Bashan Sword Field(Wu Zui) Novel Chapter 3: Whatever

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Chapter 3:Whatever

YunTong’s complexion pale, she looked at the splash on the umbrella, eyes flashing, the rain line falling in the whole sky are tilted, are shaking.

“where is the Bashan Sword Field? “she asked inexplicably.

Yu Zuochi raised the umbrella higher, revealing his face, “in Bashan.”

It seems to be a boring and boring question and answer, but the masters standing by the mirror lake are well aware of the meaning of this question and answer to the whole world.

Before this sword beheaded the dragon, the Bashan Sword Field was unknown, but after such an understatement of the Yunshui Palace sword, the Bashan Sword Field was destined to be famous in the world.

“Only defend can not to win.”when Yun Tong calms down, all the rain lines disappear and Mirror Lake quiets down.

Yu Zuochi collected the umbrella again and seriously said, “of course, it’s not just about defending.”

Yun Tong said: “then let me see your attack.”

Yu Zuo Chi nodded.

He didn’t move the sword first, he just walked.

He stepped out into the water.

In this world, the true yuan Xiu is not enough for the lower level swordsman fighting, that is, holding the sword to kill, Xiu for higher, that is, with the real yuan imperial sword, flying sword to and fro, higher, is the sword for the life, heart then sword will move, inspire the power of heaven and earth.
However, his fighting style, but seems to be just like those of the lowest level of sword division, carrying the sword.

Mirror Lake’water is still motionless, but in the cloud where the end of the Tang is rising.

The whole surface of the water tilted, and Yu Zuo Chi went toward Yun Tong, as if he were climbing a mountain.

However, he did not seem to be affected at all, and he did not slow down as a result.

On the contrary, his foot stepped deep into the water, and his whole person, like a nail, went straight to the front of Yun Tong and wielded his sword.

He wields his sword casually.

There doesn’t even seem to be any movement at all.

However, in the perception of Yun Tong, this sword is like an axe chopped into wood, and she is the immovable wood, unable to hide.

She took a deep breath.

Then she waved the blue water sword in her hand, also like brandishing a stick of firewood, and threw it at the other side of the sword.

This is the battle of spiritual practitioners.

When you can’t decipher your opponent’s sword, all you can do is pure power.

There was a loud bang.

She and Yu Zuo Chi both went down, their feet directly on the wet lake floor, strong vitality, and even the water in the mud were instantly squeezed out into dry land.

The water level on the shore is rising.

The whole of Lake Mirror, turned into a bowl.

She and Yu Zuochi are in the middle of the bowl.

Yu Zuochi took a look at the water curtain around him.

He saw that the people beside the lake were all covered by the water curtain.Then he looked at Yun Tong front of him and whispered,”I gave you a little bit.”

“lose is just lose.”

Yun Tong stare at him, that wild dark green sword light disappear hidden, she carries both hands, look is calm down, suddenly a faint smile, said: “I’ll go to Bashan if i have time,be careful.”

As soon as his eyes lit up, Yu Zuochi said, “I’ll pick you up.”

Yun Tong waved his hand, stopped talking, and turned away.

“that’s it? “Yu Zuo Chi said.

“or what? “Yun Tong said,” the list of swords is after all a vanity. If you can fight hands here, then there should be only the hundred li tassels of the Minshan Jian sect.”

“actually, I’m not here to fight for the title.” Yu Zuochi looked into her eyes carefully and said, “actually. I am not the strongest sword master in Bashan sword field. My brother Gu Li is better than me.I came here, but I opened the Bashan Sword Yard to collect disciples, he is also short of a disciple, I came here, know Bashan Sword Field will be many, choose disciples, there will be room.”

“are there any swordsmen who are so much better than you?” Yun Tong frowned deeply, but after all she was really a great master, and in a flash she smiled proudly. “then I really want to go to Bashan to have a look.”


Yun Tong looked at him with a smile. “you specifically called me and said these things to me before I left, because you thought that if I left like this, I would hear that Bashan had stronger swordsmen in other people’s mouths, and you were afraid that I would be uncomfortable in my heart?”

Yu Zuochi smiled, felt embarrassed again, and coughed dryly twice.


Cloud Tong is free and easy, turn around to go, only a light drifting, “miss me.”

Yu Zuochi looked at her back, inexplicably happy, ha a smile, once again a sincere praise: “really good-looking.”

“just like that? “Guo QiuJue looks at the Yu Zuochi that walks,although know very well what happened, but still do not believe.

“that’s annoying.” Bai liSu said suddenly.

Guo QiuJue turned his head in surprise and looked at him. He did not know what he meant by these two words at this time.

His voice was high and cold, and the masters who were still at the lake looked at him, and did not know what he meant at the moment.

Yet Yu Zuochi knows exactly what he is doing.

Yun Tong beat Yu Qingqi, who ranked second on the list of swords, and he beat Yun Tong.

The owner of the cloud sword, which had previously topped the list of swords, was in the future, and he had beaten the master of the poison belly sword on the road. . None of these masters on the shores of the lake had previously been able to beat Yu Qingqi.

Then he was already the first man here.

Just as Yu had previously questioned that Yunshui Palace was merely profiting from the topography, these masters would also question the battle between him and the master of the poisoned Sword that they had not seen with their own eyes.

They will also question whether Yun Tong was defeated by him because of his inability to catch him in the first World War with Yu Qingqi.

This kind of doubt seems annoying to the hundred li fringes that he already knows.

But he understood that what annoyed him most about the fringes was that the swordsmen on the swords list, though powerful indeed, did not seem to like most of them.

“then you come.”
It is because of understanding, so Yu Zuochi smiled, stopped at the lake, looked at him and said.

A hundred li tassels nodded, did not say a word, draw a sword.
The void draws the sword.

A powerful breath of life emanated from his hand.

An inch of a white snow sword grew out of his hand.

The cold suddenly came, and the grass on the lake quickly frosted, and then spread further away into the mountains and forests.

Kuo Chiu-jue was already speechless.

His eyes were full of astonishment.

The sword mountain was too high for birds to cross, but when the sword of fate appeared, it was like a snowy mountain so many times higher than the mountain that cold thoughts were drawn and fell into the sword.

He suddenly understood why the hundred li tassels were so few words and why they were so difficult to get close to.

This life sword can have such sword meaning person, must be in incomparably isolated height to refine the sword for a long time.

He faced only the wind and frost, and the ubiquitous cold, and the sunrise and sunset as companions, such a person, how can you say more.

When the white snow sword is formed, it is already in front of the chest.

It is because of understanding, so Yu Zuochi did not have any politeness, he responded, just umbrella.

Innumerable white streamlines fluttered in the air in an instant, silent when they appeared, but in the next moment they screamed in terror.

Bang. .

There was a great crash on the yellow paper umbrella.

The masters by the lake all turned pale.

Thousands of swords walk in the air, just as countless swordsmen are wielding swords to kill.

A hundred miles of tassels walk in peace.

The mighty true yuan in his body spilled from the runes of his sword, and as he usually practiced at the top end of Minshan Mountain, he gathered great strength into the snow and poured it into every snowflake that fluttered.

Then turn that snowflake into a sword between heaven and earth, and then use different sword moves.

He does not pursue the perfection of every sword, he only wants to complete.

But countless swords, countless different sword strokes like a dense shower of arrows swept towards the same person, such a way of playing, but all these masters, have never seen.

Look at the clothes are covered with frost, feel the tens of millions of sword walking and different sword moves crazy kill, these stay in the hearts of masters at the lake are born cool Qin meaning.

None of them felt able to block the sword with a hundred leagues of tassels.

Guo Qiujue was standing right behind the hundred li tassels, so he looked at the back of the hundred li tassels and the terrible white streamlines in front of the hundred li tassels, when the broken snow and snow flowed out of the air on both sides of his body with the remnants of the sword.

He had a clearer sense of the horrors of these swords than any of the other masters.

However, what shocked him even more was that the waves on Lake Mirror were blooming, and Yu Zuochi was retreating constantly. However, the yellow paper umbrella in his hand was still unbroken, and even the frost was not there.
A hundred miles of tassels, sword eyebrows raised.

Then he disappeared into his own blizzard.

In the next moment, he was already in the sky above the rest of the left pool.
It was as if he had jumped from a very high mountain and stabbed Yu Zuochi with a sword, but he did not want to stab Yu Zuochi’s umbrella.

A falling sword is like a meteor, but the tip of the sword knows nothing.

Many masters by the lake sighed.

Power, speed, and quirks are often contradictory, and when these are perfectly fused together, such a sword is truly powerful to the extreme.

Only in the face of such a sword, Yu Zuochi is laughing.

Because that’s what he’s good at.

His sword’s name is SuiYuan[1].

His sword’smeaning, then really very much follows the fate.

[1]SuiYuan (随缘)meaning Whatever

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