Whole World In My Hand(Er Gen)Novel Chapter 4: the Ethereal Taoist Academy

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Chapter 4:the Ethereal Taoist Academy

When Wang Baole’s grief and indignation fainted, in the real world sky, the red balloon airship’s speed is extremely fast, has approached the Ethereal City’s sphere of influence.

Only now, in the main pavilion of this airship, there is a lot of noise.

“This guy named Wang Baole, I’m going to take it from Dandol!”

“Don’t fight me! he’s mine!”almost all the teachers, one by one, blushed, sometimes banged on the table and sometimes quarreled, clamoring for Wang Baole’s department after he entered the Taoist Academy.

All of this was due to Wang Bao-le ‘s sacrificing himself as a human being, which shocked them too much. The flesh and blood of his body made them feel moved, and that sentence, like a thunderbolt, flung into their minds, especially the last sentence.

But also let their hearts set off violent waves!

“Life is the soul of the Taoist Academy, and death is the soul of the Taoist Academy!”

The heroism and loyalty of this sentence are the seed students that the Taoist Academy and the various departments of learning aspire to acquire most. How can they give up to others?

In this mutual competition,a thin, bearded middle-aged teacher, see that they can not compete for, so a red eye to take out the identity card in her arms, psychic influx, shouting loudly.

“It takes five years for my Military department to have the authority to make Wang Baole a special recruit student for my Military department. Who dares to compete with me?”

As soon as his words came out, the jade card in his hand shone brightly. In a flash, after Wang Baole’s name on the crystal, there were three more words.

This scene lets everybody surprise in succession, must realize this authority is too precious, generally speaking after the student enters the Taoist Academy, is the teacher checks whether the person who wants to enter own department passes, only a few students, they only then can offer the olive branch voluntarily.

In any case, it’s a two-way choice, but each department has a once-in-a-five-year jurisdiction that directly defines a student as a person in his or her own department, with almost lavish treatment and resources, and privileges far beyond those of his peers.Close to the mantle.

It is also because of this, so most of this kind of authority is given to some special background, or excellent to the extreme of the students, extremely valuable.

Although Wang Baole is excellent, but in other people’s view, the use of such authority, or inevitably hesitant, at the moment can not help but smile and shake his head.

Seeing the expressions of other colleagues, the goatee felt that this time he was absolutely right. With Wang Baole’s nature in the secret channel, after he had been well nurtured, his loyalty to the French army department must have reached the level of unswerving devotion.

“No matter how good your qualifications are, maybe betray us. Only your heart and loyalty are hard to change. At a critical moment, only such disciples will come forward and be cultivated in good faith!”at the thought of this, the goatee immediately became complacent and looked aside, frowning all the time, staring at the old doctor who was thinking about Wang Bao-le ‘s materials.

“Master, our Military departments have all used their powers to determine Wang Bao-le. Don’t be partial to us.”

“Don’t worry, he’s your, as long as you don’t regret it.”the old doctor continued to look down at the file in front of him. He opened his mouth lightly. For each student admitted to the Taoist Academy, they would have a very detailed account of each other from small to large. Now he looked at a sentence in the file.The eyes were sharpening.

“Master, you……”when the goatee heard the words, the other teachers were all taken aback.

“Once lost weight for a month, did not eat or drink, exercised madly, but gained weight instead of losing it.This kind of normal person impossible thing, unexpectedly also can appear in him here.
“the old doctor sneered and turned out the signs of all the students in the dream circle. His eyes fell on Wang Bao-le ‘s data on the changes in body weight since he entered the examination.

“if hadn’t made a mistake, Wang Baole would have known that this was a faker world, that he was cheating on the assessment!”the old doctor raised his head and made sure of the passage.

“No way.”the goatee took a breath, covered his chest, and felt some blackness in front of him.

“You’ll find out…..” the old doctor looked at Wang Baole in the crystal picture. He raised his right hand to control the enigma array and suddenly waved.

Suddenly, in the enchanted world, the people who had just been robbed and survived did not have to wait for the joy to dissipate. Suddenly, there was an earth-shaking roar from the jungle in front of them, which swept directly through the forest like a storm.

Many trees were directly destroyed by the sound waves, one after another burst open, the earth is trembling up, a body full of ten Zhang size giant bear, directly climbed out from the ground, roar up the sky.

The bear had rotted most of its body, but there was a ghost fire in its eyes, as if it were immortal, and when it appeared, it sent out enough pressure to make everyone tremble, like the overlord of the jungle, which made countless birds and animals tremble.

“This….. That’s impossible. Oh, my God, that’s….Damn bear!”

“Those who can tear up the second tier of ancient martial arts are as successful as those in the ancient military realm… Damn bear!!”

Liu Daobin’s body flacked out instantly, and Du Min, and others all showed extreme fear in their eyes. Even the red-clothed teenager, too, had a sudden change of face in this instant.

What is more frightening is that the ghost bear, after growling, has come straight to the people, every step down, most of them are shaking, momentum is monstrous.

“run!!”do not know who shouted, the instinct of everyone on the rapid dispersal, even the young men in red clothes are pale give up the shot, rapid retreat.

Only Wang Bao-le had just been awakened from his slumber, and when he saw the cruel bear, his eyes flashed and his frail body began to rise and fall rapidly in his chest.

“There are extra points!!”

Excited, Wang Baole struggled on the ground toward the giant bear, mouth is shouting.

“Go quickly, leave me alone, I will help you buy time!”Wang Bao-le said, reluctantly picking up a stone and throwing it at the approaching bear.

“Old Bear, come and eat me.As long as I have a breath,you will never hurt my classmate!”Wang Baole roared loudly that the students who had fled were once again moved to an unparalleled degree in their hearts, and many girls burst into tears.

Looking at the majestic body of the giant bear, he rushed to Wang Baole, seemingly about to tear it apart in the next instant. At the moment, in the main cabinet of the airship, the old doctor sneered.

“See, there is excitement in this boy’s eyes. Have any of you ever seen a man look like this before he died, afraid that he would not die?”

Looking at the screen of Wang Bao Le, other teachers have a strange look, is really if the normal vision to see,but if the attitude of doubt to observe, its flaws will be some obvious.

“how shameless this boy is!”

“that’s all it takes to cheat. It’s just too much to act like that!
“the teachers in the main pavilion, also some can not see the next, as for the goatee, is now gnashing teeth, regret, heart in the blood, only beat the chest and feet.

“Oh, my God, my authority!!”

In the end, the right hand of the old doctor waved again, and all the pictures in the crystal were immediately shattered and dissipated.

“all right, we’re about to land at the Taoist Academy. The examination is over!”

In the dream of confusion collapse, Wang Baole saw the final picture is that the giant bear covered the sky, and then together with the world, turned into turbidity, directly dark.

When he regained consciousness, he felt a sudden jolt, as if with a great push, and when he opened his eyes, he found himself back in the airship’s spiritual chamber, with a great uproar and unimaginable exclamations in his ears.

“this……I thought we were in the rain forest. How could that be?”

“did I dream for myself, or did all of us dream?”

Wang Baole winked and hurriedly pretended to be at a loss, shouting loudly in his mouth.

“leave me alone, old bear, and I will fight with you!”

His voice was too loud, and it was hard not to attract attention because of his heroism in the crowd. As he shouted out at the moment, there was an innumerable number of eyes that fell directly on Wang Baole, especially among his classmates, who were even more excited.

“it’s the Wang Baole!”

“My good Brother!!”

“Wang Baole, from now on, you are my eldest brother!”

In his eyes, there were Du Min and Little White Rabbit, who survived the robbery. When they looked at Wang Baole, there was even more difference. In particular, the little white rabbit, whose eyes were tearful, seemed to have jumped at the same distance if she were not in a magnette suit and was far away.

All this made Wang Baole very proud of the bottom of his heart, is pondering how to harvest the worship of all, the spiritual room, reverberation of the voice of majesty.

“All students, below you lies the Taoist Academy, and what you just saw was the freshman’s examination of the Taoist Academy, and your scores in accounting for admission.Finally, welcome to the Ethereal Taoist Academy!”

Perhaps this majestic voice can soothe the heart, or it may be that when they hear that the Taoist Academy is approaching, the students in the spiritual room have one after another come to cheer themselves up from their previous dreams and turn their heads and look out of the window one after another.

Wang Baole, though somewhat regretful, could hardly hide his expectations. When he looked out of the window, he immediately saw a huge lake on the ground below. The lake was like a mirror spread over the earth, reflecting the color of the sky. It was incomparably beautiful.

There are three islands in the lake, arranged in a zigzag pattern. There are many boats sailing between the islands. Even as they get closer, they can also see a lot of ancient buildings and countless figures on the islands.

The outlying islands, in particular, are no less than tens of thousands of people, like a small town.

“The Ethereal Taoist Academy, once known as the College, was founded in 2348. It had gone through the federal era, participated in the fierce beast wars, entered the spiritual Yuan period, and changed to Taoism. Up to now, it has a history of more than seven hundred years, and it has nurtured countless heavenly pride.Hero, who made a remarkable contribution to the process of civilization, the last federal president, was graduated from the ethereal Taoist Academy.”

“The lake, called Qingmu Lake, the so-called Qingmu years, long pastoral, the meaning of cheerful, just like teenagers!”

“As for the three islands, the Tianxing Island at the heart of the Taoist Academy, the Upper House Island at the heart of the Taoist Daoist Church, and the Lower House Island of your fellow students.”

Majestic voice echoed in the spiritual room, this voice contains a proud, pervading in the hearts of all, including Wang Baole, all from this moment, by the momentum of the Ethereal Taoist Academy and the details of the shock.

As the island of the House of Commons grows rapidly in the eyes of all, you can see that on the largest island, there are more than a dozen towering peaks, like more than a dozen sharp swords, intended to rise to the sky.

Each peak, there are countless buildings, there are more characters, even in the sky to see, but also very clear.

The Military department, the Dandao department, the Warlord department, the Arrayed system……

There was no time to see all of it, and with a loud crash, the airship, which spanned thousands of miles from Phoenix, landed directly on the island of the Lower House of Taoist Academy!

The Ethereal Taoist Academy, here we are!

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