Bashan Sword Field(Wu Zui) Novel Chapter 10: Ask Sword

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Chapter 10: Ask Sword

Lin’s fingers trembled slightly.

A swordsman should be in front of the collapse and do not change color, mood so violent fluctuations, is really a very bad thing.

The young man was supposed to be Lin Zhuyu.

Lin Zhuyu is unknown throughout the world of spiritual practitioners.

At least,he can be sure that Lin ZiSan is much louder than Lin Zhuyu in the world of spiritual practitioners.

Many practitioners from other countries have heard his name, but I don’t think he has ever heard of Lin Zhuyu at all.

However, even listening to these simple dialogues, he can be sure that the usual practice of cooking wine in this forest is the cruellest practice, in the real battle between life and death to improve their realm and strength.

There are already many practitioners among the horse thieves in Yunmeng Mountain, but compared with ordinary practitioners, they can use any despicable means to win the battle when their survival is threatened.

He could not imagine how a spiritual practitioner of his age could face such ferocious horse thieves and eventually kill all of them. He could not imagine how a man of his age could face such ferocious horse thieves and end up killing them all.

Even more unimaginable was the fact that Lin had suffered a lot of injuries in cooking wine, but under such circumstances, his uncle had to rush him back to face all the young talents who took part in the Sword Club?

Even though this young man named Lin Zhuyu is even more powerful than Ye Xinhe, but if he pushes it too hard, he is not afraid to break the string or leave behind a hidden disease that hinders his spiritual practice in the future.

“Uncle Qi is really a bit of a psychopath.”Ye Xinhe said coldly at this time.

The hot air drifted, and the second bowl of noodles came over.

Lin Zhuyu, gladly, and nodded approvingly, “I think so, too.”

Ye Xinhe always seemed helpless in the face of him. He raised his eyebrows slightly and turned his head to look at the young girl named Yan Xin Lan. “you thought I was doing something wrong, and now Uncle Qi is calling him back.I am not afraid of people from all over the world to say that our Bashan sword field is mystical, that it is the beginning of the mountain to collect disciples, the results of the original Bashan sword field to the world demonstrations, so that the world to see how Bashan sword field is now?”

Lin Zhuyu in the rapid eating of noodles, eating noodles sound as if snoring general, this and Lin Zhuyu before the slow formation of a sharp contrast.

Soup and water full his mouth, and his voice sounded vaguely, “that’s what I said about Uncle Qi. I’m not the kind of psychopath he wants. After spending so much time in Yunmeng Mountain, who doesn’t want to take a break?But Uncle Qi asked why the Bashan Sword Field needs to be explained to people.What’s more, Uncle Qi said that Uncle Yu and Uncle Gu had their own ideas, and it might not be that whoever won me could become a disciple of the Bashan Sword Field.”

“not on the basis of victory or defeat?”Ye Xinhe frowned.

Lin Zhuyu head micro-fetal, mouth hanging some noodles, some funny slightly nodded, said: “and since the rare public collection, not only one or two so few.”

“the most important question.”

Yan Xinlan listened attentively until Lin finished eating the second bowl of noodles and began to drink soup. She asked softly, “Uncle Qi and Uncle Yu and Uncle Gu have been getting close to each other, and recently you have been practicing with Uncle Qi.Although we had long been disciples of the Bashan Sword Farm, before that, Uncle Ku Shih-tsun had never known where to close the retreat, and we had never seen him before. Moreover, we had not always followed someone to learn sword, nor was it necessarily someone’s disciple who had passed on the sword.So this time uncle Gu accepts disciples, do we also count among them, or are we simply not among the candidates he has chosen?”

“of course it does.”

Lin Zhuyu drink the last sip of soup, extremely satisfied stretch a lazy, smiled: “otherwise Qi Shi Shu anxious to let me rush back to do anything, Gu Shi Shu selection of disciples has not been limited to Qin people, of course, he looks good who, he will choose who to be disciples.”

Lin Zisan’s heart beat violently again, but for a moment, he involuntarily bowed his head and felt ashamed, thinking that there were too many outstanding young people here, even if not on the basis of victory or defeat, and how he chose them, even though he had left no matter how unorthodox he was, and there were too many outstanding young people here, even if not on the basis of victory or defeat.Seems impossible to pick on yourself.

“I’m going to be busy.”

Lin Zhuyu picked up a bowl of cold tea on the table and took a sip. He nodded to Yan Xin Lan and Ye Xinhe and got up and went out to the liquor store.

There was a crash.

As he walked out of the shop, a piece of cloth shook open on his back, which was as interesting as a wine flag on his back. There were some askew handwriting on it, but it stood out: “if you want to enter Bashan, ask me first with your sword.”

The leaves of plantains were freshened by the new rain, and even the old trees in the middle of the street, mingled in the shops, smelled of freshness.

Although this kind of small town in Bashan is remote and sparsely populated, the meeting of Jinghu Lake is the focus of the world’s attention. Yu Zuochi’s remarks have already turned Bashan Sword Field into the most famous sword sect in the world at this time, the public collection of Bashan Sword Field.

It has nothing to do with whether or not it is remote. It is the greatest event in the world of spiritual practitioners.

Apart from this, the world of spiritual practitioners is no more playful than children, and naturally seems solemn and solemn. Even if it were to challenge one person, it would not be such a joke and casual challenge to Lin boiled wine at this time, let alone such a arrogant challenge to all of us.

The quiet town suddenly became lively.

Like a pot of seasoning suddenly spilled by a wonderful hand, ease suddenly becomes full of gold and iron with a lazy taste, and the moist and fresh air is full of sharp smells floating all over the place.

There was a sudden clap of applause.

In addition to applause, there was a chorus of music.

The sound is not cluttered, just like a lot of girls playing meticulously.

If in the rest of the city where officials live, or if it is the bustling place of the Restaurant Flower Square, the sound will not be abrupt, but at this time, the impression is no less than the flag raised behind the Lin Zhuyu.

Lin Zhuyu looked at the source of the sound with consternation.

It was a small courtyard. As far as his memory was concerned, it was an old tea shop with a lot of old tea stored in it. Looking at the shop, it was a stranger who had moved here earlier to avoid misfortune. The old man was bereaved of his wife, and he was not good at talking to people. Day is half lying in an old rattan chair, holding a yellow cat, but also like those old tea sent out the smell of decay.

At the moment, however, he looked intently at the small yard, which seemed to have been decorated with doorframes and walls, and at the door there were two bright, dark flowers that had come to the door without knowing when they were in full bloom.

That Hualien forest cooking wine is also unknown, presumably not Bashan itself local varieties, the branches are like Qiu long twisted Cangjin, obviously carved by a skilled craftsman.

The most unexpected thing is that the dim courtyard lit the palace lamp one by one, but it is dark incense attacking people, there are more than a dozen gorgeous palace women.

The music inside is unceasing, these more than ten gorgeous palace outfit woman smiles, holds the basket to sprinkle the flower petals unceasingly, falls the rosy clouds profusion.

“it’s Ling!”

I do not know who woke up like a dream, a cry of alarm woke everyone.

“is that really the kind of pie you are waiting for?”

Not to mention the more than a dozen gorgeous palace women in front of the Lin Zhuyu, and even the following from the Ye Xinhe is somewhat eye-popping feeling.

The fame of Ling is very great. It is rumored that there has never been a defeat among the spiritual practitioners of the same generation in Chu. The Ling’s family owns several of the largest workshops in Chu territory, and is rich enough to compete with other countries. There are altogether seven sons in Ling’s family.

They are constantly taught by famous teachers, but the fourth son of Ling stands out from the others, far outstripping the rest of the people in that he has collected and scraped his sword sutras more than ever.

If Ling is more than sword, there must be beautiful maids playing music and sprinkling flowers, the battle is very great.

Many people had heard such rumors may not be true, but did not think that, even to this Bashan, Ling unexpectedly or this battle.

However, after the ten or so gorgeous palace attire women came out of the small yard, Ling still did not appear. Instead, a woman with a long leg, who was more showy and dignified than these women, came to Lin Zhuyu with a long sword of green shark scabbard.And bowed a little.

Then, a sword, a very domineering sword light into a five, directly like a high avalanche like a roar of wine in front of the forest.
Lin boiled wine to open his mouth, but he could not help but burp.

His sword had been thrust out before the sound of burping began.

Five domineering sword light suddenly disappears, this showy dignified long leg woman retreats three steps in a row, she scares to own wrist, on her wrist has a white living mark, is the sword point leaves the mark, but is not even the skin has scratched.

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