Bashan Sword Field(Wu Zui) Novel Chapter 15: Account

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Chapter 15: Account

Not far from the foot of a hanging building, the eaves dripping water, there is a very old plantain tree, there are a few stone mortar used to pound medicine.

Rain Water dripped onto the leaves of the plantain tree and then into the stone mortar.

The water in the stone mortar was already full and very clear.
Each drop of Rain Water falls like a crystal pearl from the plantain leaves and ripples on the surface of the water in the stone mortar.

“are you sure you’re not going to see him?”

There was a square table on the second floor of the building, and the top of the square table was blackened by smoke, and one side of the square table lay directly against the window, and half the table was stained wet by the foggy splash of Rain Water.

A pair of men and women sat face to face against the window.

The woman wearing lavender skirt dress, looks very gentle, let a person think of the first time, it is a purple rose in the deep lane.

The man opposite her was very sharp, and his black shirt was as dry and hard as an iron shirt.

There were also a few faint scars on his face, not like the marks of a sword, but rather the marks of being stabbed by trees and thorns as he skimmed by them.

It’s just that this scar has been around for a long time. It’s not shocking. The real edge comes from the man’s hands on the table.

His fingers were slender, slender and long, and looked strong, but the most important thing was that they were extremely straight when they were straight, like a small sword.

He is Qi Zhun, uncle Qi.He is not the strongest swordsman in the Bashan Sword Field, but he is definitely the one who kills the most people.

But sits opposite him this seemingly gentle woman, actually is Yu Zuochi sees the building in the Bashan sword field to sigh that the owner.

“never mind. I’ll see him when it’s over.”

Qi Zhun scratched his head, looked at the woman opposite, and said, “I can’t help but want to learn from each other when we say something about sword meaning. If it were in peacetime, it would be just that. But Gu Liren may have some trouble with this matter. He started to stir up the crowd and said that he wanted to take in the disciples.As a result, some people came everywhere, but they said they had already received it. If they were to receive someone from another dynasty, they would have given up, but what they had received was still a Qin person. How could the people of this other dynasty ever feel comfortable and always feel that he was deliberately making fun of them? Not to mention people in their own homes have all sorts of ideas.I can’t go over there now and kill off my strength and swords first.”

“the trouble would not be now, but in the future.”

The woman was gentle in appearance and soft in tone, but the words revealed a strong confidence. “now that we are all back, even if some people have ideas, what can we do?”

“so you still feel like there’s trouble in your house.”Qi zhun flicked his fingers on the table and frowned and mused, “in fact, rules are rules, but there were really no rules before Bashan Sword Yard. The most troublesome thing is, who has been the tallest in our Bashan Sword Field? Whoever uses the sword best is the Suzerain and the head of the sword. A few years ago, Yu Zuochi came first. No one thought anything was wrong, but now Gu Li is more powerful than him. That is to say, Gu Liren is in charge of what he says, but Yu Zuochi is also in his direction. And he does things casually. Some of these people naturally have ideas. Well, if those people object. It’s a real headache to think about who broke the rules.”

“Out of sight, out of mind.”

The woman shook her head and said lightly, “there is no such thing in the world as what anyone thinks is good, good or bad, no one can tell. It is foolish to stand up and try to change the wind and rain.” she said.

Qizhun heard this woman tone in the faint tired, he surprised, said: “what do you mean?”

“I had always wanted to take a trip overseas. Two of my friends had also found two islands,”the woman said, “this time,I came to Bashan to meet many people. After leaving Bashan, I may go overseas have a look at them for a few years.”

Qi Zhun then stared wide eyes, “this…..”

After a while, he could not help but say: “do you not care Yan XinLan, or take her with you to overseas?”

The woman took a quiet look at Yan XinLan on the street and said, “she is better than me. What I can teach has already been taught. There is no need to teach any more.”

Bashan sword field, a cave that can see the rising sun in the east, has all the furniture needed for life.

There are some wild flowers in the black clay pots.

This is where Yu Zuochi used to practice at Bashan Sword Field on weekdays.

Morning clouds can be seen, in the evening, mountain fog such as streamers in the forest around if the weather is fine after the rain often across the valley there are rainbows.

There was an old man with a green shirt sitting opposite him.

The old man’s blue shirt was in the form of a Taoist robe. His hair was silvery white, but his skin was as red and tender as a baby’s.

“from the time you begin to practice, we all know that you like to live high. Of course, it is good to live high. If you live high and look far away, you will have an open mind, and a great atmosphere when you act with a sword.But blind to see far but also often can not see hidden worries, high things bright and clear, only those dark places, only breeding rot and mildew.”the old man cooked a pot of yellow rice wine, which was amber in color and fragrant, but it no longer tasted much alcohol and tasted light. There was a kind of cleanness and sweetness peculiar to the hole that had been hidden for many years. More and more like the original brewing of the mountain spring water mixed with the taste of the years.

“it’s not that we’re afraid of change, it’s that we’ve changed.”

Looking at Yu Zuochi, the old man said earnestly and gently, “of all the practitioners from all dynasties, only a small half are young people who want to be disciples of Bashan Sword Field, and most of them are strong ones on the list of Swordsmen.Some should be better than many people on the swords list, but those who disdain those who are more arrogant on the list, what they want to try most should be your sword and Gu Liren’s sword. There were so many spiritual practitioners that the army was afraid of causing chaos. Even the Hengshan army moved in. In case of friction between the army and some of the people who lived in the gate, if the army died and the people who lived in the gate died, these would be counted on the head of our Bashan sword field.Moreover, the Bashan sword field so loud and open collection of disciples, and not only to the Qin people, many other dynasties of young talent into Bashan sword field practice? We are the place of practice in Qin Dynasty. In the future, if the practitioners who go out here become the strongmen of the enemy dynasty. You see, even Wen Wan has decided to go overseas and probably won’t go back to Bashan for many years.”


Yu Zuochi drank a glass of wine, and he suddenly interrupted the old man’s statement in the same soft tone as the wine in the glass.

“what are you afraid of?”

The old man was stunned.

“if you say that you are not afraid of change, but that you have changed, then what are you still afraid of? “Yu Zuochi looked at him and calmly said, “in fact, you should understand that whether I go to Jinghu or not, no matter whether I am away from the public or not, this change has already taken place.Just like the Yunshui Palace, even if the people of the Yunshui Palace were simply studying sword in the cold pool, the world was on guard. Even several elite troops of the Wei Dynasty were stationed around the Yunshui Palace all the time. It was not that those people in the Yunshui Palace had any superfluous thoughts.It’s because Yunshui Palace is too strong. Now some of us are too strong, and the next generation of disciples are exceptionally good. No matter what we do or think, the Bashan Sword Field will eventually become the windy tree of Mountain. The emergence of many powerful practitioners at a given time is a coincidence, and it is also a matter of destiny, and no one can stop or change it. But as a child I heard an old saying, even if the sky falls, there are tall people against it, so it is pointless to be afraid of the sky falling.”

The old man silent.

He understood, and felt that there was some truth in it, but it did not stop the uneasiness in his heart.

He knew he was upset only because he was not the same person as Yu Zuochi and others.

But Gu Liren and Yu Zuochi and others are the tallest people in the Bashan Sword Field at this time. The meaning of Yu Zuochi’s last sentence is very clear. Even if something happens, it is also their responsibility.

“Gu was not as casual as everyone thought, regardless of what everyone thought. He came back very hard because he knew he had to come back, and he told me before the break that he would give everyone an account of the matter.”

Yu Zuochi smiled and said, “since he has already said so, I believe he going to account for this to all the people who have come here, so I am not in a hurry, just wait and see.”

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