Pursuit Of The Truth Xianxia Novel Download online

Alternative(s):Beseech The Devil; Cầu Ma; Qiú Mó; 求魔

Author:Er Gen,耳根


Status: Ongoing

Genre(s): Action , Adventure , Fantasy , Martial Arts , Tragedy , Xianxia

Tag(s): Alchemy , Betrayal , Blood Manipulation , Cultivation , Death Of Loved Ones , Demons , Gods , Handsome Male Lead , Hard-Working Protagonist , Hiding True Abilities , Legendary Artifacts , Male Protagonist , Multiple Realms , Pill Concocting , Revenge , Romantic Subplot , Secret Identity , Transplanted Memories , Tribal Society , Underestimated Protagonist , Unique Cultivation Technique , Weak To Strong


Three thousand years of bowing down to the Demon Lord, I would rather be a mortal than a celestial being when looking back, but for her I will… become one who controls life and death! Su Ming grew up dreaming about becoming a Berserker even though he knew that the chances of him becoming one were close to nil. One day, he found a strange piece of debris, and it allowed him to walk the path of becoming a Berserker. But would it be enough for Su Ming to become just another Berserker to protect those he cares about? Would he be satisfied with leaving everything in fate’s hands?

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Ps:updated to Chapter 675


Commanding Wind and Cloud Novel download

Alternative(s):CWC; 叱咤风云



Genre(s): Action , Comedy , Harem , Martial Arts , School Life , Tragedy

Tag(s): Battle Academy , Blacksmith , Bloodlines , Body Tempering , Cheats , Cultivation , Elves , Game Elements , Grinding , Hard-Working Protagonist , Male Protagonist , Multiple Personalities , Romantic Subplot , Sword And Magic , Time Skip , Weak To Strong , World Travel


This was the era that belonged to various powerful bloodline warriors, the fervorous era where magic powers and warrior energies were the deciding factor of dominance! With endless ardour and unstoppable courage, a grassroot nobody could also shine and live like a boss!

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Castle Of Black Iron Novel download online

Alternative(s):Citadel of Black Iron ; Fort of Black Iron; 黑铁之堡

Author:Drunken Tiger,醉虎

Genre(s): Action , Comedy , Harem , Mature , Sci-Fi , Xianxia

Tag(s): Clans , Cultivation , Game Elements , Gods , Magic , Male Protagonist , Monsters , Politics , Polygamy , Wars


After the cataclysm, the rules of the world have all been rewritten and the Black Iron Age descends. Steel, steam, martial strength became humanities largest tools for survival. Zhang Tie an ordinary boy, amid confusion was fiercely kicked in the arse by the God of Fate and obtained a sapling that can continuously grow various varieties of magical fruits. The boy screamed, rolled and dived headlong into the torrents of the infinitely vast continent – Massive waves of human clans and demon clans gather as the Third “Hundred Year” Holy War is coming. The mysterious vast continent of unknown origin! A magic cultivation system that uses crystals to unlock the body’s potential! The hot-blooded legend about the descendant of God! The many secrets of the eastern mysterious gate! The endless treasures in the core of the world! Everything in the “Citadel of Black Iron”.

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Dragon-Marked War God Novel download online

Alternative(s):DMWG; Dragon-Marked God of War; long văn chiến thần; Long Wen Zhan Shen; 龙纹战神

Author:Su Yue Xi


Genre(s): Action , Adventure , Comedy , Fantasy , Martial Arts , Romance , Shounen , Xianxia

Tag(s): Alchemy , Arrogant Male Lead , Beast Companions , Beautiful Female Lead , Body Tempering , Confident Male Lead , Demons , Dragon Bloodline , Fast Cultivation , Fearless Male Lead , Genius Male Lead , Gods ,Handsome Male Lead , Immortals , Male Protagonist , Multiple Realms , Pill Concocting , Previous Life Talent , Ranked By Strength , Reincarnation , Revenge , Ruthless Male Lead , Weak To Strong


The once greatest Saint underneath the heavens has been reborn after one hundred years. He cultivates with mighty skills, and he fights to once again reach the top of the world! Don’t compete with me when it comes to concocting pills, 100% effectiveness means nothing to me. Don’t compete with me when it comes to cultivation speed, I won’t be responsible when you die from embarrassment. Don’t compete with me when it comes to experience, as I’m an ancient ancestor. The existence of Jiang Chen is destined to ridicule thousands of geniuses……

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Against the Gods(MarsGravity) Novel online download

Alternative(s):ATG; Heaven Ong Evil God; Nghịch Thiên Tà Thần; Ni Tian Xie Shen; 逆天邪神

Author:Mars Gravity,火星引力


Genre(s): Action , Adventure , Comedy , Fantasy , Harem , Martial Arts , Mature , Romance , Seinen , XianXia

Tag(s): Arranged Marriage , Arrogant Male Lead , Beautiful Female Lead , Bloodlines , Clans , Cunning Male Lead , Demon Child , Demons , Dragons , Elves , Evil Gods , Female Master , Genius Doctor , Gods , Handsome Male Lead , Interspatial Storage , Male Protagonist , Medical Knowledge , Pill Master , Politics , Polygamy , Powerful Assisting Items , Pregnancy , Rape , Rape Victims Become Lovers , Reincarnation , Revenge , Video Games


A boy is being chased by various people because he alone holds some kind of treasure. He jumps off a cliff to not let any of them have it and wakes up in the body of a boy with the same name in another world. Fortunately, he has kept the treasure he ran off with. Official Description Wielding the sky poison pearl, receiving the blood of an evil god, cultivating the strength to oppose heaven, a lord overlooking the world.

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updated to Chapter 1161 (2018-08-20)

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Martial World(CocoonedCow) Novel online ebook download

Alternative(s):Vũ Cực Thiên Hạ; Wuji Tianxia; Мир боевых искусств; 武极天下

Author:Cocooned Cow,蚕茧里的牛


Genre(s): Action , Adventure , Fantasy , Harem , Martial Arts , Romance , Supernatural , Xuanhuan

Tag(s): Artifact Crafting , Beautiful Female Lead , Bloodlines , Body Tempering , Calm Male Lead , Cultivation , Demonic Cultivation , Dragons , Fearless Male Lead , Halberd Wielder , Handsome Male Lead , Hard-Working Male Lead , Inscriptions , Interspatial Storage , Late Romance , Legendary Artifacts , Legends , Magic Formations , Multiple Realms , Phoenixes , Polygamy , Powerful Assisting Items , Ranked By Strength , Spear Wielder , Strong Female Lead , Sudden Strength Gain , Video Games


In the Realm of the Gods, countless legends fought over a mysterious cube. After the battle it disappeared into the void. Lin Ming stumbles upon this mystery object and begins his journey to become a hero of the land.

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updated to Chapter 1817 (2018-08-20)

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A Will Eternal(ErGen) Novel ebook txt download free

A Belief Held Forever in My Heart; A Will Eternal; A Thought is Eternal; ATTE; Nhất Niệm Vĩnh Hằng; Yi Nian Yong Heng; 一念永恒
With a thought, the ocean shifted.. With a thought, the fields moved. With a thought, a thousand demons slain. With a thought, a thousand gods fell. My thought is … Eternity.
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Stealing The Heavens(XueHong) Novel online e-book txt download free

Alternative :偷天
Author(s):Blood Red,Xue Hong,血红
Genre(s): Action,Adventure,Fantasy,Martial Arts,Xianxia
Tag(s): Confident Male Lead , Cultivation , Domestic Affairs , Gate To Another World , Memories From Another World , Parallel Worlds , Shameless Male Lead , Smart Male Lead , Thieves , Transported To Another World , Weak To Strong
Summary: Steal a hook and they will hang you, steal the whole country and they will make you a prince. Those who steal the world and the hearts of the people might become a Divine Immortal. The Dao is boundless; the will of the people is limitless. Follow me and watch how I alone use my hands to steal the heavens!
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Ps: Ebook Updated to  the Chapter 550 (2018-08-03)

Martial God Asura Xianxia Novel online ebook txt download free

Alternative(s):MGA; Tu La Vũ Thần; Xiuluo Wushen; 修罗武神

Author:Kindhearted Bee,Shan Liang de Mi Feng,善良的蜜蜂


Genre(s): Action , Adventure , Drama , Fantasy , Harem , Martial Arts , Mature , Romance , Tragedy , Xuanhuan

Tag(s): Adapted To Movie , Age Progression , Arrogant Male Lead , Battle Academy , Beautiful Female Lead , Bloodlines , Body Tempering , Bullying , Clan Politics , Clans , Cultivation , Death Of Loved Ones , Discrimination , Fast Cultivation , Fearless Male Lead , Genius Male Lead , Godly Powers , Hidden Abilities , Hidden Past , Hot-Blooded Male Lead , Interspatial Storage , Male Protagonist , Monsters , Multiple Realms , Mysterious Family Background , Pill Based Cultivation , Polygamy


In terms of potential, Even if you are not a genius, you can learn Mysterious Techniques and martial skills. You can also learn without a teacher. In terms of strength, Even if you have tens of thousands of treasures, you may not be able to defeat my grand World Spirit army. Who am I? Every single living thing in the world views me as Asura. However, I did not know about that. Thus, as Asura, I became the Martial God.

Status: Ongoing


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ps: ebook updated to chapter 2861 (2018-08-03)