Whole World In My Hand(Er Gen)Novel Chapter 1: I want to lose weight

Chapter 1:I want to lose weight

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On a hot summer day, in the clouds and rain forest of the eastern part of the Federation, clouds filled with clouds, like a layer of gauze around, towering trees, crisscross, lush canopy, sometimes there are several birds flying in the sky, hoarse soar in the sky.

In the sky, it seems that the eternal sun, is no longer the way people remember, but many years ago, was a huge indescribable bronze sword, directly pierced, revealing a small half of the tip of the sword!

This ancient sword seems to experience all ages, from the stars, showing endless vicissitudes of life, but also a strong pressure, the formation of a halo, shrouded in the sky, as if to suppress the earth, let sentient beings worship!

From a distance, the scene of the sword &sun &rain forest, like a scroll, until a distant buzzing sound, was not broken.

A large red hot-air balloon ship was coming slowly over the rainforest.

The balloon cabin was large enough to hold hundreds of people, and many young men and women could be seen on deck in groups,dancing and laughing.

They are from Phoenix, this year admitted to one of the four federal monasteries, ethereal Taoist Academy students, is riding this belong to the ethereal Taoist Academy airship, across thousands of miles, to the ethereal Taoist Academy to study.

Perhaps it is the expectation of study, the journey for these young men and women is not boring, between men and women, there are some hazy attraction, so that the journey, not some fun.

Also because of the long journey, so in this airship, equipped with food, spiritual training room, infirmary and other areas.

At the moment, there were a lot of students in the dinghouse of the airship, and at one of the dining tables sat a little fat man with a belly on his back.

This little fat man was about seventeen years old, dressed in a large blue robe, and his round little face was barely handsome. He was patting his stomach and making a crackling sound as he looked regretfully at seven or eight empty plates in front of him. He was about 17 years old, and he was wearing a large blue robe, and his round little face was barely handsome, and he was patting his stomach with a patter.

“if I want to be president of the United States, I can’t die young,” he said, adding: “this meal is going to add three pounds. Why can’t I stop it? I can’t die young if I want to be president of the United States.”the little fat man burped when he looked sad and remorseful.

This little fat man’s name is Wang Bao-le, and he is also a student admitted to the ethereal Taoist Academy this time. His lifelong dream is to become an official and regard becoming the president of the Federation as his lifelong pursuit. The reason why he has such a great ideal,Is inextricably linked to his childhood experiences.

In his memory, when he was young, his father often clapped him on the head, sighing with emotion.

“Bao Le, or as an official ah, you have to remember, although money can solve everything, but still will be bullied, want not to be bullied, only as an official, become a man.”

At the beginning, Wang Baole did not understand. Until he was in primary school, he was reprimanded by the monitor for failing to hand in his homework on time. After he had sent two pieces of candy, he was registered by the monitor and tipped off to the teacher. All of this, in his young mind,Left an indelible imprint.

So from that moment on, he wanted to be monitor, not to bully others, but in order not to be bullied by others.

But as he grew up, he discovered that there were many others who could bully the monitor, so he felt that if he became the biggest official, that is, the federal president, no one would dare to bully himself.

The reason for cutting his head into the ethereal Taoist Academy, but also because all the senior federal officials, are graduated in the four major Taoist Academy.

It was just that his life was not so good. The blood of the family was very strange. He still remembered that night a year ago, his scrawny father had shown him the genealogy at the ancestral hall of the family.

It was the first time Wang Baole had seen the genealogy. He clearly saw that generations of ancestors who weighed more than two hundred catties died young and could not survive 35.

That night, Wang Baole had a dream.

He was reunited with his fat grandfathers before he became president of the United States.

The year after that, for him, the weight loss thing had risen to a certain height, but even after the Federation entered the spiritual period, with the concentration of aura and the resurgence of ancient martial arts, there were various ways to lose weight.

But Wang tried almost everything, and his weight remained steady.
The emergence of memory, so that Wang Baole hard teeth, determined to lose weight tomorrow.

With such a decision, Wang suddenly felt a lot less pressure, while picking his teeth, while humming, looking out of the window at the blue sky, his brain began to live up.

“I don’t know if he likes the present for Dr. Lu. It’s an antique that I got out of the house. The old man would have liked it, didn’t he?”. Wang Baole comforted himself, thinking that as long as he was next to Dr. Lu, he would have a small backer in the Taoist courtyard.

“the power of the teacher is limited, but he will have to give some gifts in the future. But this doctor Lu is very old and must have a lot of contacts. I should have made the right move.”at the thought of this, Wang Baole was so happy that he only felt that he was one step closer to the position of president of the Federation.

He is confident that he will become president of the Federation, mainly from his childhood to the study of all the autobiography of senior officials, and even summed up a few of the killer official mace.

At this moment of pleasure, Wang Baole looked out of the window of the blue sky, feel particularly beautiful.

But soon, his eyes popped wide, and he noticed that in the distant sky there was a condensation of black clouds, so thick as to cover the sky, that lightning, flashing out of it, was slowly approaching, a scene which had attracted the attention of many students.

There was an outpouring of exclamations.

“it’s a thunderstorm!”

Wang Baole was also taken aback. In fact, after the Federation stepped into the Lingyuan period, because of the appearance of Reiki, there was a lot of amazing weather in the sky and earth, and it was difficult for once flying objects to be safe. Only then was the birth of a hot-air balloon airship driven by Lingshi come into being.

With constant exclamations, the rumble of thunder suddenly came, and the thunderous sound startled the sky. We could see that the distant thunder and magnetic black clouds were growing at full speed. The lightning within them had spread out, like a large black net, flashing the sky, dazzling the heart, and making the heart beat faster than ever before.

The airship, which was originally in motion, is now slowing down.
In the midst of this restlessness, the door of the restaurant was opened, as if the wind were blowing, into an old man in a white robe whose face was wrinkled, but whose face was straight and straight, especially his eyes sparkling with sparkle.

As soon as he arrived, his majestic voice spread all over the restaurant.

“everyone, report to the spiritual room immediately, put on your magnetic spiritual clothes, after half the column incense, we will enter the thunder magnetic field!”

As soon as the warning came out, the students of the restaurant stood in awe of each other and quickly stood up.

As soon as Wang Baole’s eyes shone, the old man in front of him was Dr. Lu, who had given him a gift. Now, looking at the other party’s stamina, Wang Pao-le felt more and more that his previous investment had been correct. Behind the scenes, this old fellow must not have been an ordinary person.

And he is even more skillful in chess.

Just as he was smug, the old doctor glanced over, saw Wang Baole, grunted, came over, took out half a black mask from his arms, and threw it at Wang Baole.

“at a young age, don’t put your mind in a mess. Before you enter the Taoist school, you learn to give gifts. The old man is also a well-informed person. You should keep your mask on your own.”the old doctor looked solemn, clean and upright, as if he hated iron and could not be turned into steel,” he reprimanded.

Wang Baole took over the mask and clumped from the bottom of his heart. He saw that the old doctor was angry and anxious. He just wanted to explain. But suddenly he thought of the killer mace he had summed up in the autobiography of those senior officials. One of them was in front of his boss.

If you have the nerve to admit your mistake at the first time, you can often make a big deal of it small.

So take a deep breath, quickly put on a look of repentance, admit mistakes.

“you right,I was wrong!”

The old doctor was a little surprised that some of the words that were meant to be reprimanded could not go on because the other side was so happy to admit its mistakes.

When Wang Bao-le saw the expression of the old doctor, he breathed a sigh of relief, but he was a little smug again. The autobiography of this senior official was really useful.

The old doctor grunted and looked up at all the students in the restaurant, pointing to the crowd with his right hand.

“and you, you are all future students of my ethereal Taoist Academy. Look at what you are like these days. You must always remember that my generation and men of war should stand up first, then speak up, and then act!”.

The old doctor hated it, and the words reverberated to the restaurant. When they heard this, they all bowed their heads and felt a little ashamed. Here, Wang Pao-lok ‘s eyes flashed, and he felt that the time had come to show himself.

So he quickly took out a small book from his bosom and recorded it. From time to time, he looked up to the old doctor, showing his listening expression, and sometimes nodding his head earnestly as if he wanted to remember every word he said.

It is also the killer mace that he summed up on the autobiography of a senior official.

Other students saw this scene and looked at Wang Baole as if they were gods and men.

After seeing this, the old doctor also stayed for a moment. An unprecedented sense of weirdness came to his mind. It was the first time he had ever met such a strange person, and he could not help seeing more than a few more of the students he had sent to so many classes of students, and this was the first time that he had met such a strange person.

But gradually sneered.

“Kid,the old man’s flattery is not so easy to clap, you must thank this thunder magnetic storm, otherwise, the old husband can train for three days and three nights in one go, I see you can write all in the small book!”

As soon as the old doctor’s words came out, the momentum was different, and a strong man’s breath came out of him, as if it had turned into a powerful force, enveloping the entire restaurant. All the students were shocked at, but felt that the fight was still a foot above the old doctor’s path.

Wang Baole winked, felt the recorded jade slips in his pocket, weighed them for a long time, looked at the approaching thunderstorm again, but still gave up the idea of taking it out. He felt that he was not ashamed to countenance himself in front of his superiors.

Seeing the public expression, the old doctor was pleased with himself and said a few words of impassioned emotion.

“remember, put your mind on cultivation, and in the future, you must not be greedy or unjust, let alone always think about looking for any female companion. You must know that there is a knife at the beginning of the letterhead. These days, it is really indecent for you to be my secretary!”

At this point, suddenly, a coquettish voice floated from the old doctor’s transmission bracelet.

“Doctor, Grandpa, where are you? they won’t wear this magnette suit. Come and help me.”

This voice is delicate, the old doctor listened to,the body involuntarily shook, reluctantly dry cough, a serious stare at the people, this is anxious to turn around to leave, at the same time to the spirit bracelet excited opening.

“Oh, here you go, baby. I’ll help you right away.”

This scene was reversed too quickly, and the contrast was so great that everyone was so silly that even Wang Baole was stunned. It took a long time for him to take a breath. As the crowd could not resist the uproar, Wang Baole gritted his teeth and cursed a few words.

“shameless!That old prick, what he said before, is bullshit!
There are only so many female students, we are not enough points, he is so old, but also to grab resources with us, not on the basis of size is an official!”the more he thought about it, the angrier he became, and in the discussion with his classmates around him, his dream of becoming an official became firmer in the bottom of his heart.

With the aggravation of the siren, everyone ended the discussion and went to the spiritual room one by one with deep indignation.

The spiritual chamber, located in the core area of the airship, is, as the name implies, a place for these students to practice, and is also the place where the airship is most closely protected as it passes through a special area.

At this moment in this spiritual room, as the crowd gathered, under the arrangement of the teacher on board the ethereal Taoist Academy, all of them sat in rows and put on the airship’s special magnetic spiritual clothing issued by the ethereal Taoist Academy.

Having just put on his magnette suit, Wang Bao-le was immersed in his anger at Dr. Lu. He looked around at random and was already depressed. Because of a look from afar, his unconsciously frowned brows frowned, showing a look of disgust, because of a look from afar.

Where he looked, sat a girl with long legs, very attractive, but now also frowning, showing a look of disgust, obviously in each other’s eyes, each other is familiar and extremely disgusted.

“Unlucky!”both of them muttered at the bottom of their hearts, hurriedly avoiding their eyes, as if they had even looked at each other and felt that their eyes were hot.

“you can meet this tablet anywhere, Dumin. I’m sick of it!”Wang Bao-le muttered that it was really he and this girl named Du Min who grew up in the same class, especially in the other’s ordinary days, and by virtue of the status of monitor, they kept harassing themselves. In those years, the two pieces of sugar,It’s for her.

“what’s so great about it? it’s just a stupid squad leader. When we get to the Taoist Academy, with my official mace, I’ll be able to hold a position of one official and one half!”Wang Baole snorted.

Very soon, after everyone was dressed and the teachers of the ethereal Taoist Academy checked one by one, they gave some precautions and sternly warned them that after the airship entered the mine magnetic zone, there was danger and there was a certain possibility of life and death.

When they saw the change in their faces, the teachers who followed the ship left in awe. The door of the spiritual repair room was sealed directly, and the lights gradually darkened.

At this moment of the spiritual room, although there is still a low voice conversation, but with the passage of time, the tension became more intense, gradually no one to speak, into a complete silence.

In the silence that seemed to hear his own heartbeat, even Wang Baole, who was still in the middle of his anger, could not help but get nervous until after half a pillar of incense, the whole airship gave a sudden jolt and entered the minefield!

From the outside, the entire thunder magnetic black cloud majestic, like a big mouth, will be compared with its very small hot-air balloon airship, direct phagocytosis.

This weather, it seems to contain the power of destruction, can sweep everything, perhaps only in the sky, that round of startling Jian Yang, can ignore all, as if looking down on the world for 37 years is not enough, but also for a longer time.

This year, is the Ling Yuan 37 years.

In the year 3029, the earth science and technology developed rapidly, no national boundaries, the realization of a unified earth, entered the federal era, but also at this time, a large sword flew from the stars, through the sun, the world sensation.

The hilt of the sword, which may have been broken by its very nature, was shattered by the violent tremor and scattered all over the stars, some of which fell all over the earth.

With the arrival of the Bronze Sword and the falling debris, a new source of energy suddenly appeared to permeate the earth, and was later named……Reiki!

The aura is like air, rich in some places, thin in some places, and acquired by the Federation and various forces from all sides because of the scattered fragments. It has found on it all kinds of methods of practicing, as well as refining tools, alchemy, and the refining of heart-stones.

The writing on it is full of ancient meaning, which leads people to come into contact with ancient prose and become a trend.

The emergence of Reiki also quickly eliminated the original energy, changed people’s lives, not only formed a spiritual network, but also changed the process of earth civilization, so that the whole earth, opened the spiritual civilization.

Since then, the rise of ancient martial arts, the world great change, the whole people cultivate immortals of the era, and thus opened.

The history calls, Ling Yuan Ji.

But at the moment, in the thunder magnetic black cloud, that slowly moves the red balloon airship, its all around lightning innumerable, unceasingly bombardes but, fortunately has the soft light curtain diffusion protection, causes the airship to be safe incomparably.

As for the inner sanctum of the cabin, all the students, including Wang Baole, had fallen asleep unwittingly. It seemed that there was a strange force guiding them into dreams.

Only in the bow of the main cabinet, now there are seven or eight teachers, some drinking tea, some smiling, are talking to each other easily, and they scare the students before the look, very different.

The first man was an old man with a wrinkled face, a cigarette in his hand, and a puff of cigarettes. If Wang Bao-le were here, he would have recognized at a glance that the old man was the shameless old doctor Lu before.

“Master, we are all ready. Is it possible for us to begin the trial of this session of the Diao-Miao Taoist Academy?”as a middle-aged teacher opened his mouth, the old doctor who smoked a cigarette smiled.

“Let’s begin!”

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