Whole World In My Hand(Er Gen)Novel Chapter 9: Tai Xu Shi Qi Jue

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Chapter 9:Tai Xu Shi Qi Jue

The voice of vicissitudes of life reverberated with dignity, reverberating through the whole department and all the students outside the main hall. All the students who had heard of the vicissitudes, especially those who had been schadenfreude before, could not keep their eyes and mouths closed, and some could not believe it.

For a moment, a silence outside the main hall, all eyes fell on the body of Wang Baole, watching him head up to the chest, that red special recruit robe, this moment seems to be particularly conspicuous.

Everyone subconsciously stepped back, made way, looking at the far away Wang Baole, a long time later bursts of inspiration as well as clatter, suddenly broke out.

“I can’t believe it!”

“how is it possible that he was not cheat and break the rules?”

In this uproar, Liu Daobin also stood in the crowd, at the moment was also shocked, can not help but think of Wang Baole in the examination and the school he unexpectedly took out the loudspeaker scene.

“inscrutable!”after a long time, Liu Daobin took a deep breath and immediately felt that Wang Baole could be a special move here. It was no fluke. It was really because he felt a distinctive quality in Wang Baole’s body.

It was not only Liu Daobin who was shocked here, but also the seniors who had brought Wang Baole here before that, and looked at each other, and also saw the incredible things in each other’s eyes.

In this public uproar, when Wang Baole returned to the cave house, he was cleared by the Taoist Academy that there was no violation of the rules. It was already spread across the entire island of the House of Commons through the Ling net. All those who were concerned about the matter were all surprised and confused.

Wang Baole’s name was once again on the Ling online hegemonic screen, and now Wang Baole is sitting on the terrace of the cave mansion, proudly looking at Lingwang. Different from the previous self-blackening mentality, now he is watching his popularity climb steadily.It’s comforting.

“to be a senior federal official, public opinion is of the utmost importance, and it seems that I now have a certain foundation on which to base myself.”Wang Baole was so happy that he only felt that he was one step closer to his dream.

“but I can’t afford to take it lightly.”Wang Baole’s mind is reminded of the middle-aged black men in the main hall before, and the cruel words of the other side, which caused him to die, gave Wang Baole an innermost impression.

“this person must be a senior official on the island of the lower house. If I don’t know his exact identity, I’ll be very passive.
“Wang Baole thought of this, and hurriedly went to the Ling net to look for clues. When dusk fell, he finally found the identity of this person, but he could breathe in a hurry.

“this…..Deputy palms!Oh, my God.”Wang Baole rattled his heart and rubbed his eyes to make sure he wasn’t mistaken. He immediately became nervous. It was the identity of the other party that was too high. The deputy head of the House of Commons island was already quite high in Wang Baole’s eyes.

“I didn’t offend him. Is there a secret in my family that I don’t know about?Did you ever offend him? “Wang Baole had a headache because of his wild thinking. But after a while, he thought of the autobiographies of the senior officials he had studied, and his eyes showed a firm determination.

“almost all the senior officials will encounter one political opponent after another in their lifetimes. We can say that their path is to go higher and higher in one struggle after another with their political opponents!”

“this pair of hands seems to be the first political opponent of my life.”after positioning the other party as his own political enemy, Wang Baole immediately relaxed, on the contrary, full of fighting spirit, began to ponder the advantages of their own special recruitment students.

Although he had not been out much in those days, he had long known through Lingwang some of the privileges of recruiting students. One of them was that he could go to the treasure court of his department and borrow a magic weapon for five years for free.

Thinking of this, Wang Baole quickly got up, left cave house, and found the Treasure Pavilion. With his identity as a specially recruited student, he walked into the treasure pavilion after a series of certifications. At the moment, there were also some students here. When they saw Wang Baole, they immediately recognized him.

There are those who ignore the choice of their own, but more often whisper to each other.

This treasure pavilion is full of ancient meaning. It looks like a five-storey tower on the outside. Inside, it is surrounded by rows of shelves, on which are placed all kinds of legal instruments for the record keeping of the French and the armed forces.

Some are unremarkable, others are bright, looking out, there are thousands of legal instruments here, which can also see the details of the French and military departments, after all, can be placed here by students rental, all is boutique.

According to the magic weapon, the rental costs are not the same, but these do not have to consider for Wang Baole.

“it’s free anyway, and of course i’ll have to borrow an expensive one.”after he glanced over the first floor, under the envy of many students on the first floor, he went straight up to the fifth floor. Standing on the empty fifth floor, Wang Pao-le felt more and more that he had a good identity as a special recruit and began to choose.

“that’s a good sword!”

“this bell is very nice too.”

“this glove is good, all silver, and it is very good at first sight!
“looking left and right, Wang Baole was somewhat entangled. He liked every artifact here, but for a moment he had no choice until his eyes fell on a white jade pillow and his heart moved.

This pillow is called a dream pillow, and its function is the same as that of the examination of dream fans. It creates illusory scenes, but because of insufficient levels, it is difficult to do complicated things in it, so few people rent it, and the price is not cheap.

Had it not been for the black mask, Wang would not have noticed the pillow, but now he pondered over it and immediately decided to borrow it.

After registering, Wang Baole, who left with a Fa pillow, looked forward to it all the way, and went straight to Dongfu. He planned to go back and try to find out if he could find the secret of the black mask.

Though it was dusk now, there was still a sunset glow on the horizon, sprinkling on the French army peak, like a layer of red tulle, with indescribable beauty in its softness, especially when the evening breeze blew away the heat and replaced it with coolness.
Let a lot of students go out of the attic, in this law on the top of the war, laughing and talking.

I do not know if the red meaning of the sunset clouds covered Wang Baole’s special study robe. When he came down the mountain path, not many people paid attention, but with bursts of exclamations, passers-by looked at the distance one after another.

As far as his eyes were concerned, he was a young man who was dressed differently from a special recruit. A pure white Taoist robe appeared very elegant on this person, but his appearance was ordinary, and he had a slightly numb face.

Nevertheless, there were still some young girls around him, with a strong look in their eyes.

He is not alone, behind him around, suddenly more than a dozen students, will be surrounded, some to help him with his schoolbag, and some to help him with ice water, is coming from a distance.

“it’s the first learning!”

“the head of Lingshi School, Jiang Lin!!”

Different from seeing the special recruit, the students around now, both men and women, when they saw the young man in white, immediately went up to see him, respectfully and courteously, as if they had seen the teacher, which made the young man in white all the more so. Seems to be full of a sense of nobility, nodded, this in the crowd to go far.

It is not that he did not see Wang Baole, but it seems that in his eyes, no matter the special recruit or the ordinary students, there is no difference between them. If they do not learn first, they are later students, not the same students.

Wang Baole’s eyes were wide open and he looked at the pale linen face far away. His heart was sour and he felt that he had been robbed of the limelight by the other side.

“what is learning?”Wang Baole hummed, lowered his head to open the Ling net, went to the cave house and looked at it. But with the inspection, his breathing slowly became abnormal. When he got back to the cave house, he was shocked.

“this….This is learning?”

The head of learning is the number one on the list of schools in each department. If there are several schools, there will be several heads of learning. For example, if there are three schools in the department of French soldiers, there will be three students in the first place of study.

In addition to proving its absolute excellence in the school, learning first has a name, called…..Chaperone!

All of them are students in charge of the college. They call each other brothers, which is completely different from brother-in-study sister-in-study. Besides, being a head has some rights that even special students don’t have! they are called brothers in each other’s schools, and they don’t even have the right to do so. They don’t even have the right to do so! they don’t even have the right!
Special move is just a few more convenient advantages than the average student, and learn the first.

They can monitor the discipline of all the students in their department. This is enough to make countless students nervous and in awe!

This power is already enormous in the Taoist academies, and the most important thing is that the head of department is not qualified to dismiss the head of a student because he is not appointed or removed, but is promoted on his own by his own achievements.

This is the rule of the whole Taoist monastery, and only the ruling court has the power to remove it. However, unless it is a very bad thing to shake up the rules, even the ruling court is unwilling to use it.

Similarly, such identity, such power of the first, dare not have the slightest laziness, once surpassed by the people behind, is no longer the first, immediately lost everything.

Looking at the material on Ling’s website, Wang Baole is very hot. He just wants to be the first student. It’s too difficult. He remembers the list of Lingshi School, which ranked first in the list.

The number after its name is 90, which means that it has produced a stone of 90% purity.

“it is impossible until I have refined a stone of higher purity than his.”Wang Baole sighed and put away the bitterness of his heart. He was not a person who was willing to envy others. For him, learning how to learn first was indeed beyond the reach of ordinary people.

With regret and desire, Wang Baole put aside his mind, took out the dream pillow from his bag, and took out the black mask. After pondering, he opened the pillow. With the flowers in front of him, everything around him changed, and a glacier came out.

The cold wind blows to the bone, making Wang Baole a rousing spirit.

“it’s true to life.”Wang Baole hurriedly looked around. The sky was filled with snowflakes, the ground was covered with ice, and even some small animals in the cold region could be seen in the distance. Everything was real and incomparable.

Taking back his eyes, Wang Baole hurriedly looked at his right hand. He learned the lesson before he entered the dream and held the black mask in his hand. When he looked down at it, he immediately saw the black mask in his hand. It was a blur.Its appearance some place is clear, some place blur, interlaces together, as if the dream cannot analyze it.

“it really helps!”Wang Baole was heartened and quickly observed carefully. It took a long time for the mask to stabilize, but it was still incomplete, but the words that had appeared on the mask appeared again.

Perhaps because this time it can be raised to the eyes, or for some reason, the text more clearly, under the careful recognition of Wang Baole, he gradually saw these words.

“Tai Xu Shi Qi Jue?”

Wang Baole blinked and continued to look, until after reading all the words above, his body froze and began to tremble, his eyes showing a strong to the extreme excitement.

The so-called “Tai Xu” means making out of nothing, while the so-called “Shi Qi” is more powerful than nourishing qi, which is innumerable. To be exact, this is the same way to refine and make Lingshi, but it does not need blank stone as a container, but it is made out of nothing.

Reiki will be sucked by the body, the formation of the means of Lingshi!

It is precisely because there is no need for blank hearths, and because of the difference in means, so its purity.

Far beyond the formula of nourishing qi!

Not to mention 90%, to achieve the legend of the only master can be refined out of the perfect stone, is no longer a distant dream!

“this…This….”at this moment, Wang Baole immediately threw the skills of the ethereal Taoist Academy into the back of his mind. What filled his excited mind was the identity of learning the first learning. The longing for be the first learning was his driving force. At the moment, he went crazy.

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