Whole World In My Hand(Er Gen)Novel Chapter 6: Big Trouble

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Chapter 6:Big Trouble

After going through such trivia as registering, receiving skills, and wearing a Taoist robe, Wang Baole stood in front of a remote but beautiful building near the top of the mountain, wearing the red Taoist robe peculiar to specially recruited students. His mouth was about to grin to his ears.

In front of him, is a purple stone door, with the opening of the stone door, exposed is unexpectedly a cave house!

“this is the legendary cave mansion!”Wang Baole can’t help but get excited. As far as students are concerned, most of them live in lofts like dormitories. Only a small number of people are eligible to live in the cave houses of mountain peaks.

After all, things are rare for expensive, a mountain attic can be more construction, and the cave is fixed, difficult to increase, and there are formations in the cave house concentration, Reiki is naturally more intense than the attic.

Therefore, even if Wang Baole’s cave house is not big, it can also be enough to make countless students envy it.

Feeling his distinctive Taoist robe and looking at his cave mansion, Wang Bao was glad to see that there was no one around. Finally, he could not help but laugh up to the sky. He just felt exuberant.

After entering the cave house, he found that although the cave house was not big, he had a floor.

Two feet of mountain peak, standing there as if standing in the sky in general, proud of him, simply sitting on the balcony, looking at the outside sky and the earth, the mood is particularly good, take out a packet of snacks.

In this happy mood, while eating snacks, Wang Bao-le opened the unique martial arts skills of the ethereal Taoist Academy, and saw the three big characters written on the first page with the strength of a strong pen!

Ku Wu Ji!

This ancient martial arts formula is not unique to the French and military departments, but is a basic skill that students in all the departments of the House of Commons must learn. When freshmen come to school, they will learn the unique knowledge system of their departments after they enter each department according to their different choices.

But this ancient martial arts formula, is serves for each department, supports each department knowledge the basic skill method.

“the ancient military realm is threefold, that is, qi and blood, sealing up the body and replenishing the pulse!”as dusk approached, the wind was much cooler, blowing on Wang Bao-le ‘s body, making him feel very comfortable. The look of watching this feat also absorbed a lot of attention.

Until the sky sunset was gradually rendered by the dark night, Wang Baole raised his head, will see all the ancient martial arts, the bottom of my heart for the ancient military realm, has finally a more comprehensive understanding.

“the strength of the qi and blood is boundless, the sealing of the body is incomparably accurate, once the pulse is replenished.
Then the flesh body is perfect!”Wang Bao-le took a deep breath. He thought of the picture of Chen Ziheng, a red-clothed teenager, pumping into the mountains. His eyes were slowly getting a little fiery.

“if you want to be president of the United States, you have to have ancient weapons. Besides, you can lose weight by practicing ancient weapons. It’s like counting in one fell swoop.”exhilarated, Wang Baole is about to start trying to practice, but his face moves, his right hand lifts a mold in his arms, and he takes out half a black mask.

Looking at the mask, Wang Bao Le Mu Lu thought, he can not forget in the examination, the mask has become illusory, as well as the emergence of fuzzy words on the scene.

“this is absolutely a treasure!”Wang Baole’s heart beat faster, and his parents were both involved in archeological work, which is why most of the things in the family seemed to be rags and crumbs.

But Wang Baole once fantasized that there might be treasures hidden in these antiques, but he grew up playing with almost every antique, and even secretly dripping blood, did not see a good place to appear.

Now with the mask, he carefully studied, in addition to the material some cool, still do not feel anything extraordinary, the final thought is in the examination of the special environment, this mask changes, so the eyes brighten.

“it seems necessary for me to borrow a similar device, and perhaps I may be able to unlock the secret of this mask!”with this thought in mind, seeing that it was getting late, some tired Wang Baole returned to the cave house, happily unpacking his luggage. His luggage contained only a few small packages of clothes, and there were mainly strange things in them.

“every one of these is a treasure I have collected as an official, and I would not have tried so hard had it not been for the luggage in my dreams!”looking at all the treasures in his luggage, Wang Baole yawned with satisfaction and was about to go to sleep when he suddenly sat up in a fit of excitement.

“We can’t be complacent. There are many allusions in the autobiographies of senior officials. However, those who are complacent tend to be happy and sad!”Wang Baole took a breath, pressed down his exhilaration, and began to ponder the teachers’ eyes and goatee’s attitude during the day, and summed up his own special move identity, the answer is already out of the question.

“they must have found something.”when Wang Baole arrived at this analysis, he suddenly felt a chill in his heart and a chill in his spine.

“I must keep a low profile this time. I’d better not have a sense of existence.Otherwise, it’s not good!”Wang Baole was worried. He didn’t want to lose everything he had right now. When he had a headache, he couldn’t help feeling that he was suffering because he didn’t have a backer.

“I’m going to have to figure out a way to find a backer.”

Time flies, three days later, with the names of various departments announced, this class of students also live in their own department peak, regardless of the rules and regulations, are all new students to master, the life of Taoist Academy will soon be on the right track.

These three days, Wang Baole is very low-key, began to try to practice the ancient martial arts, almost all did not walk out of the door of the cave, for fear of being noticed by the goatee, he wanted to survive this period of time, perhaps a lot safer.

Although his wishes are good, but with the stability of the students, about their arrival on the road, in the assessment of the scene of things, in the Academy of the spirit of the Internet, began to spread, quickly became a topic.

After all, this time nearly a hundred balloon airships, nearly a hundred synchronized zonal assessment, there are a lot of attention of the rookie generation.

“have you heard that among the freshmen from Tianyuncheng, there is a man named Lu Jingnan, who has arranged for the organs to slay and kill the lizards? it is extremely fierce!”

“what is this? I heard that in Phoenix, there was a strong man named Chen Ziheng, who was only a little short of Guwu’s second seal. This person was given olive branches by eight departments at the same time, and was famous for his fame!”as the various branches of the House of Commons began to talk on the spiritual Web site, more and more people came forward.”this time Chen Ya-meng attracted the most attention. It is said that this woman was born with a spiritual spirit, and that she could have refined 80% pure stone. She could have entered the White Deer Taoist House, the first place in the Federation, but she was dug up at a great cost by our Taoist Taoist Academy of Diaomei!”

there was something extraordinary about Chen Ya-meng, but there was another person who was as good as or even beyond him. It was said that he was born with an ink-star eye, and every time he opened it, everything he saw would be slow and complete.Its identity is even more mysterious, rumors are one of the five days clan, has been defined by the authority of the Department of War weapons!

Amid all this uproar, one by one of these rookies have a lot of fame. Even some old students are under great pressure after hearing about it. Even if Wang Bao-le wants to keep a low profile here, but he specially recruited students, and his performance in the examination.In that Phoenix examination in the hundreds of students spread, but also like the stars in general dazzling rise.

“there are only two special students in this class. One is Zhuo Yifan, and the other is one…. It’s Wang Baole!He has a noble moral, upright, self-sacrificing, in order to save his classmates, when the red bone white baby snake appeared, he still rushed into the snake sea, in order to give the students a chance to survive, to feed the wolf, he once said that he was born a Taoist.Death is the shaking words of the soul of the Taoist Academy!!”

“what’s more, when Wang Bao-le finally saw the ancient wild ghost bear, even if he was seriously injured and weak, he struggled to crawl over it and try to lead the ghost bear away with his own body and save all his classmates!”

These deeds were quickly spread so that Wang Baole’s reputation rose to prominence and spread throughout the island of the Lower House.

Only at the moment, through his own sound ring, after logging on to the network to see all this, not only cold heart, blood is getting cold, only feel the impending disaster, scared of him hurriedly issued a note.

“Hello, everyone. I’m Wang Bao-le. You misunderstood me. In fact, I was very scared. The reason I rushed to the snake herd was not because I was selfless, but because I thought Zhou Xiaoya was very beautiful. I wanted to pursue her. Really.”

Wang Baole sent out these words in pain, and he dared not speak out if he wanted to cool everyone down by blackening himself.

But he how also did not expect, this notice posted a hair, incredibly quickly get innumerable student’s approval and reply, this is the female classmate mainly, all are in succession pronounce oneself, say he is a man!

Wang Baole only felt that his eyes were darkening and tears were about to flow down. He wailed that he was just trying to cool everyone down, but instead he was warming up. So he posted another note.

“in fact, I blocked the wolves because I was poisoned and knew that I was going to die, so I wanted to die happily. In the end, it wasn’t me who saved lives. It was Chen Ziheng’s classmates who contributed to all of this!”

After writing this, Wang Bao-le was just about to relax. He felt that he had put the credit on Chen Ziheng, and that he should be able to be attracted to it and cool down.

It’s just…..Wang Bao-le ‘s tone lasted only a short while, and Chen Ziheng actually posted a public notice, saying that if he talks about martial arts, Wang Bao-le is not as good as me, but if he is brave and fierce and willing to sacrifice himself, I am not as good as him!

After all, Chen Ziheng was also a celebrity, and his words carried a lot of weight, immediately causing countless people to scramble to discuss them, making Wang Baole’s plan to cool down collapse again, heating up again, and for a while.It’s all over Chen Ya-meng.

All this, let Wang Baole hate not one head to death, he despaired, tears streaming down, heart trembling.

“Oh, my God, you’re going to kill me! leave me alone, I’m wrong.”

He burst into tears, gritted his teeth, and sent another post.

“Don’t pay attention to me. I’m just an ordinary fat man. I don’t have any advantages. I’m gluttonous, I’m lustful, I’m greedy, I’m selfish, I’m here to press the line, and the purity of the stone is only a little over 50%.I’m really just an ordinary person!!”

Wang Bao-le himself felt that this time he had darkened himself thoroughly. Some of them were not. As long as they were bad, he joined in. It was just the development of things that startled him again.

This time it was Liu Daobin who stood up and left behind an unprecedented resonance and recognition of the words of countless students!

“Chen Ya-meng is fierce, and Zhuo Yi-fan is not vulgar, but they are the proud new talent. Whether they save lives or complete the examination, they are all more than enough. But Wang Bao-le is not. He is saving people with his life, just as if the rich gave you a hundred hearses and stones.Can it be the same as the meaning of the 100 hearses that poor people have given you all their savings? Wang Bao-le, like us, that is, an ordinary student, how can there be no shortcomings? but the more such a person is, the more shocked he is when he sacrifices to save people.That bloody scene, I can not forget all my life ah!”

This paragraph of words, immediately caused a sensation again, makes the lower house island spirit net to discuss to the extreme, temporarily regarding Wang Baole’s topic, surmounted Zhuo Yifan, became this session of freshman’s leader!

Wang Bao-le was completely stupid and stared at Lingwang. He didn’t feel so great himself. It took him a long time to recover. In his eyes, with despair in his eyes, he seemed to have taken out a packet of snacks and clenched his teeth and ate them.

“It’s over! I’m in big trouble!”

Sure enough, not long after, there was a Phoenix airship on the teacher, really can not go on, in public to tell the examination about Wang Baole cheating false scene.

Just like a stone stirred up a thousand waves, caused a great uproar.

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