Bashan Sword Field(Wu Zui) Novel Chapter 5: In the Prime of Life

Chapter 5: In the Prime of Life

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No one even knows he’s not in Bashan.

What does spiritual practice look like?

Or what is spiritual practice?

Everyone who is considered a spiritual practitioner in the world has a different definition in his mind.

From the point of view of Gu LiRen, spiritual practice is questioning and transcending constantly.

When he got his first book of practice in Bashan, the first Sword Sutra, he constantly questioned the correctness of these ancient books, which had been circulating for many years, and questioned the reasonableness of the sword moves.

Then he really found out that there were a lot of things wrong, and then he kept correcting them.

Each day is new, and each leaf ripples a little differently when it falls into the river. How can it be the same, always correct, and correct in practice and swordsmanship?

He’s getting stronger.

Up to Yu Zuochi, such a casual person is sure that he is no match for him.

But he knew very well that there was something wrong with his method of practice.

Because of talent.

Only a person with a gift like him, or someone with a higher gift than him, can practice like him.

So he did not have the blind confidence of many famous teachers that even a few gifted disciples could achieve amazing results under his tutoring and training. He did not have the same blind confidence as many famous teachers, and believed that even some gifted disciples could achieve amazing results under his tutoring.


A green shirt of Gu LiRen slowly walked to the end of the alley an unremarkable inn.

His hair was simply tied up with a piece of cloth, and his coarse cloth and green clothes were as simple as the pole, without any ornaments or accessories.

At this time, of course, he could not have foreseen that such attire would become the most popular attire for Qin for a long time to come, and even many years later, most practitioners in Qin still liked it best.

This is a border town.

In the past decade or so, the border town has changed hands several times, sometimes belonging to Zhao, sometimes to Qin, and now to Qin.

It is a long way from Bashan, and the scenery is of course far from it.

His favorite canisters and sausages were everywhere in the restaurants and taverns of some counties and towns in Bashan, but Fish in Sour Soup was the one who did the most in the taverns here.

When he entered the courtyard of the inn, there was a teenager in rags drinking Fish in Sour Soup.

The boy’s figure was not burly, his hair was a little untidy, and he was even covered in some blood and animal fur on his worn cloth.
However, Gu LiRen looked at the young man, his eyes were gradually lit up.

He smiled.

The more he looked at it, the more he liked it, even if the taste of sour soup kept his nose slightly wrinkled, and even the way the teenager was too lazy to throw up spines while eating fish made him more and more fond of it.

“I’ve been looking for you for a long time, and I finally found out you’re here.”

He went straight forward, sat down across from the boy, and said with a smile.”you don’t know what a hard and lucky thing it is to start with a skin and find you.”

“what? ”

The boy pushed the bowl aside with a slight frown. He looked carefully at the man in the green shirt sitting opposite. He looked at each other’s bright eyes and serious expression, and felt that the other side seemed a bit handsome and not like a city man here, and that when he looked at the other person’s bright eyes and serious expression, he felt that the other person seemed a little handsome and not like a native of this city.

He finally determined that the other party was not sick and not joking, then puzzled added, “Animal skin?”

“A tiger skin.”

Gu LiRen looked at the teenager, scratched around his neck, pointed a position, and said, “there’s a hole here.”

The teenager thought, thinking, “then what do you want from me?”

“that’s the kind of bamboo you should have stabbed to death?”

Gu LiRen looked at the purple bamboo placed on the stool beside the teenager and seriously said, “I have seen a lot of people stab animals or people with bamboo like this, but I have never seen a hole so pierced. I think it is a lack of strength.It’s not a hole pierced by a man of practice.”

“then I put a lot of effort into asking who sold the hide, and eventually I found out that it was a teenager here, and then I came here,” he said, adding: “I did not know who was selling the skin, but at last I found out that it was a boy here. And then I came.”

Looking at the youth, Gu LiRen began to be filled with joy, and even felt that it was a miracle given by heaven.

“Are you sick?”

He was filled with joy, but the boy frowned deeply.

Gu LiRen was stunned.

“even if I, even if I had stabbed a beast with this bamboo, what does it matter to you?” what does it have to do with you? Took so much effort to find out where the skins were sold and what?”the teenager looked at him with a watchful look in his eyes.

“Because I want to find a descendant.”

Gu LiRen smiled awkwardly, knowing that he was overjoyed. “if you really have the talent I think you have, I want to teach you how to practice.”

The boy looked at him strangely and said, “What’s in it for me?”

Gu LiRen was stunned again.

Only then did he realize that for ordinary teenagers in Changling, they would be ecstatic if they knew that there were practitioners who wanted to teach them how to practice. But here, in this kind of place, I’m afraid the young people here don’t even know what spiritual practice is.

“do you know what a spiritual practitioner is?”

So he looked at the boy and asked seriously.

“I’ve heard of it, but I haven’t seen it.”said the boy, frowning.

“spiritual practice is a very interesting thing.”

Gu LiRen looked at him with a smile and said, “if you know how to practice and how to use the energy of heaven and earth, you will have great power to do many things that you can’t even imagine right now.”

The boy thought for a moment and said, “for example?”

Gu LiRen also thought about it, he looked at the juvenile chopsticks, and then a pair of chopsticks in the juvenile’s hands suddenly broke.

“in many storybooks, spiritual practitioners are no different from immortals. Spiritual practitioners live longer and have many magical powers unimaginable by ordinary people, such as powerful practitioners who want to kill you. Just look at you and you die.
Unless you’re a practitioner.”

Gu LiRen looked at the astonished teenager and said seriously.

The teenager looked at the chopsticks that had been cut off without warning, looked at the smooth cut to the extreme, and wrinkled his brow deeply. “if I don’t promise, will you kill me?” he said.

Gu LiRen wry smile, said: “no, but I thought, you will not listen to these so many questions, should not gladly agree?”

“then I won’t say yes.”

The teenager flatly refused.

Gu LiRen was stunned again, this time for a long time before he could open his mouth again. “Why?” he asked.

“because I know there are a lot of practitioners, and you are too reckless.”the boy looked at him carefully and said,” because a hide thinks I’m different, and I’m so excited to find me, I think you’re not only reckless, but also impulsive. In the world of spiritual practitioners,I’m afraid you’re easy to be killed. You don’t seem to be doing me any good by teaching me to practice.”

Gu LiRen people listen to his truth, dumb laugh, but the heart is not angry, watching the juvenile more and more happy.

“I’m not as foolhardy as you might think, because I’m different from the average person, so I can see the difference in that hole, and I asked someone to help me find you. And I found a couple of skins that were supposed to come from you.So it’s not a coincidence, you’re supposed to be talented, you have instincts that no one else has, and the point is, if you kill these beasts alone, I don’t know how you managed to be so calm, so easy to kill them. After all, you’re not a practitioner.”Gu LiRen seriously thought about it, and then laughed,” and, the world may indeed be able to beat me, but the people who can kill me, should not. So your concerns don’t exist.”

The boy frowned, and he felt that the population was too angry.

“you stab me with this bamboo.”

Gu LiRen looked at him, eyes exudes a thick look of hope, “do not show mercy, really do not.”

The teenager thought about it, but he didn’t say much either.

His hands moved, and before he even stood up, the purple bamboo in his hand had been pricked out.

Gu LiRen’s eyes were suddenly wide open, and his eyes were all full of amazing light.

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