Whole World In My Hand(Er Gen)Novel Chapter 10: the martial department

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Chapter 10:the martial department

Tai Xu Shi Qi Jue is similar to the formula of nourishing qi, but the principle is very different from that of nourishing qi.

The formula of nourishing Qi is to guide the Reiki from heaven and earth into the body, but because the body has an invisible emptiness, it cannot retain the Reiki, but it can also use the body as a medium to introduce the Reiki into the blank stone in the hand, thus forming a Lingshi.And oneself in this process, imperceptibly enhance physique.

However, the Tai Xu Shi Qi Jue seems to form a black hole in the body, making the whole body full of strong and extreme suction, just like swallowing up the general, sucking up the Reiki crazily from heaven and earth, even if there are numerous empty orifices in ordinary people’s bodies.Can not keep the Reiki, but in this suction, beyond the speed of dispersion.

In the end, Reiki accumulates constantly in the body, and it is precisely because of this high degree of cohesion that you do not need a blank Lingshi to condense it in your hands…..Lingshi!

In this way, the purity of nature is far superior to other people, after all, in front of the Forensic Division for the purity of the largest difficulty, is how to remove the impurities contained in the blank stone itself.

This kind of feat, someone in today’s federation has put forward a similar concept, but no one can do it, only exist in the imagination, but now…..In front of Wang Baole, this article is too empty to swallow qi formula, perfect solution to everything.

“it seems that practicing this Tai Xu Shi Qi Jue, the power of suction will grow from small to large, and become stronger and stronger……”

Wang Baole left the dream in excitement and sat knee-crossed in the cave house, his eyes shining, feeling that the first learning was already waving to himself. He became more excited and completely forgot everything. He closed his eyes.Immerse himself in the study and practice of the Tai Xu Shi Qi Jue.

He has several years of nourishing the ground in, for the guidance of the Reiki is no stranger, at this moment with meditation, immediately felt the world around, almost unlimited majestic Reiki.
However, this formula seems simple, but in practice, there are still many difficulties. Wang Baole stumbled at the beginning, and often his aura was sucked in, but he could not dissipate it faster.

However, his character was once he had a goal.

It can form obsession, just as in that dream assessment, he can go all out to add points regardless of the sharp pain.

“according to the Tai Xu Shi Qi Jue, it is necessary to form seeds in the body so that they become part of the body before the rate of dissipation can be suppressed….”

At this moment, Wang Baole once again broke out of his persistence in his personality. In the following half month, he did not go to class again, even though he ate in a hurry. After returning at full speed, he fell back into research and spiritual practice.

At the same time, amid the peaks of the House of Commons, there was a pond at the top of the hill, by which the old physician was sitting fishing outside a hut.

Soft wind blowing, the weeping willows around shake, reflected in the pond, do not have a mood.

But next to the old doctor, standing Deputy palms, the middle-aged man in black, his forehead sweating, was very embarrassed until a long time later, he took a deep breath and clasped his fist toward the palm-yard with a deep bow.

“I was wrong,” he said.

The old doctor did not seem to hear, still fishing, until after a long time, the deputy palm of the hospital wiped the sweat from the forehead, more respectful attitude, once again whisper.

“his subordinates were wrong because they knew that the Wang Baole incident could serve as a positive example and example, which made the students more centripetal to the Taoist Academy, but they chose another path, and even directed the teacher of Dan to point out the cheating incident.”

As he finished speaking, he noticed that there was still no change in the look of the old doctor, and that the sweat of his deputy had increased, and he spoke in a low voice again.

“what’s more, his subordinates should not have coveted the special recruitment quota of the French military department, thus moving their selfishness and trying to expel Wang Baole from the Taoist Academy.Even led to the mentality of other teachers.”the vice Deputy palms wiped his sweat again, and his heart was bitter. It was really his judgment that was wrong. Before that, he thought it was who was dissatisfied with Wang Baole. Only then did he take advantage of this opportunity, on the one hand, to punish him, on the other hand, to seek benefits for himself.

However, he did not expect that Wang Baole should be able to turn the tables in the end. The key point of all this, he understood, was on the one hand Wang Bao-le ‘s words and, more importantly, the attitude of running the court.

Until now, the old doctor only raised his head, a faint look at the vice Deputy.

“now that you know it’s wrong, go.”

The vice Deputy was relieved. He had followed the master for many years, knowing that the other party could speak like this, which meant that the matter had been resolved in half. At this moment, with a respectful bow, he left until he had gone away. He remembered Wang Baole, and a shade of coldness appeared in his eyes.

But he also knew that he could not do it for a short time, and that this little man, even if he had some means.

What he did not know, however, was that after he had left, an old man, stooping like a servant, stood behind the old doctor, with no sound at all by his side.

“brilliant. He tapped Gao Quan on his deputy’s palm, hoping that he could converge a lot this time, but he made a lot of mistakes, but he didn’t admit the most wrong thing after all, that is, he stretched his hand too long.” he said, “he’s got a lot of things wrong with him. He didn’t admit it, but he didn’t admit that he had reached out too long.”

“in addition, i have also made clear that this incident was a case of the head of the Ling Pei School who secretly manipulated public opinion. At the same time, there was deeper contact with this son. The special recruitment quota of the Military Department was also the request of the first student of the Ling Pei School.There seems to be guidance from his father.”the old man chuckled.

“is it the father of the head of Ling Pei?….Let’s call it a day when the great man of one of the seventeen members of the United States would not have resorted to such crude means.”the old doctor smiled, and there was a touch of sarcasm in his eyes.

“if he had climbed up to the Senate, I would have looked up at him, but I could have climbed up to his son. After all, Kao Quan has no brains.”

“in charge of the court, such a half-hearted villain, why not….”the old man next to the old doctor hesitated for a moment.

“not yet.”there was a depth in the eyes of the old physician, and the value of the hate figure he had so painstakingly established would not have been understood by outsiders.

“there will always be people who can’t help but touch Gao Quan, and in any case, they will have to come to me for some exchange.”the old doctor smiled and whispered in his heart.

Time passed and three months passed in Wang Baole’s cultivation.
In the past three months, because of Wang Baole’s in-depth summary, the French military department’s comments on him here have all faded too much, and because of the heavy workload of his studies, gradually everyone is no longer paying attention to him.

In a sense, Wang Baole did what he wanted to be low-key from the beginning.

Finally, three months later, Wang Baole’s body reluctantly formed a black hole that he could feel.

Feeling the suction coming out of his body, Wang Baole brushed his sweat excitedly, feeling only that he was one step closer to success, and hurriedly practiced again.

After having eaten seed, the Reiki inside the cave mansion immediately resembles flowing water general, be changed direction slowly, go straight to Wang Bao Le, gradually, not only inside the cave house, even the Reiki outside the cave mansion is also like this.

In the end, in his area, the aura seemed to be shaken, forming an invisible whirlpool, and at the center of the whirlpool was the very essence of Wang Baole’s body.

Black hole devouring.

A great deal of Reiki was sucked up, finally surpassing the natural dispersal of his body, and the Reiki began to gather and accumulate, thus bringing an indescribable sense of comfort, as if countless small hands were massaging all over his body.

Fortunately, although Wang Baole was immersed in it, he still knew what he was going to do, and gradually raised his right hand and made use of the feat of too empty a formula for eating qi to condense the Lingshi.

Just arrived here, too empty devour another difficult point of the formula, although the rich Reiki can be gathered together, but this a little neglect, will fail.

And once the failure, a large number of cohesion together of the aura, will spread, and was quickly inhaled into the body of Wang Baole, again accumulated.

“I don’t believe it!”Wang Baole was a little crazy. The expectation that he could succeed in the first sight made him even more persistent. He bought a lot of food directly at once, most of which were snacks. He didn’t leave the cave house like a closed house. He ate, drank, and took care of it at home.

Completely immersed in practice.

Gradually, he did not find himself, his already round body, more round.

The meat is getting thicker and thicker.

What is particularly striking is that his flesh is full of luster, though not glittering and translucent, but it is also extremely fine and moist.

Now his flesh is by no means ordinary, but the accumulation of Reiki, resulting in the formation of psionic lipids. After all, fat is the transformation of excess energy in the body, and now Wang Bao-le has already transcended ordinary people’s internal aura.
Again in this constantly suck up and refine the failure of heart-stone, can not help but more and more.

Fortunately, the special recruitment robe he wore was of such a special material that it was so elastic that even at this moment, it was still not broken. As for Wang Pao-lok, his face has now changed shape, his shiny face is shiny, and his eyes are looking smaller and smaller.

In this way, unwittingly, another month passed by, on the way, although Wang Baole also found his own weight, he could concentrate on the heart-stone, and directly ignored it, finally.

On this day, Wang Baole excited to see a diamond in the palm of the Lingshi, in the test of its purity, laugh up to the sky.

“it worked, haha, I finally made it!”

“not 50% purity, but 75%!!”

Wang Baole was very excited and incomparably excited. In fact, in his many years in Phoenix, he had been able to refine only a little more than 50% of the Lingshi stone, but now he has refined 75%. You have to know the entry criteria for the White Deer College, the first federal college.

It’s just more than 70% of the stone.

Satisfied, Wang Baole only felt that he was already very strong. He was about to get up and walk a few times to vent his excitement. But he was just about to get up, but he almost didn’t get up, so he was stunned.

When I looked down, I looked at myself almost twice as fat as I had been half a year ago, especially the red Daozhao robe, which had been propped up to reveal the spirit and flesh.

His breath quickened slowly, and his eyes flung wide.

“this….This…”Wang Baole wailed, without the dedication to immerse himself in the smelting stone, he immediately realized that he was in great trouble at the moment.

“Oh, my God, I’m just didn’t pay attention. Why…That’s it!!”Wang Bao-le shivered. In a flash, he thought of the genealogy he had seen. Suddenly, he was nervous and frightened. He quickly stretched out his thick fingers and calculated to cry without tears.

But for a long time, he found that no matter how he calculated, according to the genealogy of those fat grandfather died at the age of his own here.

It seemed that he could not live for too long, which made him cry.
“I’m not in school yet. I’m not president of the United States. I don’t want to be reunited with fat grandfathers.”under his fear, Wang Baole was filled with the thought of trying to lose weight, but he had done a lot of things to lose weight, and the effect was almost non-existent, which drove him crazy.

“exercise, I want to run, while this meat has just appeared, perhaps it can be saved!!”Wang Baole gritted his teeth hard. The first thing he could think of at the moment was running, so he hurried to the gate of Cave House.

Fortunately, though he was fat for a while, it was not impossible to save him. He was able to go out through the gate. As soon as he walked out, the sun fell on his exaggerated red road robe. Looking at his huge shadow, Wang Baole immediately burst out into grief and indignation and roared loudly.

With the same strength as a breast,In this sad mad run, Wang Baole also found his own some differences, as if he would not be tired, there is a rich body of Reiki support all consumption.

Make him speed quickly, as if the French soldiers are too small, know their own too much, soon Wang Baole straight to the peak, began running around the lower house island and away.

On this day, many students in the French military department saw a red ball passing by them. One by one, they were stunned and exclaimed. But the red ball was so fast, especially when they covered their faces, that they could not see the exact appearance.
So in the spirit of the Internet, there are a lot of rumors and discussions.

“I saw a ball today.”

“I saw it, too!”

“A little familiar, like.The robe of a specially recruited student?”

In the discussion of the French War Department, at this moment on the lake of the House of Commons Island, there was a group of students from the War and War Department. They were also running. Among the crowd, there were special recruits from the War Department who were outstanding. There were even such people as Chen Ziheng. They were surrounded by a middle-aged man.

This person is the teacher of the Department of War, is a look of awe with all the students running.

Compared with the students of other departments, the Zhan Wu Department is more like a soldier. This is because the Zhan Wu Department pays close attention to studying all ancient weapons. If it comes to actual combat, it is even more important to be the head of the department. Any one of its students must be physically strong.

So there’s a basic exercise program called running around the island.

Its purpose is to let freshmen improve their physical fitness as soon as possible, so that they can smoothly enter the realm of qi and blood. At this moment, although the school year begins half a year, the round-the-island running of the martial arts department is still going on from time to time.

“run fast, you haven’t eaten yet!”the teacher of the Zhan Wu Department stared at the students around him and applauded.

Having said that, he was very satisfied with the energetic and lively appearance of each of these children. In particular, Zhuo Yifan and Chen Ziheng had already crossed the boundary of running around the island, but they were all obedient to follow.

That makes him feel like a kid to teach.

“you have to remember that I am fighting weapons, disdainful of refiners, disdainful of alchemy, what we want is our own bodies, what we want is the best of our bodies, no matter whether they are magic weapons or poison dans, they are all weak chickens, and we fight the martial department with one punch to suppress them!

“We’ve just got the best punches!”

“We run the fastest!”

“We are physically invincible!!”with the roar of the middle-aged teachers, the students were all excited one by one. They roared one after another, and for a while they were furious. It seemed that they could really suppress all the weak chickens of alchemy.

Seeing this group of boys so powerful and middle-aged men proud, I was about to say a few more words, but at this moment.

Behind them, there is a red ball of meat, directly from the side of the roll past.

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