Empress Running Away With The Ball! Romance Novel online ebook download

Alternative(s):Nương nương mang cầu chạy!; 娘娘带球跑了!

Author:Luo Xiao Xi,罗小西


Release Frequency:Every 0.8 Day(s)

Status: Ongoing

Genre(s): Action , Comedy , Fantasy , Josei , Martial Arts , Psychological , Romance

Tag(s): Ancient China , Beautiful Female Lead , Clever Protagonist , Cunning Protagonist , Female Protagonist , Handsome Male Lead , Male Lead Falls In Love First , Rape , Royalty , Transmigration


On the wedding night, she was tied to his bed. “Woman, you dare marry another man!” He was like a wolf as he devoured her until nothing was left. “So the person forcing me into bed was you! You beast in human skin!” She clenched her teeth as she pushed against the wall to stand out of the bed. She, a king from modern times, was reborn. All those that owed her had to pay blood debts. But this king of evildoers, she had obviously not seen him before. Yet, she had to repay him with her body every night……

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ps:updated to Chapter 632

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