Bashan Sword Field(Wu Zui) Novel Chapter 9: Night rain,Oil lamp

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Chapter 9: Night rain,Oil lamp

“what’s the difference?”

Ye Xinhe continued to eat meticulously, laughing slightly. “these people are nothing to me. How can Uncle Gu possibly look at them?”

The girl in white frowned slightly, as if she did not entirely agree with him, did not want to argue with him, nor did she want to eat. She just sat quietly and did not know who she was waiting for.

Lin Zisan return to his senses, he can not help but secretly look at this girl in white.

The girl in white had very thick black hair, and her side face and facial features remained childish. She could not be said to be beautiful and moving, but she have a beautiful temperament.

“what do you mean? ”

Ye Xinhe is a bit uncomfortable, he looked at the girl who did not speak,put down chopsticks, said.

“I was waiting for Lin Zhuyu.”

The girl glanced at him and said, “I was supposed to meet him here. You know, this is the best place to cook here. He misses the brine sausage here, but i didn’t expect you here too.”

“apart from this one, what else is there to choose from outside the Bashan Sword Field? now that he has come back, can he not be here and be in another home?”Ye Xinhe obviously some surprise,” but what good miss salted intestines, oil and heavy, pepper and put too much.
Eating too much is bad for spiritual practice.”

Listening to his words, the girl could not help laughing. “I thought you would care what he was going to do when he came back,” she said.

“why do I care about these?”Ye Xinhe sneered:” are you afraid that he and I compete for those two swords? Even if I can’t beat him, he can’t beat me. If you want me to worry, I’d better worry about you.”

Lin had just calmed down and, listening to these conversations, his heart was beating uncontrollably again.

Although he thought he might not be able to beat Yu Tuo, even if he had really seen the sky before him, he could be incomparably certain that a man like Yu Tuo was already a rare genius, few of his contemporaries could beat him.

Ye Xinhe, like this, should be a genius among the geniuses, but listening to their dialogue at this time, it seems that Ye Xinhe and this woman were originally disciples of the Bashan Sword Field, and that there is far more than one Bashan Sword Field for such a powerful young practitioner as Ye Xinhe.

It is already extremely inconceivable that a previously unknown spiritual practice place has produced such highly admired swordsmen as Yu Zuochi and Gu Liren. It is even more unimaginable that these young disciples are far ahead of their peers in spiritual practice, and it is even more unimaginable that these young disciples are far ahead of their contemporaries in spiritual practice, and that even these young disciples are far ahead of their contemporaries in practice.

Before he came here really wanted to be Bashan sword field Gu Liren’s disciple, but to witness these things, he now only want to know what happened here, Bashan sword field is exactly what kind of Zongmen.

The girl and Ye Xinhe stopped talking. Lin did not know if the rest of the guests in the winery had heard the conversation between them, but no one spoke, and the wine shop became quieter, except for the sound of chewing after the entrance of the food.

The sound of bowls pushing, and the sound of rain outside.

The more quiet, the slower time seems to flow.

Also did not know how long, the outside rain gradually stopped,on the slate road,clear footsteps sounded.

At the sound of the footsteps, the girl, who had already held her chin in a daze, raised her head and smiled.

Ye Xinhe, who had finally finished eating at this time, reached out to the man in the shop to bring some hot tea, but it was too dark and let the man light an oil lamp on the table.

Turning around when the yellow light lit up, Lin saw a skinny young man in straw shoes coming from the other side of the street.

The skinny young man in an old coir raincoat was nothing special from afar, but he was getting closer, but Lin can feeling the smell of blood.

The smell of blood came not only from the young man’s old coir raincoat, but also from his sandals, from his short hair, and even when he looked at the young man’s sickly pale face.Lin Zisan felt as if a kind of blood was coming out of the young man’s lips and teeth.

“Spicy noodles, salted sausages, poached wild vegetables.”

The young man did not go slow, and when he came not far from the shop,frowned at the broken door, and then hung his raincoat on a piece of wood picked out from the ragged door frame, and, after that, he hung his raincoat on a piece of wood that had been picked out from the ragged door frame.

Yell something to eat with these movements in one fell swoop with one fell swoop in one fell swoop.

These are eating faster than ever.

Long before the young man appeared, the girl had ordered the store to prepare the meals.

“one bowl? I’m afraid is not enough.”

Looking directly in front of a bowl of noodles and two dishes, the face of some sick young people’s eyes full of joy at the same time.

“Yan XinLan,you are fastidious.”this young man knocked on bamboo chopsticks, buried his head and drank a mouthful of noodle soup. When he raised his head, his eyes were full of contented light.”to me, it’s easier to be satisfied with two bowls than with one.”

“how could he have suffered such a heavy wound when he was so murderous?”Ye Xinhe looked extremely satisfied, but he frowned, reached for a touch on his wrist, and frowned deeper.” how many thieves did you kill this time?

“all thieves in Yunmeng Mountain are gone.”the young man had begun to eat noodles, and his manner was not very clear.

Lin Zisan could still hear clearly, but he did not know what the thieves in Yunmeng Mountain stood for.

Ye Xinhe took a deep breath and exhaled slowly, “is there so many thieves?”

“yes.” the young man buried his head in noodles, and from time to time quickly sandwiched some halogen intestines.” Uncle Qi forced me to do so.”

“even the Witch Boys died at his hands, Ye Xinhe. It seems that you were too big at first.He’s hurt now. I’m afraid you’re no match for him.”Yan Xinlan looks at this young man to eat noodles with great interest, cannot help laughing quietly way at the same time.

Ye Xinhe’s complexion changed slightly, and he did not refute it, but grunted coldly.

Lin Zi three of one side heard, but was so shocked that almost called out the sound.

At this point he finally understood what he meant by the thieves in Yunmeng Mountain.

In the Yunmeng Mountain area along the border between Qin and Chu, a group of horse thieves were extremely difficult to entangle, and the Qin and Chu armies took them for many years and had no choice but to do anything about them. Among them, the chief of the horse thief was called the Witch Boy.

There used to be a place of practice in Yunmeng Mountain in the Chu called Xingyungong. When these horse-thieves first became disaster, the practitioners of the marching palace first declared that they wanted to destroy these horse-thieves. However, the final result was that within a month or so, Xingyungong was bloodied by these horse-thieves.No one survived.

XingYunGong in the Chu context is not the kind of unfashionable sword faction, the powerful horse thieves can be imagined.

“Don’t worry, I won’t argue with you for those two swords.”

The young man ate noodles very quickly, but between these few words, he even picked up the noodle bowl, drank up all the noodle soup, hiccupped with intent, and then tapped the table with his fingers and waited for the second bowl of noodles.Looking at Ye Xinhe,he said, “it’s just that Uncle Qi asked me to come back and fight with the people who took part in the sword club.He didn’t want me to be a disciple of Uncle Gu, but he probably think there was not enough pressure to force me?”

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