Bashan Sword Field(Wu Zui) Novel Chapter 12: A line of blood

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Chapter 12:A line of blood

Thousands of crystal drops of water along with the mountain wind, before landing was blown thin and long, such as a crystal sword.

The sword hit not far away in the plantain forest, crackling, this is the sound of wind and rain.

There was a small bamboo building in the plantain forest, which was empty at the moment.

There was originally a female swordsman living there, but she had not returned since leaving Bashan three years ago. But this time Gu Liren said she wanted to accept the disciples, and her female disciple Yan Xin Lan had been ordered to come back.

I do not know how she would feel if she heard that Gu Liren had already found a disciple, and that her female disciple had come back in vain.

Thinking that he could have such a monster brother, he could not help sighing, and then some pride.

Outside the Bashan Sword Field, the sound of wind and rain in the small town is also strong.

Countless sword shadows accompanied by wild wind from all directions continue to rush to the body of Lin Zhujiu in the forest.

More and more people are coming.

Some people alone, some people did not like to move in many places, some people do not like to disclose their belongings, but after Ling pull out of the sword, these people all converged into this town.

Most people’s eyes are full of shock, some arrogant young people did not think that they will be worse than those famous people, but now their eyes are full of depression.

Ling’s sword is very calm, he seems to be walking, but his sword, is composed of eight wind and rain.

The sword shadow of the stormy wind and rain completely enveloped the figure of the Lin Zhujiu in the forest.

From the beginning until now, he seems to have only used the same stroke sword.

But this sword move in his hands, the power is constantly improving, originally in many people’s view is already very perfect sword, but is constantly becoming more perfect.

Ye Xinhe frowned.

He had also looked down upon the pretentious young men, but Ling it should be his main enemy.

On the contrary, the Yan Xin Lan beside him is the face is always calm.

The Lin Zhujiu in the wind and rain seems to have had a hard time dealing with it.

He has changed at least six or seven Sword Sutra in dozens of subtle sword moves, but still can not break such a wind and rain.

However, suddenly, the wind and rain stopped suddenly, Ling stopped.

It was not until then that many saw the sword in his hand.

It was a strange broadsword, twice as wide as the usual sword, but one foot shorter than the usual long sword.

The cyan sword had many irregular grooves that glowed faintly with water.

Lin Zhujiu looked at him puzzled, and then couldn’t help but look at his sword.

“Xiaoxiao Wind and Rain Sword.”

Ling lifted the sword and let Lin Zhujiu see it clearly. “but I have a lot of swords, and this is just one of them.If you can beat me,i will give it to you.”


Lin Zhujiu marvel, but then could not help but ask: “and why stop?”

“just make sure of something.”

Ling calm looking at Lin Zhujiu, his chest not even a trace of ups and downs, just like that out of the sword, it seems to him is not fierce, “you were seriously injured?”

Lin Zhujiu nodded. “it should be heavy.” he said.

“that is to see us as a means of sharpening your way to kendo.
“Ling raised his head slightly, and his face was slightly colder.” any swordsmanship is a precious experience handed down by spiritual practitioners of all ages. Any swordplay should be solemn and solemn. Since you are injured, you dare to challenge everyone here.
I will defeat you.”

“that’s what you’re talking about. It’s a little hard to understand.”

Lin Zhujiu was taken aback and laughed. “it should be a good attitude to treat the sword like this. It’s just that you really can’t beat me today.”


Ling is a little surprised, but not angry, “Why?”

“because I have used some messy swords, you should not see my sword path and use sword habits, but I already know you very well.”

Lin Zhujiu said with a smile, “next,you should use this sword trick, or change the trick, it is not very useful.”

So many subtle sword moves, in his mouth should be just a mess of sword moves?

“you’re not kidding?”Ling speechless.

Lin Zhujiu shook his head and seriously said: “of course not.”

Ling was silent for a moment and said, “Let me see your real sword.”

Lin Zhujiu took a serious look at him, and said: “you have to be careful.”

Ling looked him in the eye and understood what he meant.

The other side did not know what kind of brutal killing, even back to this quiet town, the heart is restless, need to rely on two bowls of hot soup noodles in exchange for a moment of peace of mind.

His truly powerful sword must be too strong to be imagined, and it would be difficult to control even himself after the sword has been drawn.

“if he carelessly injures me, or kills me carelessly, tell my family not to avenge.”

Ling turned slowly and said to the woman with long legs.

The long-legged woman followed for a long time and did not say much, but made a solemn salute and signalled to herself to understand.

“A sword is a weapon, and if it moves, it may kill. Therefore, I have always regarded the sword as the most solemn and solemn thing. Since you want to see your real sword, you must not leave your hand.
“Ling does not go to see her, but look at Lin Zhujiu, seriously say,” I will also as far as I can play out the strongest sword.”

In the face of such demure opponents, Lin Zhujiu is somewhat unaccustomed.

None of the enemies he had encountered before was not ferocious, and any means by which he could kill them would be used.

Although not quite used to, but naturally such an opponent can make him respect.

So he also carefully and slightly bowed a salute.

“I did.” He went on.

This is a reminder to Ling.

When his voice rang, all the people suddenly felt inexplicably cold.
The smell of Lin Zhujiu suddenly changed in everyone’s perception.

He seemed to blend in with the real darkness, and his murderous exuberance was like the scent of a ghost coming out of hell.

In the air between him and Ling Si’s son, there were some strange and piercing sounds, like a dozen crows sniffing death.

Ling’s face pale, this murderous and sword so that he had a very uncomfortable, unable to breathe feeling, but his eyes are more and more bright.

Throughout Chu, he had never seen such a strong contemporaries, not even in the hands of the famous teachers who had taught him before, had he seen such a powerful sword.

He was very dignified toward the front of the ball so that he was uncomfortable with the air chopped out of a sword.

In front of the sword there was a straight wave of air, and the wind was blowing furiously from the sword.

The sound of the wind reached its extreme, and when there was no louder wind on earth, it turned into thunder.

The straight air wave was invisible, but when the thunder sounded, the edge of the air wave is a golden light, as if plated with a layer of Phnom Penh.

Many of the earthen pots on either side of the street, which were used as pickles, cracked at the sound of thunder, the plantain trees that rose above the eaves were shattered, some terrible cries rang out, and there was no time for those who were nearer to practice to dodge.

The clothes suddenly appeared a lot of cracks, blood from the infiltration out.

Lin Zhujiu also appeared on the body of some new wounds, but the smell of his body and released the meaning of the sword is like countless fine lines wrapped in this golden sword light.

This golden sword light, through the violent will to kill, was gradually dissolved and become thin and elongated. The sword light of the golden color passed through the violent intent of killing, and gradually became thin and long.

But in the end, it did not seem to have been completely eliminated, into a slender sword light, piercing the chest of boiled wine in the forest.

Lin Zhujiu did not care about this sword light, his sword in the hands of the dark before the spread of the idea of killing, has been toward Ling handed out.

That fine sword light fell on the Lin Zhujiu’s body, what is puzzling is did not leave any wound, however, at the same time, Ling’s body actually backward violently retreats several tens of feet.

A line of blood appeared between his eyebrows and his heart, and a glistening drop of blood dripped down the top of the line and down the tip of his nose.

There was a roar of exclamations.

The line of blood was opening slowly, as if an eye were opening.

Everyone is worried that this line of blood will spread further.

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