Bashan Sword Field(Wu Zui) Novel Chapter 14: Opinion

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Chapter 14:Opinion

“it’s the same whether he comes back or not.”Yu Yijin said.

Lin Zhujiu was taken aback, saying subconsciously, “how could it all be the same?”

Although he did not know Yu Yijin well, he only heard from his teacher that he had practiced for a few years, but he and Mao Qi were very familiar with each other. Mao Qi and he were almost at the same time getting started, and they spent several years practicing together in the Bashan Sword Field.

Mao Qi is said to have been an orphan picked up by Yu Yijin from a town that was hit by the plague. The town has only a few people alive, and Mao Qi is one of them.

In any case, the understanding of Mao Qi may not be as good as his. Some swordsmanship may be a little slower than his, but there are also many things he can’t reach on Mao Qi.

For example, the strength and endurance of Mao Qi are quite different from ordinary people, which allows him to use some very unique sword moves, and Mao Qi can fight for a long time.

The most important thing is that perhaps it is the kind of relationship that eventually comes down from a city full of death. Mao Qi are not the kind of indifference to death that many people imagine, and they can ignore death with an unusually indifferent sword.Instead, he cherishes life so much that he explodes into unpredictable potential in the face of a real crisis.

Lin Zhujiu feels that if he only competes with each other inside the door, he may be able to win Mao Qi, but if he is really like those horse-thieves in Yunmeng Mountain, he may not be the one who eventually survives by all means of life and death.

“I have been teaching him all the time. Even if he comes back, he will not be Gu Liren’s disciple. He will only be my disciple.”at this moment when he was somewhat confused, Yu Yijin glanced at him and said.

This is not just him, even Ye Xinhe and Yan XinLan are Stunned.

The long street, shrouded in the night, had been completely calmed down.

They stood together, while the rest looked at them from a distance.

These people are like standing in a small, independent world.

A gust of night breeze hit, Lin Zhujiu to return to one’s senses, do not know why, his body some inexplicably chills.

He knew that he had misunderstood Yu Yijin from the beginning.

“there will be trouble.”

Yu Yijin did not shy away from talking to them before, but when he raised his head, he looked at the Bashan Sword Field, which was already very close to him, but he lowered his voice.With a touch of gloom, “Gu Liren is probably the most free and unruly spiritual practitioner I have ever seen in my life. His world has no rules and obeys the mind, just rules and traditions, which are very important to many people.”

Lin Zhujiu deep frown, he also whispered: “Uncle Yu,you mean this trouble is not in the big wind, not outside the sword field, but in the sword field?”

“I wish I had been paranoid.”

Yu Yijin’s face was also very gloomy, and he had some foreboding feelings in his heart. This was similar to the time when he happened to be passing through that town and there was an outbreak of the epidemic.

“before the Bashan Sword Field, although the disciples were gathered year after year, they did not say whose disciples were dead. For example, Qi Jun did not say that you were his disciple and that no one else could teach him.For example, although I have been teaching Mao Qi, I have not said that Mao is my disciple, not someone else’s disciple.”

“in the eyes of the vast majority of people at least, today’s Bashan Sword Field can be somewhat unknown, but in fact a very strong swordsman is because the disciples who entered the Bashan Sword Field saw much more and saw more swords.Many people teach one person at the same time, but also be able to learn from that person’s use, different understanding.”

“the Bashan Sword Field is different from other places of practice and Zongmen. This is the biggest difference from the other places of practice.”

Yu went on slowly, “but from now on, Gu Liren is going to change it.”

Yan XinLan’s words have not been much.

Listening to these words, she couldn’t help saying, “what Uncle Gu wants to do is his business, and the rest of us will do it for ourselves, or just as we have done before, and he will not interfere with the rest of the people.”

“it’s just what you think. Who knows what other people think, and who knows what others think?”Yu Yi-jin said with a slight mockery.

His face and attire already gave people the feeling of not very good close, at this time of cold laugh, he appears even colder.

Lin Zhujiu thought for a moment, then looked at Yu Yi-jin and asked earnestly, “at least I know Uncle Qi doesn’t have any special ideas. Instead, he really hopes that I can learn sword from Uncle Gu. I wonder if Uncle Qi is for or against it.”

“naturally, I don’t think it’s a problem for someone to be my only relative disciple. For example, I’ve been teaching on the seventh floor of Mao. Lin Tzu-san, for example, will be my only close disciple in the future.”Yu said lightly,” but as for the others, I don’t know whether I’m for or against it.”

Yan XinLan frowned deeply.

As far as she was concerned, she was a housekeeper. How could there be so many opinions? it was just a collection of disciples. Whoever wanted to collect them could do what they wanted, and there was no need to think of such a complicated matter.

If it hadn’t been for Yu Yijin, she wouldn’t have thought of these things at all.

However, she could understand Yu Yijin’s argument and his worries.

Everyone’s thinking is very different, perhaps some people living in Bashan sword field is a picture of quiet, or even Yu Zuochi to participate in the Mirror Lake sword club they may not agree.

Many people may not want the Bashan Sword Field to be so dazzling in the world of spiritual practitioners.

“if even such a little difference of opinion can not be accommodated, can not be easily resolved, then such a door also does not have any significance.”she looked at Yu Yijin, slowly said:” if there will be a lot of fierce arguments, then it is necessary for someone to come forward, many different views will be pressed down.
At least in my opinion, Bashan sword field few people do not like Bashan sword field strong, if uncle Gu Shi and Yu Shi bo can make Bashan sword field stronger than ever before, can let us become stronger, then we must think that this is the right opinion.”

Yu Yijin didn’t care what Yan XinLan said at all. He just thought Yan Xin Lan had a very big tone. Originally he couldn’t help but want to reprimand Yan Xin Lan for two sentences. But when he looked at Xiang Yan Xin Lan, he looked at the look of steadfastness and serenity that was revealed in her eyes.

He thought of this little girl who should have been one of the most outstanding disciples of the Bashan Sword Field in the past 20 or 30 years. He changed his mind and shook his head faintly. “this is just your idea,” he said.

“it’s only a small matter after all.”

Lin Zhujiu deep frown, at this time also can not help but whisper a word.

But his words did not arouse anyone’s response, whether Ye Xinhe or Yan XinLan, did not answer.

In fact, he himself was silent for the next moment.

He knew it was no small matter.

Because it was because the atmosphere became very serious unnaturally, and even some tension, he could not help but say such a sentence.

At this time the Bashan sword Field these several people form a small circle, the atmosphere is tense and serious, the voice is very low, outside those who watch the lively people do not know what happened, but in this circle but very much like outsiders, Lin Zi San has heard clearly.

He was a little short and uneasy, not knowing what he should do or say at this time.

“are you afraid?”

Yu Yijin suddenly turned his head to look at him and asked.

Lin Zisan thought for a moment and nodded.

The closer he came to the Bashan Sword Field, the more he felt that it was secret and powerful, but not as simple as he had imagined.

Who would want to get into trouble at the very beginning?.

Not to mention the disputes between the fierce teachers?

In fact, Yu Yi-jin alone made him a little afraid, Yu’s appearance was not easy to get close to people, and most of the time he also appeared to be extremely strict.

“would you like to learn sword with me?”

Yu Yijin looked at him and asked, “I know you came here naturally to be a disciple of Gu Liren.”

“I was so conceited that when I got here I knew I was nothing.”

Lin Zisan hung his head in shame and said, “naturally, I don’t expect to be a disciple of Gu Liren anymore.”

Yu Yijin felt that he was a bit verbose and slightly displeased with raising eyebrows. “does that mean you would like to?”

“Yes, but should I not be allowed to do something injurious?”Lin Zisan didn’t dare to look Yu Yi-jin in the eye. He hesitated a little nervously.

Yu Yijin sneered, “Bashan Sword Field is not evil.”

Lin Zhujiu looked at them, although before the atmosphere is still very serious, but do not know why, he could not help but some unkind smile.

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