Bashan Sword Field(Wu Zui) Novel Chapter 2: You are beautiful

Chapter 2: You are beautiful


High above, the mountain wind froze.

The woman smiled and beamed.

“You just Look at the sky from the well. ” She raised her head, her neck white and slender, she said.

As she uttered these words, the undulating waters of Lake Mirror were suddenly calm and motionless, even the waves beneath her were still, and the Lake was really like a well.

Yu Qingqi stand on the black stone,he know that she retorted to compare themselves to the well vision is not broad toad, but the heart is not the slightest wave.

First of all, the heart must be quiet.

The black stone cracked under his feet.

The lake silence, but the meaning of Yun Tong’s sword has moved.

Black stone split straight in two halves, smooth and mirrorlike.


A sword touch the Yu Qingqi’s feet, such as dream bubble shattered without a trace.

However, in the next moment, the whole Jinghu Lake will be surprised by these breath, there’s no smile on Yun Tang’s face.

No one felt enchanting or moving any more. There was no emotion on her face, and there was an icy porcelain sheen on her face.

A huge whirlpool appeared at Yu’s feet.

Whirlpool stirred the whole Jinghu lake, split into two pieces of black stone fell into the whirlpool, in the twirling of the moment by countless streams of water cut into pieces.

A dark green sword light pierced through the center of the whirlpool.

“Come! ”

Yu Qingqi a fierce drink, the sky that sword light suddenly came to the palm of his hand.

“Crush! ”

The light of the sword was like electricity in his hand, but it did not cut toward the dark green light. In the whirlpool beneath him, countless fragments of black gravel were erected in pieces of water, like a black sword, tilted slightly, as if worshiping toward the sword in his hand.

The sound of the water was loud, but the black swords stood still.

The whirlpool did not move, diverging into innumerable currents that spread over the lake.


Looking at the sword light in Yu’s hands, Guo Qiuce’s face changed slightly and he only felt strong. However, looking at the scattered whirlpool and the dark green sword light, he implicitly felt that there was something wrong with it.

Yu Qingqi brandished his sword.

The light on his sword became brighter and brighter, and there was a more and more divine flavor in the light.

Compared with the light of his sword, the whole sky seemed to dim, like the light between heaven and earth, drawn by his sword.

The dark green sword light could not go on and sank slowly down the water.

“Yunshui Gong’s Jianyi just like water, a move to break cold pool skill startled four, today I’ll break your sword, the whole world will know, the Yunshui Palace’s sword, only occupy this geographical advantage.”

Yu Qingqi proudly and mercilessly looked at the dark green sword, out of voice said.

“Let’s just sit there and see what’s going on in the sky.”

However, in the face of his words, Yun Tong just laughed at it.

“when I was in Yunshui Palace, there was only one way to break the cold pool?”

“but I don’t know if I still have a dragon chopped at Yunshui Palace?”

The cold on Yun Tong’s face turned into fanaticism, and her whole person blazed brightly. If Yu Qingqi’s sword was full of holy taste at this time, her light at this time would be the gloss leaping in the warm flames.

An unimaginable arrogance broke through the water, and the water of Lake Mirror formed two sides.

The wet soil and grass at the bottom of the lake provide a panoramic view.

Strong sword gas even water vapor can not be close, chopped to Yu Qingqi himself.

There was a thunderous roar.

Numerous waves sprang from the surface of Lake Mirror on both sides of the lake, forming a rainstorm that fell on Yu Qingqi, who had been shaken by a sword.

Yu Qingqi’s face was pale and incomparable, and his sword in his hand was like a candle that had been drenched out, and the light was dim in an instant.

High in the sky there is a cloud response, roar unceasingly, the dark cloud forms in an instant, starts to rain.

Cloud Tang proudly raised his head, the sky drops of rain line, have been afraid to avoid, her body around the water rage, but not a splash on her body, like a miracle.

Many people around Jinghu saw the power of the sword, and their faces darkened in the twinkling of an eye.

A swish.

Yu Zuochi stretched out a yellow paper umbrella.

Rain Water empty, mountain Lin Ru painting, good-looking.

The palace attire on the blue wave is as beautiful as a fairy.

So he smiled and said sincerely, “You are beautiful.”


Kuo Chiu-jue just woke up like a dreamer. Why did he always feel that something was wrong just now?

At this time, splashes such as colorful, rain line wanton, sword meaning is really dripping profusely.

Before that sword cold pool broken although soul-stirring, clear water sword from cold pool health, but sword meaning contains anger, but partial health is not sound.

The hundred li tassels looked at Yu Hsiang-qi, who had been floundered. In his heart, he sneered that this list of swords was really nothing more than this. It was only when he saw Kuo Chiu-jue ‘s expression in a twinkling of an eye that he was moved in his heart, knowing that this practitioner of the Yunmeng Sword sect was no more than that.

I’m afraid it’s a real gift.

Yu Zuochi smiled and said, the voice is not loud, but the palace on the blue wave installed beauty is to turn around, across the fog, smiling: “I am really beautiful?”

Yu Zuochi bowed slightly for the ceremony, said: “Pretty sure.”

Cloud Tong astringent smiling, also respectfully salute, said: “Did not consult?”

When these three words exit, the sky rain line suddenly breaks, some crystal rain bamboo simultaneously sprinkles on the lake surface, nearly simultaneously disappears, the entire lake surface suddenly a stillness, the microwave ripples.

Light sky falling, she will appear more out of the dust.
“Bashan Sword Field, Yu Zuo Chi.”in the eyes of Yu Zuochi, there is even more admiration.

Yun Tong:”Outside on the mountain road, that poison abdomen sword master should be defeated by your hand?”

As soon as this remark was made, there was an uproar all over Lake Mirror.

All those who can board here are the strongest swordsmen in the world. I am afraid that all those things in the world will not pass even the meaning of a sword left behind occasionally by some people on the mountain path. But even so, the master of the poisonous abdomen sword has become famous for more than 20 years, ranking seventh on the list of swords.

It is incredible to say that you were defeated by such an obscure swordsman.

By the time many of these people arrived, they had already seen the two swords and Yun Tong on the road, so many people subconsciously thought that the two men were most likely to be defeated by Yun Tong, and that the obscure corner of Yu Zuo Chi could not be connected at all.

The most surprised is in the Yu Zuochi side Guo Qiujing, he can not believe looking at Yu Zuochi, “this …” . Are you really losing?

When the rain stops, you don’t need an umbrella.

Yu Zuochi took in his umbrella and shrugged his shoulders, which was regarded as acquiescence.

“what about the green glass?”

Yun Tong said: “Is also defeated in your hands?”

“it had nothing to do with me, but the master of the sword and he did not like each other, so they had a fight.”Yu Zuo Chi inclined umbrella point a hundred li tassels.

Kuo Chiu-jue’s eyes were even bigger. When he saw the two swords, he was still hesitating to go into Mirror Lake, fearing that his entry would be affected by mood swings. How could he have imagined that he would defeat the two swordsmen?

I can’t believe it’s these two people around me.

Cloud Tong took a serious look at a hundred li of tassels, nodded for the ceremony.

A dark green flame rose quietly from under her body and fell silently into her hands. She slowly crossed the sword and looked at Yu Zuo Chi.

Although did not say a word, but Yu Zuochi understands her heart, serious way: “you just fight with him, will I take advantage of?”

Yun Tong smiled and said, “what do you say?”

Yu Zuochi smiled and said, “it doesn’t look like it will, but the sword is even more incandescent.”

Yun Tong said:”Please.”


Yu Zuochi raised his hand, a blue sword light in his hands, a moment of silence.

“Aoyama sword?”

Guo Qiujing was stunned.

“No.”Yu Zuochi actually carried the sword to let him see clearly,” this is my Bashan sword field casting sword, the name is Sui Yuan.

“that….” Kuo Chiu-jue only felt that the sword was green, soft, and unobtrusive. On closer inspection, the sword did not even have any runes on it, except for the subtle traces that had been forged innumerable times. The style of the sword was extremely ordinary, but there were no flaws at all.

Every detail is perfect, the more I look at it, the more I can’t move my sight away.

“Good sword!”he exclaimed subconsciously.

Yu Zuochi smiled, crossed the sword in his chest, looked at the good-looking woman in front of him, and said, “Please.”

Yun Tong nodded and wielded his sword.

The sword shines like long sleeves.

The calm lake parted again.

One move to kill a dragon.

There’s no match for bullies.

She lifted her head lightly.

In the past, the master of Yunshui Palace broke the cold pool in a move that was inexplicable. Today, she is going to use this trick to chop down dragons, who will be strong all over the world.

Yu Zuo Chi is on the other side of the separated lake.

He also took a leisurely glance at a shrimp that had fallen from the green grass on the wet bottom of the lake.

He didn’t even change his position.

However, when such a powerful sword, it is impossible to invade his body three feet.

He is like a green leaf floating on the great waves. He follows the waves and goes with the waves.

Yun Tong’s body trembled slightly.

There was a great roar again in the sky.

Countless rain lines covered the sky.

Yu Zuochi pressed the sword and held his umbrella, covering the sky and earth above his head.

Sparkling Rain Water splashes on the umbrella, splashing in droves.

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