Bashan Sword Field(Wu Zui) Novel Chapter 17: Can I have a drink?

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Chapter 17: Can I have a drink?

Lin Zhujiu’s eyes lit up,full of amazing, I do not know whether it is because of Shi Changluo and Ye Xinhe’s swords, or because of Yan XinLan’s sword.

There was also a strange look in the eyes of Shi Changluo, and his face became a little dignified, pointing to the sword moving again.

A fierce sword is intended to form in front of him, the fire which Yan XinLan just pressed down in the bonfire is strangely drawn out to form a small fire sword, which pricks Ye Xinhe’s chest.

Ye Xinhe’s eyes squinted slightly, his fingertips trembled slightly, and his sword breath fell like a cloud of rain and fog. Both of them made a light noise, but this time there was no venting of any strength.

Shi Changluo takes the finger as a sword, the swordsmanship will change again.

Obviously only a finger, but there are three indefinite sword from different directions stabbed to Ye Xinhe, and the sword is also like the water line was blown by the wind, fluttering and fluttering.

Lin Zhujiu looked full of admiration, can not help reaching for a glass of wine.

Shi Changluo’s sword is like a sword move in an unintended sword, but it also seems to blend the sword moves of the Xishan Sword Sutra. In addition to the ethereal meaning of the sword, there is also a feeling of being gentle and dense, and the force of succession is constant.

Such a sword alone was the best he had seen in years.

Ye Xinhe’s face gradually became more and more solemn, and his finger sword still moved very slowly, like many invisible things hanging over it, but the air in front of him suddenly stormed away, like a frantic waterfall generated, and swept at a very fast speed.
He chopped the three swords to pieces with a swift, wild, and quick sword.

Division officers point to the sword also suddenly become faster, fast as a storm.

Slurp, dozens of swords pure to shoot fast, random arrows shot at Ye Xinhe.

Ye Xinhe only produced a sword, a sword will be like an umbrella, and also like lotus leaves up.

At almost the same time, Ye Xinhe’s tail finger popped out, and a sword gas pierced the master’s brow and heart.

The two men drew their swords more and more quickly, and in a twinkling of an eye they exchanged more than a dozen swords.

Ordinary practitioners can not even see clearly where the sword is, but Lin Zhujiu and Yan Xin Lan have seen every sword move.

Although Ye Xinhe’s sword moves are equally subtle and unspeakable, they are only derived from the two Jian sutras he has learned, but most of these swords come from different Jian sutras, some of which are even a combination of several swordsmanship, and have the intention of gathering their talents.

Ye Xinhe’s complexion grew colder and colder, but his eyes became more and more calm, as calm as a pond without a trace of wind, with no ripples at all.

There was a sudden gust of wind.

Ye Xinhe’s fingers have been only slightly moved, but at this time is a sudden lightning forward, some exaggerated in the air delimited a.

The division commander’s complexion changed slightly, and his fingers were connected three times in the air.

Three thunders.

Ye Xinhe’s fingers went down and up, and the thunder seemed to be at the tip of his fingers.

Shi Changluo took a deep breath and drew a sword in front of him.

Ye Xinhe’s expression suddenly loosened, and his fingers went straight to the teacher’s chest to prick him in the collaterals.

Yan Xinlan come again, sword pressure flame.

With a “bang”, Shi Changluo shook and took a step back.

Shi Changluo’s complexion was a little pale.

Lin Zhujiu just wants to say a word of relief, but Shi Changluo says: “Brother Ye, this compares sword, actually,I won.Because I started later than you, the time to build the sword is also short, the ZhenYuan is also inferior, if gives me more than half a year time, the result of the compares possibly to be I surpasses you one sword.”

In fact, in his opinion, getting started is not a problem. Every day, every month, there may be new opportunities. Strength cannot be fully measured by the time of practice. But what he can now be sure of is that Shi Changluo is indeed an unworldly prodigy.In many talents should be far beyond him, even more than Lin Zhujiu and Yan Xin Lan.

He was originally extremely conceited and proud of himself, but in front of Lin Zhujiu he can not be proud, and just Yan Xin Lan’s hand, but also let him know that Yan Xin Lan will not lose to Lin Zhujiu.

He did not respond, the atmosphere was somewhat dignified.

However, at this time, not far from the woods, but there are footsteps.

A person hastens but, suddenly smell wine incense, then immediately spirit quakes like big joy, “good wine!”

The man had a heavy voice, but he was not a young man.

“who are your predecessors?”

Although only the voice was heard, no one was seen, but Lin Zhujiu had decided that he was a spiritual practitioner who had reached the seven realms of spiritual practice.

A realm of Tongxuan, Erjing refining gas, Sanjing ZhenYuan, four melts yuan, five kingdoms god read, six kingdoms this life, seven kingdoms move mountains, eight kingdoms Kai Tian, nine kingdoms longevity.

Eight kingdoms and nine kingdoms have been legendary realms since ancient times. In the world of spiritual practitioners, those who can truly cultivate to seven realms, and who can move a huge mountain like a huge mountain to draw the energy of heaven and earth into their own use, are already truly masters of practice.

The vast majority of practitioners in the world often find themselves stuck between three and five realms in their lives. Even though Lin Chiu-chiu and his teacher are extremely gifted, they are not unexpectedly destined to reach the seven realms, but at this time they are still only in harmony with each other.
Touch the threshold of the five realms and can’t really cross it.

It takes time for everything to accumulate, a great gift, but it can be done faster than the average person, and it will not stay in a certain stage of practice for long because of some obstacle to seeing, but it can’t be crossed directly.

The breath of the man who uttered the sound was as strong and sacred as that of Uncle Qi, whom he was familiar with, as if light were falling on this man in a distant unknown place in the sky.And then connected to the air machine in the human body.

So this man should be the master of seven kingdoms.

“Huang Daochen.”

The visitor smiled, a purple swordsman had appeared by the campfire.

He appeared as fast as he could out of thin air, there was little wind, not even a bonfire.

Huang Daochen, seemingly kind and amiable, but Yan Xin Lan at this time is thinking of the previous in the town Yu Yijin said those words.

Of course, she felt that such a person could not have come to observe the ceremony.

“can I have a drink?”

Huang Daochen sniffed at his nose, and soon looked grave. “it was a good wine.Chu’s brewing methods, only the top brewery master and excellent materials, to produce such a good wine.”


Huang Daochen sank a glass of water from his drink, only to take a sip, and his eyes were full of intoxication. “even in Changling, it is rare to see such a fine wine.”

Wine is for people to drink, he does not care, not to mention those who understand wine will be better.

Huang Daochen took a deep look at the other three. He knew that the owner of the wine was Lin Zhujiu. He drank another glass, but looked at Lin Zhujiu and said, “I owe my little friend a debt of gratitude for this fine wine today. If you go to Changling in the future,
Feel free to call me if you have something to worry about.”

“the point is, what are you doing in Bashan?”

Ye Xinhe, on the other hand, was very direct, saying, “an elder like you will not come here without incident.”

“I would like to take a look at Gu Liren’s sword, if there is a chance.”

Huang Daochen took a look at Ye Xinhe. “but don’t get me wrong. I’m from Qin. I just want to see it.”

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