Whole World In My Hand(Er Gen)Novel Chapter 2: Wang Baole, what are you doing!

Chapter 2: Wang Baole, what are you doing!

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At this moment, in this rainforest corner, a river,by the moonlight you can see two girls although have embarrassed, but pure maiden, tall and lovely,Among them that tall girl is nervous,unravelling underwear, exposing snow-white skin, is frowning clean axillary scrape, eyebrows with confusion, whispering.

“Du Min, it’s been three days. I don’t know when the rescuers come. We’re running out of food in our camp.”

The tall girl named Du Min is silent. For them, the whole life has changed for three days. Three days ago, she was a student of the ethereal Taoist Academy. Three days later, she has fallen into this place and hidden a crisis everywhere.

This rain forest may seem beautiful, but in fact the ground is damp and rotten, sometimes revealing animal bones, there are many centipedes more than a foot long and colorful snakes haunt people’s scalp tingling.

In addition, since the Lingyuan period, and human beings like the rapid transformation of various fierce animals, powerful, extremely ferocious, so that the wilderness has become a restricted area for people.

Just now, when the two girls were bitter, under a big tree not far from them, there was a little fat man standing there, full of anger, raising his head and peeing.

This little fat man is precisely Wang Baole, he has not noticed is washing the wound the second female, also has not looked at the foot under foot on the ground originally the stately little flower, is being suppressed by the current disorderly rocking.

“Damn it, I, Wang Bao-le, said in vain that I could see through the hearts of all the people in the world by observing words and looking at the color of things.”

Unexpectedly did not think, unexpectedly by the ethereal Taoist Academy to calculate!

“this ethereal Taoist Academy is a thief, acting like a real one, in order to convince us that everyone can see the ship exploding!
“Wang Bao-le ‘s innermost feelings of indignation and indignation are really these three days, and for him, they are also terrifying.

Three days ago, he and his classmates fell asleep unwittingly in the spiritual room. They were awakened by a loud roar. Before they could think too much, their bodies were directly pushed out of the airship by a blast. Fortunately, the spiritual repair clothing itself has the function of cushioning and avoiding thunder.

It barely landed in the rain forest, but witnessed the airship collapse and burst in a thunderstorm.

For the next three days, Wang Bao-le and everyone were scattered in the jungle. The lack of food, the ferocity of the wild animals, and the confusion and fear of the future made all the students more or less reveal some of their natures in their personalities under this great change. Some people clung to each other.

Some people walk alone, some are decisive, some are cowardly.

Although the law of the jungle was too sudden for the students who had just been admitted to the ethereal Taoist Academy, it seemed that under this great change, the bud had been stimulated, whether it was greed or ferocity, whether it was selfless or kind.
Are magnified out of thin air.

“shameless!”Wang Bao-le muttered to himself that three days ago he really thought it was all true. He was so frightened that even if he met his arch-rival du Min again, he put up with it and stayed in the camp where the other party was.

Until now, three days later, under the condition of not having enough to eat, he found that his body weight had miraculously dropped six or seven catties through the body measurement function of his own voice ring, and he was shocked and suspicious.

In fact, Wang Baole’s experience is different, he has to lose weight, one month almost do not eat or drink, crazy exercise, but also do not know how the matter, not only did not lose weight, but increased three catties!

Now three days time, lost six or seven catties, this to him, simply impossible!

In particular, he recalled that he had in the autobiography of some senior officials, see someone sighing about the Taoist Academy career, have been vaguely mentioned, as if the Taoist Academy every once in a while, there will be the so-called freshman assessment.
Had it not been for Wang Pao-lok ‘s thorough study, it would have been difficult to notice this point. Now, with such a association, although he does not know how the ethereal Taoist Academy could have been so lifelike, it is very possible that it would have been a hundred secrets and a lack of knowledge.

Using the metabolism of normal people as a yardstick, and apparently not being normal.

He was five times certain that all this was supposed to be illusory.
The evidence that allowed him to be truly sure of his judgment was the one in his arms that had been returned by the old doctor……

Half a black mask!

Think of that,urinating Wang Baole, can not help but look down at his chest, the bottom of my heart rose an indescribable strange feeling.

In fact, he clearly remembered that before stepping into the spiritual practice room, he placed the half black mask casually in his arms, then when he was in danger, he did not have time to pay attention to it. Not long ago, he stumbled upon the mask, although it seemed to be as normal as ever.

Can actually reach out to penetrate, as if never to touch.
As if this can simulate the illusory world of all things, it is difficult to analyze its structure, reshape the essence.

Even its external shape began to appear illusory even as time went by, and at the same time some obscure and unreadable handwriting emerged.

Although it is difficult to see clearly, but this mask changes, so that the original 50% of Wang Baole’s grasp, into a 100%!

And according to this train of thought to analyze, if this is a false disaster formed by the assessment, it is not difficult to guess the direction of its assessment.

“It is impossible to see who is strong and who is weak. After all, everyone has not yet come into contact with the ancient martial arts. So the purpose of this examination can only be to examine the nature of the heart at a time of crisis, and perhaps also to examine the confidence in the Taoist Academy.”while Wang Bao-le was peeing, his brain kept turning, and from time to time he had a few urine tremors.

When the little flowers in front of him became more and more messy, Wang Baole’s breath was slightly short of breath. He felt it was necessary for him to seize the present opportunity to add points to himself.

“just do it!”thinking of this, Wang Baole shook hard, just about to lift his pants, but suddenly, he saw the river not far away.

In the moonlight, although Du Min was standing there,There was only a lovely girl washing the wound, and the slim and graceful girl in front of her chest…..Little white rabbit.

“there is a monster in the shape of a human being!”Wang Bao-le ‘s eyes were suddenly wide open, his breath breathed, his heart beating faster, but he had just taken a look at him and was on guard against du Min around him. He seemed to be aware of it. When he looked at it, he could not help gazing with Wang Bao-le ‘s eyes. After a moment of stupefaction, his countenance changed greatly.

But before she screamed, Wang Baole stared, lifting his pants and yelling first.

“what are you looking at? You’ve never seen a man pee?”

As soon as he spoke, du Min felt that all her words had been choked back by Wang Baole, trembling with anger. She had grown up so big that she had seen such a brazen person as Wang Baole and could not help but scold him.

“Fat pig, are you a man?”

As soon as this sentence came out, Wang Baole grew up dead adversaries with Du Min, who had a venomous mouth. They didn’t like each other, but both of them were in the same class, and now they have been admitted to the ethereal Taoist College together.
Now Wang Baole took a deep breath and snorted.

“flat as hell, not as big as me, are you a woman?”

Du Min heard this, almost spurted a mouthful of blood, forehead green tendons bulging up, was about to rush over, Wang Baole sighed.

“I am innocent, and you see me very clearly. What shall I do in the future?”his face was impassive, his trousers in his hand, he turned and ran away, his heart pounding, his back full of cold sweats, and the secret channel of his own quick reaction, or else he would be in danger.

When he saw that Wang Baole was about to flee, Du Min looked angry and ran after her at full speed. Then the lovely Jiao E in the small river, after hearing their vicious exchange of abuse, looked dazed, unaware that he had been taken advantage of by Wang Bao-le, and saw Du Min chasing her out.

She had just put on her clothes, and blushed quickly after her.

At the moment, with du Min’s angry voice, the calm of the rain forest was broken. In the direction of their temporary camp in the jungle in front of them, the crowd immediately heard the sound and quickly arrived, blocking Wang Baole’s road.

The first man was a young man in white, with a torch, a tall man, and a sword and eyebrow, which stood out in the crowd, and was surrounded by many students, apparently headed by him. “he was the first man in the world,” said the young man, who was wearing a white coat and was a tall man with a sword eyebrow in front of him. He was surrounded by many students.

This is the man Wang Baole is located in this hugging camp, in these three days, the unity of the public, showing the charm of Liu Daobin.

“Wang Baole, what have you done?”Liu Daobin saw du Min’s second daughter chasing him from afar in anger, while Wang Bao-le, whom they chased, tied his pants as he walked.

This strange scene, let Liu Daobin stupefied, he already had a mind to du Min, at the moment instinctive to Wang Baole repugnant rise.

“I just peed.”Wang Baole words had not yet finished, suddenly from the distance is running to du Min there, out of a strong screams.

In the sound of the moment, a smell of blink of an eye filled the place, more rustling sound like a tidal general, rapid as the spread of the storm.

Wang Baole suddenly turned his head. At the same time, Liu Daobin and other students looked different. In their eyes, they saw countless snakes springing up on the ground and branches of the jungle around du Min and the lovely young girls in the distance.

Those snakes are colorful, look full of toxicity, and the number is too much, from a distance like a sea of snakes, Du Min two dead siege inside.

Looking around at those innumerable venomous snakes, the two women’s countenance changed greatly, especially since they had opened their mouths full of fangs, the venom flowed and hissed, and the stench was disgusting.

Liu Daobin’s body shook, did not have time to pay attention to Wang Baole, directly rushed to du Min, followed by some students, red eyes, quickly to go to the rescue.

It all happened so quickly that, at the moment when the people were about to come to the rescue, suddenly, in the distance, on the jungle floor, there was a startling cry of a baby, a red line the thickness of an arm, and even in the dark night, it was still very clear.

Unfurling at an astonishing speed, heading straight for this place.
Sometimes leap out of the body, showing a pale head, it is no longer like the head of a snake, is clearly a baby’s face, but exposed in the eyes so that everyone’s heart stomping frenzy.

“Red Bone Snake!!”one of the students recognized him, disconcerted, lost his voice, and retreated in unison.

Liu Daobin’s scalp is about to explode, his hair standing up, and his heart trembling violently. In fact, this red-bone snake is so famous that it was included among the thousand murderers of the Federal Ling Yuan period. Although this snake is fragile, its speed is not extreme, but its toxicity is so great.

A trace of contamination will instantly turn into blood, leaving only a red bone, hence the name.

Even if he loved Du Min, but if he died because of it, he instinctively felt that the gain was outweighed by the loss, and he retreated unconsciously, far away from it, fearing that the rise of the red bone and white baby snake would bury them all together.

Wang Baole see this,took a breath first, but then immediately realized that all this is in fact false, suddenly relaxed, eyes a bright, secret channel in front of their performance in front of the opportunity, appeared.

“it’s all fake anyway, I’m afraid of a bird.”thinking of this, Wang Baole straightened his chest and looked at the students who had fled back, showing deep disdain in his eyes.

“Although Du Min is a girl with sharp teeth and an ugly face, always used her position to make things difficult for me, I, Wang Bao-le, was a noble person, an upright person, a person who was not afraid of sacrifice, and a person who had broken away from vulgarity.
A person who is good for his classmates!”

“in such a dangerous environment, how can I, Wang Bao-le, retreat? others are afraid to die and dare not go, but.For my classmates, I can!”

The shameless fat man, now almost moved by his own words, did he really forget that this was a false world?

But he seemed as if he had forgotten, there intoxicated, as if only here is true, can be worthy of his bravery.

“Du Min, I’ll show you today what a man is!”

Instead of retreating from fear, Wang Bao-le let out a loud roar. He raised his chin with his lips, as if at this moment his round little face was as sharp as a knife and full of masculine air, and it seemed to me that his face was as sharp as a knife, and it was full of masculine air, and it seemed that at that moment, the little round face was as sharp as a knife, and full of masculinity.

The dragon walks like a tiger, rushing into the serpent pack like a rabble of bamboo.

Powerful, majestic figure, as if on behalf of justice, straight to Du Min’s second daughter and go!

This scene, immediately let du Min stay a while, even in the snake group, there is still a kind of strong unaccustomed, but her side of the lovely Jiao E, can not help but get excited up.

As for the others, they were also frightened by the roar and momentum of Wang Bao-le. When Wang Bao-le saw the red-bone white baby snake approaching du Min’s two daughters, it suddenly approached, as if the god of heaven had come down and grabbed the red-bone white baby snake, which everyone feared.

And hurled it into the distance.

At this moment, he exudes from all over his majesty and domineering, as if possessed by a saint, and then without a pause, he hugs the lovely and excited Jiao’e and clamps du Min, who is stunned, under his armpit.

Go straight to the crowd and dash back.

It was just that there were so many snakes around him that he was bitten several times in the process of going back and forth. By the time he came back, his complexion had darkened and he could grind his teeth to support him until Du Min’s second daughter was safely returned to him. Only then did he stagger under his feet and lose strength.

He fell down.

“I think I’m getting a little impulsive.Buttocks hurt, proving how hard it is for a man.”Wang Bao-le felt a deep sense of grief and indignation from the bottom of his heart. Du Min was still looking at herself like a fool. As for the lovely Jiao’e, she had strange and grateful eyes, as well as the haunted look of all the people around him. Although his eyelids were heavy, his eyes were a little heavy.

But in the bottom of my heart, I’m still a little smug.
Just at the moment the buttocks wound changes from pain to numbness, Wang Bao-le hurriedly grabs Du Min’s small hand.

“Dumin, I’ve saved your life. I can’t feel my ass anymore. I heard that snake venom can be saved if it’s sucked out. Help me.”before he had finished, Wang Baole could not help but feel dizzy. As soon as his head tilted, he was about to rest on Du Min’s chest, but suddenly he realized something and forced a change of direction and landed on the lovely little white rabbit.

Looking at this scene, all around look strange, du Min is in the sight of Wang Baole even unconscious, but also exposed the look of disgust, suddenly black.

At this moment, in the Federation, far from the pond cloud and rain forest, nearer and nearer to the ethereal Taoist monastery, in a red airship, in the spiritual room, hundreds of students slept peacefully among them, and Wang Bao-le was also in there, seeming to have a sweet dream and his head tilted over his head.

With a pleasant smile at the corner of his mouth.

And in the main cabinet of the airship, including the old doctor, all the teachers, one by one, gaped and stared at one of the many crystal pictures that appeared in front of them.

In that picture, it was Du Min and fainted Wang Bao-le.

“what is the name of this little fat man?”

“though it was a dream puzzle, it was exactly the same as the truth, and his expression in it was his true nature of mind!”

“so brave, so fearless in order to save his classmates, this child is a rare good seedling!Is our Taoist Academy most eager to obtain outstanding students!!”

For a long time, all the teachers exclaimed, looking at Wang Baole and admiring them one after another. Some of the teachers were already excited. They were considering whether to bring Wang Bao-le together directly and join their own department.

Even the palms of the ethereal Taoist College, the old doctor, were somewhat silly. He hesitated in his heart, and felt vaguely that something was wrong.

“Did I really look out of my way?”during his meditation, he just took Wang Baole’s documents from the student’s file and looked down at it.

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