We Are All Bad Guys Novel Chapter 2: Fight

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Chapter 2: Fight

As I looked at the flood of people,the woman was a hair, and without her, I have these brothers.

I’m a man who never gets into trouble and doesn’t like to fight, but I have a very good relationship with my brothers in a dorm room. They spend a lot of money, and in their 20s or so every month, they basically don’t see a dime in their pockets. So their cigarettes, as well as their daily food and clothing, all asked for me. I spent less money. So, basically, after the 20th or so, I was their “second parent.”

“Fei, what’s the matter? who’s going to hit you?”A white-looking, extremely handsome young man appeared beside me, with a baseball bat in his hand and a squint of yellow hair.

His name was Yang Lei. He had no father or mother. He was brought up by his own brother. Although he was handsome and handsome, he fought like a madman and was extremely ruthless.

“did you draw it up? You stinking piece of sh*t, come to our school to play your mother ah!”A stout young man of 1.89 meters tall pointed at the yellow hair with a stick and shouted curses at him.

His name was Meng Chen, and his family was relatively wealthy. His parents were businessmen, so he developed a character of being fearless and fearless from an early age. With the exception of a few good brothers, he basically did not give face to others.

“Oh, f**k you kids, it’s going to turn the sky. Come and see, who dares touch me!”Yellow hair is also hard, in the face of 40 or 50 people without fear, will head out, arrogance incomparably said.

“beat him!”as soon as I saw him, I get angry at all. I sprinted up and punched him in the head.

I punched so hard, my fingers hurt, and my yellow hair reeled, and my ex-girlfriend, scared, stepped back a few steps, as if he were looking at a stranger, looking at me, probably because I used to be a little low-key.That’s why she’s so different.

“how dare you hit me,” he said.

“what the hell do you think you are, Altman? I hit you!”Meng Chen kicked him in the stomach, and the heavy weight of his foot made the yellow hair curl up on the ground like a dog.

“hit him!”Lei Lei greeted the students behind, one of the first to take, baseball bat like a yellow wool wheel to go.

Forty or fifty people cheered and kicked. Everyone was a student. It was impossible for them to be as ruthless and hot as the gangsters in society. They were basically very measured. They were not too hard to beat. Obviously he was extremely experienced. Hands clasping his head, lying on the ground shouting abuse.

Just when everyone was kicking hard, more than 20 guys, carrying machetes and sticks, rushed in like flies. The leader looked at him, and Huang Mao was about to be kicked to death. ” who dares to beat my brother?” yelled Huang Mao, who was about to be kicked to death.

With that he raised his machete without hesitating to chop his head off, which he was kicking up, and the noise was too loud to notice.

This kind of pure steel machete, if the machete is above the head of the machete, then he will have to spend the rest of his life in a wheelchair. With my teeth clenched and courage from nowhere, I quickly stand behind him and block the machete with my arm.

The machete did not make a sound. I didn’t even feel any pain. I felt a chill on my arm. Then it dripped down the down jacket, dripping in the white snow.

Around the students noticed this scene, have retreated a few steps, the eyes are a little flustered, after all, everyone is a student, can fight with sticks, once saw the knife, will have instinctive fear.

Yellow hair staggered to his feet, slapped the snow, wiped the blood on his nose, held out his finger, pointed to me and said slowly, ” come on, you come out!”

“I see what you can do to us!”Lei Lei looked at the blade of my body,said.

“you’re a man. What’s the matter with you and hiding in school.”Huang Mao didn’t talk to Lei Lei, and he went on to say it to me.

I know what he’s afraid of. If he gets into a fight at school, if he doesn’t get it right, he’ll have to be taken in by the school authorities. It’s not a big deal. He’ll also be forcibly convicted of a crime of injury. If he leaves the school and gets caught by the police, he will at most be sentenced to making inquiries and causing trouble. Ten days or half a month he could get out.

“well! I’m going out with you!”I don’t know what’s wrong with me today. My mind has always been filled with anger. It’s like being possessed by evil spirits. Originally, if I didn’t go out, he wouldn’t be able to do anything about me, but he still made a haunted promise. This could be my whole life is destined to follow this path.

“Fei, I’ll go with you!”

“I’ll go too!”

Lei lei and Chen Chen did not hesitate to follow closely behind me and most of the other students stood in the same place awkwardly without making a sound.

At this time, there are 20 or 30 students, wearing school uniforms, with sticks, ran over, I looked sideways, helpless smile, lead two people, but also my dormitory good brothers, are Wang Mu, and Zhang Wei.

“Why don’t you call us in a fight? “Zhang Wei said.

“what are you doing here? go back!”I don’t want them to get involved.

“what are you talking about? A dormitory stayed for several years, let a person chop twice, I do not believe that he can chop to death me!”Wang Mu said to me in a cynical manner.

“stop talking!out or not!”said the yellow hair impatiently.

“you remember, if you can’t kill me today, I’ll kill you!”Lei Lei’s eyes braved anger, shouted curses and scold said.

In the Northeast, if a person wants to make a name for himself in society, people like Lei Lei are indispensable, they have no father or mother, they are single, they are not afraid of heaven and earth, and they have a fierce will to kill people, and such people are the most terrible.And most people don’t want to mess with it.

And yellow hair is obviously a little two, brazenly waved to us, beckoning us to follow him, I did not hesitate, followed by the big step meteor walked past.

After me followed, Lei Lei, Chen Chen, Zhang Wei, Wang Mu Mu, this incident has affected our lives, but also doomed to our future bumpy road.

Someone said, you write too untrue, so many people fight, no one in school to stop, too incredible.

Well, I tell you, this kind of thing is very common in Northeast China. I’ve seen with my own eyes a gangster who graduated from our school and was a social gangster. Because his brother was beaten, he summoned more than 100 people, these people with machetes.Standing in front of the school.

When the teaching director saw this, he went up and patted the punk on the shoulder and whispered, “don’t use a machete,just kick.”

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