Bashan Sword Field(Wu Zui) Novel Chapter 11: Sword Field

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Chapter 11:Sword Field

At this moment, the music stopped suddenly in the small yard.

“does it hurt?”

Inside,a man’s voice sounded, not only pleasant, but also very soft.

Now, falling into the ears of the bystanders, they felt that the inner man was only concerned about the injury of the long-legged woman. However, the woman’s face suddenly dropped, she took a step back and lifted her hand, as if she had felt it carefully.Only then turned to the courtyard earnestly returned, “not painful.”

The applause rang out again.

Only accompanied by the applause, a handsome man in a turquoise shirt came out of the small yard.

“you kill intensely, ought to be in other place just after fierce fight came here, and should be this kind of fierce fight lasts too long, the mood is immersed in among them for a while cannot get rid of.”

The man was tall and handsome, and his speech was pleasant to the ear. For a moment, even Lin Zhujiu and Yan Xin Lan listened to him carefully and unconsciously.

“but when you put out your sword, you mean to clarify it, and there is nothing wrong with it. In your realm, there is nothing wrong with choosing such a flag on your back. It is only that I have two questions. Are you a member of the Bashan Sword Field, or are you an outsider like me? And how can you do it when the sword is so clear that you can’t get rid of it when you have a strong sense of murder in your heart?”

This handsome man was, of course, the first of the rumored Chu young practitioners, Ling. Before his appearance, everyone thought he was very pretentious and pompous, but at this time he spoke in a quiet manner. Tone is very modest, but it is to make a difference.

“I am a disciple of Bashan Sword Field.”Lin Zhujiu took the sword, slowly said,” as you say the meaning of the sword question. If one bowl of hot noodle soup can not solve the peace of sword, that is two bowls of hot soup noodle.”

Ling was taken a back.

His good-looking brows frowned a little, thought for a moment, then nodded quietly. “indeed, the longer a man fights in a bloody field, the more tired and hungry he is, the more he misses a bowl of hot noodle soup,” he said.”There is nothing more tranquil than a bowl of hot noodle soup.”

“what kind of battle have you been through? “Ling couldn’t help but look into Lin’s eyes and slowly said,” even a character like you can’t be liberated for a while, so he needs to find a moment’s peace of mind in this way?”

“I don’t like talking to people when people are watching,” Lin said with a slight smile. “and that’s the third question.”

Ling smiled, but the next moment, his eyes were fierce, “but there is a question I think you have to give an explanation in front of these people, you are Bashan sword field to give us a test?”

“I don’t know if it counts.”Lin Zhujiu thought about it carefully and said, “We don’t know how Uncle Gu chooses his disciples and how standard he is. It’s just that he told me to practice like this. I think they’ll all watch what happens here. As to which dish they like, that’s their business.”

Ling did not like Lin Zhujiu’s comparison of himself and these people to a bowl of dishes to be chosen. After sipping his mouth, he said, “would Gu LiRen choose from among you, too?”

“it does not exclude that they should be treated equally.”Lin Zhujiu replied earnestly,” as far as I know, all the disciples we started at Bashan Sword Field walked outside, and they only studied Jian Sutra in the door without paying homage to teachers. Moreover, my uncle told me to hurry back, so I should let Uncle Gu have a look at it, too.”

Ling is more displeased, he looked up not far from the mountain, that is the Bashan sword field where the mountain gate.

At this time the gate hidden in the mountains, jungle and darkness, not even a corner of the towering can not see.

He could not help but wonder, was it so high that the masters of the world could not imagine it?


But in the next second he calmed down and whispered to Lin Zhujiu.

A sharp spirit came out, as if to separate his clothes from the heaven and earth in front of him.


“Brother, are you kidding me?”

In the wooden building covered with green leaves, Yu Zuochi looked at Gu Liren sitting opposite, his face speechless.

He might have struck him with a sword.

“of course I’m not joking.”

Gu Liren’s face innocent, “I so hard, with such a short time, from so far to rush back to tell you this, how can I be joking.”

“I went to the Mirror Lake Sword Club to tell people all over the world that you were going to take in the disciples. Now, instead of coming all the way to the gifted young people, at least four or five out of ten have come, and even people like Ling will come.
Brother Qi did not say anything about it, but he hurriedly roared his precious wine from Yunmeng Mountain, that is, he wanted you to have a look at it.As soon as you get back here, you just tell me, you’ve got your apprentice, are you sure you’re not kidding?”

Gu Liren are very helpless, but also very emotional, said: “really, is not a joke,just an accident.”

“and where is he now?”

Yu Zuo-chi could not help sighing. At present, it is his wayward younger brother who has found his disciples as convincing as Lin Zhujiu. I am afraid that only those young practitioners who have traveled thousands of miles will have nothing to say.”it should be in the area of Qiyun Cave by now.”


Yu Zuo-chi listened to Gu Liren’s reply and took a deep breath before resisting the urge to draw the sword. “I don’t know if brother Qi will pull out the sword and chop you down, but you do remember to give it to the person who came. I don’t want people going out of Bashan Sword Fiedl to be like rats in the street, everyone calling out for a fight.”

Gu Liren actually seriously thought about it, some doubt: “they dare to fight?”

Yu Zuochi looked at him angrily and funnily and said, “when you hit, you must know who did it?”

“there’s some truth in that.”

Gu Liren nodded and said, “I want sleep for a while.”

Yu Zuochi looked at him helplessly.

“I’m really tired, and you said I was going to talk to these people.
“Gu Liren’s expression is very sincere,” if you haven’t seen me for a long time to want to stay for a while, or you can also sleep in my room for a while.”

“you sleep well on your own, and I have a headache when I look at you right now.”Yu Zuochi sprang up, and just as he turned around, he suddenly thought of a crucial question.” what’s your apprentice’s name? Why did you ask him to go to Qiyun Cave? brother Qi asked Lin Zhujiu to Yunmeng Mountain to kill horse thieves. If I remember correctly, it seems that there are no horse thieves there.”

“there is a clue to the hidden sword of You dynasty. I told him to go and have a look at it.His name is Wang Jingmeng.”

Gu Liren has closed his eyes, but when he hears this sentence, even those practitioners who have such a clear heart as Yu Zuochi’s sword and seldom really stir up in their hearts suddenly stare wide into their eyes and suddenly catch their breath.

“sometimes,it’s really hard for me to understand.”

Yu Zuo-chi spent several hours trying to calm his mood. He smiled bitterly at the corner of his mouth and looked at the people leaving him on his bed. He just felt that he was getting more and more confused. “you are obviously a swordsman, and you seldom care about other people’s world,” he said.”I don’t want to ask for information, but where did you get all that information? This Youwang Chaojian hidden light is the Chaotian realm that group of Qi people have been looking for a hundred years, you this casually out of the mountains for half a year, you can find something?”

“I am sensitive to everything in the sword.”

Gu Liren whispered: “Sword meaning, sword marks, including all things related to the sword.”

Yu Zuochi turned and walked out of the door.

He already understands.

And he had nothing to say about such a natural monster.

As early as the beginning of his spiritual practice with Gu Liren, he had already realized that Gu Liren was such a monster, but most of the time he was still limited to common sense and ignored such facts.


The Bashan Sword Field is extremely quiet.

So quiet that the sound of swords could be heard faintly in the small town.

For many years no outsider has ever been to the Bashan Sword Field, so now those practitioners who come from afar do not know what the Bashan Sword Field really looks like.

In fact, the Bashan Sword Field has been gathering swordsmen for a hundred years, not to mention some evasive practitioners who lived here for long periods of time to meditate.

Can attract people to live, in addition to quiet, often because the scenery is extremely beautiful or magnificent.

The Bashan sword field has both.

The reason why is called the field, is because the Bashan sword place in the original is a mine.

The area produced excellent cold iron hundreds of years ago. At its peak, local doors built blast furnaces directly in the mine, refined them and shipped them out to save cars and horses.

After a hundred years, the mine was dug into a huge pit, but the vein has been cut off, after the evacuation of personnel, the blast furnace is completely abandoned.

In another hundred years, the huge crater will be filled with dense trees. The blast furnaces, some grottoes, and some houses left behind by predecessors have been left behind and scattered among them.

After successive generations of hermit practitioners here to repair and carve, time will give the perfect answer.

The Bashan sword field is quiet and beautiful at this time, and many great trees are blooming next to each other.

On the other side of the cliff facing Yu Zuochi, a chain of silver cascades splashed down, beneath a towering blast furnace covered with moss and many strange little vines, the waterfall flung to the top of the furnace.

Flying out of thousands of pearls like crystal drops.

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