Bashan Sword Field(Wu Zui) Novel Chapter 16: I want to try your sword first

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Chapter 16: I want to try your sword first


Some people go into the mountains, others out.

In the misty rain, the purple rosewood of the small town opened for the first time, and the sound of the wheels of the carriage rolling over the uneven stones rang out in the mountains.

In the mountain, there is a teenager out of the gate of Bashan sword field.

The teenager was dressed in a yellow shirt, had a white complexion, seemed to bask very little in the sun, and his face was not as sharp and bookish as many young people.

He was also carrying a thick book with a black cover in his arms, and it seemed that he would not let it go all the time, as if there were still some questions in the book that he still did not understand.

The mountain road was slippery, but the tall pine trees were relatively dry, with their crowns stacked off most of the Rain Water, and the rain drops that fell on the trees sucked by dried bark and a thick layer of pine needles on the ground.

There are three people deep in the pine forest.

Lin Zhujiu, Yan Xinlan and Ye Xinhe.

There were two or three sheds of different shapes made of bark, which were not clean, but miraculously there was no trace of any insects. There was water in the tank inside, and rice in the bowl.

Lin Zhujiu is cooking wine.

It was good wine, the wine he had snatched from the horseshoe’s nest of thieves in Yunmeng Mountain.Those horse thieves know that the scenery is not as beautiful as the sunset today, they are very clear that today may not have tomorrow, so these horse thieves can be kept drunk, and even reluctant to drink wine, must be excellent.

The wine is emerald green, with some strange floral fragrance, but not strong and not faint.

Wine is good wine, but not everyone is good at wine.

Yan XinLan prefers sweet soup.

Ye Xinhe at most one cup of wine.

Suddenly saw such a young man holding the book appeared in the sight, Lin Zhujiu first stunned, and then a sentence is, “can drink?”

The bookish teenager bowed politely, smiled and said, “Just a cup.”

Lin Zhujiu then immediately some disappointment, he immediately some miss Mao Qi.

“you know us?”

Ye Xinhe’s concern was not whether he could drink or not. He looked at the young man who came forward, and just looked at the manner of the boy. He felt that this young man was no stranger to this place, so his eyebrows involuntarily stirred up, “are you from the Bashan Sword Field?”

“Lin Zhujiu, Ye Xinhe, Yan XinLan.”

The boy nodded gracefully, picked a stone with his arms and kicked it to the campfire, sat down, and then said, “I am your brother according to the entry time.”

“what is your name?”Yan Xin Lan is a little strange, she has never seen this young person before, but Lin Zhujiu and Ye Xinhe stayed in Bashan sword yard for a long time, especially Lin Zhujiu.

It’s strange that they haven’t even seen him.

“my name is Shi Changluo.”

The young man smiled a little, he looked up at Yan XinLan, but there was some indescribable arrogance in the beauty, “I usually read book in the sword tower, so I have never seen you.”

“you’re the nerd in the turret who be shut down?”Lin Zhujiu immediately reacted, surprised to look at the young man named Shi Changluo.

Ye Xinhe and Yan XinLan also looked at each other, eyes are a little complicated up.

It has long been said that this man was brought back from Guanzhong by Yu Zuochi, but when he arrived at the Bashan Sword Field, it was said that he did not want to practice with Yu Zuochi, but instead asked to observe the Sutra on his own in the sword tower.

And. . And then it took a long time.

At first everyone thought he was an alien, but then for too long the idea faded, even forgetting that such a person existed.

Too unique a person often does not belong to the group, but fortunately the Bashan sword field these people are very unique.

“have you really never followed Uncle Yu in spiritual practice?”
Lin Zhujiu looked at the younger brother and asked.

Shi Changluo nodded, “really no.”

Lin Zhujiu slightly frowned and kindly said: “then did you hear that uncle Yu went to the mirror lake sword meeting?”

“I know.”

Shi Changluo smiled,he smiled like a cunning fox. “of course I knew he was fierce,” he said. “that’s why I followed him to Bashan.”

Yan Xinlan could not help but ask: “then why you only self-study?”

“because it’s faster by reading.”

Shi Changluo said: “and sword tower accumulated a lot of books, I can choose at will, with him to practice sword, I can not pick at will.”

There are also many swords in the sword tower of the Bashan sword Field, and indeed there are many sword sutras.

However, this is the same as any other sect that has been in existence for a long time. Generations of practitioners store their understanding of sword tactics, as well as some of the books of practice they have acquired in the course of their own practice, in the gate, waiting for the view of those who come after them.

These are the precious property.

However, many of the practitioners who got the Sword Sutra at that time did not study it, because the spiritual practices of the world of practitioners are as vast as the sea of stars. In the past centuries or even millennia, how many practitioners have emerged and how many methods of practice have been spread out?

That’s an unusually large number.

Some practitioners believe that the method of practice is a fallacy for some people. It is a real problem to pick one of the stars that is useful among all the stars.

Moreover, many spiritual classics are not transmitted to the outside, and there are already many obstacles in the interior. Some of the secrets are not explained by the teacher’s words and deeds. In fact, there are already mistakes in the written and catalogued records.

Bashan sword field of the classic, there are many very strong, but the residual classics, not at all.

What kind of confidence do you have, or are you crazy enough, to say that learning from a practitioner like Yu Zuochi is not as good as watching a mountain of Sword sutras?

Like Yu Zuo-chi, who is already at the highest point in the world of practitioners, he already has an eye that no one else has. If he were to teach his disciples, it would naturally be possible for anyone to avoid many detours.

Even if he went to the Sword Sutra and randomly selected a few copies to be thrown to his teacher Luo, he simply said that among them, those true yuan techniques were desirable, and which sword moves were very useful, which might save a person more than ten years of hard work.

Ye Xinhe originally felt that he was arrogant among this group of people at the Bashan Sword Field. Among the entire generation of young practitioners at the Bashan Sword Field, he did not see much in his eyes.

However, he also felt that if he followed Yu Zuo Chi, even if Yu Zuo Chi only used the simplest way, he would have saved many years of hard work.

He looked at this very bookish younger brother, he felt that the other side is serious about the arrogant ignorance of the joke.

“even if I had read many Sword sutras only once, I would not have said the same thing as you.”Ye Xinhe’s heart is not cool, he looked at Shi Changluo, sneer:” why you so much confidence?”

“before, it was very quiet here, but the last ten days or so were so busy, I was curious about what had happened. When I got out of the sword tower, I asked a division officer, only then did I know that Uncle Gu wanted to take in the disciples.”

Shi Changluo saw the taunts in Ye Xinhe’s eyes, but he was not angry, and he did not immediately answer Ye Xinhe’s words. He just slowly said to himself, “I happen to have read about some of the books, too.I simply came out of the sword tower, but I did not want to become a disciple of uncle gu, but I wanted to see what kind of disciple uncle gu would eventually choose, and I wanted to see if he was really good at it, and I wanted to see what kind of disciple he would eventually choose, and I wanted to see if he was really good at it, and I wanted to see what kind of disciple he would choose in the end.”

Lin Zhujiu smiled, and he understood the meaning of the younger brother. He felt that he was the most confident and arrogant person he had ever seen in all these years, even though he seemed the nicest and most amiable of all these people at the Bashan Sword Field.

Ye Xinhe bluntly sneered, “so what you mean is that no matter what disciple Gu Liren receives in the end, maybe that person is not as strong as you, at least you have to compare yourself to that person and try it.”

Shi Changluo nodded seriously. “Ofcouse.”

“when a weight wants to weigh something else, it must first weigh itself.”Ye Xinhe’s eyes narrowed slightly, his face became indifferent,” I want to try your sword first.”

No one was surprised.


Shi Changluo nodded to Ye Xinhe as a courtesy.

He did not get up, not even holding the old book in his left hand, but a sense of sword had formed over the campfire.

His fingers just like the sword, pointing to Ye Xinhe’s chest.

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