Bashan Sword Field(Wu Zui) Novel Chapter 13: Alien

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Chapter 13:Alien

“Thank you.”

When all eyes are still in Ling’s eyebrows, Lin Zhujiu is exhaled, and then seriously salute to Ling once agin.

When the crowd looked at him again, everyone felt that the smell of Lin Zhujiu had changed completely.

The dark savage of murder, even the smell of cruelty and decay, had vanished altogether.

Lin Zhujiu is very peaceful at this time, and even give people the feeling and ordinary, ordinary and a homecoming traveler is not much different.

Ling paused slightly.

“here you go.”

He threw his sword directly to Lin Zhujiu.

With a sniff, the broad tip of the sword thrust like rotten wood into the slate in front of Lin Zhujiu.

“you’re welcome.”

He put out a finger and rubbed the wound on his brow, and the line of blood faded a lot.

Do not know why, looking at the wound did not go deep, many people are inexplicably relieved.

Lin Zisan couldn’t help but clap his hands.

The clapping sounded, and no one was surprised at the moment.

But a voice that sounded as if it were a golden iron, or even a piercing voice, sounded low on his side, “Why are you clapping?”

Lin Zisan was stunned, followed the sound, and saw a middle-aged man in ordinary linen clothes, with his hair scattered.

The middle-aged man’s face was supposed to be square in outline, but his hair hung down on both sides, making his face so sharp that it seemed to pierce the ground below him.

His eyes were also exceptionally sharp. Lin ZiSan just looked into this man’s eyes and felt as if he had been stabbed several swords.

“because it’s wonderful.”

Lin Zisan’s three intuition that this person should be a strong practitioner, he slightly bowed a salute, said: “and both of them have a gentleman’s style, worthy of respect.”

The middle-aged man’s mouth was slightly stirred up, a look of disdain appeared, as if his words were not fully agreed with, and even felt a bit ridiculous.

But then he still looked at Lin Zisan’s eyes, and asked: “you can see wonderful? where do you feel wonderful?”

“both of them are more powerful than I am, and every sword is brilliant. If I fight them, I’m afraid I won’t be able to catch either of them.”Lin Zi’s voice naturally appeared in his heart.

However, he felt that this was not the right answer. He frowned a little, thought about it carefully, and said,” Lin Zhujiu splashed out the murder he had accumulated and the shadow he had left in his heart.But also to meet the opponent, but also to Ling strong opponent, in order to let him this sword incisively and vividly.
Before Lin Zhujiu out of the sword, his state of mind was still a little unstable, like waking up from a nightmare every now and then. He could not get rid of the cruelty of fighting, but he was able to use it to melt the will to kill, and the sword was so stable and powerful.I’m afraid there aren’t many people in the world who can do that. But it was the strength of Ling who could force him to do so, so that the stunning duel between the two could not be seen anywhere else.”

The middle-aged man’s face had been a bit serious, but as Lin described it, his face eased slowly, and even his face, sandwiched between his hair, seemed to soften up.

“what’s your name?”he asked.

Lin Zisan shyly accosted: “Lin Zisan.”

The middle-aged man mused a little and said, “I think I’ve heard of you.”

Unsure of what the middle-aged man meant, Lin said hesitantly, “who are you, the elder?”

“Yu Yijin.” The middle-aged man looked at Lin Zisan and said, “I am from the Bashan Sword Field. Do you want to go into the Bashan Sword Field and be my disciple?”.


Lin Zisan and Ye Xinhe, Yan Xin Lan stand very close, this middle-aged man’s this sentence is exited, Ye Xinhe and Yan XinLan are taken aback suddenly, turn round, look at middle-aged man unbelievably: “Uncel Yu?”

Yu Yijin took a glance at Ye Xinhe and Yan XinLan, but did not speak, but felt that Ye Xinhe and Yan XinLan were making a fuss.

Lin Zisan surprised staring eyes, Ye Xinhe and Yan XinLan have never seen this?

“is it really Uncle Yu?”

Ye Xinhe looked at the middle-aged man, but his eyebrows were slightly raised.

Yu’s eyebrows are slightly wrinkled.

“although I have never met him, I know at least that he has received a disciple named Mao Qi.”Ye Xinhe said,” and I have heard from the elders of the division gate that Uncle Yu is extremely satisfied with the disciple he has received.”

“who says i can only take one disciple?”Yu Yi-jin ‘s eyebrow tip is also slightly provoked, even if it is covered by his hair hanging loose, there is a faint sharp breath along the corners of his eyebrows continue to diverge into the air.

Ye Xinhe’s complexion remained the same. He looked at Lin Zisan,then said, “I just don’t understand why uncle Yu chosen him as a disciple.”

Yu’s brow rose quietly.

He took a look at Ye Xinhe, just looked at it, did not speak, a sword light from his sleeve then protruded out.

The sword was black and scaly, like a python.

Sword’s road is very clear, seemingly unhappy, straight to the chest of Ye Xinhe.

Ye Xinhe frowned deeply, his figure moved several times in succession, but he found that no matter how evasive he was, he could not avoid the sharp point of the sword.

He drew his sword.

A clear sword light slanted out and stabbed Yu’s wrist in a catty.
However, as soon as Yu’s wrist sank, it was a direct pressure on his sword body. Ye Xinhe felt cold in his heart. In his hand, the sword body only felt like a mountain. Before he could turn the sword body, Yu Yijin’s sword had already landed on his chest.

The tip of the sword fell on his chest, but it was a boom.

Ye Xinhe turned pale, retreating three steps in a row, spitting out a mouthful of blood.

Yu Yijin collected the sword, and his sword light quickly disappeared in his hands. But Ye Xinhe’s chest coat had a dent in it. Although the garment had not even cracked, the dent was only slowly popped up after he had collected the sword.

It’s like there’s always a steady stream of pressure on it.

“it is enough to know propriety, shame, and understanding.”

Yu Yijin took a look at Ye Xinhe again and said, “you’re not bad, either.”

The first half of his sentence clearly answered Ye Xinhe’s question, but the next sentence was a real compliment.

At this time, the rest of the street has not yet reacted, they are still looking at Linjiu and Ling four son, at this time turned around are stunned eyes, do not understand why there is suddenly someone to hand.

Lin Zhujiu see the trick of the past, he immediately flew over to Yu on a catty on a salute.

“you’re better.”

Yu Yijin slightly nodded, said to Lin Zhujiu, slightly paused, and then said, “Brother Qi better than me.”

There were two meanings in his statement,Ye Xinhe understood them all.

On the one hand, it is said that Lin Zhujiu is stronger than Ye Xinhe; on the other hand, it is said that Lin Zhujiu should be better than the Mao Qi he has coached.

Yu Yijin in the Bashan sword field is also an alien.

According to the teacher in the gate, Yu Yijin was a butcher at the earliest, killing pigs and sheep, but one day he suddenly became enlightened, that is, he learned to absorb the spirit of heaven and earth without a teacher. Later, when he practiced in Bashan, he rarely read the Sword Sutra.

It’s all self-inflicted sword moves.

He stayed in the Bashan sword field very little, so like their generation of young disciples, are only heard of the name and deeds, but have not seen the real person.

Although this man is an alien, and he is not very well known outside the country, many teachers, including Uncle Qi, who recently taught him to practice, have told him that if they fight to death and kill, they will argue with him.

Yu Yijin can rank in the top five at least in Bashan Sword Field.

The praise of such a division commander naturally carries more weight.

“Mao Qi come back or not?”

Lin Zhujiu, with a self-deprecating smile, asked in a whisper.

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