Bashan Sword Field(Wu Zui) Novel Chapter 8: A faint scent

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Chapter 8: A faint scent

The rain fluttered through the broken berth door, stunned and speechless by both the diners in the shop and those standing outside like Lin ZiSan.

“Yu Tuo! You are YuTuo in Guanzhong!”

Suddenly someone recognized the fat woman and exclaimed.

“Is Yu Tuo a woman?”Lin ZiSan thought, but the aftertaste just like a heavy hammer sword, he still some breathing trouble, know it’s true.

There is a rumor about Yu Tuo:a talented swordsman in Guanzhong, was born with amazing powers at the age of eight. At the age of 13, he learned all the sword moves of several famous masters. At the age of 17, she purposely forged a Changhong sword for her. She immediately invented a sword method of her own.The sword is like a hammer, the strength of which is unmatched among the contemporaries, and the meaning of the sword flows freely.

That flowery sword, is it the weight of the amazing Heavy Rainbow Sword?

When Lin ZiSan was shocked, many people inside and outside the liquor store could not help but fall on the sword that the fat woman was leaning against on the table.

“Even if you’re heavy, you have to be that heavy?”

Not everyone was shocked by the woman, however, and there was a voice of sarcasm.

“Let it be divided into victories and defeats, and if you use your sword well, you must humiliate others.You were born so big, but you were so small?”


Yu Tuo’s eye kills the opportunity suddenly now, she follows the sound, sees this is originally sitting in this wine shop diner.
The diner was a young man with a yellow shirt, and his accessories were very delicate. He came from Chu at first sight.

And this young man was very handsome.

“I can play with my sword.”Yu Tuo sneered at the young man and said, “I just want to see if you deserve it or not.”

“My name is Xue Jingye.”this boy smile.

There was an uproar all around.

Lin ZiSan’s face quickly pale.

He had come here earlier, feeling proud that he should be the best of all the young men who had come to Bashan for the sword test, but at the sight of the action of the fat woman, he was already in a state of shock.

As for this Xue Jingye. There was a buzz in his mind at the moment, but it occurred to him, subconsciously, why this man was here.

The patter of rain was accompanied by some hasty footsteps.

The young practitioner who had been injured by Yu tuo’s bone spurs on a chicken leg had already been helped away, but more people had been sent in after hearing the news.

Listening to the words Xue Jingye, many people look at Yu Tuo’s eyes are full of schadenfreude.

Xue Jingye’s fame is too loud.

A few years ago, the famous master of the Chu palace refined a very good sword, called Xuepu.

Chu’semperor put it in the adjacent star tower, which is equipped with 13 levels of test, so that Chu each selected genius to seize this Xuepu sword.

In the eyes of almost everyone, the test of those 13 barriers is extremely difficult, even if someone really solved, I am afraid it will take half a year.

In particular, the last random meteor is the real test of life and death, with unique gem induction starlight changes and promote one of the sword array, sword strokes, no matter how fierce, it is impossible to give ahead of time to respond to the strategy.

However, no one thought, someone just used three days, they even broke thirteen customs, picked the Xuepu sword.

This man is Xue Jingye.

“Since you are the master of the Xuepu sword, it is worth it for me to use my sword.”

Yu Tuo squinted at Xue Jingye and pulled out a brocade handkerchief to wipe his hands.

She was already fat, and the squint of her eyes became a straight line, but the divine light in her eyes forced out of this line, but it was like cold electricity, which made people shudder and shudder.
She wiped off the grease on her hand and reached for the sword, which she leaned against the table.

When the ornate sword was detached from the wooden table, there was a sudden crack, then a crash, and all of it scattered into a heap of broken wood.

Whether it was the breath of Yu Tuo’s body or the meaning of her sword, it was extremely heavy, but at this time the sword fell into her hand, and all her floating breath was suddenly frozen and sank, and the whole body was associated with the sword.

In everyone’s perception, it is like a towering mountain.

Lin ZiSan could hardly speak bitterly. He thought to himself that if at the beginning he had carried the sword in his hand, then he would not have even thought of getting angry.

“If this winery breaks down, it’s all mine.”before the shopkeeper went up in horror, Yu Tuo had said a word of indifference.

“It’s a pain in the neck.”

The hotelier did not dare to speak, but a faint, unpleasant voice floated out from one side.

There was a teenager, dressed in a green shirt, embroidered with a lotus on the cuff of his right hand.

The youth is beautiful.

He had been eating quietly before, and not even his deskmates had paid much attention to him until his voice rang out, and the people inside and outside the winehouse realized that he had been eating quietly, as if the world around him had nothing to do with him.

He eats very finely and slowly.

The bones of a fish lay thin on the table in front of him.

Xue Jingye thought the person must be extraordinary thing.

“You’re talking about me?”Yu Tuo did not hesitate to speak harshly.

“I have not eaten a good meal for several days, and now I want to eat a good meal but restless, I would like to teach you, but you are at least Qin people, but if you allow yourself to fight him, if you lose in his hands, but also lost our Qin’s face.”he seemed helpless sigh, and then raised his head, smiling at Yu Tuo and Xue Jingye, said:”Since can not eat, rather than I send you both back.”


There was an uproar inside and outside the winery.

Lin Zisan was stunned, wondering if what she had heard was true.

This man should challenge Xue Jingye and Yu Tuo at the same time?

“I’m Ye Xinhe, from Qin Changling.”the young man stood up with a smile on his face.

“either you’re crazy, or I’m crazy.”

Listening to these words of Ye Xinhe, Yu Tuo’s left hand and five fingers were subconsciously touching the ground, and the greasy slate in the winery creaked slightly.

Xue Jingye slightly frowned, he looked at Ye Xinhe.

Ye Xinhe seems to be unknown in the world of spiritual practitioners, or at least he has never heard of them at all.

Looking at the face of Yutuo and listening to what she said, he knew that Yutuo had never heard of it at all.

If on weekdays, he would think that Ye Xinhe is the kind of grandstanding people and do not know the nature of the people, but Ye Xinhe has seen here before Yutuo hands, he did not think so.

“you first or me first?”

He did not like nonsense, turned to look at Yu Tuo, quietly asked.

Although the other side said to let him and Yu Tuo hand, but even if the other side really has that amazing strength, his pride, and Yu Tuo can not really hand in hand together.

Yu Tuo’s eyes were still squinting.

Listening to his words, she did not even turn her head to look at Xue Jing night, but made the simplest and violent response.

There was a dull boom.

All the slate cracked under her feet.

After years of greasy slate showing new stubble, countless fresh debris floated up like a weightless floe, and then, with a raging, heavy sword, it hit Ye Xinhe, who she was facing, with a heavy and raging swordsmanship.

Her body had been much larger than the ordinary girl, at this time when her body of true yuan raging out, her whole body in the perception of all, is still huge, really like to become a heavy mountain.

All the wood in the wine-shop was creaking, and the great breath was hanging on, and the shop and its companions, already huddled in a corner, shivered like dirt, thinking that the wine-sheltered shop would indeed be overturned and then broken to pieces.

Ye Xinhe smiled.

He doesn’t think so.

A clear sword shines, as summer is struck by a rainstorm, and a young leaf falling from the treetops leaves lush marks in the afternoon halo.

The moment the sword lit up, the violent Yu Tuo’s face suddenly turned pale, her eyebrows and heart slightly bulging, and a mouthful of blood gushing out of her mouth.

Originally condensed like a hammer like a sword like a plate of loose sand blown away.

Ye Xinhe’s clothes and clothes hunted like the high flags of war on the battlefield were blown by the current wind.

Behind him there was a crackle on the plank of the wine-shop, like the leaves of plantain trees outside, which were now beaten by the rain.

Yet he still smiles.

His sword is hidden between his sleeves.

There was a roar of exclamations.

Most of the people present did not see his sword clearly, let alone his sword moves.

“Don’t use dead things to vent your anger. I’ll still eat here.”

“I am still young, you have not died, willing to chain has the opportunity to turn over the book, do not lose the face of the Qin people.”

Ye Xinhe’s voice sounded faintly.

The trembling back of Yu Tuo finally rested.

Before Ye Xinhe’s voice sounded, she was ashamed and indignant. She wanted to turn directly around and crash out of this liquor shop.

But Ye Xinhe’s voice, like a heavy stone hitting her heart, made her body heavier than ever before.

To keep her from moving.

“If you lose today, you will have to say goodbye. See you again in the future.”

At this moment, Xue Jingye’s voice sounded.

The spiritual practitioner from Chu bowed to Ye Xinhe and walked away.

Lin Zisan dazed watching Xue Jingye from the side of the body, watching Xue Jingye is very calm face, his heart also suddenly gave Xue Jingte a great respect.

He did not see any sense of fear, but found it easy and easy.

He was not confined to success or failure for a while, and even if he left, he was only saying good-bye. I’m afraid this young spiritual practitioner from Chu does not think that he will necessarily be weaker than Ye Xinhe in the future.

Nor do they think that there will be no stronger opponent than Ye Xinhe on the road ahead of him in the future.

He is not obsessed with defeating Ye Xinhe.

Don’t know why, watching Xue Jingye leave quietly and calmly, Lin Zisan feels that he is even smaller, but at the same time, he actually gives birth to more insights than before, and seems to have learned more.

Yu Tuo didn’t say anything in the end.

She was silent for a moment, then bowed a little to Ye Xinhe, and then left.

When she left, more people left the broken liquor store.

From a time when there were no seats, to the few wine guests in the house, it seemed a little lonely.

Lin Zisan had no intention of winning. He walked into the wine-shop with a wry smile and ordered some food to be eaten slowly.

With the patter of rain, another man came in.

He smelled a faint scent, like jasmine, except for the food.

When he looked up, he saw only one girl’s back.

The girl, dressed in white, sat opposite Ye Xinhe and spoke to Ye Xinhe. Her voice was light, but he could hear clearly.

“You are already a member of Bashan Sword Field … Still so bully treat Yu Tuo such as this … Aren’t you afraid of going public?

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