Whole World In My Hand(Er Gen)Novel Chapter 7: All be miner

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Chapter 7:All be miner

As the affair of cheating was exposed, how high Wang Baole had been praised before, now everyone’s heart was shocked. For a while, the topic about Wang Baole was fermenting again, and the limelight was more than just winning the top spot for freshmen.Even the old students are all pale.

There are many people directly in the spirit of the online message posted angrily to crusade against Wang Baole.

Seeing the worst outcome he had expected, Wang Baole sat in the cave house with a deep sigh and a gloomy face. His heart was filled with sadness as he looked around.

“it is said that the heaven will fall upon the people of Sri Lanka, and that they must first suffer their minds, strain their muscles and bones, and starve their bodies and skin.Is this a test that God has given me.”Wang Baole comforted himself that this time he felt that he was in too much trouble, that a little spray could topple him over, and that after a short period of nervousness, his mind would immediately set about finding a solution.

A few days later, when the various departments in the Lower House of the Ethereal Taoist Academy began their first lecture, Wang Baole walked out of the cave house with a small bag in his arms and a dignified look.

“what a big deal! I’m not a bird!”looking at the sun in the sky, Wang Baole took a deep breath and showed his determination in his eyes. Dressed in the robe of the specially recruited students, he went to Lingshi School in the three major schools of the Military Department.

Along the way, a large number of students went to the school in twos and threes. One by one, they looked forward to it in their hearts. They talked briskly from time to time, but when they saw Wang Baole in a red Taoist robe, they were stunned and instantly recognized his identity.

Suddenly the expression changes in succession, the topic that whispers discusses, also can’t help but transfer to Wang Baole body.

“it’s Wang Baole!”

“there he is!”

“how much longer do you think he’ll be in the Taoist yard?I heard that a teacher suggested that he should be expelled as an example.”

Although the discussion was quiet, Wang Baole met so many classmates along the way that some of them reached his ears. If someone else had been there, it would have been hard to hide his panic and his heart would have been as hot as fire at the moment.

Wang Baole as a child to study the autobiography of the wonderful work of senior officials, thick skin is the basic skills, now look as usual, stride meteor, straight to the school.

Seen from afar, the stone terrace where the school is located is large enough to accommodate ten thousand people.Although the building is simple, it is full of vicissitudes of antiquity, with seven or eight huge stone pillars supporting the roof of a huge Feifeng Pavilion.

In addition to the empty podium in the middle, the countless seats on the steps surrounding the pavilion are already full of people, and in this school, the most conspicuous one is the huge stone wall on the right side of the podium.

A hundred names appeared on the blue wall, and at the end of each name were numbered, from the first 90 to the hundredth, 82, followed by decimals.

Outside the school, a large stone was erected at the entrance, engraved with the motto of the Military Department.

“there are thousands of ways in the world, with magic weapons to overcome them, with spiritual treasures to make them, and if they all fail, the divine soldiers will cut them off!”

When Wang Baole approached, even though there were all the old students and freshmen here, more classmates and more complicated discussions, he still looked calm and looked at the motto on the boulder.

This sentence exudes supreme hegemonism, and has the momentum of a law town and ten thousand ways, coming from the inside of the words. Even if Wang Baole has something in his mind, after seeing this sentence, he can all step forward, and his mind will be shaken for a moment.

If Wang Baole was only interested in the Military Department before, then at this moment, after seeing this sentence, he already has more yearning for the Military Department.

“want to fire me? Joke, I Wang Baole study autobiography of senior officials for ten years, what big waves have not experienced!”Wang Baole calmed down, stepped over the gate of the school, and walked directly in.

As soon as his conspicuous red taoist robe appeared in the school, it immediately caught the attention of the students around him. I did not know who was the first to speak, and he called out Wang Baole’s name directly.

After the sound appeared, immediately there were eyes coming from all directions and all fell on Wang Baole. There were tens of thousands of people here, and their eyes focused on one person. This kind of pressure was enough to soften one’s footsteps.

In particular, there were boos coming out of the crowd.

“Wang Baole, do you still have the face to come to class?”

“what special recruit students, is simply relying on cheating to deceive the identity, if such a person does not deal with, where is the reason!”

“Wang Baole, you are not welcome here!”

On other occasions, perhaps no one would have spoken so directly. After all, there was no great hatred, but now in this school there are so many people that the atmosphere can easily be raised. Suddenly, the crusade buzzed.

Liu Daobin also in the crowd, the bottom of my heart complex, looked at Wang Baole when the bottom of my heart sighed, he also felt strange, clearly know this guy is cheating, but his mind of the other side of the bloody picture, still can not forget.

“if it were me, it would be time to turn around and leave.”when Liu Daobin shook his head with emotion, his eyes were suddenly wide open. He saw Wang Baole standing at the entrance of the school. Now, naturally, he took out a large horn from the bag behind him and put it on his mouth. His eyes opened up and he gave a loud roar.

“you all,shut up!”

His voice is screaming out, and through the blessing of this special loudspeaker, suddenly like thunder, spread throughout the school, even if the discussion of ten thousand people, can not be compared with its directly on the forced pressure.

Even the people who were closer and booed the most were almost staggered and fell over by this roar, and all of a sudden there was a buzzing in their ears, and all of a sudden they were silent and a little stunned. They really didn’t think of it in their dreams.
There is a student in the bag, with such a clearly modified loudspeaker.

They’re here to go to school, and they can’t understand what it’s like to come to school with a trumpet.

This is really too strange, turn too big, especially the horn sound huge flood incomparable, everyone foolishly, Liu Daobin is also the whole person stunned, can not help but see a few eyes in the hands of Wang Baole exaggerated trumpet.

Looking at this scene with satisfaction, Wang Baole calmly stuffed his horn into a small bag. This was one of the treasures he carried with him. For him, who is familiar with the autobiography of senior officials, it is clear that during the campaign speech, a powerful loudspeaker was used.It’s just too much.

Seeing that the crowd was stunned by himself, Wang Baole held his head high and walked forward. When he saw Liu Daobin, Liu Daobin hesitated and looked at Wang Baole’s small bag. Only then did he beckon to Wang Baole.

“this Liu Daobin is very interesting.”as soon as Wang Baole’s eyes lit up, he hurried over and sat down.

Until now, everyone in the school has to recover, a sudden rage, just to fight back, there are bells reverberating, a thin figure, wearing a black road robe, with a head of white hair old man, slowly into.

He looked cold and unapproachable, and naturally gave off a depressing breath, which made all the students in the school quiver and shut up without any reason to come to the bottom of their hearts. He was so cold and unapproachable that he naturally sent out a depressing breath, which made all the students in the school quiver and shut up one after another.

Quietly looking at the old man in black walking to the podium.
Wang Baole also hurriedly looked past.

The old man in black glanced over the crowd and opened his mouth faintly.

“there are three schools in the Military Department, viz., Lingshi, Hui Wen, and Ling Pei, and i am the one of the five lecturers of Lingshi, Zou Yunhai.”

“the stone wall beside me is a list of the famous person of Lingshi. I hope you will all be on the list one day.”

“the class begins now!But before you learn how to make a Lingshi, you have to understand one thing.why do we need to practice spiritual formulas all over the country?”the old man said, the right hand raised a random grasp, unexpectedly appeared in his hands out of thin white, fist-sized stones.

This scene, let a lot of students feel shocked again, Liu Daobin well-informed, in Wang Baole side took a breath, low voice.

“teacher Zou has a storage device!”

Wang Baole also kept his eyes wide open. Although he said he had heard of the storage device, he had never seen it. There was no one to sell it in the world at all. It was only occasionally watching the news and seeing that in some big auctions, there would be an occasional one.And each of the final prices, he could not imagine.

As for the milky stone, all the students are familiar with it. This is the blank stone that is necessary to make Lingshi.

“37 years ago, with the arrival of the Sword of the Stars, a source of energy suddenly appeared in this world, that is, Reiki!Reiki is very rich, but after all, it is sudden, never before, so according to federal research concluded that if this Reiki nourishment, in the past hundreds of years, then will affect jade, and then the formation of Lingshi ore!”

The old man in black calmly opened his mouth, and at the same time the white stone in his hand was emitting more and more intense light, and he could vaguely see the nihility around the old man being slightly distorted, as if there were bursts of invisible aura that were being manipulated by him.Pull it into the rock.

“but today, it is only 37 years of the Lingyuan period that it is far from being a Lingshi mine. If you want a Lingshi, you have to make it artificially. That is why all forces promote spiritual cultivation and become a national feat. The purpose is to make everyone, all of them, miners.The making of hearses, which became money, made the number of hearses huge, and supplied them to the whole world for circulation and cultivation.”

“because of the differences in the affinity between people and Reiki, as well as in various factors, the purity of the stones produced by each person is also different, so there is a saying about qualifications, such as the qualification for admission to the White Deer Taoist Institute,” he said.”It is necessary to refine the purity of more than 70% of the Lingshi, and I ethereal Taoist Academy is a little lower, but at least 50% purity!”

The change in his words and the blank stone immediately startled everyone in the school, which was quite different from what they had heard on weekdays, and the old man’s calmness in refining the stone was just as shocking.

“the whole nation is a miner. Can talk, at the same time refine Lingshi.”Wang Baole is also a heartbeat. He can also train Lingshi, but every time he has to concentrate on himself, a little distraction will lead to failure.

The old man in black did not care about the shock of the students, calm look of refining Lingshi, the mouth again out of words.

“then the new question arises. Is there really only one article on the formula of nourishing qi?”

“I can tell you with certainty that all the people have learned in the last Naling.The purpose is to strengthen the body and bring the aura into the body, and although it cannot be stored in the body, like a draught wind, it will soon spread out of the body, but if you hold a blank stone in your hand, you will not be able to store it in your body, but if you hold a blank stone, Mind control, just like the body into a medium, can be refined out of the Lingshi, Lingshi also has a division, below the product, in the product, quality and …The colorful stone in the extreme!”

“and in the next chapter, only those who practice the chain of arms can touch it, because the shards of the hilt containing the formula of nourishing qi are.About the Lingshi chain!It is only because of the role of the spin-off Lingshi in the previous article that it has been diffused and practiced by the whole people.”

The voice of the old man in black was not slow. When he reached this point, the blank stone in his palm already shone brightly. With a wave of light from his right hand, after the light dissipated, there was fly ash on the surface of the blank hearthstone, which finally came to light.It’s a much smaller diamond…….Lingshi!

Dense flow, Baoguang float!

“the next chapter is good, but if you can’t make a stone with a purity of 80% or more, you won’t be able to learn it. As for the old man’s school, you won’t talk about the next article, but only the last one about the techniques of stone smelting!”

The school was silent, and everyone looked at the stone in the old man’s hand. It seemed that everything was lost in front of him. Compared with the stone, the stone they had made looked like a fake stone.

“the purity of at least 90% of the heart-stone.This teacher Zou, he in addition to the teacher’s identity, in the outside world must be a person of prominence!!”Wang Pao-lok took a breath. Today’s class seems to have opened a new door for him!

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