Whole World In My Hand(Er Gen)Novel Chapter 8: Intelligence and fightback

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Chapter 8:Intelligence and fightback

Inside Lingshi School, Zou Yunhai’s voice was as calm as ever, as if he were not giving lessons to the students, but expressing his understanding of the Military.

Often casual words, let everyone seem clairvoyant general.Just this attentive attention, for those who have just entered the Taoist Academy of students, on some overload, can only go to record.

At the end of the day, when even the records failed to follow, many students began to whisper and relax. Wang Baole already understood why there are only three schools in the Military Department, which are really just schools for imparting the art of refining stones.
It’s not going to be a complete pass after a few lectures.

With a little tired, his side was Liu Daobin, has finally come to his senses, when looking at Wang Baole, can not help but whisper his mouth.

“Wang Bao-le, you’ve had quite a bit of trouble this time. I’ve heard that many teachers have proposed to expel you.”his eyes were full of sympathy, but his face twitched a little when he saw Wang Bao-le ‘s bag.

“which one said that?”Wang Baole was somewhat angry. Although he had made up his mind to make up his mind and be prepared for it, his troubles still arose.

Liu Daobin patted Wang Baole on the shoulder, feeling deep down, reminding himself that when he wanted to take this as a warning, he was about to say a few words of consolation, but at this moment, suddenly, the two of them walked into the front door of the school.

They were obviously old students, dressed in black Taoist robes different from those of other students, and looked solemn. As soon as they appeared, they immediately aroused the vigilance and attention of all the old students in the school.

“what’s the matter?” he said. “all the staff from the Discipline department are here!”

“it’s them, wherever they show up, it’s gonna be bloody.”

Even if the freshmen do not know the identity of the two, can listen to the arguments of the old students, but also see the seriousness of the two people, but also have to understand.

Wang Baole’s heart beat, and there was a faint sense of misfortune.
Zou Yunhai frowned, looking at the two black-robed students, the two respectfully toward Zou Yunhai fist, handed over a jade slips.

Zou Yunhai frowned, looked up at the students, and finally landed on Wang Baole’s body.

When he saw it, all the students in the school looked at it one by one. They all had answers. They knew that Wang Baole’s affair had finally attracted the attention of the House of Commons, and it was time to deal with it.

Even though Wang Baole had a plan in his heart, he was still a little nervous when he saw this scene, especially when the two black-robed students looked sharply at him at the moment, and it was obviously not good.

“Mr.Wang Baole, come here.”one of the them in the department,had a cold opening.

But before Wang Baole got up, Zou Yunhai grunted coldly.”that’s enough,we’ll talk about everything after class, and now you go out.”

The two students of Discipline departments paused and did not dare to offend the teacher. They bowed their heads and said that they had stepped back to the door of the school, where Zou Yunhai did not pay any more attention and went on to attend class.

Wang Baole breathed a sigh of relief from the bottom of his heart and looked at Zou Yunhai with gratitude. Although he already had the corresponding method, it was always good to have more time, so that his thoughts could be more perfect and clearer, and he would close his eyes at the moment and let himself meditate.

After the course, students have a lot of schadenfreude, but this is not all, the vast majority of students still feel irrelevant, still taking notes.

Liu Daobin secretly sighs and doesn’t know how to comfort Wang Baole. He knows that once Wang Baole is expelled, even if he and other people are from two worlds, even if they do meet one day in the future, they will all feel very sad when they come to think about it.

In this feeling, the passage of time, two hours later, when Zou Yunhai finished this class, after leaving, all the students instantly looked at Wang Baole, the black robes of the two Academy discipline Department, the cold eyes also fell on Wang Bao-le ‘s body. The time passed, and when Zou Yunhai finished this class, all the students looked at Wang Baole in a flash. The black robes of the two academic departments also fell on Wang Baole.

“do you want us to invite you, Mr. Wang Baole?”

Wang Bao-le then opened his eyes and looked calm, somewhat different from what he had felt in the past. He went on without a word, and left the school with the senior students of the two branches of discipline.

As he left, there was a sudden explosion of buzz in the school.

“is this Wang Baole really going to be expelled?”

“it’s sure. Can’t you see the department is here? if they take it away, I’ve never seen a one who can be all right!”in this discussion, quite a few people ran out, followed by them, and wanted to see the whole process. After all, because of Wang Bao-le ‘s special recruitment status, it had a great impact.

It is not only the French military department that has paid close attention to it, but also other students in the department who have paid close attention to Wang Baole after they heard that he had been taken away.

Ignoring the crowd behind him, Wang Baole looked as calm as ever before. Along with the senior students of the two academies in front of him, he went straight to the top of the French army department.
The two upperclassmen who were walking ahead sneered in their hearts. They had taken away quite a few people in recent years, such as Wang Bao-le, but it was not without them. But in their opinion, when Wang Bao-le came out in a moment, if he could still do this, it would be a man of God.

All the way there was no word, but more and more people were following them until they arrived at the main hall on the top of the hill. Only then did the senior officers of the two discipline departments pause and step back and signal Wang Bao-le to go in by himself.

Looking at the closed door of the main hall, Wang Baole took a deep breath and said that it was impossible not to be nervous, but he knew that he had to get through this one. With a hard bite of his teeth, he directly pushed the door of the main hall open and stepped into it.

As soon as he entered the main hall, Wang Baole immediately noticed that there were dozens of eyes, and in an instant he fell on himself. In front of him, there were dozens of teachers sitting in the hall, middle-aged, old people, and any one of them had a solemn expression.Some with regret.

Among them, Dr. Lu and the goatee, are also prominent, compared to the calm of the old doctor, goatee is complex, there are some more intolerable.

And among them, apparently, was the man in charge of the investigation, a thin, middle-aged man in a black Taoist robe, with bright eyes and slightly thinner lips, who had a marked chill all over his body.So that the temperature of the main hall seems to have dropped a lot compared to the outside.

Not all of these people are teachers of the Military Department. It is only because Wang Bao-le was specially recruited by the military Department that they chose to investigate Wang Bao-le ‘s cheating incident in the Peak.

“Wang Baole!”when Wang Bao-le came in, the black-clothed supervisor opened his mouth slowly, his voice cold.

“I am here!”Wang Bao-le took a deep breath and stepped forward to clench his fist,he said in a deep voice.

“after investigation, you did have serious and abominable cheating in the district assessment. According to the rules of the Academy, you should have been expelled from Academy immediately. Because you are a specially recruited student, you were summoned to sit in on the examination.”when he finished speaking, he did not give Wang Baole a chance to explain. Instead, he turned his head and looked around at the people around him.

“fellow, we can begin now. As for Wang Bao-le ‘s punishment, I suggest withdrawing the right of special recruitment, expelling students, and announcing to the four Taoist schools that they will never be accepted!” this remark was categorical and cold, and when it reverberated in the main hall, Wang Baole’s expression changed. He said that he had met this man for the first time, and that he had no grudges or grudges with each other. But it was also too vicious. It was the end of his career.

After a brief silence in the hall, the teacher opened his mouth in a cold voice.

“you should indeed be expelled from school. Such a despicable and shameless person is not qualified to enter the Taoist Academy!”

“Yes, i suggested his dismissal, too!”

“although the punishment may be severe, it would be irresponsible for the Federation to allow such acts to be allowed if they were not severely punished!”one after another, some teachers made their own judgments. To them, Wang Baole was an unnecessary little person. Since middle-aged people dressed in black had set the tone, there was no need for them to refute anything.

Listening to the words of the teachers, Wang Baole breathed slowly, motionless, as if the whole person had been dull, but his hands had been clenched until there was a mustache, and now sighed softly.

“the special call can be withdrawn, who can be faultless, there is no need to punish so evil.”

Only the saying of goatee, and did not get public recognition, soon in the opening of a few other teachers, the entire hall of the proposal to expel the voice of the mainstream.

Only the old doctor did not say anything, and the man in black did not seem to ask for his advice. He got up at the moment and was about to announce the result, but at that moment Wang Baole raised his head violently, his eyes full of grief and indignation.

“could you give me a chance to speak, gentlemen?”

Middle age in black frowned. The reason why he was so fierce was that he had planned to recommend another person to the military department to become a special student. But before it could be put into practice, Wang Baole snatched him away. Now he was cold and humming. He was just about to ignore it.But Dr. Lo, who was standing by, suddenly opened his mouth.


His voice, black middle-aged can only acquiesce to this matter, looking to Wang Baole.

“gentlemen, I do know that everything in the exam is false, but what can I do? “Wang Bao-le took a deep breath, and his body seemed to be trembling.

“can I tell all my classmates that this so-called assessment is in fact a fake? Can I!!”the last sentence, almost bellowing out.

Did not wait for the teachers to reprimand, in this agitated mood, Wang Baole as a whole like a violent general.

“once I tell them, then all the good work of the school will come to naught, and then I will be the sinner of the school. Tell me, what shall I do?!”

“in times of crisis, I saw my classmates get hurt and bled, and I couldn’t tell them it was fake. I had to save them. Was it wrong for me to save them? tell me, what am I going to do?”

Wang Baole’s forehead bulged up, and his whole body trembled as if he were going mad, as if he were about to vent all the grief and indignation in his eyes.

“is it wrong to save people? Shouldn’t you be saving lives? But if I knew that all this was fake, I would still consider whether I would cheat, consider my gains and losses, and watch my classmates get hurt, weep, die and be indifferent. Am I still human?!”Wang Baole almost growled, and all his emotions burst out completely at the moment, and his voice roared and reverberated throughout the hall.
All the teachers were stunned at the moment.

“all you see is that I’m acting, but I’d like to ask all the teachers what you would do if you were to do it!Indifferent to ignore death, or save as I do!”

“I am a student of the Ethereal Taoist Academy. I do not say that the sun and the moon change from the sky to the moon, and the peace and tranquillity of the people. But I, Wang Baole, am also a man who stands above the sky!”with tears in his eyes, Wang Baole raised his right hand and slapped his chest violently, making a thumping sound. This sentence was so sincere that many teachers around him were moved.

In particular, in the end, Wang Baole miserably laughed, said the last two words, but also shaking everyone.

“if sacrificing oneself to others is also a sin, I confess!”

“if cleverness is a sin, I confess!”

“if this is the case, disciple Wang Bao-le is willing to accept punishment!”Wang Baole’s voice was resounding, and he gave a sudden bow to all the teachers around him!

The whole hall was instantly silent, and all the teachers breathed in their breath. One by one, their faces were constantly changing. They looked at Wang Baole blankly. It was really a sentence of Wang Bao-le ‘s words, with great righteousness, and it was very reasonable, and all of them had a shock to their minds.

Only in the goatee and other have seen Wang Baole acting in the heart of the teacher, although touched, but still feel as if something is wrong.

The middle-aged man in black, on the other hand, narrowed his eyes and stared at Wang Pao-lok. He wanted to say something, but he could not open his mouth. To him, Wang Bao-lai ‘s words, though flawed, were firmly tied up with the general moral principles. This method was familiar to him.

It can often be seen in some senior officials, but it is rare among students.

That feeling of opposition to him, like a feeling of opposition to justice, silenced the middle age of black. Looking at the people’s faces again, he knew that this time he had been cleared by the other side, and he sighed secretly. The little man who had thought it would be easy to shoot to death turned into a different person.Became a hedgehog.

The old doctor smiled meaningfully and closed his eyes.

Soon, when Wang Bao-le walked out of the main hall, surrounded by thousands of people, many of them were jealous of his special status and gloating at his jokes. The sound of vicissitudes of life came out from inside the hall and reverberated through the entire Military department.

“after investigation by us, it is hereby announced that Wang Baole did not violate the regulations in the freshman examination and retained his status as a specially recruited student.”

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