Whole World In My Hand(Er Gen)Novel Chapter 3: Classmate,Everything is on me

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Chapter 3:Classmate,Everything is on me

When Wang Bao-le woke up, a day had passed in this dreamland, and the snake venom was not as violent as people had imagined. Some of the students who accompanied him were good at treating snake venom, which made Wang’s wish come to naught.

Fortunately, as he regained consciousness, Zhou Xiaoya took great care of him. Du Min also rarely took a tit-for-tat stand against him. This made Wang Baole feel comfortable in his heart and began to ponder his own performance in saving lives.

Will inevitably be seen by the teachers, want to come to their own assessment this time, should be able to add points to a lot.

He was only depressed, that is, during the next few days, when the team traveled through the jungle looking for other students, Liu Daobin did not know what medicine he had taken, perhaps because he felt guilty about what had happened before, so he encountered some small crises along the way.

Always rushing to bring people to hand, quickly resolve, so that the already weak Wang Baole, there is no chance to show the slightest.
However, there was no such a big event as the serpents, which made Wang Baole feel that he had all the skills of heaven, but no use, is full of depression, can only watch Liu Daobin there constantly brush assessment points.

“if this Liu Daobin goes on like this, perhaps the hidden assessment points will be higher than mine!”at the end of the day, Wang Po-lok was anxious, but it did not last long. The next night, as they camped under a hillside, they heard a mournful cry of a wolf.

It seemed that the sound could penetrate the rocks, so that all ears tingle, suddenly woke up, have looked, immediately see in front of them, the endless jungle brightened a pair of blood-red eyes. The sound of the mountain stone, the pain of pain, suddenly wake up, immediately see in front of them, the endless jungle brightened a pair of blood-red eyes.

Countless fierce wolves in the moonlight, surrounded by fans, some of these wolves galloping on the ground, some jumping in the branches, the wolf howling out of his mouth, bloodthirsty eyes, people hope to change the color!

This scene, as if the formation of a suppression of the wind, directly so that Liu Daobin and other people look greatly changed, dripping cold sweat, scalp numbness.

“run, wolves!”

“it’s a coyote, an innumerable coyote!”

Du Min in the side of the experience after the snake incident, as if a lot of growth at once, immediately shouted, let everyone into the first day, where the use of the cutting to stop wolves.

Liu Daobin’s face changed, and at last he gritted his teeth and faced the wolves. Instead of retreating immediately, he summoned his classmates to stop him from procrastinating.

The little white rabbit supported Wang Baole in a panic. Although his body trembled, he ran with the crowd to the front of the sky. It was only here that Wang Baole was already in a hurry.

From Wang Bao-le ‘s point of view, before some small points were given to Liu Daobin, it was just a matter of time. Now that he has finally encountered such a great opportunity, how can he let Liu Daobin snatch it away?. In his eyes, it seems like a sacred flame ignited, and his body suddenly regains its power.

With a brisk gait.

“Ya sister-in-study, you go first!”

Wang Baole finished, ran straight toward Liu Daobin, grabbed Liu Daobin, and threw him directly in the direction of the first line of heaven when the other party was still stunned, shouting loudly in his mouth.

“Brother, you go first!”

Liu Daobin the whole person completely muddled did not wait to react to see Wang Baole irrevocably rushed to the wolves.

“Let’s go! I’ll cover it!”at this moment, Wang Baole, the kind of justice and sacred, once again burst out, the distance when the rabbit looked at Wang Baole, the mind was once again trembling.

There were also some male students, who had already entered the first day, but were encouraged by Wang Baole here, blood surged up, turned around, was about to follow his footsteps, but was red-eyed Wang Baole a foot, all kicked back.

“good brothers, you go first!”Wang Baole was righteous and gave a loud roar, but from the bottom of his heart he was on guard for fear of someone else grabbing points with him!

In his view, these wolves, even if the appearance of ferocious, but are assessment points.

As for those students who had been kicked back into the first line of heaven by him, at the moment, one by one, their bodies shook violently, and their eyes were moved. In their view, Wang Baole, who sacrificed his life for a human figure at this moment, was tall and powerful, and could not help but feel that there were a few of them.
His whole body was boiling with blood, and he rushed up again.

Suddenly, Wang Baole was in a hurry. He hurried up and pushed back one by one. He was afraid that those few people would come up again, so as to bite their teeth and raise their hands directly at the entrance to the first day. He pressed his hands on the rock wall and formed a wall of human flesh with his own body.

The mouth is agitated and roaring.

“I have been poisoned by snakes, and I am doomed to run away. Don’t mind me, you must go.”

This sentence Wang Baole said the true feelings revealed, let those several body tremble unceasingly, also is precisely at this time, the wolf flock suddenly accelerates to rush, in groups, howls frightens the god, the bloodthirsty intention pervades the eight directions, lunges madly, runs straight to Wang Baole.

This scene, let a line of days is retreating in the public, both physical and mental shock.

“Wang Baole, get back here!”

“Oh, my God, he tried to stop the wolves with his flesh and blood so that he wouldn’t be a liability to us!”Du Min, and all the students in the first line of the sky were strongly touched. They only felt that Wang Baole at this moment, his round body, was like a magnificent mountain, a picture of eternity in their memory.

Liu Daobin was also moved, breathing fast, he had some anger at Wang Baole, but now this is not completely dissipated, leaving only a deep shock.

This is really the moment of Wang Baole, he raised his hands to support the rock wall, into a human wall figure, just like Ching Tian!

After this move, Wang Baole himself was moved. He felt that if he were a teacher, he would be deeply touched when he saw all this.

But he still wants to add more points, so secretly up to the Academy’s flattery, decidedly open their mouths.

“it is my honor to be admitted to the ethereal Taoist Academy. Even if I die here, I, Wang Bao-le, am a member of the Taoist Academy, and my death is the soul of the Taoist Academy! ”

Wang Bao-le was very pleased with his words, and did not believe the teachers were not moved by his words. He was so pleased with his words that he did not believe that the teachers were not moved.

But this complacency did not last long, thinking of the performance in the examination points of Wang Bao Le, he did not consciously ignore one point, that is…..Pain!

Although the place is illusory dream formation, but the pain is no different from the real, as those wolves roar near, with the crazy bite of the wolf mouth, blink of an eye in the distance in the eyes of the people,Wang Baole’s figure has been drowned by more than a dozen fierce wolves.

“it hurts!”Wang Bao-le trembled and breathed heavily. What he saw before his eyes was wolf’s mouth and smelled bloody, and the intense pain caused by the wolf’s teeth gnawing at his flesh and blood made him almost forget that it was false.

But his heart was firm, and he had no intention of retreating!
Even if the extreme pain, even if the whole body blood, many places see bones, even if his consciousness is also blurred, ears came from the bite, wolf howl, mixed together, like the death knell. The death knell, the cry of the wolf, the death knell, the sound of the bite, the cry of the wolf, the death knell.

However, Wang Baole from small to large, although there are many shortcomings, but also has the same very obvious characteristics!


“finally encounter this kind of big score, can’t waste, I want one-time, will examine a mark to add to explode!”Wang Baole growled inwardly, and was about to persevere a little longer, but just then, suddenly, behind the students who were weeping and retreating from afar, in the jungle, there was a red figure, coming in the wind at an astonishing speed!

The figure in red was a short-haired boy of seventeen or eighteen years old. He had a handsome face and a chill touch in his eyebrows. He wore a strong red suit and carried a big bow on his back. His body leaped through the trees like an old ape, and in the process of coming, he even took down the big bow,shot an arrow suddenly.

Nine arrows in a flash!

The arrow speed is too fast, sends out the sharp broken air sound, leaps the public, shuttles in the first day, directly from Wang Baole’s head, under the armpit, and so on, whistles past, under the mournful wolf bark, shot nine fierce wolves!

There is no false arrow, which contains a huge impact is the body of those nine ferocious wolves, mercilessly thrown out!

This sudden change, so that the students who are retreating all Leng Leng, even Wang Baole also stayed for a while, it is almost the nine arrows flew over his body, startled him a big jump.

Not waiting for him to react, in the eyes of everyone, the young man in red clothes was faster, as if he had amazing explosive power inside his body. At this moment, the man followed the arrow and rushed into the first day. One jumped in the air above Wang Baole’s head, and nine arrows were fired again!

The sound of bang is amazing, with the screams of nine ferocious wolves, the other wolves around are also frightened, instinctive retreat, with this opportunity, the body of that young man in red clothes to fall, directly carry the body of Wang Baole, rapid retreat.

Wang Baole regardless of pain, at the moment the eyes are gradually drawn away from the wolves, suddenly anxious.

“Brother, put me down, I can hold on a little longer!”

Hearing Wang Baole’s words, even if the young man in red dress is indifferent, he can also be moved. It is really a moment of Wang Baole’s flesh and blood, as if on the verge of fragmentation.

“you’ve done a good job, and I’ll take care of the rest!”

Hearing this, Wang Bao-le became even more anxious. He felt as if the other party had snatched his lines and was about to open his mouth. But the teenager took a deep breath and raised his right hand violently. He could see the muscles of his right hand, but in this instant, unexpectedly, the muscles of his right hand swelled up.

Directly on a large number of laps, startled in the hands of the big bow, mercilessly pumping in the side of the rock wall, the speed is rapid, a row of more than a dozen times.

This force is too great, roar Zhongshan stone cracks, directly collapsed on the collapse of the small half, into countless broken stones fall off, rumble in this line of living block up the sky!

Wang Baole’s eyes widened and he looked at the boy’s sturdy arms. He took back all the words he had been about to open.

All this happened too quickly, it was between the lightning, now with the collapse of the sky, the young man in red under a flash, on the return of Wang Baole to the crowd.

Look at this scene, not far away, all the students, all crazy shock, Liu Daobin is more breathed tone, lost his voice to open his mouth.

“the second floor of the ancient military realm, seal off the body!

“I am not yet sealed, I am only on the first floor of the great consummation.”the young man in red took a look at Liu Daobin, put down Wang Bao-le, and explained something.

“not to seal the body, but also to seal the body of the threat, this classmate, thank you for saving my life!”Liu Daobin hurriedly went up to the front to clasp a fist, other schoolmates are also in abundance like this, even has many girls, looked to the red clothes young people to show the reverence, for a while, the red clothes young people are surrounded by the public.

As for Wang Baole, lying on the ground at the moment, looking at all this gloomily, he knew that the other party had meant well to save himself, but he still felt that the chance to add points had been lost, but he also understood that there was no way to do anything about it.

“the realm of ancient martial arts.”Wang Baole deeply feels that after the Federation entered the Lingyuan period, although the age of spiritual practice arrived, for the vast majority of the people, they were only able to learn an initial method called nourishing qi.

This method can allow people to absorb Reiki to prolong their lives, and at the same time more able to use their own media, condensing the sale of Lingshi, so widely disseminated.

As for true spiritual practice, the threshold is still very high, and it is difficult to step directly into it. This requires a foundation, so Gu Wu recovers.

After the induction and extension of the Federation, the formation of three levels of ancient military environment!

Qi and blood, seal the body, replenish the pulse!

Only to achieve the third layer of complete pulse, is qualified to compete for that Yuyue Longmen like the edge of the road!

However, most of the cultivation of the ancient military realm is in the hands of the federal forces. For the vast majority of people, the most orthodox way to get into the four Taoist institutions is to be admitted to the four major Taoist institutions. In addition, it can only be a matter of voting to the major forces or the aristocracy.

Wang Baole sighed. There was a feeling that the limelight had been snatched away. At the moment, the pain of his body also surfaced intensely, and he couldn’t help humming miserably. It aroused the attention of all, and many people rushed over.

Wang Bao-le saw that he was still taken seriously, and felt much better, but he felt that he was in too much pain, and his score was almost over,So he took a deep breath and went out with a trembling voice.

“I will not be able to, students, you will become my ethereal Taoist Academy students, must …”Wang Baole’s mood has been brewing, as the words out, is about to burst into impassioned emotion.

But at this moment, the young man in red, with a look of awe, went to Wang Baole and took out a bottle from his bosom and fed it to Wang Baole.

“A man willing to die for the Taoist Academy, I, Chen Ziheng, would never let him die like this!Good classmate, you can rest, everything is on me!”Chen Ziheng’s words categorically, with its fighting power, immediately formed a strong appeal, let people believe.

When all these people were grateful, Wang Baole stared at Chen Ziheng with his mouth open. Once again, he had a feeling that the guy in front of him had snatched away his own words.

There was a desire to remedy it, but as the efficacy of the medicine spread, Wang Baole felt that his eyes were so dark that he could not speak any more. He just only lie there in grief and indignation, looking at the bright sky, and there was only one thought in his mind.

“He must cheated just like me!”

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