We Are All Bad Guys Novel Chapter 1: My name is “Meng Fei”

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Chapter 1:My name is “Meng Fei”


My name is “Meng Fei”, male,18 years old!Born under the red flag, grew up in New China, someone once said that we are the beat generation, and this sentence I am in agreement with the attitude, because every time I get the exam report card, I can proudly say to my parents: “We are the beat generation!The exam result is very bad, that is absolutely reasonable!Of course, I will try my best to improve my performance to double digits before the next exam!”

Although I have poor grades in learning, but i lives very happily, also loves the life very much.

Every day I go to school on time to sleep, never miss class, never leave school early. My head teacher once said in class: “those students who read e-books, can you learn from Meng Fei and see how regular he lives are? Never disturb other students, hmm….Meng Fei,please do not snore!”

Of course, I have other hobbies, my biggest characteristic is willing to study beautiful women, I have been masturbating in this field for many years, unfathomable, I once made a poem for myself to describe the beautiful expectations in my heart.

The temperament is noble, the modelling is in place!

Long live Flying Brother, cried the woman!

In my unremitting efforts, I finally ended the single era, ushered in the first love, the world said that the first love is beautiful, sour and astringent, like blooming flowers, full of good memories.

But my first love, but also can be described as flowers, but it is chrysanthemum.

Chrysanthemum stump, body full of injuries!

This incident also starts with the school sports meeting. Our school is particularly exotic, saying that it is because the school not only teaches students the knowledge in the textbooks, but also sharpens their physique and indestructible will, so every winter,
There’s going to be a winter sports meeting.

The place where I live is in a city in northeast China. Once winter arrives, the weather is freezing and snowflakes are overflowing. Amid the curses of countless students, the sports meet was held smoothly. Each person spent 30 Yuan on the space fee and the sanitation fee. I once suspected that the purpose of the school sports meet might be these inexplicable expenses.

After the headmaster’s endless opening remarks, the sports meet finally began, a group of silly children, with their mouths wide open, in the north wind of the cold wind, desperately running.

I sit in the audience, bored to the extreme, suddenly some of the cigarette addiction some criminals, watching the head teacher is a face excited, for the class of students cheering, I slipped away from behind, running to the direction of the toilet, the meteor walk.

Stadium toilet is open, very cold, I took out a cigarette,put it in my mouth, after a long time of effort will finally light the cigarette, a very comfortable breath.

“I’ll send you red roses,” suddenly the phone rang, and Zhang Xueyou’s high-pitched voice echoed in every puddle.

I pulled out my cell phone from the down jacket, looked at the caller ID, I smile on my face, cheap said: “Hi!Darling, you miss me, aren’t you?”

“Meng Fei, where are you?”there was a clear voice coming from the phone.

“I’m in the men’s room? “I replied.

“you come out, I have something to tell you!”

I have some doubts, is not scheduled to meet in this time, how so anxious, will not want to have some romantic in the toilet, wind and snow, but also, “Huhoo, it is easy to froze off the big white ass.”

I took a cigarette out of the toilet, but was suddenly shocked by the scene.

I saw a stylish, tall, sweet-looking girl, arm in arm with a young man dyed with yellow hair, a happy face touch.

I rubbed my eyes and looked incredulously at them again. Yes, indeed, he was my girlfriend, the girl I gave her my weekly allowance for.

“Feifei?”the smoke from my mouth fell to the ground,” I asked in a trembling voice.

“Meng Fei, let’s break up!”said Feifei with a firm face.


There was a roar in my brain, a twitch in my heart, a surge of anger in my brain, and I trembled all over and said, “Why?”

“why not? You’re just one student, and you don’t have any money!
It’s not exciting to be with you, we’re a mixed society!Take people to my nightclub every day, tip is two hundred at a time, these things with you, eight hundred years can not be achieved, so we simply do not fit, break up!”Feifei small mouth gush, did not give me a trace of affection.

Feifei’s words hurt me. She and I were classmates of the same class. Because her family was poor, she dropped out of school and went out to work.worked as k-shirts in a nightclub.And the pay is good.

Feifei, some strange, as if never knew the same, that naive and romantic, and I eat noodles with the girl, may never come back.

I knew the young man she was holding. He was a gangster on a few nearby streets. He lived by blackmailing students from several high schools nearby. He was very business-savvy. Everyone else was asking for money directly, but he was not the same.He set up a recycling station opposite the school. After school, each student had to hand over a bottle of mineral water to him. In our school, there were thousands of people. Besides the girls who could not pay, the men had to hand it over. This bastard relied on this method. They also earn thousands of dollars a day.

“I have nothing to say if you want to follow a man who grabs a bottle of mineral water. Good-bye, then!No, never again. Good luck!”I held back my anger, and turned and went away.

“son of a b*t*h, who the f**k are you talking about?”yellow-haired youth,shouted behind me.

I was in a bad mood. You f**king grab my girlfriend, and you f**king scold me. I yelled back, “You didn’t catch it, I said, you’re a tethered mineral water bottle. What?”

“No, you haven’t been beaten!”the young man cursed, took out his telephone, and quickly dialed a few numbers.

“Tiger, bring someone in!”said the yellow-haired young man, roaring into the telephone.

I glanced at him and knew that there must be his brother outside the stadium. If I were outside school, I might not be able to beat him, but on campus, I could definitely let him know how he didn’t have it.

“Lei Lei!I took a fucking beating!”I yelled at the center of the stadium.

The stadium was quiet, and then the crowd in the audience panicked. At least forty or fifty boys took out their backpacks, stool legs, baseball bats, and a large crowd of cheering, and ran towards me.

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