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Associated Names
Hit The Southern Wall
Action Adventure Fantasy Martial ArtsXuanhuan
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Alchemy Army Building AssassinsBeautiful Female Lead Calm Protagonist Caring ProtagonistCautious Protagonist Clever Protagonist Conspiracies Cunning Protagonist Dwarfs Elemental MagicElves Friendship Hiding True AbilitiesHiding True Identity KingdomsLeadership Low-key Protagonist Male Protagonist Mature ProtagonistMercenaries Necromancer PoliticsProactive Protagonist Rape Romantic Subplot Scheming Slaves Slow Romance Strength-based Social Hierarchy Strong Love InterestsSummoning Magic Sword And MagicTransmigration Weak to StrongWizards World Travel Zombies


A skilled but unfortunate modern-day assassin was killed in a freak accident. However, he soon found himself summoned to another world by an evil wizard, who had him possess the body of a boy as an experiment. After successfully planning the evil wizard’s downfall, he used the wizard’s body as a springboard to gain influence and power in his new world.

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ps:updated to Chapter 530

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