Pursuit Of The Truth Xianxia Novel Download Chapter 1-736

Alternative(s):Beseech The Devil; Cầu Ma; Qiú Mó; 求魔

Author:Er Gen,耳根


Status: Ongoing

Genre(s): Action , Adventure , Fantasy , Martial Arts , Tragedy , Xianxia

Tag(s): Alchemy , Betrayal , Blood Manipulation , Cultivation , Death Of Loved Ones , Demons , Gods , Handsome Male Lead , Hard-Working Protagonist , Hiding True Abilities , Legendary Artifacts , Male Protagonist , Multiple Realms , Pill Concocting , Revenge , Romantic Subplot , Secret Identity , Transplanted Memories , Tribal Society , Underestimated Protagonist , Unique Cultivation Technique , Weak To Strong


Three thousand years of bowing down to the Demon Lord, I would rather be a mortal than a celestial being when looking back, but for her I will… become one who controls life and death! Su Ming grew up dreaming about becoming a Berserker even though he knew that the chances of him becoming one were close to nil. One day, he found a strange piece of debris, and it allowed him to walk the path of becoming a Berserker. But would it be enough for Su Ming to become just another Berserker to protect those he cares about? Would he be satisfied with leaving everything in fate’s hands?

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Ps:updated to Chapter 736

Monster Paradise Fantasy Novel online e-book download

Alternative(s):怪物乐园,MP,Quái Vật Nhạc Viên

Author:Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine,酒煮核弹头


Status: Ongoing

Genre(s): Action , Adventure , Comedy , Fantasy , Martial Arts , Sci-Fi , Xuanhuan

Tag(s): Ability Steal , Appearance Changes , Artifacts , Artificial Intelligence , Blood Manipulation , Body Tempering , Calm Protagonist , Cautious Protagonist , Cheats , Evolution , Fantasy World , Fast Cultivation , Firearms , Game Elements , Game Ranking System , Gamers , Goddesses , Gods , Guilds , Gunfighters , Handsome Male Lead , Hard-Working Protagonist , Heroes , Hiding True Abilities , Hunters


800 years ago, 3000 dimensional gates opened across the entire world. In that moment, it was as if 3000 different colored eyes opened across the world as hordes of monsters swarmed out of these gates like tears. Some could destroy city walls with one strike; They had bodies the size of a giant and fed on humans Some latched onto humans, absorbing their bodies’ nutrients and enslaving humans Some infiltrated the humans’ cities, disguising themselves as normal human beings while feeding upon human blood to sustain themselves. In a night, the Human race fell to the bottom of the food chain. The world had turned into a paradise for monsters… From webnovel.com: Lin Huang was a 15-year old boy from Earth, on a path to live his life in a world full of monsters. With his younger sister in his care, and given only 91 days to live, the odds were not in his favor at all… That is until, he killed a vicious vampire, purely by accident. With a twist in his tale, his life was changed completely. As he fought his way through this world with the help of his troops made of men and monsters, the boy sets his sights on a much larger ambition of becoming the greatest monster hunter in the world!

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ps:updated to Chapter 669

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