”

“A little familiar, like.The robe of a specially recruited student?”

In the discussion of the French War Department, at this moment on the lake of the House of Commons Island, there was a group of students from the War and War Department. They were also running. Among the crowd, there were special recruits from the War Department who were outstanding. There were even such people as Chen Ziheng. They were surrounded by a middle-aged man.

This person is the teacher of the Department of War, is a look of awe with all the students running.

Compared with the students of other departments, the Zhan Wu Department is more like a soldier. This is because the Zhan Wu Department pays close attention to studying all ancient weapons. If it comes to actual combat, it is even more important to be the head of the department. Any one of its students must be physically strong.

So there’s a basic exercise program called running around the island.

Its purpose is to let freshmen improve their physical fitness as soon as possible, so that they can smoothly enter the realm of qi and blood. At this moment, although the school year begins half a year, the round-the-island running of the martial arts department is still going on from time to time.

“run fast, you haven’t eaten yet!”the teacher of the Zhan Wu Department stared at the students around him and applauded.

Having said that, he was very satisfied with the energetic and lively appearance of each of these children. In particular, Zhuo Yifan and Chen Ziheng had already crossed the boundary of running around the island, but they were all obedient to follow.

That makes him feel like a kid to teach.

“you have to remember that I am fighting weapons, disdainful of refiners, disdainful of alchemy, what we want is our own bodies, what we want is the best of our bodies, no matter whether they are magic weapons or poison dans, they are all weak chickens, and we fight the martial department with one punch to suppress them!

“We’ve just got the best punches!”

“We run the fastest!”

“We are physically invincible!!”with the roar of the middle-aged teachers, the students were all excited one by one. They roared one after another, and for a while they were furious. It seemed that they could really suppress all the weak chickens of alchemy.

Seeing this group of boys so powerful and middle-aged men proud, I was about to say a few more words, but at this moment.

Behind them, there is a red ball of meat, directly from the side of the roll past.

Whole World In My Hand(Er Gen)Novel Chapter 9: Tai Xu Shi Qi Jue

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Chapter 9:Tai Xu Shi Qi Jue

The voice of vicissitudes of life reverberated with dignity, reverberating through the whole department and all the students outside the main hall. All the students who had heard of the vicissitudes, especially those who had been schadenfreude before, could not keep their eyes and mouths closed, and some could not believe it.

For a moment, a silence outside the main hall, all eyes fell on the body of Wang Baole, watching him head up to the chest, that red special recruit robe, this moment seems to be particularly conspicuous.

Everyone subconsciously stepped back, made way, looking at the far away Wang Baole, a long time later bursts of inspiration as well as clatter, suddenly broke out.

“I can’t believe it!”

“how is it possible that he was not cheat and break the rules?”

In this uproar, Liu Daobin also stood in the crowd, at the moment was also shocked, can not help but think of Wang Baole in the examination and the school he unexpectedly took out the loudspeaker scene.

“inscrutable!”after a long time, Liu Daobin took a deep breath and immediately felt that Wang Baole could be a special move here. It was no fluke. It was really because he felt a distinctive quality in Wang Baole’s body.

It was not only Liu Daobin who was shocked here, but also the seniors who had brought Wang Baole here before that, and looked at each other, and also saw the incredible things in each other’s eyes.

In this public uproar, when Wang Baole returned to the cave house, he was cleared by the Taoist Academy that there was no violation of the rules. It was already spread across the entire island of the House of Commons through the Ling net. All those who were concerned about the matter were all surprised and confused.

Wang Baole’s name was once again on the Ling online hegemonic screen, and now Wang Baole is sitting on the terrace of the cave mansion, proudly looking at Lingwang. Different from the previous self-blackening mentality, now he is watching his popularity climb steadily.It’s comforting.

“to be a senior federal official, public opinion is of the utmost importance, and it seems that I now have a certain foundation on which to base myself.”Wang Baole was so happy that he only felt that he was one step closer to his dream.

“but I can’t afford to take it lightly.”Wang Baole’s mind is reminded of the middle-aged black men in the main hall before, and the cruel words of the other side, which caused him to die, gave Wang Baole an innermost impression.

“this person must be a senior official on the island of the lower house. If I don’t know his exact identity, I’ll be very passive.
“Wang Baole thought of this, and hurriedly went to the Ling net to look for clues. When dusk fell, he finally found the identity of this person, but he could breathe in a hurry.

“this…..Deputy palms!Oh, my God.”Wang Baole rattled his heart and rubbed his eyes to make sure he wasn’t mistaken. He immediately became nervous. It was the identity of the other party that was too high. The deputy head of the House of Commons island was already quite high in Wang Baole’s eyes.

“I didn’t offend him. Is there a secret in my family that I don’t know about?Did you ever offend him? “Wang Baole had a headache because of his wild thinking. But after a while, he thought of the autobiographies of the senior officials he had studied, and his eyes showed a firm determination.

“almost all the senior officials will encounter one political opponent after another in their lifetimes. We can say that their path is to go higher and higher in one struggle after another with their political opponents!”

“this pair of hands seems to be the first political opponent of my life.”after positioning the other party as his own political enemy, Wang Baole immediately relaxed, on the contrary, full of fighting spirit, began to ponder the advantages of their own special recruitment students.

Although he had not been out much in those days, he had long known through Lingwang some of the privileges of recruiting students. One of them was that he could go to the treasure court of his department and borrow a magic weapon for five years for free.

Thinking of this, Wang Baole quickly got up, left cave house, and found the Treasure Pavilion. With his identity as a specially recruited student, he walked into the treasure pavilion after a series of certifications. At the moment, there were also some students here. When they saw Wang Baole, they immediately recognized him.

There are those who ignore the choice of their own, but more often whisper to each other.

This treasure pavilion is full of ancient meaning. It looks like a five-storey tower on the outside. Inside, it is surrounded by rows of shelves, on which are placed all kinds of legal instruments for the record keeping of the French and the armed forces.

Some are unremarkable, others are bright, looking out, there are thousands of legal instruments here, which can also see the details of the French and military departments, after all, can be placed here by students rental, all is boutique.

According to the magic weapon, the rental costs are not the same, but these do not have to consider for Wang Baole.

“it’s free anyway, and of course i’ll have to borrow an expensive one.”after he glanced over the first floor, under the envy of many students on the first floor, he went straight up to the fifth floor. Standing on the empty fifth floor, Wang Pao-le felt more and more that he had a good identity as a special recruit and began to choose.

“that’s a good sword!”

“this bell is very nice too.”

“this glove is good, all silver, and it is very good at first sight!
“looking left and right, Wang Baole was somewhat entangled. He liked every artifact here, but for a moment he had no choice until his eyes fell on a white jade pillow and his heart moved.

This pillow is called a dream pillow, and its function is the same as that of the examination of dream fans. It creates illusory scenes, but because of insufficient levels, it is difficult to do complicated things in it, so few people rent it, and the price is not cheap.

Had it not been for the black mask, Wang would not have noticed the pillow, but now he pondered over it and immediately decided to borrow it.

After registering, Wang Baole, who left with a Fa pillow, looked forward to it all the way, and went straight to Dongfu. He planned to go back and try to find out if he could find the secret of the black mask.

Though it was dusk now, there was still a sunset glow on the horizon, sprinkling on the French army peak, like a layer of red tulle, with indescribable beauty in its softness, especially when the evening breeze blew away the heat and replaced it with coolness.
Let a lot of students go out of the attic, in this law on the top of the war, laughing and talking.

I do not know if the red meaning of the sunset clouds covered Wang Baole’s special study robe. When he came down the mountain path, not many people paid attention, but with bursts of exclamations, passers-by looked at the distance one after another.

As far as his eyes were concerned, he was a young man who was dressed differently from a special recruit. A pure white Taoist robe appeared very elegant on this person, but his appearance was ordinary, and he had a slightly numb face.

Nevertheless, there were still some young girls around him, with a strong look in their eyes.

He is not alone, behind him around, suddenly more than a dozen students, will be surrounded, some to help him with his schoolbag, and some to help him with ice water, is coming from a distance.

“it’s the first learning!”

“the head of Lingshi School, Jiang Lin!!”

Different from seeing the special recruit, the students around now, both men and women, when they saw the young man in white, immediately went up to see him, respectfully and courteously, as if they had seen the teacher, which made the young man in white all the more so. Seems to be full of a sense of nobility, nodded, this in the crowd to go far.

It is not that he did not see Wang Baole, but it seems that in his eyes, no matter the special recruit or the ordinary students, there is no difference between them. If they do not learn first, they are later students, not the same students.

Wang Baole’s eyes were wide open and he looked at the pale linen face far away. His heart was sour and he felt that he had been robbed of the limelight by the other side.

“what is learning?”Wang Baole hummed, lowered his head to open the Ling net, went to the cave house and looked at it. But with the inspection, his breathing slowly became abnormal. When he got back to the cave house, he was shocked.

“this….This is learning?”

The head of learning is the number one on the list of schools in each department. If there are several schools, there will be several heads of learning. For example, if there are three schools in the department of French soldiers, there will be three students in the first place of study.

In addition to proving its absolute excellence in the school, learning first has a name, called…..Chaperone!

All of them are students in charge of the college. They call each other brothers, which is completely different from brother-in-study sister-in-study. Besides, being a head has some rights that even special students don’t have! they are called brothers in each other’s schools, and they don’t even have the right to do so. They don’t even have the right to do so! they don’t even have the right!
Special move is just a few more convenient advantages than the average student, and learn the first.

They can monitor the discipline of all the students in their department. This is enough to make countless students nervous and in awe!

This power is already enormous in the Taoist academies, and the most important thing is that the head of department is not qualified to dismiss the head of a student because he is not appointed or removed, but is promoted on his own by his own achievements.

This is the rule of the whole Taoist monastery, and only the ruling court has the power to remove it. However, unless it is a very bad thing to shake up the rules, even the ruling court is unwilling to use it.

Similarly, such identity, such power of the first, dare not have the slightest laziness, once surpassed by the people behind, is no longer the first, immediately lost everything.

Looking at the material on Ling’s website, Wang Baole is very hot. He just wants to be the first student. It’s too difficult. He remembers the list of Lingshi School, which ranked first in the list.

The number after its name is 90, which means that it has produced a stone of 90% purity.

“it is impossible until I have refined a stone of higher purity than his.”Wang Baole sighed and put away the bitterness of his heart. He was not a person who was willing to envy others. For him, learning how to learn first was indeed beyond the reach of ordinary people.

With regret and desire, Wang Baole put aside his mind, took out the dream pillow from his bag, and took out the black mask. After pondering, he opened the pillow. With the flowers in front of him, everything around him changed, and a glacier came out.

The cold wind blows to the bone, making Wang Baole a rousing spirit.

“it’s true to life.”Wang Baole hurriedly looked around. The sky was filled with snowflakes, the ground was covered with ice, and even some small animals in the cold region could be seen in the distance. Everything was real and incomparable.

Taking back his eyes, Wang Baole hurriedly looked at his right hand. He learned the lesson before he entered the dream and held the black mask in his hand. When he looked down at it, he immediately saw the black mask in his hand. It was a blur.Its appearance some place is clear, some place blur, interlaces together, as if the dream cannot analyze it.

“it really helps!”Wang Baole was heartened and quickly observed carefully. It took a long time for the mask to stabilize, but it was still incomplete, but the words that had appeared on the mask appeared again.

Perhaps because this time it can be raised to the eyes, or for some reason, the text more clearly, under the careful recognition of Wang Baole, he gradually saw these words.

“Tai Xu Shi Qi Jue?”

Wang Baole blinked and continued to look, until after reading all the words above, his body froze and began to tremble, his eyes showing a strong to the extreme excitement.

The so-called “Tai Xu” means making out of nothing, while the so-called “Shi Qi” is more powerful than nourishing qi, which is innumerable. To be exact, this is the same way to refine and make Lingshi, but it does not need blank stone as a container, but it is made out of nothing.

Reiki will be sucked by the body, the formation of the means of Lingshi!

It is precisely because there is no need for blank hearths, and because of the difference in means, so its purity.

Far beyond the formula of nourishing qi!

Not to mention 90%, to achieve the legend of the only master can be refined out of the perfect stone, is no longer a distant dream!

“this…This….”at this moment, Wang Baole immediately threw the skills of the ethereal Taoist Academy into the back of his mind. What filled his excited mind was the identity of learning the first learning. The longing for be the first learning was his driving force. At the moment, he went crazy.

Whole World In My Hand(Er Gen)Novel Chapter 8: Intelligence and fightback

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Chapter 8:Intelligence and fightback

Inside Lingshi School, Zou Yunhai’s voice was as calm as ever, as if he were not giving lessons to the students, but expressing his understanding of the Military.

Often casual words, let everyone seem clairvoyant general.Just this attentive attention, for those who have just entered the Taoist Academy of students, on some overload, can only go to record.

At the end of the day, when even the records failed to follow, many students began to whisper and relax. Wang Baole already understood why there are only three schools in the Military Department, which are really just schools for imparting the art of refining stones.
It’s not going to be a complete pass after a few lectures.

With a little tired, his side was Liu Daobin, has finally come to his senses, when looking at Wang Baole, can not help but whisper his mouth.

“Wang Bao-le, you’ve had quite a bit of trouble this time. I’ve heard that many teachers have proposed to expel you.”his eyes were full of sympathy, but his face twitched a little when he saw Wang Bao-le ‘s bag.

“which one said that?”Wang Baole was somewhat angry. Although he had made up his mind to make up his mind and be prepared for it, his troubles still arose.

Liu Daobin patted Wang Baole on the shoulder, feeling deep down, reminding himself that when he wanted to take this as a warning, he was about to say a few words of consolation, but at this moment, suddenly, the two of them walked into the front door of the school.

They were obviously old students, dressed in black Taoist robes different from those of other students, and looked solemn. As soon as they appeared, they immediately aroused the vigilance and attention of all the old students in the school.

“what’s the matter?” he said. “all the staff from the Discipline department are here!”

“it’s them, wherever they show up, it’s gonna be bloody.”

Even if the freshmen do not know the identity of the two, can listen to the arguments of the old students, but also see the seriousness of the two people, but also have to understand.

Wang Baole’s heart beat, and there was a faint sense of misfortune.
Zou Yunhai frowned, looking at the two black-robed students, the two respectfully toward Zou Yunhai fist, handed over a jade slips.

Zou Yunhai frowned, looked up at the students, and finally landed on Wang Baole’s body.

When he saw it, all the students in the school looked at it one by one. They all had answers. They knew that Wang Baole’s affair had finally attracted the attention of the House of Commons, and it was time to deal with it.

Even though Wang Baole had a plan in his heart, he was still a little nervous when he saw this scene, especially when the two black-robed students looked sharply at him at the moment, and it was obviously not good.

“Mr.Wang Baole, come here.”one of the them in the department,had a cold opening.

But before Wang Baole got up, Zou Yunhai grunted coldly.”that’s enough,we’ll talk about everything after class, and now you go out.”

The two students of Discipline departments paused and did not dare to offend the teacher. They bowed their heads and said that they had stepped back to the door of the school, where Zou Yunhai did not pay any more attention and went on to attend class.

Wang Baole breathed a sigh of relief from the bottom of his heart and looked at Zou Yunhai with gratitude. Although he already had the corresponding method, it was always good to have more time, so that his thoughts could be more perfect and clearer, and he would close his eyes at the moment and let himself meditate.

After the course, students have a lot of schadenfreude, but this is not all, the vast majority of students still feel irrelevant, still taking notes.

Liu Daobin secretly sighs and doesn’t know how to comfort Wang Baole. He knows that once Wang Baole is expelled, even if he and other people are from two worlds, even if they do meet one day in the future, they will all feel very sad when they come to think about it.

In this feeling, the passage of time, two hours later, when Zou Yunhai finished this class, after leaving, all the students instantly looked at Wang Baole, the black robes of the two Academy discipline Department, the cold eyes also fell on Wang Bao-le ‘s body. The time passed, and when Zou Yunhai finished this class, all the students looked at Wang Baole in a flash. The black robes of the two academic departments also fell on Wang Baole.

“do you want us to invite you, Mr. Wang Baole?”

Wang Bao-le then opened his eyes and looked calm, somewhat different from what he had felt in the past. He went on without a word, and left the school with the senior students of the two branches of discipline.

As he left, there was a sudden explosion of buzz in the school.

“is this Wang Baole really going to be expelled?”

“it’s sure. Can’t you see the department is here? if they take it away, I’ve never seen a one who can be all right!”in this discussion, quite a few people ran out, followed by them, and wanted to see the whole process. After all, because of Wang Bao-le ‘s special recruitment status, it had a great impact.

It is not only the French military department that has paid close attention to it, but also other students in the department who have paid close attention to Wang Baole after they heard that he had been taken away.

Ignoring the crowd behind him, Wang Baole looked as calm as ever before. Along with the senior students of the two academies in front of him, he went straight to the top of the French army department.
The two upperclassmen who were walking ahead sneered in their hearts. They had taken away quite a few people in recent years, such as Wang Bao-le, but it was not without them. But in their opinion, when Wang Bao-le came out in a moment, if he could still do this, it would be a man of God.

All the way there was no word, but more and more people were following them until they arrived at the main hall on the top of the hill. Only then did the senior officers of the two discipline departments pause and step back and signal Wang Bao-le to go in by himself.

Looking at the closed door of the main hall, Wang Baole took a deep breath and said that it was impossible not to be nervous, but he knew that he had to get through this one. With a hard bite of his teeth, he directly pushed the door of the main hall open and stepped into it.

As soon as he entered the main hall, Wang Baole immediately noticed that there were dozens of eyes, and in an instant he fell on himself. In front of him, there were dozens of teachers sitting in the hall, middle-aged, old people, and any one of them had a solemn expression.Some with regret.

Among them, Dr. Lu and the goatee, are also prominent, compared to the calm of the old doctor, goatee is complex, there are some more intolerable.

And among them, apparently, was the man in charge of the investigation, a thin, middle-aged man in a black Taoist robe, with bright eyes and slightly thinner lips, who had a marked chill all over his body.So that the temperature of the main hall seems to have dropped a lot compared to the outside.

Not all of these people are teachers of the Military Department. It is only because Wang Bao-le was specially recruited by the military Department that they chose to investigate Wang Bao-le ‘s cheating incident in the Peak.

“Wang Baole!”when Wang Bao-le came in, the black-clothed supervisor opened his mouth slowly, his voice cold.

“I am here!”Wang Bao-le took a deep breath and stepped forward to clench his fist,he said in a deep voice.

“after investigation, you did have serious and abominable cheating in the district assessment. According to the rules of the Academy, you should have been expelled from Academy immediately. Because you are a specially recruited student, you were summoned to sit in on the examination.”when he finished speaking, he did not give Wang Baole a chance to explain. Instead, he turned his head and looked around at the people around him.

“fellow, we can begin now. As for Wang Bao-le ‘s punishment, I suggest withdrawing the right of special recruitment, expelling students, and announcing to the four Taoist schools that they will never be accepted!” this remark was categorical and cold, and when it reverberated in the main hall, Wang Baole’s expression changed. He said that he had met this man for the first time, and that he had no grudges or grudges with each other. But it was also too vicious. It was the end of his career.

After a brief silence in the hall, the teacher opened his mouth in a cold voice.

“you should indeed be expelled from school. Such a despicable and shameless person is not qualified to enter the Taoist Academy!”

“Yes, i suggested his dismissal, too!”

“although the punishment may be severe, it would be irresponsible for the Federation to allow such acts to be allowed if they were not severely punished!”one after another, some teachers made their own judgments. To them, Wang Baole was an unnecessary little person. Since middle-aged people dressed in black had set the tone, there was no need for them to refute anything.

Listening to the words of the teachers, Wang Baole breathed slowly, motionless, as if the whole person had been dull, but his hands had been clenched until there was a mustache, and now sighed softly.

“the special call can be withdrawn, who can be faultless, there is no need to punish so evil.”

Only the saying of goatee, and did not get public recognition, soon in the opening of a few other teachers, the entire hall of the proposal to expel the voice of the mainstream.

Only the old doctor did not say anything, and the man in black did not seem to ask for his advice. He got up at the moment and was about to announce the result, but at that moment Wang Baole raised his head violently, his eyes full of grief and indignation.

“could you give me a chance to speak, gentlemen?”

Middle age in black frowned. The reason why he was so fierce was that he had planned to recommend another person to the military department to become a special student. But before it could be put into practice, Wang Baole snatched him away. Now he was cold and humming. He was just about to ignore it.But Dr. Lo, who was standing by, suddenly opened his mouth.


His voice, black middle-aged can only acquiesce to this matter, looking to Wang Baole.

“gentlemen, I do know that everything in the exam is false, but what can I do? “Wang Bao-le took a deep breath, and his body seemed to be trembling.

“can I tell all my classmates that this so-called assessment is in fact a fake? Can I!!”the last sentence, almost bellowing out.

Did not wait for the teachers to reprimand, in this agitated mood, Wang Baole as a whole like a violent general.

“once I tell them, then all the good work of the school will come to naught, and then I will be the sinner of the school. Tell me, what shall I do?!”

“in times of crisis, I saw my classmates get hurt and bled, and I couldn’t tell them it was fake. I had to save them. Was it wrong for me to save them? tell me, what am I going to do?”

Wang Baole’s forehead bulged up, and his whole body trembled as if he were going mad, as if he were about to vent all the grief and indignation in his eyes.

“is it wrong to save people? Shouldn’t you be saving lives? But if I knew that all this was fake, I would still consider whether I would cheat, consider my gains and losses, and watch my classmates get hurt, weep, die and be indifferent. Am I still human?!”Wang Baole almost growled, and all his emotions burst out completely at the moment, and his voice roared and reverberated throughout the hall.
All the teachers were stunned at the moment.

“all you see is that I’m acting, but I’d like to ask all the teachers what you would do if you were to do it!Indifferent to ignore death, or save as I do!”

“I am a student of the Ethereal Taoist Academy. I do not say that the sun and the moon change from the sky to the moon, and the peace and tranquillity of the people. But I, Wang Baole, am also a man who stands above the sky!”with tears in his eyes, Wang Baole raised his right hand and slapped his chest violently, making a thumping sound. This sentence was so sincere that many teachers around him were moved.

In particular, in the end, Wang Baole miserably laughed, said the last two words, but also shaking everyone.

“if sacrificing oneself to others is also a sin, I confess!”

“if cleverness is a sin, I confess!”

“if this is the case, disciple Wang Bao-le is willing to accept punishment!”Wang Baole’s voice was resounding, and he gave a sudden bow to all the teachers around him!

The whole hall was instantly silent, and all the teachers breathed in their breath. One by one, their faces were constantly changing. They looked at Wang Baole blankly. It was really a sentence of Wang Bao-le ‘s words, with great righteousness, and it was very reasonable, and all of them had a shock to their minds.

Only in the goatee and other have seen Wang Baole acting in the heart of the teacher, although touched, but still feel as if something is wrong.

The middle-aged man in black, on the other hand, narrowed his eyes and stared at Wang Pao-lok. He wanted to say something, but he could not open his mouth. To him, Wang Bao-lai ‘s words, though flawed, were firmly tied up with the general moral principles. This method was familiar to him.

It can often be seen in some senior officials, but it is rare among students.

That feeling of opposition to him, like a feeling of opposition to justice, silenced the middle age of black. Looking at the people’s faces again, he knew that this time he had been cleared by the other side, and he sighed secretly. The little man who had thought it would be easy to shoot to death turned into a different person.Became a hedgehog.

The old doctor smiled meaningfully and closed his eyes.

Soon, when Wang Bao-le walked out of the main hall, surrounded by thousands of people, many of them were jealous of his special status and gloating at his jokes. The sound of vicissitudes of life came out from inside the hall and reverberated through the entire Military department.

“after investigation by us, it is hereby announced that Wang Baole did not violate the regulations in the freshman examination and retained his status as a specially recruited student.”

Whole World In My Hand(Er Gen)Novel Chapter 7: All be miner

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Chapter 7:All be miner

As the affair of cheating was exposed, how high Wang Baole had been praised before, now everyone’s heart was shocked. For a while, the topic about Wang Baole was fermenting again, and the limelight was more than just winning the top spot for freshmen.Even the old students are all pale.

There are many people directly in the spirit of the online message posted angrily to crusade against Wang Baole.

Seeing the worst outcome he had expected, Wang Baole sat in the cave house with a deep sigh and a gloomy face. His heart was filled with sadness as he looked around.

“it is said that the heaven will fall upon the people of Sri Lanka, and that they must first suffer their minds, strain their muscles and bones, and starve their bodies and skin.Is this a test that God has given me.”Wang Baole comforted himself that this time he felt that he was in too much trouble, that a little spray could topple him over, and that after a short period of nervousness, his mind would immediately set about finding a solution.

A few days later, when the various departments in the Lower House of the Ethereal Taoist Academy began their first lecture, Wang Baole walked out of the cave house with a small bag in his arms and a dignified look.

“what a big deal! I’m not a bird!”looking at the sun in the sky, Wang Baole took a deep breath and showed his determination in his eyes. Dressed in the robe of the specially recruited students, he went to Lingshi School in the three major schools of the Military Department.

Along the way, a large number of students went to the school in twos and threes. One by one, they looked forward to it in their hearts. They talked briskly from time to time, but when they saw Wang Baole in a red Taoist robe, they were stunned and instantly recognized his identity.

Suddenly the expression changes in succession, the topic that whispers discusses, also can’t help but transfer to Wang Baole body.

“it’s Wang Baole!”

“there he is!”

“how much longer do you think he’ll be in the Taoist yard?I heard that a teacher suggested that he should be expelled as an example.”

Although the discussion was quiet, Wang Baole met so many classmates along the way that some of them reached his ears. If someone else had been there, it would have been hard to hide his panic and his heart would have been as hot as fire at the moment.

Wang Baole as a child to study the autobiography of the wonderful work of senior officials, thick skin is the basic skills, now look as usual, stride meteor, straight to the school.

Seen from afar, the stone terrace where the school is located is large enough to accommodate ten thousand people.Although the building is simple, it is full of vicissitudes of antiquity, with seven or eight huge stone pillars supporting the roof of a huge Feifeng Pavilion.

In addition to the empty podium in the middle, the countless seats on the steps surrounding the pavilion are already full of people, and in this school, the most conspicuous one is the huge stone wall on the right side of the podium.

A hundred names appeared on the blue wall, and at the end of each name were numbered, from the first 90 to the hundredth, 82, followed by decimals.

Outside the school, a large stone was erected at the entrance, engraved with the motto of the Military Department.

“there are thousands of ways in the world, with magic weapons to overcome them, with spiritual treasures to make them, and if they all fail, the divine soldiers will cut them off!”

When Wang Baole approached, even though there were all the old students and freshmen here, more classmates and more complicated discussions, he still looked calm and looked at the motto on the boulder.

This sentence exudes supreme hegemonism, and has the momentum of a law town and ten thousand ways, coming from the inside of the words. Even if Wang Baole has something in his mind, after seeing this sentence, he can all step forward, and his mind will be shaken for a moment.

If Wang Baole was only interested in the Military Department before, then at this moment, after seeing this sentence, he already has more yearning for the Military Department.

“want to fire me? Joke, I Wang Baole study autobiography of senior officials for ten years, what big waves have not experienced!”Wang Baole calmed down, stepped over the gate of the school, and walked directly in.

As soon as his conspicuous red taoist robe appeared in the school, it immediately caught the attention of the students around him. I did not know who was the first to speak, and he called out Wang Baole’s name directly.

After the sound appeared, immediately there were eyes coming from all directions and all fell on Wang Baole. There were tens of thousands of people here, and their eyes focused on one person. This kind of pressure was enough to soften one’s footsteps.

In particular, there were boos coming out of the crowd.

“Wang Baole, do you still have the face to come to class?”

“what special recruit students, is simply relying on cheating to deceive the identity, if such a person does not deal with, where is the reason!”

“Wang Baole, you are not welcome here!”

On other occasions, perhaps no one would have spoken so directly. After all, there was no great hatred, but now in this school there are so many people that the atmosphere can easily be raised. Suddenly, the crusade buzzed.

Liu Daobin also in the crowd, the bottom of my heart complex, looked at Wang Baole when the bottom of my heart sighed, he also felt strange, clearly know this guy is cheating, but his mind of the other side of the bloody picture, still can not forget.

“if it were me, it would be time to turn around and leave.”when Liu Daobin shook his head with emotion, his eyes were suddenly wide open. He saw Wang Baole standing at the entrance of the school. Now, naturally, he took out a large horn from the bag behind him and put it on his mouth. His eyes opened up and he gave a loud roar.

“you all,shut up!”

His voice is screaming out, and through the blessing of this special loudspeaker, suddenly like thunder, spread throughout the school, even if the discussion of ten thousand people, can not be compared with its directly on the forced pressure.

Even the people who were closer and booed the most were almost staggered and fell over by this roar, and all of a sudden there was a buzzing in their ears, and all of a sudden they were silent and a little stunned. They really didn’t think of it in their dreams.
There is a student in the bag, with such a clearly modified loudspeaker.

They’re here to go to school, and they can’t understand what it’s like to come to school with a trumpet.

This is really too strange, turn too big, especially the horn sound huge flood incomparable, everyone foolishly, Liu Daobin is also the whole person stunned, can not help but see a few eyes in the hands of Wang Baole exaggerated trumpet.

Looking at this scene with satisfaction, Wang Baole calmly stuffed his horn into a small bag. This was one of the treasures he carried with him. For him, who is familiar with the autobiography of senior officials, it is clear that during the campaign speech, a powerful loudspeaker was used.It’s just too much.

Seeing that the crowd was stunned by himself, Wang Baole held his head high and walked forward. When he saw Liu Daobin, Liu Daobin hesitated and looked at Wang Baole’s small bag. Only then did he beckon to Wang Baole.

“this Liu Daobin is very interesting.”as soon as Wang Baole’s eyes lit up, he hurried over and sat down.

Until now, everyone in the school has to recover, a sudden rage, just to fight back, there are bells reverberating, a thin figure, wearing a black road robe, with a head of white hair old man, slowly into.

He looked cold and unapproachable, and naturally gave off a depressing breath, which made all the students in the school quiver and shut up without any reason to come to the bottom of their hearts. He was so cold and unapproachable that he naturally sent out a depressing breath, which made all the students in the school quiver and shut up one after another.

Quietly looking at the old man in black walking to the podium.
Wang Baole also hurriedly looked past.

The old man in black glanced over the crowd and opened his mouth faintly.

“there are three schools in the Military Department, viz., Lingshi, Hui Wen, and Ling Pei, and i am the one of the five lecturers of Lingshi, Zou Yunhai.”

“the stone wall beside me is a list of the famous person of Lingshi. I hope you will all be on the list one day.”

“the class begins now!But before you learn how to make a Lingshi, you have to understand one thing.why do we need to practice spiritual formulas all over the country?”the old man said, the right hand raised a random grasp, unexpectedly appeared in his hands out of thin white, fist-sized stones.

This scene, let a lot of students feel shocked again, Liu Daobin well-informed, in Wang Baole side took a breath, low voice.

“teacher Zou has a storage device!”

Wang Baole also kept his eyes wide open. Although he said he had heard of the storage device, he had never seen it. There was no one to sell it in the world at all. It was only occasionally watching the news and seeing that in some big auctions, there would be an occasional one.And each of the final prices, he could not imagine.

As for the milky stone, all the students are familiar with it. This is the blank stone that is necessary to make Lingshi.

“37 years ago, with the arrival of the Sword of the Stars, a source of energy suddenly appeared in this world, that is, Reiki!Reiki is very rich, but after all, it is sudden, never before, so according to federal research concluded that if this Reiki nourishment, in the past hundreds of years, then will affect jade, and then the formation of Lingshi ore!”

The old man in black calmly opened his mouth, and at the same time the white stone in his hand was emitting more and more intense light, and he could vaguely see the nihility around the old man being slightly distorted, as if there were bursts of invisible aura that were being manipulated by him.Pull it into the rock.

“but today, it is only 37 years of the Lingyuan period that it is far from being a Lingshi mine. If you want a Lingshi, you have to make it artificially. That is why all forces promote spiritual cultivation and become a national feat. The purpose is to make everyone, all of them, miners.The making of hearses, which became money, made the number of hearses huge, and supplied them to the whole world for circulation and cultivation.”

“because of the differences in the affinity between people and Reiki, as well as in various factors, the purity of the stones produced by each person is also different, so there is a saying about qualifications, such as the qualification for admission to the White Deer Taoist Institute,” he said.”It is necessary to refine the purity of more than 70% of the Lingshi, and I ethereal Taoist Academy is a little lower, but at least 50% purity!”

The change in his words and the blank stone immediately startled everyone in the school, which was quite different from what they had heard on weekdays, and the old man’s calmness in refining the stone was just as shocking.

“the whole nation is a miner. Can talk, at the same time refine Lingshi.”Wang Baole is also a heartbeat. He can also train Lingshi, but every time he has to concentrate on himself, a little distraction will lead to failure.

The old man in black did not care about the shock of the students, calm look of refining Lingshi, the mouth again out of words.

“then the new question arises. Is there really only one article on the formula of nourishing qi?”

“I can tell you with certainty that all the people have learned in the last Naling.The purpose is to strengthen the body and bring the aura into the body, and although it cannot be stored in the body, like a draught wind, it will soon spread out of the body, but if you hold a blank stone in your hand, you will not be able to store it in your body, but if you hold a blank stone, Mind control, just like the body into a medium, can be refined out of the Lingshi, Lingshi also has a division, below the product, in the product, quality and …The colorful stone in the extreme!”

“and in the next chapter, only those who practice the chain of arms can touch it, because the shards of the hilt containing the formula of nourishing qi are.About the Lingshi chain!It is only because of the role of the spin-off Lingshi in the previous article that it has been diffused and practiced by the whole people.”

The voice of the old man in black was not slow. When he reached this point, the blank stone in his palm already shone brightly. With a wave of light from his right hand, after the light dissipated, there was fly ash on the surface of the blank hearthstone, which finally came to light.It’s a much smaller diamond…….Lingshi!

Dense flow, Baoguang float!

“the next chapter is good, but if you can’t make a stone with a purity of 80% or more, you won’t be able to learn it. As for the old man’s school, you won’t talk about the next article, but only the last one about the techniques of stone smelting!”

The school was silent, and everyone looked at the stone in the old man’s hand. It seemed that everything was lost in front of him. Compared with the stone, the stone they had made looked like a fake stone.

“the purity of at least 90% of the heart-stone.This teacher Zou, he in addition to the teacher’s identity, in the outside world must be a person of prominence!!”Wang Pao-lok took a breath. Today’s class seems to have opened a new door for him!

Whole World In My Hand(Er Gen)Novel Chapter 6: Big Trouble

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Chapter 6:Big Trouble

After going through such trivia as registering, receiving skills, and wearing a Taoist robe, Wang Baole stood in front of a remote but beautiful building near the top of the mountain, wearing the red Taoist robe peculiar to specially recruited students. His mouth was about to grin to his ears.

In front of him, is a purple stone door, with the opening of the stone door, exposed is unexpectedly a cave house!

“this is the legendary cave mansion!”Wang Baole can’t help but get excited. As far as students are concerned, most of them live in lofts like dormitories. Only a small number of people are eligible to live in the cave houses of mountain peaks.

After all, things are rare for expensive, a mountain attic can be more construction, and the cave is fixed, difficult to increase, and there are formations in the cave house concentration, Reiki is naturally more intense than the attic.

Therefore, even if Wang Baole’s cave house is not big, it can also be enough to make countless students envy it.

Feeling his distinctive Taoist robe and looking at his cave mansion, Wang Bao was glad to see that there was no one around. Finally, he could not help but laugh up to the sky. He just felt exuberant.

After entering the cave house, he found that although the cave house was not big, he had a floor.

Two feet of mountain peak, standing there as if standing in the sky in general, proud of him, simply sitting on the balcony, looking at the outside sky and the earth, the mood is particularly good, take out a packet of snacks.

In this happy mood, while eating snacks, Wang Bao-le opened the unique martial arts skills of the ethereal Taoist Academy, and saw the three big characters written on the first page with the strength of a strong pen!

Ku Wu Ji!

This ancient martial arts formula is not unique to the French and military departments, but is a basic skill that students in all the departments of the House of Commons must learn. When freshmen come to school, they will learn the unique knowledge system of their departments after they enter each department according to their different choices.

But this ancient martial arts formula, is serves for each department, supports each department knowledge the basic skill method.

“the ancient military realm is threefold, that is, qi and blood, sealing up the body and replenishing the pulse!”as dusk approached, the wind was much cooler, blowing on Wang Bao-le ‘s body, making him feel very comfortable. The look of watching this feat also absorbed a lot of attention.

Until the sky sunset was gradually rendered by the dark night, Wang Baole raised his head, will see all the ancient martial arts, the bottom of my heart for the ancient military realm, has finally a more comprehensive understanding.

“the strength of the qi and blood is boundless, the sealing of the body is incomparably accurate, once the pulse is replenished.
Then the flesh body is perfect!”Wang Bao-le took a deep breath. He thought of the picture of Chen Ziheng, a red-clothed teenager, pumping into the mountains. His eyes were slowly getting a little fiery.

“if you want to be president of the United States, you have to have ancient weapons. Besides, you can lose weight by practicing ancient weapons. It’s like counting in one fell swoop.”exhilarated, Wang Baole is about to start trying to practice, but his face moves, his right hand lifts a mold in his arms, and he takes out half a black mask.

Looking at the mask, Wang Bao Le Mu Lu thought, he can not forget in the examination, the mask has become illusory, as well as the emergence of fuzzy words on the scene.

“this is absolutely a treasure!”Wang Baole’s heart beat faster, and his parents were both involved in archeological work, which is why most of the things in the family seemed to be rags and crumbs.

But Wang Baole once fantasized that there might be treasures hidden in these antiques, but he grew up playing with almost every antique, and even secretly dripping blood, did not see a good place to appear.

Now with the mask, he carefully studied, in addition to the material some cool, still do not feel anything extraordinary, the final thought is in the examination of the special environment, this mask changes, so the eyes brighten.

“it seems necessary for me to borrow a similar device, and perhaps I may be able to unlock the secret of this mask!”with this thought in mind, seeing that it was getting late, some tired Wang Baole returned to the cave house, happily unpacking his luggage. His luggage contained only a few small packages of clothes, and there were mainly strange things in them.

“every one of these is a treasure I have collected as an official, and I would not have tried so hard had it not been for the luggage in my dreams!”looking at all the treasures in his luggage, Wang Baole yawned with satisfaction and was about to go to sleep when he suddenly sat up in a fit of excitement.

“We can’t be complacent. There are many allusions in the autobiographies of senior officials. However, those who are complacent tend to be happy and sad!”Wang Baole took a breath, pressed down his exhilaration, and began to ponder the teachers’ eyes and goatee’s attitude during the day, and summed up his own special move identity, the answer is already out of the question.

“they must have found something.”when Wang Baole arrived at this analysis, he suddenly felt a chill in his heart and a chill in his spine.

“I must keep a low profile this time. I’d better not have a sense of existence.Otherwise, it’s not good!”Wang Baole was worried. He didn’t want to lose everything he had right now. When he had a headache, he couldn’t help feeling that he was suffering because he didn’t have a backer.

“I’m going to have to figure out a way to find a backer.”

Time flies, three days later, with the names of various departments announced, this class of students also live in their own department peak, regardless of the rules and regulations, are all new students to master, the life of Taoist Academy will soon be on the right track.

These three days, Wang Baole is very low-key, began to try to practice the ancient martial arts, almost all did not walk out of the door of the cave, for fear of being noticed by the goatee, he wanted to survive this period of time, perhaps a lot safer.

Although his wishes are good, but with the stability of the students, about their arrival on the road, in the assessment of the scene of things, in the Academy of the spirit of the Internet, began to spread, quickly became a topic.

After all, this time nearly a hundred balloon airships, nearly a hundred synchronized zonal assessment, there are a lot of attention of the rookie generation.

“have you heard that among the freshmen from Tianyuncheng, there is a man named Lu Jingnan, who has arranged for the organs to slay and kill the lizards? it is extremely fierce!”

“what is this? I heard that in Phoenix, there was a strong man named Chen Ziheng, who was only a little short of Guwu’s second seal. This person was given olive branches by eight departments at the same time, and was famous for his fame!”as the various branches of the House of Commons began to talk on the spiritual Web site, more and more people came forward.”this time Chen Ya-meng attracted the most attention. It is said that this woman was born with a spiritual spirit, and that she could have refined 80% pure stone. She could have entered the White Deer Taoist House, the first place in the Federation, but she was dug up at a great cost by our Taoist Taoist Academy of Diaomei!”

there was something extraordinary about Chen Ya-meng, but there was another person who was as good as or even beyond him. It was said that he was born with an ink-star eye, and every time he opened it, everything he saw would be slow and complete.Its identity is even more mysterious, rumors are one of the five days clan, has been defined by the authority of the Department of War weapons!

Amid all this uproar, one by one of these rookies have a lot of fame. Even some old students are under great pressure after hearing about it. Even if Wang Bao-le wants to keep a low profile here, but he specially recruited students, and his performance in the examination.In that Phoenix examination in the hundreds of students spread, but also like the stars in general dazzling rise.

“there are only two special students in this class. One is Zhuo Yifan, and the other is one…. It’s Wang Baole!He has a noble moral, upright, self-sacrificing, in order to save his classmates, when the red bone white baby snake appeared, he still rushed into the snake sea, in order to give the students a chance to survive, to feed the wolf, he once said that he was born a Taoist.Death is the shaking words of the soul of the Taoist Academy!!”

“what’s more, when Wang Bao-le finally saw the ancient wild ghost bear, even if he was seriously injured and weak, he struggled to crawl over it and try to lead the ghost bear away with his own body and save all his classmates!”

These deeds were quickly spread so that Wang Baole’s reputation rose to prominence and spread throughout the island of the Lower House.

Only at the moment, through his own sound ring, after logging on to the network to see all this, not only cold heart, blood is getting cold, only feel the impending disaster, scared of him hurriedly issued a note.

“Hello, everyone. I’m Wang Bao-le. You misunderstood me. In fact, I was very scared. The reason I rushed to the snake herd was not because I was selfless, but because I thought Zhou Xiaoya was very beautiful. I wanted to pursue her. Really.”

Wang Baole sent out these words in pain, and he dared not speak out if he wanted to cool everyone down by blackening himself.

But he how also did not expect, this notice posted a hair, incredibly quickly get innumerable student’s approval and reply, this is the female classmate mainly, all are in succession pronounce oneself, say he is a man!

Wang Baole only felt that his eyes were darkening and tears were about to flow down. He wailed that he was just trying to cool everyone down, but instead he was warming up. So he posted another note.

“in fact, I blocked the wolves because I was poisoned and knew that I was going to die, so I wanted to die happily. In the end, it wasn’t me who saved lives. It was Chen Ziheng’s classmates who contributed to all of this!”

After writing this, Wang Bao-le was just about to relax. He felt that he had put the credit on Chen Ziheng, and that he should be able to be attracted to it and cool down.

It’s just…..Wang Bao-le ‘s tone lasted only a short while, and Chen Ziheng actually posted a public notice, saying that if he talks about martial arts, Wang Bao-le is not as good as me, but if he is brave and fierce and willing to sacrifice himself, I am not as good as him!

After all, Chen Ziheng was also a celebrity, and his words carried a lot of weight, immediately causing countless people to scramble to discuss them, making Wang Baole’s plan to cool down collapse again, heating up again, and for a while.It’s all over Chen Ya-meng.

All this, let Wang Baole hate not one head to death, he despaired, tears streaming down, heart trembling.

“Oh, my God, you’re going to kill me! leave me alone, I’m wrong.”

He burst into tears, gritted his teeth, and sent another post.

“Don’t pay attention to me. I’m just an ordinary fat man. I don’t have any advantages. I’m gluttonous, I’m lustful, I’m greedy, I’m selfish, I’m here to press the line, and the purity of the stone is only a little over 50%.I’m really just an ordinary person!!”

Wang Bao-le himself felt that this time he had darkened himself thoroughly. Some of them were not. As long as they were bad, he joined in. It was just the development of things that startled him again.

This time it was Liu Daobin who stood up and left behind an unprecedented resonance and recognition of the words of countless students!

“Chen Ya-meng is fierce, and Zhuo Yi-fan is not vulgar, but they are the proud new talent. Whether they save lives or complete the examination, they are all more than enough. But Wang Bao-le is not. He is saving people with his life, just as if the rich gave you a hundred hearses and stones.Can it be the same as the meaning of the 100 hearses that poor people have given you all their savings? Wang Bao-le, like us, that is, an ordinary student, how can there be no shortcomings? but the more such a person is, the more shocked he is when he sacrifices to save people.That bloody scene, I can not forget all my life ah!”

This paragraph of words, immediately caused a sensation again, makes the lower house island spirit net to discuss to the extreme, temporarily regarding Wang Baole’s topic, surmounted Zhuo Yifan, became this session of freshman’s leader!

Wang Bao-le was completely stupid and stared at Lingwang. He didn’t feel so great himself. It took him a long time to recover. In his eyes, with despair in his eyes, he seemed to have taken out a packet of snacks and clenched his teeth and ate them.

“It’s over! I’m in big trouble!”

Sure enough, not long after, there was a Phoenix airship on the teacher, really can not go on, in public to tell the examination about Wang Baole cheating false scene.

Just like a stone stirred up a thousand waves, caused a great uproar.

Whole World In My Hand(Er Gen)Novel Chapter 5: the specially-recruited student

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Chapter 5:the specially-recruited student

The Ethereal Taoist Academy is very great, especially the Lower House Island is magnificent enough to accommodate 100,000 people to study and live in. At this moment, in the southeast of the Lower House Island, where the airport is located, dozens of giant hot-air balloon airships are parked.

There are innumerable students, with curiosity and excitement, carrying luggage from the airship, although there is noise, but more laughter of joy.

These people, all from different parts of the Federation, were admitted to the Ethereal Taoist Academy this year.

On the board of one of the airships, Wang Baole and others from Phoenix were also carrying luggage, all excited, looking at the blue sky and white clouds, and looking at the peaks of various departments in the distance, feeling refreshed and filled with indescribable expectations.

But compared to their youthful vigor, the old doctors and the teachers who came out of the main cabinet at the moment looked a little strange, and now they are familiar with this group of students who have come from Phoenix. They are now very much familiar with this group of students who have come from Phoenix.

Especially familiar with Wang Baole, so can not help but look at Wang Baole a few more.

This scene was immediately observed by Wang Baole, who is accustomed to observing his words and looks. Despite his exposure to the crowd, he was always concerned about his assessment results and always kept an eye on where the teacher was. This was when something was wrong.

“Why are they all looking at me.Is my assessment too bad?Ha, it must be so.”Wang Baole was immediately excited, but there were some doubts in the excitement. The reason was that in the group of teachers, there was a goatee whose eyes fell on him, as if with some sadness and indignation.

“what’s the situation.”Wang Baole was suspicious and felt that there was something wrong with the goatee. Before he could think about it in detail, all the teachers, including the goatee, came straight to them.

“Chen Ziheng, you come here, I will take you to register.”one of the teachers took a few quick steps and opened his mouth to the young man in red.

Chen Ziheng mused, nodded past, was directly taken away by the teacher, can see the two as they walked said, the teacher seems to be strongly recommending what the look.

Wang Baole saw it, his eye suddenly bright, instantly breath is slightly short of breath, have guesswork, the result in the examination in secret passageway, begin to play a role in this moment.

So the heart beat faster, with anticipation, chest up, afraid that those teachers can not see themselves.

“Hsu Liu-shan, you’re coming with me.”

“Liu Daobin, you come.”soon, the teachers opened their mouths, called out one name after another, and called them all over to take them away.

This scene immediately made the hearts of all the people begin to beat faster. They also saw that these named people, obviously having good results in the examination, were valued by these teachers. Only then did they take them away in advance for their department.Throw an olive branch.

Wang Bao-le was pleased in his heart. Although he did not hear his name, but he was very confident about his assessment results. He felt that the more behind he was, the better he should be. Even in his heart, he had a strong expectation of which teacher he valued himself.

“if all the teachers had taken a fancy to me, what would I have done? oops, I have a headache. I don’t know what to do with it.
“Wang Bao-le held his head high in his heart, but after waiting for a long time, he saw that even Du Min had been called away. The hundreds of students around him were now only about 80% of the way they were, and he was somewhat stunned.

“No.”Wang Bao-le wiped the sweat from his forehead, and it was very difficult for him to calm down.

In particular, I saw that those teachers kept taking people away, and there were very few left until all the teachers had left. Even the old doctor took a look at Wang Bao-le and left, only when the goatee with the same face as if someone owed him money was still there.

Wang Bao-le just felt a little dark in front of him.

At this time, the face of an ugly mustache, chest rapid ups and downs, seems very reluctant, but also extremely helpless, as if their choice of road, even if difficult to walk, but also had to go down, like words.

“Wang Bao-le, why are you still there?Come here.”Hear this sentence, it seems to be squeezed out of the teeth, in finish, the goatee turned to get off the airship.

Immediately excited, Wang Bao-le felt that the voice was like the sounds of nature. He had no time to think about the face of the other party. He hurried away and followed the goatee attentively. It seemed that if the other party had any luggage,He wouldn’t hesitate to go over there and help pick it up.

With their departure, the rest of the students were taken off the ship. The students with no special performance would choose their own departments in the next few days.

Outside the island of Commons airport at the moment, the goatee was striding forward with his hands behind him, darkened complexion, and in front of him there were some small airships docking at the moment, and there were some former young students in blue and blue, waiting excitedly there,Often saw a good-looking girl appeared, immediately ran over enthusiastically to ask for warmth, in the sight of goatee to walk, they hastened to show respect.

“slow down, sir. What is our department?”behind the Goatee, came the voice of Wang Baole panting. It was really that the Goatee itself was a master. It walked too fast. It was difficult to keep up with Wang Baole, who had not practiced ancient martial arts.

Goatee heart is depressed, from the bosom out of a purple jade, directly threw it to Wang Baole, hummed.

“Reporting to the Military department youself. I have something to do,go first.”with these words, he stepped into a small airship and flew away.

Wang Baole, was just as depressed. He also saw that the Goatee’s attitude was not right.

“Did I behave so well that I helped.Well, what is the Military department?”Wang Bao-le patted his forehead and stood there with a jade.Filled with anguish, he unconsciously took out a packet of snacks from his luggage and ate them.

He felt that the goatee was too unreliable. At the moment, he had no choice but to inquire for himself.

It gets hotter and hotter.

Even though the lake breeze had blown in, it was all heat waves.

Wang Baole stood there from wiping his sweat and saw someone in the distance selling ice water, claiming to be ice spirit water.

Although the price was high, Wang Baole was the kind of person who would not do harm to himself.

Even if the expensive also ran to buy a few bottles, packed in luggage.

While drinking cool ice water, Wang Baole looked around, looking around the busy airport, and even saw some people live in the entrance of new students, vaguely heard the sound of gifts.

In probing and questioning, Wang Baole did not spend too much time, and had some understanding of the Military department, the heart immediately fiery, sitting on a small airship headed to Fa Bing Feng.

After arrive the Fa Bing Feng, a large number of people here, some to visit in order to choose, and some have already decided to submit an application for admission here.

There are also many volunteer senior students of the Military department, sister-in-study, who is in charge of reception here, leading the way for the arrival of waves of freshmen, looking forward to, crowded with people and boiling incomparably.

“the Dharma system looks like a chain, but it’s different. It can train everything in heaven and earth for treasure!”as the crowd moved on, Wang Baole listened to a horse-faced sister-in-study ‘s fiery introduction in front of him. He took it very seriously, very much in line with the introduction to the Military department he had heard before, and made him feel that it sounded very powerful.

“We are the best department in the whole Union, and I am proficient in all kinds of weapons, and civilian weapons, and every graduate is a hotshot from the outside world,” he said, adding: “I don’t know what to do with it. I don’t know how to do it,” he said. “I don’t care. “in front of the horse face sister-in-study, while leading the way, while introducing, the voice has been agitated, seems to be very proud of their own Department.

“you were just at the top of the sky, and you should have noticed the three huge platforms of the Fa Bing Feng, which are the three main schools.” he said. “I hope you have noticed that there are three great schools, namely, Lingshi, Hui Wen and Ling Bang.”

“unlike the basic schools in your hometown, the Taoist Academy has a more liberal life. Each department has a fixed school where new and old students can go to study at any time. For the rest of the time, it is mostly self-cultivation.Although there are examinations every year, they are not particularly strict. The only thing that matters is the big test of the Upper house.”

“if you can’t get into the Upper house for five years, you’ll have to leave the Academy.”when heard the sister-in-study in front of him talking about the assessment, Wang Baole paid more attention to it, and so did all the people around him.

“But you don’t have to be too nervous. Admission to the upper house is still too far away for you. Well, this is where the freshmen are sent to apply.”as they watched, sister-in-study, who was in charge of leading the way, smiled and stopped halfway up the hill by a stone mirror of ten feet in size.

The stone mirror is full of ancient meaning, vertical there are vicissitudes of life, there are more like a rune-like vein, it looks very good.

“put your application cards on it and you can go down the hill. Within three days at most, the House of Commons will announce the admission list for each university department.”Horse face sister-in-study finished wiping sweat, some dry mouth, standing aside, looking at these students, her bottom of heart feeling, sob in the feel as if to see the year of their own.

“I don’t know how many of these people will be admitted, but I don’t think there will be many. After all, at most 4,000 people will be admitted in each class.”when the horse’s face sister-in-study sighed, Wang immediately noticed sister-in-study ‘s act of wiping off sweat. He trotted over, took out a cool bottle of ice water from his luggage and handed it into the hands of sister-in-study.

“Sister,you work too hard, and on behalf of all our freshmen, I thank sister for explaining it to us. On this hot day,have a drink of water.”Wang Baole expression is simple and honest, voice is sincere, make horse face sister-in-study can’t help but looked at this little fat man in front of a few times, had a good opinion immediately, it is her to welcome to guide new student so many times, so considerate person is still rare.

Other students also have eyes, after all, Wang Baole words are not only concerned about themselves, but on behalf of all of them, which makes them to Wang Baole here, are also good impression.

Seeing that he had gained so much favor from a bottle of iced water, Wang Baole felt complacent and felt that his potential for becoming an official was a little higher.

Soon, the students around one after another with expectations close to the stone mirror, take out a white jade card, put on the stone mirror, jade card emitting light, branding completed.

This kind of jade card, each of them has one, is after arriving at the house of Commons island, by the accompanying teacher hand out, is only at this moment Wang Baole, he looks at the jade card in the public hand, is somewhat silly.

“what the hell is that? why didn’t I.”Wang Baole quickly probed into the origin of the goatee, and once again felt that the goatee was too unreliable.

Until everyone has put away the jade card, only Wang Baole, leading the way sister-in-study can not help but look past, concerned to ask.

“brother-in-study, do you have any questions?”

“my card is a little different from everyone else’s.”Wang Baole hesitated, touched the purple jade pendant in his arms, and carefully placed it on the stone mirror.

Can be in its jade and stone mirror touch the moment, suddenly, the whole jade wear suddenly broke out a strong purple light, even this stone mirror are also suddenly brilliant, there is a loud bang startled the sky, reverberating the entire art of war peak.

More air waves spread out, all around the students, one by one are frantic tremors, horrifying retrogression.

“what’s the matter?”

“what’s the matter?!”

Even Wang Baole was startled.

This is not the end of it. What is even more striking is that in the midst of this glowing light, there are even vast solemn bells ringing on the summit of the Fa Bing Feng, as if they were announcing the whole department.


All of a sudden, all the areas of Fa Bing Feng, whether it is the students who are going up the mountain, or the people in the school, or all the people who are practicing themselves in the buildings on the top of the mountain.

Look up.

By the side of the stone mirror, the horse’s face sister-in-study could only feel her mind buzzing at the moment. Her eyes flashed wide, full of disbelief and exclaimed.

“specially recruited students!!”

“what did you say?”Wang Baole was even more confused.

At the same time, in the reverberation of the bell, at the top of the Fa Bing Feng, there was a hall full of aura, and the goatee was sitting there looking at an ancient book. His heart, which had slowly recovered, became irritable again.

“how did this little son of a bitch get here so fast?”he was bored in the bottom of his heart. When he thought of his five years of authority gone, he felt that his intestines were going to be green with remorse.

If no one bothered him, just now with the ringing of the bell reverberation, suddenly there are a few figures from outside the hall galloping, is the other teachers of the French army department.
“Chang You-tak, I heard that you have specially recruited a very good young man for our department this time!”

“Ha-ha, Lao Zhang, Lao Zhang, I knew you had a good eye all the time. Where’s the good one?”

As the teachers came in excited, Goatee listened to their words, black face, there is a kind of buy their own dog shit, tears also eat up the feeling, can only squeeze out a smile.

“Yes, that’s a….That’s a good one!I have a magic weapon to train…..”saying, Goatee hurriedly leaves, be afraid to stay again, cannot help but clap to kill that good young man!

Whole World In My Hand(Er Gen)Novel Chapter 4: the Ethereal Taoist Academy

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Chapter 4:the Ethereal Taoist Academy

When Wang Baole’s grief and indignation fainted, in the real world sky, the red balloon airship’s speed is extremely fast, has approached the Ethereal City’s sphere of influence.

Only now, in the main pavilion of this airship, there is a lot of noise.

“This guy named Wang Baole, I’m going to take it from Dandol!”

“Don’t fight me! he’s mine!”almost all the teachers, one by one, blushed, sometimes banged on the table and sometimes quarreled, clamoring for Wang Baole’s department after he entered the Taoist Academy.

All of this was due to Wang Bao-le ‘s sacrificing himself as a human being, which shocked them too much. The flesh and blood of his body made them feel moved, and that sentence, like a thunderbolt, flung into their minds, especially the last sentence.

But also let their hearts set off violent waves!

“Life is the soul of the Taoist Academy, and death is the soul of the Taoist Academy!”

The heroism and loyalty of this sentence are the seed students that the Taoist Academy and the various departments of learning aspire to acquire most. How can they give up to others?

In this mutual competition,a thin, bearded middle-aged teacher, see that they can not compete for, so a red eye to take out the identity card in her arms, psychic influx, shouting loudly.

“It takes five years for my Military department to have the authority to make Wang Baole a special recruit student for my Military department. Who dares to compete with me?”

As soon as his words came out, the jade card in his hand shone brightly. In a flash, after Wang Baole’s name on the crystal, there were three more words.

This scene lets everybody surprise in succession, must realize this authority is too precious, generally speaking after the student enters the Taoist Academy, is the teacher checks whether the person who wants to enter own department passes, only a few students, they only then can offer the olive branch voluntarily.

In any case, it’s a two-way choice, but each department has a once-in-a-five-year jurisdiction that directly defines a student as a person in his or her own department, with almost lavish treatment and resources, and privileges far beyond those of his peers.Close to the mantle.

It is also because of this, so most of this kind of authority is given to some special background, or excellent to the extreme of the students, extremely valuable.

Although Wang Baole is excellent, but in other people’s view, the use of such authority, or inevitably hesitant, at the moment can not help but smile and shake his head.

Seeing the expressions of other colleagues, the goatee felt that this time he was absolutely right. With Wang Baole’s nature in the secret channel, after he had been well nurtured, his loyalty to the French army department must have reached the level of unswerving devotion.

“No matter how good your qualifications are, maybe betray us. Only your heart and loyalty are hard to change. At a critical moment, only such disciples will come forward and be cultivated in good faith!”at the thought of this, the goatee immediately became complacent and looked aside, frowning all the time, staring at the old doctor who was thinking about Wang Bao-le ‘s materials.

“Master, our Military departments have all used their powers to determine Wang Bao-le. Don’t be partial to us.”

“Don’t worry, he’s your, as long as you don’t regret it.”the old doctor continued to look down at the file in front of him. He opened his mouth lightly. For each student admitted to the Taoist Academy, they would have a very detailed account of each other from small to large. Now he looked at a sentence in the file.The eyes were sharpening.

“Master, you……”when the goatee heard the words, the other teachers were all taken aback.

“Once lost weight for a month, did not eat or drink, exercised madly, but gained weight instead of losing it.This kind of normal person impossible thing, unexpectedly also can appear in him here.
“the old doctor sneered and turned out the signs of all the students in the dream circle. His eyes fell on Wang Bao-le ‘s data on the changes in body weight since he entered the examination.

“if hadn’t made a mistake, Wang Baole would have known that this was a faker world, that he was cheating on the assessment!”the old doctor raised his head and made sure of the passage.

“No way.”the goatee took a breath, covered his chest, and felt some blackness in front of him.

“You’ll find out…..” the old doctor looked at Wang Baole in the crystal picture. He raised his right hand to control the enigma array and suddenly waved.

Suddenly, in the enchanted world, the people who had just been robbed and survived did not have to wait for the joy to dissipate. Suddenly, there was an earth-shaking roar from the jungle in front of them, which swept directly through the forest like a storm.

Many trees were directly destroyed by the sound waves, one after another burst open, the earth is trembling up, a body full of ten Zhang size giant bear, directly climbed out from the ground, roar up the sky.

The bear had rotted most of its body, but there was a ghost fire in its eyes, as if it were immortal, and when it appeared, it sent out enough pressure to make everyone tremble, like the overlord of the jungle, which made countless birds and animals tremble.

“This….. That’s impossible. Oh, my God, that’s….Damn bear!”

“Those who can tear up the second tier of ancient martial arts are as successful as those in the ancient military realm… Damn bear!!”

Liu Daobin’s body flacked out instantly, and Du Min, and others all showed extreme fear in their eyes. Even the red-clothed teenager, too, had a sudden change of face in this instant.

What is more frightening is that the ghost bear, after growling, has come straight to the people, every step down, most of them are shaking, momentum is monstrous.

“run!!”do not know who shouted, the instinct of everyone on the rapid dispersal, even the young men in red clothes are pale give up the shot, rapid retreat.

Only Wang Bao-le had just been awakened from his slumber, and when he saw the cruel bear, his eyes flashed and his frail body began to rise and fall rapidly in his chest.

“There are extra points!!”

Excited, Wang Baole struggled on the ground toward the giant bear, mouth is shouting.

“Go quickly, leave me alone, I will help you buy time!”Wang Bao-le said, reluctantly picking up a stone and throwing it at the approaching bear.

“Old Bear, come and eat me.As long as I have a breath,you will never hurt my classmate!”Wang Baole roared loudly that the students who had fled were once again moved to an unparalleled degree in their hearts, and many girls burst into tears.

Looking at the majestic body of the giant bear, he rushed to Wang Baole, seemingly about to tear it apart in the next instant. At the moment, in the main cabinet of the airship, the old doctor sneered.

“See, there is excitement in this boy’s eyes. Have any of you ever seen a man look like this before he died, afraid that he would not die?”

Looking at the screen of Wang Bao Le, other teachers have a strange look, is really if the normal vision to see,but if the attitude of doubt to observe, its flaws will be some obvious.

“how shameless this boy is!”

“that’s all it takes to cheat. It’s just too much to act like that!
“the teachers in the main pavilion, also some can not see the next, as for the goatee, is now gnashing teeth, regret, heart in the blood, only beat the chest and feet.

“Oh, my God, my authority!!”

In the end, the right hand of the old doctor waved again, and all the pictures in the crystal were immediately shattered and dissipated.

“all right, we’re about to land at the Taoist Academy. The examination is over!”

In the dream of confusion collapse, Wang Baole saw the final picture is that the giant bear covered the sky, and then together with the world, turned into turbidity, directly dark.

When he regained consciousness, he felt a sudden jolt, as if with a great push, and when he opened his eyes, he found himself back in the airship’s spiritual chamber, with a great uproar and unimaginable exclamations in his ears.

“this……I thought we were in the rain forest. How could that be?”

“did I dream for myself, or did all of us dream?”

Wang Baole winked and hurriedly pretended to be at a loss, shouting loudly in his mouth.

“leave me alone, old bear, and I will fight with you!”

His voice was too loud, and it was hard not to attract attention because of his heroism in the crowd. As he shouted out at the moment, there was an innumerable number of eyes that fell directly on Wang Baole, especially among his classmates, who were even more excited.

“it’s the Wang Baole!”

“My good Brother!!”

“Wang Baole, from now on, you are my eldest brother!”

In his eyes, there were Du Min and Little White Rabbit, who survived the robbery. When they looked at Wang Baole, there was even more difference. In particular, the little white rabbit, whose eyes were tearful, seemed to have jumped at the same distance if she were not in a magnette suit and was far away.

All this made Wang Baole very proud of the bottom of his heart, is pondering how to harvest the worship of all, the spiritual room, reverberation of the voice of majesty.

“All students, below you lies the Taoist Academy, and what you just saw was the freshman’s examination of the Taoist Academy, and your scores in accounting for admission.Finally, welcome to the Ethereal Taoist Academy!”

Perhaps this majestic voice can soothe the heart, or it may be that when they hear that the Taoist Academy is approaching, the students in the spiritual room have one after another come to cheer themselves up from their previous dreams and turn their heads and look out of the window one after another.

Wang Baole, though somewhat regretful, could hardly hide his expectations. When he looked out of the window, he immediately saw a huge lake on the ground below. The lake was like a mirror spread over the earth, reflecting the color of the sky. It was incomparably beautiful.

There are three islands in the lake, arranged in a zigzag pattern. There are many boats sailing between the islands. Even as they get closer, they can also see a lot of ancient buildings and countless figures on the islands.

The outlying islands, in particular, are no less than tens of thousands of people, like a small town.

“The Ethereal Taoist Academy, once known as the College, was founded in 2348. It had gone through the federal era, participated in the fierce beast wars, entered the spiritual Yuan period, and changed to Taoism. Up to now, it has a history of more than seven hundred years, and it has nurtured countless heavenly pride.Hero, who made a remarkable contribution to the process of civilization, the last federal president, was graduated from the ethereal Taoist Academy.”

“The lake, called Qingmu Lake, the so-called Qingmu years, long pastoral, the meaning of cheerful, just like teenagers!”

“As for the three islands, the Tianxing Island at the heart of the Taoist Academy, the Upper House Island at the heart of the Taoist Daoist Church, and the Lower House Island of your fellow students.”

Majestic voice echoed in the spiritual room, this voice contains a proud, pervading in the hearts of all, including Wang Baole, all from this moment, by the momentum of the Ethereal Taoist Academy and the details of the shock.

As the island of the House of Commons grows rapidly in the eyes of all, you can see that on the largest island, there are more than a dozen towering peaks, like more than a dozen sharp swords, intended to rise to the sky.

Each peak, there are countless buildings, there are more characters, even in the sky to see, but also very clear.

The Military department, the Dandao department, the Warlord department, the Arrayed system……

There was no time to see all of it, and with a loud crash, the airship, which spanned thousands of miles from Phoenix, landed directly on the island of the Lower House of Taoist Academy!

The Ethereal Taoist Academy, here we are!

Whole World In My Hand(Er Gen)Novel Chapter 3: Classmate,Everything is on me

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Chapter 3:Classmate,Everything is on me

When Wang Bao-le woke up, a day had passed in this dreamland, and the snake venom was not as violent as people had imagined. Some of the students who accompanied him were good at treating snake venom, which made Wang’s wish come to naught.

Fortunately, as he regained consciousness, Zhou Xiaoya took great care of him. Du Min also rarely took a tit-for-tat stand against him. This made Wang Baole feel comfortable in his heart and began to ponder his own performance in saving lives.

Will inevitably be seen by the teachers, want to come to their own assessment this time, should be able to add points to a lot.

He was only depressed, that is, during the next few days, when the team traveled through the jungle looking for other students, Liu Daobin did not know what medicine he had taken, perhaps because he felt guilty about what had happened before, so he encountered some small crises along the way.

Always rushing to bring people to hand, quickly resolve, so that the already weak Wang Baole, there is no chance to show the slightest.
However, there was no such a big event as the serpents, which made Wang Baole feel that he had all the skills of heaven, but no use, is full of depression, can only watch Liu Daobin there constantly brush assessment points.

“if this Liu Daobin goes on like this, perhaps the hidden assessment points will be higher than mine!”at the end of the day, Wang Po-lok was anxious, but it did not last long. The next night, as they camped under a hillside, they heard a mournful cry of a wolf.

It seemed that the sound could penetrate the rocks, so that all ears tingle, suddenly woke up, have looked, immediately see in front of them, the endless jungle brightened a pair of blood-red eyes. The sound of the mountain stone, the pain of pain, suddenly wake up, immediately see in front of them, the endless jungle brightened a pair of blood-red eyes.

Countless fierce wolves in the moonlight, surrounded by fans, some of these wolves galloping on the ground, some jumping in the branches, the wolf howling out of his mouth, bloodthirsty eyes, people hope to change the color!

This scene, as if the formation of a suppression of the wind, directly so that Liu Daobin and other people look greatly changed, dripping cold sweat, scalp numbness.

“run, wolves!”

“it’s a coyote, an innumerable coyote!”

Du Min in the side of the experience after the snake incident, as if a lot of growth at once, immediately shouted, let everyone into the first day, where the use of the cutting to stop wolves.

Liu Daobin’s face changed, and at last he gritted his teeth and faced the wolves. Instead of retreating immediately, he summoned his classmates to stop him from procrastinating.

The little white rabbit supported Wang Baole in a panic. Although his body trembled, he ran with the crowd to the front of the sky. It was only here that Wang Baole was already in a hurry.

From Wang Bao-le ‘s point of view, before some small points were given to Liu Daobin, it was just a matter of time. Now that he has finally encountered such a great opportunity, how can he let Liu Daobin snatch it away?. In his eyes, it seems like a sacred flame ignited, and his body suddenly regains its power.

With a brisk gait.

“Ya sister-in-study, you go first!”

Wang Baole finished, ran straight toward Liu Daobin, grabbed Liu Daobin, and threw him directly in the direction of the first line of heaven when the other party was still stunned, shouting loudly in his mouth.

“Brother, you go first!”

Liu Daobin the whole person completely muddled did not wait to react to see Wang Baole irrevocably rushed to the wolves.

“Let’s go! I’ll cover it!”at this moment, Wang Baole, the kind of justice and sacred, once again burst out, the distance when the rabbit looked at Wang Baole, the mind was once again trembling.

There were also some male students, who had already entered the first day, but were encouraged by Wang Baole here, blood surged up, turned around, was about to follow his footsteps, but was red-eyed Wang Baole a foot, all kicked back.

“good brothers, you go first!”Wang Baole was righteous and gave a loud roar, but from the bottom of his heart he was on guard for fear of someone else grabbing points with him!

In his view, these wolves, even if the appearance of ferocious, but are assessment points.

As for those students who had been kicked back into the first line of heaven by him, at the moment, one by one, their bodies shook violently, and their eyes were moved. In their view, Wang Baole, who sacrificed his life for a human figure at this moment, was tall and powerful, and could not help but feel that there were a few of them.
His whole body was boiling with blood, and he rushed up again.

Suddenly, Wang Baole was in a hurry. He hurried up and pushed back one by one. He was afraid that those few people would come up again, so as to bite their teeth and raise their hands directly at the entrance to the first day. He pressed his hands on the rock wall and formed a wall of human flesh with his own body.

The mouth is agitated and roaring.

“I have been poisoned by snakes, and I am doomed to run away. Don’t mind me, you must go.”

This sentence Wang Baole said the true feelings revealed, let those several body tremble unceasingly, also is precisely at this time, the wolf flock suddenly accelerates to rush, in groups, howls frightens the god, the bloodthirsty intention pervades the eight directions, lunges madly, runs straight to Wang Baole.

This scene, let a line of days is retreating in the public, both physical and mental shock.

“Wang Baole, get back here!”

“Oh, my God, he tried to stop the wolves with his flesh and blood so that he wouldn’t be a liability to us!”Du Min, and all the students in the first line of the sky were strongly touched. They only felt that Wang Baole at this moment, his round body, was like a magnificent mountain, a picture of eternity in their memory.

Liu Daobin was also moved, breathing fast, he had some anger at Wang Baole, but now this is not completely dissipated, leaving only a deep shock.

This is really the moment of Wang Baole, he raised his hands to support the rock wall, into a human wall figure, just like Ching Tian!

After this move, Wang Baole himself was moved. He felt that if he were a teacher, he would be deeply touched when he saw all this.

But he still wants to add more points, so secretly up to the Academy’s flattery, decidedly open their mouths.

“it is my honor to be admitted to the ethereal Taoist Academy. Even if I die here, I, Wang Bao-le, am a member of the Taoist Academy, and my death is the soul of the Taoist Academy! ”

Wang Bao-le was very pleased with his words, and did not believe the teachers were not moved by his words. He was so pleased with his words that he did not believe that the teachers were not moved.

But this complacency did not last long, thinking of the performance in the examination points of Wang Bao Le, he did not consciously ignore one point, that is…..Pain!

Although the place is illusory dream formation, but the pain is no different from the real, as those wolves roar near, with the crazy bite of the wolf mouth, blink of an eye in the distance in the eyes of the people,Wang Baole’s figure has been drowned by more than a dozen fierce wolves.

“it hurts!”Wang Bao-le trembled and breathed heavily. What he saw before his eyes was wolf’s mouth and smelled bloody, and the intense pain caused by the wolf’s teeth gnawing at his flesh and blood made him almost forget that it was false.

But his heart was firm, and he had no intention of retreating!
Even if the extreme pain, even if the whole body blood, many places see bones, even if his consciousness is also blurred, ears came from the bite, wolf howl, mixed together, like the death knell. The death knell, the cry of the wolf, the death knell, the sound of the bite, the cry of the wolf, the death knell.

However, Wang Baole from small to large, although there are many shortcomings, but also has the same very obvious characteristics!


“finally encounter this kind of big score, can’t waste, I want one-time, will examine a mark to add to explode!”Wang Baole growled inwardly, and was about to persevere a little longer, but just then, suddenly, behind the students who were weeping and retreating from afar, in the jungle, there was a red figure, coming in the wind at an astonishing speed!

The figure in red was a short-haired boy of seventeen or eighteen years old. He had a handsome face and a chill touch in his eyebrows. He wore a strong red suit and carried a big bow on his back. His body leaped through the trees like an old ape, and in the process of coming, he even took down the big bow,shot an arrow suddenly.

Nine arrows in a flash!

The arrow speed is too fast, sends out the sharp broken air sound, leaps the public, shuttles in the first day, directly from Wang Baole’s head, under the armpit, and so on, whistles past, under the mournful wolf bark, shot nine fierce wolves!

There is no false arrow, which contains a huge impact is the body of those nine ferocious wolves, mercilessly thrown out!

This sudden change, so that the students who are retreating all Leng Leng, even Wang Baole also stayed for a while, it is almost the nine arrows flew over his body, startled him a big jump.

Not waiting for him to react, in the eyes of everyone, the young man in red clothes was faster, as if he had amazing explosive power inside his body. At this moment, the man followed the arrow and rushed into the first day. One jumped in the air above Wang Baole’s head, and nine arrows were fired again!

The sound of bang is amazing, with the screams of nine ferocious wolves, the other wolves around are also frightened, instinctive retreat, with this opportunity, the body of that young man in red clothes to fall, directly carry the body of Wang Baole, rapid retreat.

Wang Baole regardless of pain, at the moment the eyes are gradually drawn away from the wolves, suddenly anxious.

“Brother, put me down, I can hold on a little longer!”

Hearing Wang Baole’s words, even if the young man in red dress is indifferent, he can also be moved. It is really a moment of Wang Baole’s flesh and blood, as if on the verge of fragmentation.

“you’ve done a good job, and I’ll take care of the rest!”

Hearing this, Wang Bao-le became even more anxious. He felt as if the other party had snatched his lines and was about to open his mouth. But the teenager took a deep breath and raised his right hand violently. He could see the muscles of his right hand, but in this instant, unexpectedly, the muscles of his right hand swelled up.

Directly on a large number of laps, startled in the hands of the big bow, mercilessly pumping in the side of the rock wall, the speed is rapid, a row of more than a dozen times.

This force is too great, roar Zhongshan stone cracks, directly collapsed on the collapse of the small half, into countless broken stones fall off, rumble in this line of living block up the sky!

Wang Baole’s eyes widened and he looked at the boy’s sturdy arms. He took back all the words he had been about to open.

All this happened too quickly, it was between the lightning, now with the collapse of the sky, the young man in red under a flash, on the return of Wang Baole to the crowd.

Look at this scene, not far away, all the students, all crazy shock, Liu Daobin is more breathed tone, lost his voice to open his mouth.

“the second floor of the ancient military realm, seal off the body!

“I am not yet sealed, I am only on the first floor of the great consummation.”the young man in red took a look at Liu Daobin, put down Wang Bao-le, and explained something.

“not to seal the body, but also to seal the body of the threat, this classmate, thank you for saving my life!”Liu Daobin hurriedly went up to the front to clasp a fist, other schoolmates are also in abundance like this, even has many girls, looked to the red clothes young people to show the reverence, for a while, the red clothes young people are surrounded by the public.

As for Wang Baole, lying on the ground at the moment, looking at all this gloomily, he knew that the other party had meant well to save himself, but he still felt that the chance to add points had been lost, but he also understood that there was no way to do anything about it.

“the realm of ancient martial arts.”Wang Baole deeply feels that after the Federation entered the Lingyuan period, although the age of spiritual practice arrived, for the vast majority of the people, they were only able to learn an initial method called nourishing qi.

This method can allow people to absorb Reiki to prolong their lives, and at the same time more able to use their own media, condensing the sale of Lingshi, so widely disseminated.

As for true spiritual practice, the threshold is still very high, and it is difficult to step directly into it. This requires a foundation, so Gu Wu recovers.

After the induction and extension of the Federation, the formation of three levels of ancient military environment!

Qi and blood, seal the body, replenish the pulse!

Only to achieve the third layer of complete pulse, is qualified to compete for that Yuyue Longmen like the edge of the road!

However, most of the cultivation of the ancient military realm is in the hands of the federal forces. For the vast majority of people, the most orthodox way to get into the four Taoist institutions is to be admitted to the four major Taoist institutions. In addition, it can only be a matter of voting to the major forces or the aristocracy.

Wang Baole sighed. There was a feeling that the limelight had been snatched away. At the moment, the pain of his body also surfaced intensely, and he couldn’t help humming miserably. It aroused the attention of all, and many people rushed over.

Wang Bao-le saw that he was still taken seriously, and felt much better, but he felt that he was in too much pain, and his score was almost over,So he took a deep breath and went out with a trembling voice.

“I will not be able to, students, you will become my ethereal Taoist Academy students, must …”Wang Baole’s mood has been brewing, as the words out, is about to burst into impassioned emotion.

But at this moment, the young man in red, with a look of awe, went to Wang Baole and took out a bottle from his bosom and fed it to Wang Baole.

“A man willing to die for the Taoist Academy, I, Chen Ziheng, would never let him die like this!Good classmate, you can rest, everything is on me!”Chen Ziheng’s words categorically, with its fighting power, immediately formed a strong appeal, let people believe.

When all these people were grateful, Wang Baole stared at Chen Ziheng with his mouth open. Once again, he had a feeling that the guy in front of him had snatched away his own words.

There was a desire to remedy it, but as the efficacy of the medicine spread, Wang Baole felt that his eyes were so dark that he could not speak any more. He just only lie there in grief and indignation, looking at the bright sky, and there was only one thought in his mind.

“He must cheated just like me!”

Whole World In My Hand(Er Gen)Novel Chapter 2: Wang Baole, what are you doing!

Chapter 2: Wang Baole, what are you doing!

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At this moment, in this rainforest corner, a river,by the moonlight you can see two girls although have embarrassed, but pure maiden, tall and lovely,Among them that tall girl is nervous,unravelling underwear, exposing snow-white skin, is frowning clean axillary scrape, eyebrows with confusion, whispering.

“Du Min, it’s been three days. I don’t know when the rescuers come. We’re running out of food in our camp.”

The tall girl named Du Min is silent. For them, the whole life has changed for three days. Three days ago, she was a student of the ethereal Taoist Academy. Three days later, she has fallen into this place and hidden a crisis everywhere.

This rain forest may seem beautiful, but in fact the ground is damp and rotten, sometimes revealing animal bones, there are many centipedes more than a foot long and colorful snakes haunt people’s scalp tingling.

In addition, since the Lingyuan period, and human beings like the rapid transformation of various fierce animals, powerful, extremely ferocious, so that the wilderness has become a restricted area for people.

Just now, when the two girls were bitter, under a big tree not far from them, there was a little fat man standing there, full of anger, raising his head and peeing.

This little fat man is precisely Wang Baole, he has not noticed is washing the wound the second female, also has not looked at the foot under foot on the ground originally the stately little flower, is being suppressed by the current disorderly rocking.

“Damn it, I, Wang Bao-le, said in vain that I could see through the hearts of all the people in the world by observing words and looking at the color of things.”

Unexpectedly did not think, unexpectedly by the ethereal Taoist Academy to calculate!

“this ethereal Taoist Academy is a thief, acting like a real one, in order to convince us that everyone can see the ship exploding!
“Wang Bao-le ‘s innermost feelings of indignation and indignation are really these three days, and for him, they are also terrifying.

Three days ago, he and his classmates fell asleep unwittingly in the spiritual room. They were awakened by a loud roar. Before they could think too much, their bodies were directly pushed out of the airship by a blast. Fortunately, the spiritual repair clothing itself has the function of cushioning and avoiding thunder.

It barely landed in the rain forest, but witnessed the airship collapse and burst in a thunderstorm.

For the next three days, Wang Bao-le and everyone were scattered in the jungle. The lack of food, the ferocity of the wild animals, and the confusion and fear of the future made all the students more or less reveal some of their natures in their personalities under this great change. Some people clung to each other.

Some people walk alone, some are decisive, some are cowardly.

Although the law of the jungle was too sudden for the students who had just been admitted to the ethereal Taoist Academy, it seemed that under this great change, the bud had been stimulated, whether it was greed or ferocity, whether it was selfless or kind.
Are magnified out of thin air.

“shameless!”Wang Bao-le muttered to himself that three days ago he really thought it was all true. He was so frightened that even if he met his arch-rival du Min again, he put up with it and stayed in the camp where the other party was.

Until now, three days later, under the condition of not having enough to eat, he found that his body weight had miraculously dropped six or seven catties through the body measurement function of his own voice ring, and he was shocked and suspicious.

In fact, Wang Baole’s experience is different, he has to lose weight, one month almost do not eat or drink, crazy exercise, but also do not know how the matter, not only did not lose weight, but increased three catties!

Now three days time, lost six or seven catties, this to him, simply impossible!

In particular, he recalled that he had in the autobiography of some senior officials, see someone sighing about the Taoist Academy career, have been vaguely mentioned, as if the Taoist Academy every once in a while, there will be the so-called freshman assessment.
Had it not been for Wang Pao-lok ‘s thorough study, it would have been difficult to notice this point. Now, with such a association, although he does not know how the ethereal Taoist Academy could have been so lifelike, it is very possible that it would have been a hundred secrets and a lack of knowledge.

Using the metabolism of normal people as a yardstick, and apparently not being normal.

He was five times certain that all this was supposed to be illusory.
The evidence that allowed him to be truly sure of his judgment was the one in his arms that had been returned by the old doctor……

Half a black mask!

Think of that,urinating Wang Baole, can not help but look down at his chest, the bottom of my heart rose an indescribable strange feeling.

In fact, he clearly remembered that before stepping into the spiritual practice room, he placed the half black mask casually in his arms, then when he was in danger, he did not have time to pay attention to it. Not long ago, he stumbled upon the mask, although it seemed to be as normal as ever.

Can actually reach out to penetrate, as if never to touch.
As if this can simulate the illusory world of all things, it is difficult to analyze its structure, reshape the essence.

Even its external shape began to appear illusory even as time went by, and at the same time some obscure and unreadable handwriting emerged.

Although it is difficult to see clearly, but this mask changes, so that the original 50% of Wang Baole’s grasp, into a 100%!

And according to this train of thought to analyze, if this is a false disaster formed by the assessment, it is not difficult to guess the direction of its assessment.

“It is impossible to see who is strong and who is weak. After all, everyone has not yet come into contact with the ancient martial arts. So the purpose of this examination can only be to examine the nature of the heart at a time of crisis, and perhaps also to examine the confidence in the Taoist Academy.”while Wang Bao-le was peeing, his brain kept turning, and from time to time he had a few urine tremors.

When the little flowers in front of him became more and more messy, Wang Baole’s breath was slightly short of breath. He felt it was necessary for him to seize the present opportunity to add points to himself.

“just do it!”thinking of this, Wang Baole shook hard, just about to lift his pants, but suddenly, he saw the river not far away.

In the moonlight, although Du Min was standing there,There was only a lovely girl washing the wound, and the slim and graceful girl in front of her chest…..Little white rabbit.

“there is a monster in the shape of a human being!”Wang Bao-le ‘s eyes were suddenly wide open, his breath breathed, his heart beating faster, but he had just taken a look at him and was on guard against du Min around him. He seemed to be aware of it. When he looked at it, he could not help gazing with Wang Bao-le ‘s eyes. After a moment of stupefaction, his countenance changed greatly.

But before she screamed, Wang Baole stared, lifting his pants and yelling first.

“what are you looking at? You’ve never seen a man pee?”

As soon as he spoke, du Min felt that all her words had been choked back by Wang Baole, trembling with anger. She had grown up so big that she had seen such a brazen person as Wang Baole and could not help but scold him.

“Fat pig, are you a man?”

As soon as this sentence came out, Wang Baole grew up dead adversaries with Du Min, who had a venomous mouth. They didn’t like each other, but both of them were in the same class, and now they have been admitted to the ethereal Taoist College together.
Now Wang Baole took a deep breath and snorted.

“flat as hell, not as big as me, are you a woman?”

Du Min heard this, almost spurted a mouthful of blood, forehead green tendons bulging up, was about to rush over, Wang Baole sighed.

“I am innocent, and you see me very clearly. What shall I do in the future?”his face was impassive, his trousers in his hand, he turned and ran away, his heart pounding, his back full of cold sweats, and the secret channel of his own quick reaction, or else he would be in danger.

When he saw that Wang Baole was about to flee, Du Min looked angry and ran after her at full speed. Then the lovely Jiao E in the small river, after hearing their vicious exchange of abuse, looked dazed, unaware that he had been taken advantage of by Wang Bao-le, and saw Du Min chasing her out.

She had just put on her clothes, and blushed quickly after her.

At the moment, with du Min’s angry voice, the calm of the rain forest was broken. In the direction of their temporary camp in the jungle in front of them, the crowd immediately heard the sound and quickly arrived, blocking Wang Baole’s road.

The first man was a young man in white, with a torch, a tall man, and a sword and eyebrow, which stood out in the crowd, and was surrounded by many students, apparently headed by him. “he was the first man in the world,” said the young man, who was wearing a white coat and was a tall man with a sword eyebrow in front of him. He was surrounded by many students.

This is the man Wang Baole is located in this hugging camp, in these three days, the unity of the public, showing the charm of Liu Daobin.

“Wang Baole, what have you done?”Liu Daobin saw du Min’s second daughter chasing him from afar in anger, while Wang Bao-le, whom they chased, tied his pants as he walked.

This strange scene, let Liu Daobin stupefied, he already had a mind to du Min, at the moment instinctive to Wang Baole repugnant rise.

“I just peed.”Wang Baole words had not yet finished, suddenly from the distance is running to du Min there, out of a strong screams.

In the sound of the moment, a smell of blink of an eye filled the place, more rustling sound like a tidal general, rapid as the spread of the storm.

Wang Baole suddenly turned his head. At the same time, Liu Daobin and other students looked different. In their eyes, they saw countless snakes springing up on the ground and branches of the jungle around du Min and the lovely young girls in the distance.

Those snakes are colorful, look full of toxicity, and the number is too much, from a distance like a sea of snakes, Du Min two dead siege inside.

Looking around at those innumerable venomous snakes, the two women’s countenance changed greatly, especially since they had opened their mouths full of fangs, the venom flowed and hissed, and the stench was disgusting.

Liu Daobin’s body shook, did not have time to pay attention to Wang Baole, directly rushed to du Min, followed by some students, red eyes, quickly to go to the rescue.

It all happened so quickly that, at the moment when the people were about to come to the rescue, suddenly, in the distance, on the jungle floor, there was a startling cry of a baby, a red line the thickness of an arm, and even in the dark night, it was still very clear.

Unfurling at an astonishing speed, heading straight for this place.
Sometimes leap out of the body, showing a pale head, it is no longer like the head of a snake, is clearly a baby’s face, but exposed in the eyes so that everyone’s heart stomping frenzy.

“Red Bone Snake!!”one of the students recognized him, disconcerted, lost his voice, and retreated in unison.

Liu Daobin’s scalp is about to explode, his hair standing up, and his heart trembling violently. In fact, this red-bone snake is so famous that it was included among the thousand murderers of the Federal Ling Yuan period. Although this snake is fragile, its speed is not extreme, but its toxicity is so great.

A trace of contamination will instantly turn into blood, leaving only a red bone, hence the name.

Even if he loved Du Min, but if he died because of it, he instinctively felt that the gain was outweighed by the loss, and he retreated unconsciously, far away from it, fearing that the rise of the red bone and white baby snake would bury them all together.

Wang Baole see this,took a breath first, but then immediately realized that all this is in fact false, suddenly relaxed, eyes a bright, secret channel in front of their performance in front of the opportunity, appeared.

“it’s all fake anyway, I’m afraid of a bird.”thinking of this, Wang Baole straightened his chest and looked at the students who had fled back, showing deep disdain in his eyes.

“Although Du Min is a girl with sharp teeth and an ugly face, always used her position to make things difficult for me, I, Wang Bao-le, was a noble person, an upright person, a person who was not afraid of sacrifice, and a person who had broken away from vulgarity.
A person who is good for his classmates!”

“in such a dangerous environment, how can I, Wang Bao-le, retreat? others are afraid to die and dare not go, but.For my classmates, I can!”

The shameless fat man, now almost moved by his own words, did he really forget that this was a false world?

But he seemed as if he had forgotten, there intoxicated, as if only here is true, can be worthy of his bravery.

“Du Min, I’ll show you today what a man is!”

Instead of retreating from fear, Wang Bao-le let out a loud roar. He raised his chin with his lips, as if at this moment his round little face was as sharp as a knife and full of masculine air, and it seemed to me that his face was as sharp as a knife, and it was full of masculine air, and it seemed that at that moment, the little round face was as sharp as a knife, and full of masculinity.

The dragon walks like a tiger, rushing into the serpent pack like a rabble of bamboo.

Powerful, majestic figure, as if on behalf of justice, straight to Du Min’s second daughter and go!

This scene, immediately let du Min stay a while, even in the snake group, there is still a kind of strong unaccustomed, but her side of the lovely Jiao E, can not help but get excited up.

As for the others, they were also frightened by the roar and momentum of Wang Bao-le. When Wang Bao-le saw the red-bone white baby snake approaching du Min’s two daughters, it suddenly approached, as if the god of heaven had come down and grabbed the red-bone white baby snake, which everyone feared.

And hurled it into the distance.

At this moment, he exudes from all over his majesty and domineering, as if possessed by a saint, and then without a pause, he hugs the lovely and excited Jiao’e and clamps du Min, who is stunned, under his armpit.

Go straight to the crowd and dash back.

It was just that there were so many snakes around him that he was bitten several times in the process of going back and forth. By the time he came back, his complexion had darkened and he could grind his teeth to support him until Du Min’s second daughter was safely returned to him. Only then did he stagger under his feet and lose strength.

He fell down.

“I think I’m getting a little impulsive.Buttocks hurt, proving how hard it is for a man.”Wang Bao-le felt a deep sense of grief and indignation from the bottom of his heart. Du Min was still looking at herself like a fool. As for the lovely Jiao’e, she had strange and grateful eyes, as well as the haunted look of all the people around him. Although his eyelids were heavy, his eyes were a little heavy.

But in the bottom of my heart, I’m still a little smug.
Just at the moment the buttocks wound changes from pain to numbness, Wang Bao-le hurriedly grabs Du Min’s small hand.

“Dumin, I’ve saved your life. I can’t feel my ass anymore. I heard that snake venom can be saved if it’s sucked out. Help me.”before he had finished, Wang Baole could not help but feel dizzy. As soon as his head tilted, he was about to rest on Du Min’s chest, but suddenly he realized something and forced a change of direction and landed on the lovely little white rabbit.

Looking at this scene, all around look strange, du Min is in the sight of Wang Baole even unconscious, but also exposed the look of disgust, suddenly black.

At this moment, in the Federation, far from the pond cloud and rain forest, nearer and nearer to the ethereal Taoist monastery, in a red airship, in the spiritual room, hundreds of students slept peacefully among them, and Wang Bao-le was also in there, seeming to have a sweet dream and his head tilted over his head.

With a pleasant smile at the corner of his mouth.

And in the main cabinet of the airship, including the old doctor, all the teachers, one by one, gaped and stared at one of the many crystal pictures that appeared in front of them.

In that picture, it was Du Min and fainted Wang Bao-le.

“what is the name of this little fat man?”

“though it was a dream puzzle, it was exactly the same as the truth, and his expression in it was his true nature of mind!”

“so brave, so fearless in order to save his classmates, this child is a rare good seedling!Is our Taoist Academy most eager to obtain outstanding students!!”

For a long time, all the teachers exclaimed, looking at Wang Baole and admiring them one after another. Some of the teachers were already excited. They were considering whether to bring Wang Bao-le together directly and join their own department.

Even the palms of the ethereal Taoist College, the old doctor, were somewhat silly. He hesitated in his heart, and felt vaguely that something was wrong.

“Did I really look out of my way?”during his meditation, he just took Wang Baole’s documents from the student’s file and looked down at it.

Whole World In My Hand(Er Gen)Novel Chapter 1: I want to lose weight

Chapter 1:I want to lose weight

Translated By – Totalnovel.com. Please read the actual translation in the original site.

On a hot summer day, in the clouds and rain forest of the eastern part of the Federation, clouds filled with clouds, like a layer of gauze around, towering trees, crisscross, lush canopy, sometimes there are several birds flying in the sky, hoarse soar in the sky.

In the sky, it seems that the eternal sun, is no longer the way people remember, but many years ago, was a huge indescribable bronze sword, directly pierced, revealing a small half of the tip of the sword!

This ancient sword seems to experience all ages, from the stars, showing endless vicissitudes of life, but also a strong pressure, the formation of a halo, shrouded in the sky, as if to suppress the earth, let sentient beings worship!

From a distance, the scene of the sword &sun &rain forest, like a scroll, until a distant buzzing sound, was not broken.

A large red hot-air balloon ship was coming slowly over the rainforest.

The balloon cabin was large enough to hold hundreds of people, and many young men and women could be seen on deck in groups,dancing and laughing.

They are from Phoenix, this year admitted to one of the four federal monasteries, ethereal Taoist Academy students, is riding this belong to the ethereal Taoist Academy airship, across thousands of miles, to the ethereal Taoist Academy to study.

Perhaps it is the expectation of study, the journey for these young men and women is not boring, between men and women, there are some hazy attraction, so that the journey, not some fun.

Also because of the long journey, so in this airship, equipped with food, spiritual training room, infirmary and other areas.

At the moment, there were a lot of students in the dinghouse of the airship, and at one of the dining tables sat a little fat man with a belly on his back.

This little fat man was about seventeen years old, dressed in a large blue robe, and his round little face was barely handsome. He was patting his stomach and making a crackling sound as he looked regretfully at seven or eight empty plates in front of him. He was about 17 years old, and he was wearing a large blue robe, and his round little face was barely handsome, and he was patting his stomach with a patter.

“if I want to be president of the United States, I can’t die young,” he said, adding: “this meal is going to add three pounds. Why can’t I stop it? I can’t die young if I want to be president of the United States.”the little fat man burped when he looked sad and remorseful.

This little fat man’s name is Wang Bao-le, and he is also a student admitted to the ethereal Taoist Academy this time. His lifelong dream is to become an official and regard becoming the president of the Federation as his lifelong pursuit. The reason why he has such a great ideal,Is inextricably linked to his childhood experiences.

In his memory, when he was young, his father often clapped him on the head, sighing with emotion.

“Bao Le, or as an official ah, you have to remember, although money can solve everything, but still will be bullied, want not to be bullied, only as an official, become a man.”

At the beginning, Wang Baole did not understand. Until he was in primary school, he was reprimanded by the monitor for failing to hand in his homework on time. After he had sent two pieces of candy, he was registered by the monitor and tipped off to the teacher. All of this, in his young mind,Left an indelible imprint.

So from that moment on, he wanted to be monitor, not to bully others, but in order not to be bullied by others.

But as he grew up, he discovered that there were many others who could bully the monitor, so he felt that if he became the biggest official, that is, the federal president, no one would dare to bully himself.

The reason for cutting his head into the ethereal Taoist Academy, but also because all the senior federal officials, are graduated in the four major Taoist Academy.

It was just that his life was not so good. The blood of the family was very strange. He still remembered that night a year ago, his scrawny father had shown him the genealogy at the ancestral hall of the family.

It was the first time Wang Baole had seen the genealogy. He clearly saw that generations of ancestors who weighed more than two hundred catties died young and could not survive 35.

That night, Wang Baole had a dream.

He was reunited with his fat grandfathers before he became president of the United States.

The year after that, for him, the weight loss thing had risen to a certain height, but even after the Federation entered the spiritual period, with the concentration of aura and the resurgence of ancient martial arts, there were various ways to lose weight.

But Wang tried almost everything, and his weight remained steady.
The emergence of memory, so that Wang Baole hard teeth, determined to lose weight tomorrow.

With such a decision, Wang suddenly felt a lot less pressure, while picking his teeth, while humming, looking out of the window at the blue sky, his brain began to live up.

“I don’t know if he likes the present for Dr. Lu. It’s an antique that I got out of the house. The old man would have liked it, didn’t he?”. Wang Baole comforted himself, thinking that as long as he was next to Dr. Lu, he would have a small backer in the Taoist courtyard.

“the power of the teacher is limited, but he will have to give some gifts in the future. But this doctor Lu is very old and must have a lot of contacts. I should have made the right move.”at the thought of this, Wang Baole was so happy that he only felt that he was one step closer to the position of president of the Federation.

He is confident that he will become president of the Federation, mainly from his childhood to the study of all the autobiography of senior officials, and even summed up a few of the killer official mace.

At this moment of pleasure, Wang Baole looked out of the window of the blue sky, feel particularly beautiful.

But soon, his eyes popped wide, and he noticed that in the distant sky there was a condensation of black clouds, so thick as to cover the sky, that lightning, flashing out of it, was slowly approaching, a scene which had attracted the attention of many students.

There was an outpouring of exclamations.

“it’s a thunderstorm!”

Wang Baole was also taken aback. In fact, after the Federation stepped into the Lingyuan period, because of the appearance of Reiki, there was a lot of amazing weather in the sky and earth, and it was difficult for once flying objects to be safe. Only then was the birth of a hot-air balloon airship driven by Lingshi come into being.

With constant exclamations, the rumble of thunder suddenly came, and the thunderous sound startled the sky. We could see that the distant thunder and magnetic black clouds were growing at full speed. The lightning within them had spread out, like a large black net, flashing the sky, dazzling the heart, and making the heart beat faster than ever before.

The airship, which was originally in motion, is now slowing down.
In the midst of this restlessness, the door of the restaurant was opened, as if the wind were blowing, into an old man in a white robe whose face was wrinkled, but whose face was straight and straight, especially his eyes sparkling with sparkle.

As soon as he arrived, his majestic voice spread all over the restaurant.

“everyone, report to the spiritual room immediately, put on your magnetic spiritual clothes, after half the column incense, we will enter the thunder magnetic field!”

As soon as the warning came out, the students of the restaurant stood in awe of each other and quickly stood up.

As soon as Wang Baole’s eyes shone, the old man in front of him was Dr. Lu, who had given him a gift. Now, looking at the other party’s stamina, Wang Pao-le felt more and more that his previous investment had been correct. Behind the scenes, this old fellow must not have been an ordinary person.

And he is even more skillful in chess.

Just as he was smug, the old doctor glanced over, saw Wang Baole, grunted, came over, took out half a black mask from his arms, and threw it at Wang Baole.

“at a young age, don’t put your mind in a mess. Before you enter the Taoist school, you learn to give gifts. The old man is also a well-informed person. You should keep your mask on your own.”the old doctor looked solemn, clean and upright, as if he hated iron and could not be turned into steel,” he reprimanded.

Wang Baole took over the mask and clumped from the bottom of his heart. He saw that the old doctor was angry and anxious. He just wanted to explain. But suddenly he thought of the killer mace he had summed up in the autobiography of those senior officials. One of them was in front of his boss.

If you have the nerve to admit your mistake at the first time, you can often make a big deal of it small.

So take a deep breath, quickly put on a look of repentance, admit mistakes.

“you right,I was wrong!”

The old doctor was a little surprised that some of the words that were meant to be reprimanded could not go on because the other side was so happy to admit its mistakes.

When Wang Bao-le saw the expression of the old doctor, he breathed a sigh of relief, but he was a little smug again. The autobiography of this senior official was really useful.

The old doctor grunted and looked up at all the students in the restaurant, pointing to the crowd with his right hand.

“and you, you are all future students of my ethereal Taoist Academy. Look at what you are like these days. You must always remember that my generation and men of war should stand up first, then speak up, and then act!”.

The old doctor hated it, and the words reverberated to the restaurant. When they heard this, they all bowed their heads and felt a little ashamed. Here, Wang Pao-lok ‘s eyes flashed, and he felt that the time had come to show himself.

So he quickly took out a small book from his bosom and recorded it. From time to time, he looked up to the old doctor, showing his listening expression, and sometimes nodding his head earnestly as if he wanted to remember every word he said.

It is also the killer mace that he summed up on the autobiography of a senior official.

Other students saw this scene and looked at Wang Baole as if they were gods and men.

After seeing this, the old doctor also stayed for a moment. An unprecedented sense of weirdness came to his mind. It was the first time he had ever met such a strange person, and he could not help seeing more than a few more of the students he had sent to so many classes of students, and this was the first time that he had met such a strange person.

But gradually sneered.

“Kid,the old man’s flattery is not so easy to clap, you must thank this thunder magnetic storm, otherwise, the old husband can train for three days and three nights in one go, I see you can write all in the small book!”

As soon as the old doctor’s words came out, the momentum was different, and a strong man’s breath came out of him, as if it had turned into a powerful force, enveloping the entire restaurant. All the students were shocked at, but felt that the fight was still a foot above the old doctor’s path.

Wang Baole winked, felt the recorded jade slips in his pocket, weighed them for a long time, looked at the approaching thunderstorm again, but still gave up the idea of taking it out. He felt that he was not ashamed to countenance himself in front of his superiors.

Seeing the public expression, the old doctor was pleased with himself and said a few words of impassioned emotion.

“remember, put your mind on cultivation, and in the future, you must not be greedy or unjust, let alone always think about looking for any female companion. You must know that there is a knife at the beginning of the letterhead. These days, it is really indecent for you to be my secretary!”

At this point, suddenly, a coquettish voice floated from the old doctor’s transmission bracelet.

“Doctor, Grandpa, where are you? they won’t wear this magnette suit. Come and help me.”

This voice is delicate, the old doctor listened to,the body involuntarily shook, reluctantly dry cough, a serious stare at the people, this is anxious to turn around to leave, at the same time to the spirit bracelet excited opening.

“Oh, here you go, baby. I’ll help you right away.”

This scene was reversed too quickly, and the contrast was so great that everyone was so silly that even Wang Baole was stunned. It took a long time for him to take a breath. As the crowd could not resist the uproar, Wang Baole gritted his teeth and cursed a few words.

“shameless!That old prick, what he said before, is bullshit!
There are only so many female students, we are not enough points, he is so old, but also to grab resources with us, not on the basis of size is an official!”the more he thought about it, the angrier he became, and in the discussion with his classmates around him, his dream of becoming an official became firmer in the bottom of his heart.

With the aggravation of the siren, everyone ended the discussion and went to the spiritual room one by one with deep indignation.

The spiritual chamber, located in the core area of the airship, is, as the name implies, a place for these students to practice, and is also the place where the airship is most closely protected as it passes through a special area.

At this moment in this spiritual room, as the crowd gathered, under the arrangement of the teacher on board the ethereal Taoist Academy, all of them sat in rows and put on the airship’s special magnetic spiritual clothing issued by the ethereal Taoist Academy.

Having just put on his magnette suit, Wang Bao-le was immersed in his anger at Dr. Lu. He looked around at random and was already depressed. Because of a look from afar, his unconsciously frowned brows frowned, showing a look of disgust, because of a look from afar.

Where he looked, sat a girl with long legs, very attractive, but now also frowning, showing a look of disgust, obviously in each other’s eyes, each other is familiar and extremely disgusted.

“Unlucky!”both of them muttered at the bottom of their hearts, hurriedly avoiding their eyes, as if they had even looked at each other and felt that their eyes were hot.

“you can meet this tablet anywhere, Dumin. I’m sick of it!”Wang Bao-le muttered that it was really he and this girl named Du Min who grew up in the same class, especially in the other’s ordinary days, and by virtue of the status of monitor, they kept harassing themselves. In those years, the two pieces of sugar,It’s for her.

“what’s so great about it? it’s just a stupid squad leader. When we get to the Taoist Academy, with my official mace, I’ll be able to hold a position of one official and one half!”Wang Baole snorted.

Very soon, after everyone was dressed and the teachers of the ethereal Taoist Academy checked one by one, they gave some precautions and sternly warned them that after the airship entered the mine magnetic zone, there was danger and there was a certain possibility of life and death.

When they saw the change in their faces, the teachers who followed the ship left in awe. The door of the spiritual repair room was sealed directly, and the lights gradually darkened.

At this moment of the spiritual room, although there is still a low voice conversation, but with the passage of time, the tension became more intense, gradually no one to speak, into a complete silence.

In the silence that seemed to hear his own heartbeat, even Wang Baole, who was still in the middle of his anger, could not help but get nervous until after half a pillar of incense, the whole airship gave a sudden jolt and entered the minefield!

From the outside, the entire thunder magnetic black cloud majestic, like a big mouth, will be compared with its very small hot-air balloon airship, direct phagocytosis.

This weather, it seems to contain the power of destruction, can sweep everything, perhaps only in the sky, that round of startling Jian Yang, can ignore all, as if looking down on the world for 37 years is not enough, but also for a longer time.

This year, is the Ling Yuan 37 years.

In the year 3029, the earth science and technology developed rapidly, no national boundaries, the realization of a unified earth, entered the federal era, but also at this time, a large sword flew from the stars, through the sun, the world sensation.

The hilt of the sword, which may have been broken by its very nature, was shattered by the violent tremor and scattered all over the stars, some of which fell all over the earth.

With the arrival of the Bronze Sword and the falling debris, a new source of energy suddenly appeared to permeate the earth, and was later named……Reiki!

The aura is like air, rich in some places, thin in some places, and acquired by the Federation and various forces from all sides because of the scattered fragments. It has found on it all kinds of methods of practicing, as well as refining tools, alchemy, and the refining of heart-stones.

The writing on it is full of ancient meaning, which leads people to come into contact with ancient prose and become a trend.

The emergence of Reiki also quickly eliminated the original energy, changed people’s lives, not only formed a spiritual network, but also changed the process of earth civilization, so that the whole earth, opened the spiritual civilization.

Since then, the rise of ancient martial arts, the world great change, the whole people cultivate immortals of the era, and thus opened.

The history calls, Ling Yuan Ji.

But at the moment, in the thunder magnetic black cloud, that slowly moves the red balloon airship, its all around lightning innumerable, unceasingly bombardes but, fortunately has the soft light curtain diffusion protection, causes the airship to be safe incomparably.

As for the inner sanctum of the cabin, all the students, including Wang Baole, had fallen asleep unwittingly. It seemed that there was a strange force guiding them into dreams.

Only in the bow of the main cabinet, now there are seven or eight teachers, some drinking tea, some smiling, are talking to each other easily, and they scare the students before the look, very different.

The first man was an old man with a wrinkled face, a cigarette in his hand, and a puff of cigarettes. If Wang Bao-le were here, he would have recognized at a glance that the old man was the shameless old doctor Lu before.

“Master, we are all ready. Is it possible for us to begin the trial of this session of the Diao-Miao Taoist Academy?”as a middle-aged teacher opened his mouth, the old doctor who smoked a cigarette smiled.

“Let’s begin!”