Way of Choices(Ze Tian Ji)Novel online download free

Alternative(s):Fighter of the Destiny (TV series); Trạch Thiên Ký; Way of Choices; ZTJ; 择天记

Author:Mao Ni,猫腻


Release Frequency:Every 0.5 Day(s)

Status: Ongoing

Genre(s): Action , Adventure , Fantasy , Martial Arts , Romance , Xuanhuan

Tag(s): Adapted To Anime , Adapted To Drama , Adapted To Manhua , Arranged Marriage , Average Looking Male Lead , Bullying , Calm Male Lead , Demons , Dragons , Fearless Male Lead , Genius Doctor , Hard-Working Male Lead , Male Protagonist , Misunderstood Protagonist , Mysterious Illness , Political Struggle , Slow Romance , Smart Male Lead , Star Cultivation , Talented Male Lead , Teaching , Time Skip


To pick is to choose. This is a story about choices. Three thousand worlds full of gods and demons, with a scroll in hand you are able to control the entire universe… At the beginning of time, a mystical meteor came crashing down from outer space and scattered all over the world. A piece of it landed in the Eastern Continent. There were mysterious totems carved upon the meteor, and people gathered around it wanting to discover its usage. They discovered the Way, and established The Tradition. Several thousand years later, the fourteen year old orphan Chen Chang Shang left his master to cure his illness and change his fate. He brought a piece of marriage vow with him to the capital, thus began the journey of a rising hero.

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Ps:updated to Chapter 1074


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