Whole World In My Hand(Er Gen)Novel Chapter 5: the specially-recruited student

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Chapter 5:the specially-recruited student

The Ethereal Taoist Academy is very great, especially the Lower House Island is magnificent enough to accommodate 100,000 people to study and live in. At this moment, in the southeast of the Lower House Island, where the airport is located, dozens of giant hot-air balloon airships are parked.

There are innumerable students, with curiosity and excitement, carrying luggage from the airship, although there is noise, but more laughter of joy.

These people, all from different parts of the Federation, were admitted to the Ethereal Taoist Academy this year.

On the board of one of the airships, Wang Baole and others from Phoenix were also carrying luggage, all excited, looking at the blue sky and white clouds, and looking at the peaks of various departments in the distance, feeling refreshed and filled with indescribable expectations.

But compared to their youthful vigor, the old doctors and the teachers who came out of the main cabinet at the moment looked a little strange, and now they are familiar with this group of students who have come from Phoenix. They are now very much familiar with this group of students who have come from Phoenix.

Especially familiar with Wang Baole, so can not help but look at Wang Baole a few more.

This scene was immediately observed by Wang Baole, who is accustomed to observing his words and looks. Despite his exposure to the crowd, he was always concerned about his assessment results and always kept an eye on where the teacher was. This was when something was wrong.

“Why are they all looking at me.Is my assessment too bad?Ha, it must be so.”Wang Baole was immediately excited, but there were some doubts in the excitement. The reason was that in the group of teachers, there was a goatee whose eyes fell on him, as if with some sadness and indignation.

“what’s the situation.”Wang Baole was suspicious and felt that there was something wrong with the goatee. Before he could think about it in detail, all the teachers, including the goatee, came straight to them.

“Chen Ziheng, you come here, I will take you to register.”one of the teachers took a few quick steps and opened his mouth to the young man in red.

Chen Ziheng mused, nodded past, was directly taken away by the teacher, can see the two as they walked said, the teacher seems to be strongly recommending what the look.

Wang Baole saw it, his eye suddenly bright, instantly breath is slightly short of breath, have guesswork, the result in the examination in secret passageway, begin to play a role in this moment.

So the heart beat faster, with anticipation, chest up, afraid that those teachers can not see themselves.

“Hsu Liu-shan, you’re coming with me.”

“Liu Daobin, you come.”soon, the teachers opened their mouths, called out one name after another, and called them all over to take them away.

This scene immediately made the hearts of all the people begin to beat faster. They also saw that these named people, obviously having good results in the examination, were valued by these teachers. Only then did they take them away in advance for their department.Throw an olive branch.

Wang Bao-le was pleased in his heart. Although he did not hear his name, but he was very confident about his assessment results. He felt that the more behind he was, the better he should be. Even in his heart, he had a strong expectation of which teacher he valued himself.

“if all the teachers had taken a fancy to me, what would I have done? oops, I have a headache. I don’t know what to do with it.
“Wang Bao-le held his head high in his heart, but after waiting for a long time, he saw that even Du Min had been called away. The hundreds of students around him were now only about 80% of the way they were, and he was somewhat stunned.

“No.”Wang Bao-le wiped the sweat from his forehead, and it was very difficult for him to calm down.

In particular, I saw that those teachers kept taking people away, and there were very few left until all the teachers had left. Even the old doctor took a look at Wang Bao-le and left, only when the goatee with the same face as if someone owed him money was still there.

Wang Bao-le just felt a little dark in front of him.

At this time, the face of an ugly mustache, chest rapid ups and downs, seems very reluctant, but also extremely helpless, as if their choice of road, even if difficult to walk, but also had to go down, like words.

“Wang Bao-le, why are you still there?Come here.”Hear this sentence, it seems to be squeezed out of the teeth, in finish, the goatee turned to get off the airship.

Immediately excited, Wang Bao-le felt that the voice was like the sounds of nature. He had no time to think about the face of the other party. He hurried away and followed the goatee attentively. It seemed that if the other party had any luggage,He wouldn’t hesitate to go over there and help pick it up.

With their departure, the rest of the students were taken off the ship. The students with no special performance would choose their own departments in the next few days.

Outside the island of Commons airport at the moment, the goatee was striding forward with his hands behind him, darkened complexion, and in front of him there were some small airships docking at the moment, and there were some former young students in blue and blue, waiting excitedly there,Often saw a good-looking girl appeared, immediately ran over enthusiastically to ask for warmth, in the sight of goatee to walk, they hastened to show respect.

“slow down, sir. What is our department?”behind the Goatee, came the voice of Wang Baole panting. It was really that the Goatee itself was a master. It walked too fast. It was difficult to keep up with Wang Baole, who had not practiced ancient martial arts.

Goatee heart is depressed, from the bosom out of a purple jade, directly threw it to Wang Baole, hummed.

“Reporting to the Military department youself. I have something to do,go first.”with these words, he stepped into a small airship and flew away.

Wang Baole, was just as depressed. He also saw that the Goatee’s attitude was not right.

“Did I behave so well that I helped.Well, what is the Military department?”Wang Bao-le patted his forehead and stood there with a jade.Filled with anguish, he unconsciously took out a packet of snacks from his luggage and ate them.

He felt that the goatee was too unreliable. At the moment, he had no choice but to inquire for himself.

It gets hotter and hotter.

Even though the lake breeze had blown in, it was all heat waves.

Wang Baole stood there from wiping his sweat and saw someone in the distance selling ice water, claiming to be ice spirit water.

Although the price was high, Wang Baole was the kind of person who would not do harm to himself.

Even if the expensive also ran to buy a few bottles, packed in luggage.

While drinking cool ice water, Wang Baole looked around, looking around the busy airport, and even saw some people live in the entrance of new students, vaguely heard the sound of gifts.

In probing and questioning, Wang Baole did not spend too much time, and had some understanding of the Military department, the heart immediately fiery, sitting on a small airship headed to Fa Bing Feng.

After arrive the Fa Bing Feng, a large number of people here, some to visit in order to choose, and some have already decided to submit an application for admission here.

There are also many volunteer senior students of the Military department, sister-in-study, who is in charge of reception here, leading the way for the arrival of waves of freshmen, looking forward to, crowded with people and boiling incomparably.

“the Dharma system looks like a chain, but it’s different. It can train everything in heaven and earth for treasure!”as the crowd moved on, Wang Baole listened to a horse-faced sister-in-study ‘s fiery introduction in front of him. He took it very seriously, very much in line with the introduction to the Military department he had heard before, and made him feel that it sounded very powerful.

“We are the best department in the whole Union, and I am proficient in all kinds of weapons, and civilian weapons, and every graduate is a hotshot from the outside world,” he said, adding: “I don’t know what to do with it. I don’t know how to do it,” he said. “I don’t care. “in front of the horse face sister-in-study, while leading the way, while introducing, the voice has been agitated, seems to be very proud of their own Department.

“you were just at the top of the sky, and you should have noticed the three huge platforms of the Fa Bing Feng, which are the three main schools.” he said. “I hope you have noticed that there are three great schools, namely, Lingshi, Hui Wen and Ling Bang.”

“unlike the basic schools in your hometown, the Taoist Academy has a more liberal life. Each department has a fixed school where new and old students can go to study at any time. For the rest of the time, it is mostly self-cultivation.Although there are examinations every year, they are not particularly strict. The only thing that matters is the big test of the Upper house.”

“if you can’t get into the Upper house for five years, you’ll have to leave the Academy.”when heard the sister-in-study in front of him talking about the assessment, Wang Baole paid more attention to it, and so did all the people around him.

“But you don’t have to be too nervous. Admission to the upper house is still too far away for you. Well, this is where the freshmen are sent to apply.”as they watched, sister-in-study, who was in charge of leading the way, smiled and stopped halfway up the hill by a stone mirror of ten feet in size.

The stone mirror is full of ancient meaning, vertical there are vicissitudes of life, there are more like a rune-like vein, it looks very good.

“put your application cards on it and you can go down the hill. Within three days at most, the House of Commons will announce the admission list for each university department.”Horse face sister-in-study finished wiping sweat, some dry mouth, standing aside, looking at these students, her bottom of heart feeling, sob in the feel as if to see the year of their own.

“I don’t know how many of these people will be admitted, but I don’t think there will be many. After all, at most 4,000 people will be admitted in each class.”when the horse’s face sister-in-study sighed, Wang immediately noticed sister-in-study ‘s act of wiping off sweat. He trotted over, took out a cool bottle of ice water from his luggage and handed it into the hands of sister-in-study.

“Sister,you work too hard, and on behalf of all our freshmen, I thank sister for explaining it to us. On this hot day,have a drink of water.”Wang Baole expression is simple and honest, voice is sincere, make horse face sister-in-study can’t help but looked at this little fat man in front of a few times, had a good opinion immediately, it is her to welcome to guide new student so many times, so considerate person is still rare.

Other students also have eyes, after all, Wang Baole words are not only concerned about themselves, but on behalf of all of them, which makes them to Wang Baole here, are also good impression.

Seeing that he had gained so much favor from a bottle of iced water, Wang Baole felt complacent and felt that his potential for becoming an official was a little higher.

Soon, the students around one after another with expectations close to the stone mirror, take out a white jade card, put on the stone mirror, jade card emitting light, branding completed.

This kind of jade card, each of them has one, is after arriving at the house of Commons island, by the accompanying teacher hand out, is only at this moment Wang Baole, he looks at the jade card in the public hand, is somewhat silly.

“what the hell is that? why didn’t I.”Wang Baole quickly probed into the origin of the goatee, and once again felt that the goatee was too unreliable.

Until everyone has put away the jade card, only Wang Baole, leading the way sister-in-study can not help but look past, concerned to ask.

“brother-in-study, do you have any questions?”

“my card is a little different from everyone else’s.”Wang Baole hesitated, touched the purple jade pendant in his arms, and carefully placed it on the stone mirror.

Can be in its jade and stone mirror touch the moment, suddenly, the whole jade wear suddenly broke out a strong purple light, even this stone mirror are also suddenly brilliant, there is a loud bang startled the sky, reverberating the entire art of war peak.

More air waves spread out, all around the students, one by one are frantic tremors, horrifying retrogression.

“what’s the matter?”

“what’s the matter?!”

Even Wang Baole was startled.

This is not the end of it. What is even more striking is that in the midst of this glowing light, there are even vast solemn bells ringing on the summit of the Fa Bing Feng, as if they were announcing the whole department.


All of a sudden, all the areas of Fa Bing Feng, whether it is the students who are going up the mountain, or the people in the school, or all the people who are practicing themselves in the buildings on the top of the mountain.

Look up.

By the side of the stone mirror, the horse’s face sister-in-study could only feel her mind buzzing at the moment. Her eyes flashed wide, full of disbelief and exclaimed.

“specially recruited students!!”

“what did you say?”Wang Baole was even more confused.

At the same time, in the reverberation of the bell, at the top of the Fa Bing Feng, there was a hall full of aura, and the goatee was sitting there looking at an ancient book. His heart, which had slowly recovered, became irritable again.

“how did this little son of a bitch get here so fast?”he was bored in the bottom of his heart. When he thought of his five years of authority gone, he felt that his intestines were going to be green with remorse.

If no one bothered him, just now with the ringing of the bell reverberation, suddenly there are a few figures from outside the hall galloping, is the other teachers of the French army department.
“Chang You-tak, I heard that you have specially recruited a very good young man for our department this time!”

“Ha-ha, Lao Zhang, Lao Zhang, I knew you had a good eye all the time. Where’s the good one?”

As the teachers came in excited, Goatee listened to their words, black face, there is a kind of buy their own dog shit, tears also eat up the feeling, can only squeeze out a smile.

“Yes, that’s a….That’s a good one!I have a magic weapon to train…..”saying, Goatee hurriedly leaves, be afraid to stay again, cannot help but clap to kill that good young man!

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